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fantasy cum trueTo this point my stories are all true…tis one is a fantasy of mine…My girlfreind is a sexy red head fitness nut killer muscular feminine body nice big melon sixe tits, flat hard abs tight ass and legs that could squeeze the life outa you, nice and shapely from doing lots of squats… eyes bright red full lips, and bisexual nymphomaniac. I as well am a fitness nut at 6 feet 210 of ripped cut muscle short dark hair and a thight ass that likes a big solid cock as well…Im bisexual as well, but I havent told Heather yet. Most women get turned off at the thought of bi guys and she was so hot I didnt wat to loose her…just yet!I was working out away to tell her when she discoverd all on her own, she was at my home all alone and found my toys( dildo mostly) and my porn. in finding this she discovered my fetishes as well as my bisexuality, she told me later that when she found them she had a sigh of passion and got hott thinking of how our sex life just changed! Heather layed on the bed pushed her panties down and opened her top and slowly licked the 7 inch toy, thinking about me doing the same thing or pushing it in my tight ass……Mmmmmmmmmmmm she thought, this room almost echoed with my moans of getting my ass fucked by my toy…Heather played and gave herself multiple orgasims thinking of me jerking off and fucking a dildo.She spent the aftrenoon watching my porn and comin up with plan to let me know she knew, as she watched she seen that most of my porn was wife catching husband with other man, or GF fucks guy with strapon and some shemale porn, with a bit of smoking fetish porn throwen in the mix….she had her plan set, she was gonna make my porn fantasies come true….I got home to what I thought was an empty house, but the smell of cigarette smoke drew me to the basement, and as I enterd the movie room there was Heather, sitting on a bar stool kaçak iddaa up at the bar smoking a cigarette and having a drink. she took a big drag and slowly exhailed a large plume of smoke over her tightly pulled back red hair, licked her lips and said..”about time you got home, we have things to deal with ….HONEY” I answered “You smoke?..” “yes when it suites my desires…baby……is that ok with you? she said as she took another puff and blew somke in my direction…”Umm yes, I think you look hot smoking, it kinda turns me on…” as I walked toward her and leaned into kiss her tabocco mouth…”you like smokey kisses…don’t you, you dirty little secret huh?” heather said forcfully as she pulled me toward her and kissed me hard….”You have alot of dirty secrets don’t you honey…you wanna tell me. as she pushed me away and rubbed a large bulge in her blue jean shorts. My cock got hard instantly! my breathe got short, my heart pounded as I stammerd to say Oh my god! wow, how did you know….`Oh I found a couple things the other day (as she rubbed the bulge a little harder) and well if your not gonna tell me….well I`ll just take control and give you the fuck of you life honey, cause that stuff gets me sooo hott!….She said in avery sexy sultry voice….you found my toys and porn huh….I was thinking of a way to tell you but…I answered as hse ct me off and said well the cats outa the bag now, Im not mad just turned on baby, now come over here and suck my cock!She stood and unzipped, pushing her shorts down to about mid thigh and her cock(8 inch life like strapon) waved back and forth as she pushe my head down to it and she watched as my cock hungry mouth swallowed the mushroom head and down three quarters of the shaft and held it for 3 or 4 seconds before letting it slide to the topof my lips. Heather gasps loudly and says Oh my god baby, you know how to kaçak bahis suck cock…sooo fucking hot..And pushes my head down as I take pretty much all of it down my throat, I gag a little she stops pushing on my head and says tahts it baby suck my cock nice and deep..she lets me bob up and down slowly the tells me I wanna fuck your mouth, and grabs my head and holds in in place and thrusts her hips back and forth shoving her cock in and outa may mouth hard and fast…..Yeah take it bitch, good little cock sucker huh you like that mmmmmmmmm sooo fucking hot baby your gonna make me cumm! she moans out as she has a small but effective orgasim!We end upon the couch me bent over my ass in the air her behind me giving me an incredible rim job, her tougne darting in and out of me, and liking up and down my hole, her left hand smacking my ass telling me I`m her good slut, as she slide two fingers in and fucks me hard. Her moaning voice is making me call her name out and beg for more as she lubes me and her cock. `Oh honey this is gonna feel soo good, getting fucked….all night baby, make you cum over and over with my cock deep in you fuck hole!` she telling me as she slowly pushes in…I can feel my hole streatch around the big head and the every vien as the long shaft fills me…then my corresponding moan of ultimate pleasure fills the room. her hips tight against my ass she grinds deep pushing me forward as I brace my self she starts slowly pulling out so the tip is just in, then thrusts it back in deep smaking her hips against my ass, we both moan as she starts fucking me and telling me Ì`m gonna fuck you like you fuck me..`her cock pumped me hard and steady and Heather maoning and talking dity asking if I liked her fuck me.we stich positions so I could ride and kiss her, and look into her eyes…my stiff cock rubbed on her hard bell, my chest rubbed her nipples as we güvenilir bahis kissed open mouthed as she thrust her hips up to match my ride and I called out with a loud scream Im cumming!!! and withou and hesitation I shot a thick load all over her stomach…Don`t stop she said…its you fantasy keep going…`heather ordered me as I rode harder smaking my ass down on her hips, my cock got harder…We switched positions again me on m,y back and legs up, Heather hammered me pushing me back against the couch back making me scream as she called out your making me cumm honey, I can`t belive this..OHHHH fuck yesssssss……Ahhhhhhhh fuck honey! as she came thrusting her toy deep inside me and holding till she finished cumming. and with a laugh and a kiss she collapsed ontop of me. she layed there for a second or two and got up and pulled out as she reached for her cigarettes and lit one with a deep inhail and a full exhail over my swollen cock…I close my eyes as she lick the head and my belly cleaning up my previous orgasim, with a mmmm and a lick of her lips she swallows my left over cum, then takes a big puff making sure I watched as the end of her smoke glows red and the large thick smoke escapes into her mouth and lungs as she slowly exhails all over my cock. she ashes her smoke and swalow the head and shaft and sucks hard and slow till I throb No..not yet honey She barks as her left hand pups the shaft and she takes another puff…..Heather works my cock till she is done her smoke the focuses on my orgasim licking my throbbing head and wrapping her bright red lips over the tip till I pump three shots into her mouth, but she dosn`t swallow, like she always did before, and without saying a word she shows me my laod on her tounge and comes up and kisses me, feeding me my yummy sweet salty cum….We kissed and shared my cum and layed there quietly for a while till I asked….Did you watch all my porn, quickly she answered I know eveything honey… should have told me you were bisexual, guess we`ll have to get you a boyfriend…someone to match my girlfriend, so we can have a proper foursome……..

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