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Hi! Here’s the second installment of Field Trip Follies! Thanks, Literotica author Laurie, for the inspiration and spell-checking! The characters Lindsey Foster and her family were created by Laurie. Please go to Laurie’s page and read her stories, “The Sun Felt Good On My Back” and “While Lindsey Is Away”, for more stories about Lindsey and her family.

All characters in this story are over eighteen.





Lindsey woke up wet with lust. She took a cold shower, trying to calm down. She realized that if she wanted to keep out of trouble, she needed to stay away from Brant. She just couldn’t trust herself around him. She could just make Brant switch seats with someone else… but that wasn’t good enough. She had to switch busses. When she turned off the shower, she heard Miss Ostiago packing her bag out in the room, so she wrapped a towel around her hair and stepped out of the bathroom.

The tall, shapely Band Director looked up in shock at Lindsey’s naked body. She looked back down at her bag, not saying anything.

Lindsey was amused. Miss Ostiago is such a prude. Lindsey stared at her, waiting for the Band Director to look up again. Miss Ostiago was a tall, buxom woman of Italian descent, in her mid thirties, who bore a strong resemblance to a young Sophia Loren… other than the fact that she had bleached blonde hair, with dark black roots, which she always wore up in a bun. She had an expressive, fiery face, with dark eyebrows, steel blue eyes, strong cheekbones, and full lips, and the smoldering temper that went with her features. Her skin was olive in tone, and she had a dramatic hour-glass figure… large breasts, small waist, wide hips, and an ass to die for. But she always tried to hide her assets under layers of heavy clothes that almost always covered her cleavage and shapely legs.

After half a minute, Miss Ostiago glanced up at Lindsey’s naked body again, before looking back down. Lindsey noticed a wonderful blush of color spreading out on the Italian woman’s dramatic cheekbones. “Miss Ostiago, I’m wondering if it will be okay if I switch busses today?”

Miss Ostiago glanced up at her furtively. “Is there a problem?”

Lindsey giggled. “No, not really. It’s just that I noticed the sophomore/freshman bus looked pretty rowdy. You probably noticed how quiet it was in the back of the senior bus yesterday.”

Miss Ostiago nodded, glancing at Lindsey’s pretty brown bush before looking down again. “Yes. I must say… I was impressed with your performance. But I don’t think we need to change anything. Maybe you can give Mr. Balantine some tips. Not sure it will help however. The other bus is naturally rowdier because they’re younger”

That’s just what Lindsey wanted. To get away from all the eighteen-year-olds, particularly Brant and his beautiful cock.

Lindsey noticed the furtive glances Miss Ostiago was casting her way. She smiled. She knew Miss Ostiago was a lesbian, even though she did her best to keep that fact hidden. Maybe she could butter Miss Ostiago up with a little show. She turned a little to the side and took the towel out of her hair and started drying herself. She wanted to give Miss Ostiago a nice long look at the goods.

Miss Ostiago stared breathlessly at Mrs. Foster’s perky little tits as they bounced about as she dried herself. Good lord… she’s so pretty. Miss Ostiago’s heart started beating faster. Her eyes roamed over the pretty little Mexicana’s body. She hadn’t seen a naked woman other than Yvonne for years. And Yvonne was stocky and shapeless… Mrs. Foster was absolutely stunning. It was an unexpected pleasure to be greeted with such a beautiful sight as this in the morning. Mrs. Foster turned slowly, drying off her back and perfect little ass, making those creamy pale brown cheeks bounce about. Mrs. Foster put one foot up on the bed and started drying her beautiful pussy. She was looking down, her eyes hidden under her long brown hair, so Miss Ostiago stared right between the young teacher’s pretty legs, drooling at the sight of her brown bush, and squiggly little pussy lips. By the time Mrs. Foster’s pussy was dry, Miss Ostago’s was dripping wet.

Lindsey packed her bags, staying nude the whole time, not looking toward Miss Ostiago so she’d feel free to keep staring. “Are you sure, Miss Ostiago?”

“What?” She said, coming out of her reverie.

“About switching busses? I’d love to see if I can make a difference on the younger kid’s bus. This is my first time helping the band… the Big Blue, I guess you call it. I really should try to get to know a few of the younger kids.” As she spoke she was looking through her panties and underwear, holding them up against herself for Miss Ostiago’s benefit.

“Well… talk to Mrs. Tanner. You can switch with her. The busses are going to three different hotels tonight, so you either need to switch back to the senior bus this afternoon, or switch rooms tonight.”

Lindsey smiled at Miss Ostiago. “Thanks, sweetie.”

She was pleased canlı bahis to see that Miss Ostiago hadn’t moved a muscle since she began drying herself. That sexy lesbian had definitely been checking her out. Miss Ostiago went back to packing, but her cheeks were flushed with excitement. Lindsey admired Miss Ostiago’s body. She hadn’t really noticed how shapely the older woman was before, probably because she was such a hard-ass bitch. But looking at her now… Damn… she’s fucking gorgeous.

Someone was walking down the hall knocking on all the doors one after the other, to let everyone know it was time to board the busses.

Lindsey put on a sexy little skirt, then put her panties on last, knowing full well that Miss Ostiago was staring at her. Lindsey smiled. She hadn’t been with a woman since Mark knocked her up… not counting that time she went with Katie to Miami and they hooked up with some girls they met at a lesbian bar. Unfortunately that night was a blur. I really shouldn’t have snorted so much cocaine. What’s the good of being bad if you can’t even remember it the next morning? When she was done dressing she saw a look of tense frustration on Miss Ostiago’s face. It’s too bad you’re such a prude, or I might have you do more than just watch.


Brant was horrified to find Mrs. Tanner sitting in Mrs. Foster’s seat, but what could he do about it? Teachers called the shots. He was worried all morning that Mrs. Foster had remembered giving him a blowjob in her sleep, and was avoiding him because of it. So when they stopped for lunch he searched for her. She wasn’t in the restaurant. He found her in the alley, puffing on a cigarette.

“Hi, Mrs. Foster. I missed you this morning.”

She blushed seeing him walk up to her. “Don’t tell Miss Ostiago that you saw me smoking.”

“Of course not. Did I do something to make you mad?”

“No, Brant. They had some trouble on the younger kid’s bus so Miss Ostiago needed me there to straighten it out.”

“Okay… I just hope it wasn’t me. I enjoyed reading that book you lent me. I wanted to talk about it with you sometime. Maybe… maybe you can sit with me again tomorrow?”

The look of dejection on Brant’s face was touching… and Lindsey was weak. “Sure, Brant. I’ll ask Miss Ostiago…”

“I’ll ask her for you.”

“No that’s okay. Actually… they don’t need me on the other bus anymore. I can switch back after lunch.”

Brant’s smile was gleaming bright.

She thought, Shit, Lindsey, what are you doing? This is a fucking bad idea. Fuck!

That afternoon they chatted again in the back row of the bus. They both kept thinking about the unexpected blowjob the night before, but they diverted themselves talking about the book she’d lent him. Lindsey gave Brant her analysis of it, and he was amazed by her insights. He’d only read a few chapters, but it was like she’d read an entirely different book. Mrs. Foster was so damned smart; he just couldn’t get over it.

Lindsey loved the way he hung on her every word. He made her feel like the smartest woman in the world. She was incredibly flattered, and more than a little turned on. Yeah… it was a mistake to switch back.

The sun set a little before six in the afternoon, and once again the bus grew quiet and the kids in the back started snoozing. Brant said he needed to reread the book now that she’d told him what it was really about. They read silently for a while. Actually, Brant was only pretending to read. He was secretly hoping the gentle rocking of the bus would put Mrs. Foster to sleep again. Not that he thought she’d give him another blowjob… but… well, a boy can dream. He was toying with the thought of feeling her up as she slept. After all, it was only fair. But he didn’t think he’d have the balls. Besides, it would be totally wrong. But he sure did want to touch Mrs. Foster’s tits. He’d always wanted to touch them… but now more than ever.

But Lindsey was on to him. There was no way she was going to fall asleep on the bus again, even though she was totally sleepy from staying up so long the previous night masturbating in bed. She needed to stay awake, so around eight o’clock she drew Brant into conversation.

“So, Brant. Do you have a girlfriend?”

He blushed. “Sort of. Yes. Tessa Brown.”

“Oh, you and Tessa? I didn’t realize. I had her in my eighth grade composition class. She’s very pretty.”

“Yeah… but… She’s… well… I don’t know… I’m thinking about breaking up with her.”


“Well… it’s kinda personal.”

Lindsey knew she should keep things impersonal… but relationship stuff was one of her favorite things to talk about. So she talked to him in hushed tones so nobody could hear. “You can tell me Brant. I might be able to give you good advice. I’m a girl after all.”

“No, you’re a woman, Mrs. Foster. Tessa’s a girl. I’m not sure she’s really interested in growing up. She’s almost nineteen, but she… well… she’s got this thing about, you know, waiting until we get married. It’s almost like she’s holding it over my bahis siteleri head so I’ll marry her after graduation. Blackmail is what it is.”

“Do you love her, Brant? That’s really all that matters.”

“I don’t think so. But I sure do want to… you know.”

She smiled, “You want to fuck Tessa? But she’s holding out on you?”

He blushed. It was thrilling to hear Mrs. Foster talking frankly with him like that. He leaned in close, and said, “Yeah. I want to fuck her. Is that wrong?”

“I’m not the one to ask. I don’t really know what’s wrong or right. When I was Tessa’s age I was definitely not shy. I would definitely not have turned down a guy like you. Does she give you blowjobs at least?”

He blushed and shook his head.

“Do you do anything… sexual?”

“Well… she touches me, I guess, and I touch her.”

“You masturbate each other? That’s fun too. And safe. You can’t get pregnant that way.” She giggled.

“That’s what she says. But I always carry condoms with me, just in case she changes her mind. But I don’t think she will. I don’t want to graduate a virgin.”

“Oh, you’re a virgin, are you?”

He nodded, his cheeks bright red.

“Well, that’s okay. I was a virgin until I was eighteen too. But once I lost my cherry I tried like hell to make up for lost time.”

Brant’s heart was thumping hard. This was new information! He’d always assumed Mrs. Foster was a goody-goody. She had such a cute, innocent face. “Really? You… uh… did it in high school? With your husband?”

“Oh, no, I didn’t meet him until I was in my senior year of college. In high school I fucked around with a bunch of different guys. And a few girls too.” She giggled. Why am I telling him this? I’m so bad!

Brant’s eyes widened. He leaned in even closer, until his face was only a few inches from hers. “Girls? Really?”

She nodded. “Yep. I’m totally bi. If my husband hadn’t knocked me up, I’d probably be dating a woman right now. Or maybe not even dating, but just sleeping around with whoever caught my eye… guys, girls, I’m not picky. That’s what I thought I’d be doing at my age. I thought I’d always be a party girl.”

Fuck! I can’t believe sweet little Mrs. Foster is telling me this! “You’re a naughty woman, Mrs. Foster!”

She giggled, flashing her eyes at him, “Not any more, I’m not. I’m a good wife, and a good mother. My little girl means the world to me, but I certainly didn’t plan to have a kid. She totally fucked up my senior year in college. I was really enjoying sorority life, and suddenly, boom; there I am walking around with a big old baby inside me. It didn’t stop me from giving blowjobs though… Oops… too much information.”

Brant’s jaw was hanging open. “Blowjobs?”

Lindsey blushed. “I don’t know why I’m telling you this stuff. I could get in so much trouble!”

“Oh, no, you can trust me. I won’t tell anybody! You were in a sorority?”

“I was. When I joined I didn’t know it had a reputation as the sluttiest Sorority of them all, but I found out pretty quickly.”


She paused… Should I really tell him this? I shouldn’t … but I want to. “Brant, I want you to understand that people aren’t just one thing. They’re complicated and multilayered. I’m a dedicated teacher, I love literature and art and music. I’m also a mother and a wife and a good Christian. I volunteer each weekend to help feed elderly indigents. And when I was in college I was a dedicated student. I studied hard… but I also played hard. Mr. Molarez said something to me that has always stuck with me. He said a writer needs to devour life in order to write about it. I thought that was good advice, so when I joined that sorority I absolutely devoured every bit of it. I’m not particularly proud of what I did there. But I totally loved every second of it, and I’d do it all again in a heartbeat… but I don’t talk about it much. People can be so judgmental.”

Brant was beyond excited by this point. “I won’t judge you, Mrs. Foster. I think it’s awesome that you… well, whatever you did is okay by me. I’d really love to hear about what goes on in sororities. Please tell me.”

“Okay… but you have to swear not to tell anybody about this stuff.”

“No, of course not. You can trust me. Really. I swear on my life.”

She could see in his eyes that he really meant it. She turned off their reading lights and pushed his face forward so she could whisper in his ear. She didn’t want anybody hearing this but him.

The feeling of Mrs. Foster’s breath in his ear made tingles shoot down Brant’s chest all the way to his cock, which was already stirring. It was a good thing he had the book in his hand, because he was going to need to hold it down. Moreover, because of her position, her left tit was pressing into his right arm. He couldn’t believe it.

“On my first day at the Sorority, the pledges were told that we had to do anything the sisters told us to do. Anything. I didn’t really know what that meant. I guess I thought we’d have to clean their rooms, or do their bahis şirketleri laundry, or do stupid stunts. But on my second night there, they had a mixer with the sorority’s brother fraternity. The party got pretty rowdy pretty quickly, and all the pledges had to do shots, even though we weren’t old enough legally to drink. I’d already been drinking for a few years, so I didn’t get as drunk as the other girls. Half of them were staggering around, falling on their asses within the first twenty minutes. But I stayed pretty cogent throughout the party. Anyway, I had no idea how raw one of those parties could get until I saw one of the older sisters take off her shirt and bra so one of the frat guys could suck her nipples. They were carrying on right in front of everyone. I couldn’t believe it. Her name was Starla. She was a senior.

“Anyway, Starla saw me watching and waved me over. She said, “Take off your shirt.” I was stunned. The room was full of people. “Do it,” said another sorority sister. So I took off my shirt. Then Starla said, “Take off your bra.” So I took off my bra. Everyone whooped and hollered as I exposed my tits. Then the frat guy called over one of the pledges from his fraternity. The guy looked every bit as surprised by all of this as me. The older frat guy said to his pledge, “Suck her tits, pledge.” So he did… and I let him. I couldn’t believe a roomful of people was watching a guy suck my tits. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was. But that was only the beginning.”

Lindsey could hear that Brad’s breathing had grown heavier. She knew he was totally getting off on this story. She should stop… but she couldn’t. The smell of his ear was intoxicating. She could feel the hairs over his ear tickling the tip of her nose. She leaned in even closer, putting her left hand on top of his right arm, and her lips were now gently brushing his ear as she whispered.

“Then from that moment on we had to do everything the older pair were doing. I mean everything. She got totally naked, so I got totally naked. She sucked her guy’s cock, so I sucked the pledge’s cock. He was very excited, so he came in my mouth after only about ten seconds. I loved it. I swallowed every drop. Then the older frat guy called over another pledge and said, “Your turn.” The guy dropped his drawers eagerly, and I sucked him too. Starla laid back on a couch and opened her legs wide so her guy could fuck her, so I did the same, lying next to her, our arms entwined. That pledge pounded me for all he was worth, while he kissed me and pinched my nipples with his fingers. People all around were clapping and chanting and drinking. It was fucking insane! I remember he had glasses and a bit of a dorky look about him. From the look in his eyes, I was pretty sure he’d been a virgin before fucking me. Anyway, he fucked me good and hard. Nobody used condoms, which kind of horrified me… I wasn’t on the pill at the time, but I didn’t think it was my place to object.”

As Lindsey talked she could feel Brant’s arm moving slightly. She realized he must be trying to stroke his erection softly so she couldn’t feel it. But she did. His arm was moving around on her breast, making her nipple hard. Up to now she’d been telling the story without much passion, but she started putting extra breaths into the dirty words. Emphasizing the ‘P’ in pussy, and drawing out the word ‘cock’ and ‘fuck’ to get as big a rise out of Brant as possible.

“The nerdy pledge fucked me for maybe ten minutes before filling my pussy with cum. I remember feeling it spurting into me while his face screwed up in ecstasy. After he pulled out of me, the older frat guy waved over another pledge and said, “your turn, Tony.” He looked at me and said, “Take good care of him. He’s my baby brother.” So now Tony took off his pants and started fucking me right next to his brother. Tony was a gentleman, and put on a condom first. I dated him for a while after that because he’d been so thoughtful. Anyway, he fucked me a long time, but he couldn’t outlast his brother. By the time Tony came in me, I was in the midst of an amazing orgasm. Then Tony’s brother flipped Starla on her knees and started fucking her from behind and called over another pledge to fuck me from behind as well. I don’t know if that guy had a condom or not. I don’t even think I saw his face. By this time I was in a bit of an orgasmic fugue. It was like I was almost having an out of body experience. I don’t know how long he took, but eventually he came inside me.

“Then another pledge was called up. By this time they’d formed a line, and some of them already had their dicks out, stroking them to be good and hard. Starla flopped on her back again, but this time lengthwise on the couch, so I laid the opposite way, so my head and hers were on each other’s shoulders. This was a long couch by the way, without any armrests on the side. This couch was totally made for fucking. Anyway, Starla turned her head and started kissing me as the next pledge shoved his cock into my well-lubricated pussy. I didn’t even look at this guy because I was focused on kissing Starla’s luscious lips. All I know is that he was pretty big, and definitely wasn’t wearing a condom. He finished up after a while, filling me up again with hot spunk. But Starla’s guy was still going strong. He was like a machine.

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