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Fireside passionI am lying in front of the fire reading a book.  Its snowy out, and nice and warm inside.  I am lying on a nice plush blanket and its getting warm.  I take all my clothes off and revel in the feel of the softness against my skin..  I read for a while longer while I enjoy the feel of the blanket, and the fire and I begin to doze off.  I let my book fall as I curl up and let myself drift off, enjoying the heat of the fire.I come to a short while later and your there, curled up behind me, with your arms around me, stroking my sides, and gently kissing my neck.  I’m still groggy and half asleep, still all warm, but stirring inside.  You snuggle me up closer as you murmur in my ear, ” sshhh, just enjoy.”  You start running your fingers slowly all over my arm and shoulder, holding me close with the other arm.  I lean back against you and enjoy the feeling of your fingers on my body and your warm breath on my neck.  You move back a bit so I can lie flat on the ground as you reach up and run your fingers through my hair.  You are propped up on your side beside me leaning onto me slightly as your run your fingers over my face.  You lean over and kiss my forehead, then my nose, and then your lips brush mine gently.  You keep placing these little butterfly kisses on my lips as your hand moves down the side of my face and behind my neck.   I am making little mewling noises as you continue those little kisses down the other side of my neck and onto my shoulders.  You whisper into my ear again, “You’re so beautiful, I want to make you scream.”I am breathing a little harder, and you reach up and kiss me deeply, but slowly.  Your tongue teases and then firmly strokes mine; I reach up and grab your head, pulling you against me harder, my fingers in your hair.  For a few long seconds we make out fiercely before you back off, bringing down your intensity.   You nibble and suck on my lips, just gently teasing with your tongue, kissing your way down my jaw line.  You place soft kisses on my neck, alternating with nibbles that send shivers down my body.   Although I’m getting hot, I’m still in a dozy state, and your hands on my body feel very ethereal.  You kiss my shoulders and nibble along my throat, your hands slowly rubbing and stroking my other shoulder and arm.  Your hand moves up and cups my breast, my nipple güvenilir bahis standing up hard for you.   You flick the tip of your tongue on it and I arch my back towards you.  My eyes are closed and my hands are gripping the blanket I’m lying on.  You take my nipple into your mouth and suck gently, I gasp as a jolt of electricity shoots right to my now wet pussy.  I moan and squirm as you continue to suck and roll my nipple between your lips.  You leave me breathing hard as you let go of my nipple, kissing, licking and caressing my one breast, moving down to my chest and up the other one.  You make a deep sound in the back of your throat as you take my other nipple in your mouth and once mere I let out a gasping squeal.As your licking my nipple, your hand runs down over my chest and belly and over my hot, wet pussy.  You cup your hand over it, pressing down on my clit as I push myself up against you.  Oh god, I’m so wet…..  You roll over me and lie down on my tummy, between my legs so you can lick and caress and hold both my tits at the same time.  I am still moaning and squirming, my hot slit pressing up against your tummy, you can feel how hot I am.   You’re breathing hard against me as your hands leave my boobs and move down my sides and around my back.  You’re pulling me up against you as you kiss and explore my tummy, slowly moving yourself down towards my waiting puss.As you slowly shuffle down, your hands are kneading and rubbing my back, then my lower back, finally moving down to squeeze my ass cheeks.  My waxed pussy is glistening with all my juices; I am so ready for you right now.  As I feel your kisses on my landing strip, my knees come up and my toes curl.  Your soft kisses glaze over my dripping wet snatch and down to my thighs, as you lick my juices off of them.   You keep moving closer to my puss, licking and sucking as you go, and finally you lick my lips.  Just the outside, licking and sucking all my hot wetness up, making me beg, moan and whimper.  I’m panting hard, as you tease my swollen pussy lips, licking and sucking.  Your hands curl up around my hips as you stick your tongue down into my slit, running the entire length of it along my clit.  I scream out, ” Oh fuck ya…. please don’t stop!!”You slowly lick and suck on my swollen clit, rubbing the flat of your tongue mobilbahis güvenilir mi against it, giving firm pressure.  You bury your face in my honey pot, drawing out as much honey as you can with your tongue.  I’m writhing against your face whimpering and moaning loudly, “Please… Please don’t stop.”  I hear you making noises in the back of your throat as you lose yourself in tongue fucking my pussy.You keep me just at the edge, slowing down and speeding up, sucking softly and licking hard.  I feel it start in the roots of my hair and slowly move its way down my body, like an icy fire.  Across my breasts and down my belly, it explodes at my clit causing me to scream out and I buck against your tongue.  You hold your tongue against my clit firmly as I cum, which smoothes and prolongs my intense orgasm.  You hold me there, pinning me down for minutes as I keep cumming, and I wind down.  You hardly say anything and it still feels like a dream.  You move up my body and lie on top of me as you kiss me again, your hands roaming to touch me all over.  My nipples are hard against your chest as we kiss passionately.  Once again you move down and kiss my neck, licking and sucking it.  You tell me to roll over, and I do.  You bring out the baby oil and start to massage it into my shoulders and neck.  I can feel your hard cock on my ass as you lean into me.  I wiggle slowly up against you and you giggle softly and kiss the back of my neck.I relax and revel in the feeling of your hands on my back, slowing stroking and kneading.   I get all dozy again as you rub me down, feeling the heat of the fire and your body on mine.  As you are massaging me you reach down every once in a while to nibble on my neck and whisper sweet nothings in my ear.  I feel your warm hands along the side of my body, brushing along the sides of my boobs.  I can feel your hard cock pulse against my ass as you sit on the backs of my legs.  You take your time moving down my back to my ass, where you spend a long time paying attention to every nook and cranny.  I’m getting turned on again and starting to breathe harder.As you are massaging my ass, you occasionally move your hand between my legs to stroke the outside on my pussy.  I spread my legs out a bit to give you better access.  Every time you touch me there, mobilbahis giriş I get wetter and wetter.  You slip a finger inside of me, feeling me grip you as your move it slowly in and out of me.   Once again, I am so ready for you.  I let myself build up, as you stroke me with your fingers with one hand, the other still rubbing up and down my spine.I can’t take any more; I roll over and pull you on top of me, pulling your face down to mine to kiss you with ardor.  My fingers are twined in your hair as we make out, your free hand rolling my nipple.  I try to pull you into me, but you want to play with my breasts first.  You go from one to the other, licking and sucking, while your hands play with the other.  I’m pressing up against you, gyrating my hips against your belly.    You kiss your way up to my neck and moan in my ear as you enter me slowly.  You concentrate, pushing slowly into me, as deep as you can go.  I groan with pleasure.   You keep moving slowly and steadily inside of me, establishing your rhythm.  You look at me and say, “You have such a sweet pussy.”  And you reach down and kiss me deeply again.  I match your rhythm as we slowly move against each other, feeling the passion between us.  We altern
ate between kissing each other softly and sweetly, nibbling and tasting, and kissing hard and matching with our physical passion.Our fingers are entwined as you’re holding my hands down beside me, using the leverage to fuck me deep and slow.  I move against you, moving just a bit faster, but still reveling in the intensity.. My hands on your face, looking up into your eyes when mine are open, kissing you and gently sucking your lips.  You feel how tight my pussy is, but you move easily since I’m so incredibly wet.Oh God, it’s starting, its building up, but slowly…. I meet you so you can push as deeply into me as you can, moving just a tiny bit faster.   My pussy grabs your cock as my passion deepens and I’m getting closer and closer.  I start to cum in a big slow wave, feelings washing over me like heavy syrup.  You maintain your intensity as I am cumming harder and harder, my fingers raking your back, and me moaning and wailing deeply.  Your tensing up and I know your about to join me as I cum.  I feel you deep inside of me as you give one final deep slow thrust and you cum hard, wrapping your arms around me and holding me tight.  We move together slowly as we come down off of our high, your weight feels good on top of me.  I nuzzle your neck as we breathe hard, totally drained.I look up at you and we kiss once more before we curl up and fall asleep against each other.  

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