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It is a cool morning. I have no need to get up. Lying here, I think about loving you. I can see your eyes looking at me, smiling at me. I can feel the warmth building in my pussy already. I slide my hand gently over my breasts as if your eyes are following them. My nipples immediately respond, becoming hard. I lift my head to suck one gently into my mouth. I feel your lips closing around the other nipple and a deep moan escapes my lips.

I feel the juice as it starts to slide down from inside my pussy. I move my hands all around my stomach and then to my abdomen, envisioning your hands touching me. I slowly slip my middle finger into the wetness and warmth. I clench down on my finger as if your cock is buried deep inside of me. Slipping my finger in and out, my hips start to move in a circular motion and I reach to my finger wanting more of the feeling that is being created.

The palm of my hand has caught the juice as it now flows out of my pussy. I lick the sweet taste from my palm and slip my long finger into my mouth imagining it to be your luscious cock. I slowly circle the tip of my finger with my tongue as if it were the head of your cock. I send my tongue down the length of my finger, swirling it all around to catch every bit of juice. I close my lips tightly at the base of my finger and slide my mouth all the way to the tip and begin to work my mouth around the top of my finger.

Can’t you just imagine that your cock is buried in my mouth. Watching as my head moves up and down, sucking you güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri deep in my throat with my throat muscles working. Your cock is being sucked and you can feel my tongue and mouth suckling you like you have sucked my nipples. My tongue moves all around with my lips moving constantly with the need to suck you harder, faster and deeper into the wetness.

I am so turned on at the thought of feeling you buried in me. I take my finger and slide it back into my pussy, making sure it is soaking wet. I pull my finger out and rub it all over my slit and dip again for more wetness. This time I rub my forbidden hole and slowly slip a finger inside and the orgasm is immediate. I would love to have you fucking me with your fingers and cock at the same time. I relish the thought of being filled up by you.

I roll onto my stomach and begin working my clit with both hands. Moving my hands up toward my stomach, pressing firmly on my sweet mound, I fuck my hands until I feel that feeling start. The feeling that starts deep inside and makes me tighten as I am going to cum again. I move my hips faster, my feet are cramping from the need to explode inside as I fuck my fingers. A long, deep and guttural moan escapes as I climax thoroughly and completely.

Exhausted I lie here on my back, I think of what I just experienced and I find myself getting turned on again. I keep asking myself “what is this spell you have over me”? No man has ever turned me on as much as you do. I see you in güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri my mind, the loving and sexy man that you are.

I can feel your soft and sweet lips on mine. The way your silky tongue outlines my lips and the gentle nibble from your teeth. The way your tongue slides deep into my mouth and tastes the hunger I have building for you. The way your tongue surrounds mine and the sweet exchange of your saliva mingled with mine.

I can feel your hot mouth as it moves to my ear and the heat of the tip of your tongue as it darts quickly inside. The soft whisper of my name brings a rush of cum just inside my sweet pussy and your mouth moves on down to my hard and erect nipples. Slowly your tongue circles the left nipple and you blow so gently and close your mouth over the reactive hardness and I moan.

My right hand starts to glide over my nipples and I raise the left breast to my mouth to gently suck the nipple, imitating how your mouth would feel. Slowly my fingers slide over my ribs down to my abdomen and the long and slender fingers of my hand arrive at my sweet clit. Gently, the tips brush the button and my middle finger slides to the first knuckle to feel the wetness that has pooled there. I slide the finger deep inside to release the cum and catch the honey juice in the palm of my hand.

I lick the juice from my palm, relishing the taste and the smell of sex. I slip my middle finger, just to the first knuckle, into my mouth – imagining it to be the head güvenilir bahis şirketleri of your cock. Slowly my tongue circles, again tasting the juice and I know it is your pre-cum that I am savoring on my tongue. My hot and wet mouth glides down my finger, as if it is your swollen hot shaft. My mouth closes tightly and slides back up to just the tip as my tight mouth sucks just the imagined head of your silky cock. As I pick up the pace of fucking my finger in my mouth, I can almost feel the tightness in your balls as the cum begins to rise. At this very thought, I feel the wetness sliding out of my pussy and I know I have to fuck myself.

I roll quickly onto my stomach, my hands seek my pussy. I press them hard to my mound, the fingertips finding my clit. My hips begin a slow gyration, circling round and round as my feet and leg muscles begin to tighten and my fingers work my sweet pussy. I see you entering me from behind and I picture your cock, soaked with my juices and glistening in wetness as it glides in and out of my pussy. Oh fuck, I am so fucking cumming as my fingers and palms press hard..harder the hardest they can as I climax. My feet and legs are cramped, my body shudders from the intensity and I roll over onto my back imagining your sweet throbbing cock inside my pussy from having cum. My pussy muscles continue clenching as if sucking your cum from your cock. And then yes, I can almost feel that hot tongue of yours as it slides up and down my slit, your mouth closing over my pussy lips and the quick flick of your tongue that has me cumming into your mouth.

And you rise, straddling my body and slide your cum soaked cock into my mouth. I relish the taste of our mingled juices as I suck and lick you clean.

I collapse onto the bed, my body still shaking and tingling. What a wonderful feeling.

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