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First Gay experience.
I was young and like all teenage boys, all I thought about was sex. I wanted someone to suck my cock so bad that I began to realize it didn’t matter too much who did it. It wasn’t long before I met Eric. He was much older, mid twenty’s I think and seemed to be attracted to me right from the start.

It started with a touch, just his hand on my thigh, but it was electric. His touch shot bolts and tingles through my body and mind that I had never experinced before. This was a state of arrousal on a whole other level. It was thrilling and different. My cock ached in my pants at what might happen.

I felt light headed when his hands freed my hand cock and touched it for the first time. I felt intoxicated, my whole body tingled. I was completely lost in the pleasure of the moment. Then he leaned over and took my throbbing, pre cum leaking dick into his velvety mouth. I felt dizzy and my eyes rolled back in my head. I had never felt anything better, I had never been so turned on. It was incredible. He was incredible.

Somehow, he knew when I was close to cumming and would ease up and slow his pace, his magic mouth, keeping me on the edge of orgasm. Over and over he brought me to the edge, then backed off. I remember clawing canlı bahis at and gripping my seat, lost in pleasure. I was ready to beg him for release, beg him not to stop, but again he seemed to know and quickened his pace. His wet mouth moving up and down my shaft until I exploded. As I gripped the seat, almost breathless, he continued to suck me as stream after stream, wave after wave, shot into his mouth, and he swallowed it all. He left me totally spent. It was the best orgasm of my young life.

I found it impossible to stay away. He loved sucking my cock and I loved being sucked. We would meet and he would bring me to amazing orgasms every time. To say I was addicted to his blowjobs would not be an exaggeration. He would sometimes mention kissing, how he liked to kiss, but I wanted no part of that. After all, I thought to myself, “I’m not Gay.” But that quickly changed.

Again starting by rubbing my thigh, he knew my cock was hard and throbbing, and needed his mouth around it. He was leaned over close, his finger tips just brushing my cock. It was so easy for him to reduce me into a quivering, begging for it, stud for him to use and he knew it. His face was close to mine, his finger tips teasing my hard, aching cock. bets10 He moved his face against mine, then slowly moved his lips across my neck. I was almost panting now, powerless to resist. His soft lips met mine and I let him kiss me, just a soft, sensual peck, then sensing my need, dove his mouth down onto my cock. I was on the edge of cumming when he lifted his head from my dick and firmly pressed his mouth to mine. His soft lips open, his tongue exploring. We kissed, open mouthed, sensually, passionately, erotically before he returned his attention to my cock and brought me to another, earth shattering orgasm.

I don’t know if it was curiousity, but it was shortly after that that I felt his cock for the first time. I brushed my finger tips against him, like he had done to me. Even through his pants, I could feel his girthy, hard cock was huge. I think int made me want to see him, to feel him, even more. I freed his cock from his pants and quickly wrapped my trembling, lust filled fingers around him. His cock felt so big in my hand, so warm, firm and wonderful. Sticky pre cum already leaking from his tip, I began to stroke him. Silently, without a word, I lowered my face to his huge, hard dick and wrapped my lips around bets10 giriş his cock’s head. Somehow, tasting his sweet pre cum, feeling his cock fill my mouth, seemed so right, so natural. His big dick looked so beautiful, so sexual.

Feeling his hand soflty caress the side of my face, the back of my head, as I sucked his cock was so incredibly erotic. It was such an incredible turn on. Something I would have never expected. He ended up stroking himself as I licked his shaft and engorged head, making thick, white cum ooze from the tip. Lost in the moment, I licked it off him, tasting his seed.

Our encounters grew more intimate after that, kissing, laying together nude, touching and exploring each other’s bodies, exchanging amazing, almost loving blowjobs. It all came to an end one afternoon. There on the floor of his living room, both completely naked, me on my back and him on his knees between my legs. Lost in the moment, we didn’t hear his female roommate coming in the back door, behind him. With his bare ass in the air and my hard cock in his mouth, she walked in on us. Yelling and calling us names, I quickly stood and reached for my clothes. Totally nude, my rock hard cock swung side to side and up and down as I scrambled to gather my stuff. The last thing I saw was Eric standing there, his hands out, trying to calm her down, his cock, also still rock hard, standing straight out.

I never saw him again, I think now that it must have been his wife.

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