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Fan WeekendTony Brooks headed out of NorthStar Oral Health where he worked as a dental hygienist. He started up his 2014 midnight garnet Nissan Maxima. He drove straight home which took about 25 minutes because of traffic. He pulled the vehicle into the garage of the two-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath townhome. He let opened the baby gate that kept his Yorkshire Terrier confined to the kitchen. The diminutive dog barked happily as Tony walked to the door to let the canine into the small fenced backyard. Tony shut the door. He refilled the water bowl and added some food to the other. He went upstairs to change.Tony descended the stairs wearing a sweat suit. The five-foot-six, one-hundred-twenty-five-pound homeowner went into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. He pulled out a container filled with the leftover spaghetti he made two nights before and a bottle of Chardonnay. He sat them on the counter and went back to take a slice of garlic toast from the freezer. He popped the bread in the toaster oven then scooped out a healthy portion of pasta onto a dinner plate. He poured a glass of wine. Then put the items back in the refrigerator. He walked into the living room and moved a tray table over to the couch. He turned on the T.V. It was tuned to a cable news channel.The toaster oven dinged indicating the bread was ready. Tony took it out and placed it on a paper towel then heated the pasta in the microwave. When that was finished, he took his plate and wine into the living room and sat it on the tray table. He opened the door to let his pooch back in the house. Finally, he sat down to eat. He savored the Italian meal as he watched the anchors and panelists opine about the current news cycle.After completing dinner and clearing the dishes, Tony grabbed his secondary phone and laptop from the end table. He checked for messages on his app and had some notifications. One message string was from a user called ‘Black_Dingaling’. The text read:‘Hit me up. I like yo vids. I wanna fuck the shit outta you.’Tony wrote back saying:‘Thx for the compliment! Where are you located? I’m down to smash. How do you look?’The amateur porn poster logged into the computer and browsed the site where he uploaded content. As he looked through the newest tranny vids, his burner phone beeped. There was a message from ‘Black_Dingaling’.-You wrote back. Yo movies r on point. I’m about 2 hours from you.-Cool beans. What do you look like?-5’8”. Athletic build.-Nice. Got a pic?-Yeah.The guy on the other end sent three face pictures. He was handsome with dark-skin, a shaved head, and thick-bearded goatee. He also had a gold tooth in the front of his mouth. Tony sent an image of him from last weekend when he had done his make-up. Then he replied with the following statement:-You’re sexy. I definitely want you to fuck me!-Thanks boo! You pretty as shit. Never seen you without the mask.-‘Yeah I like to remain incognito.-‘Respect. You got a #?-536-555-4961-Bet. I’m at gym. Can I call you when I’m done?-Of course.The conversation reached a natural pause. Tony flipped channels until he landed on an action thriller film that was about twenty minutes into the showing. At some point during the movie, he popped a single serving size of microwave popcorn and poured another glass of wine. He was delighted to get another message from his new friend that lived relatively close. It read:-You free to talk?-Yes sir.-Calling now.Tony’s phone rang. “Hello,” he answered demurely.“Hey. This Ramsey. We was just textin’,” the deep voice informed him.“Yeah! It’s good to hear from you. I’m Minx by the way,” Tony said referring to his username of ‘MinxBoi’.“Oh, I know who you are,” Ramsey laughed. “Can’t believe I’m talkin’ to a porn star. How was your day?”“My day was nice. I’m not a porn star.”“Shit! I seen them comments you be gettin’. I ain’t the only nigga that wanna fuck you. Plus you got niggas that been in five and six vids witchu.”“Guilty,” Minx giggled.“It’s all good.”“How was the gym,” the dental hygienist inquired.“It was straight. I try to stay in shape. I’m gettin’ older so gotta keep it together,” confessed Ramsey.“How old are you?”“I’m twenty-nine. What about you?”“Wow! I’m thirty-eight.”“Stop playin’! You ain’t no thirty-eight.”“I’m dead serious, sweetie.”“Fah real? When you took dat pic you sent me?”“I took it last weekend.”“In yo’ vids and that pic, you look like you ‘bout 23 or 24. You a got damn cougar,” grinned Ramsey.“Am I too old for you,” checked Minx.“Naw, boo. I’m jus’ fuckin’ witcha! I’ma still fuck you.”“When was the last time you fucked a femboi?”“Never have. But I seen yo’ vids and I wanna try sumthin’ different.”“Sounds good to me.”“So, I don’t like to waste time. I got my car out the shop today. What you got going on this weekend?”“I don’t have any plans at the moment.”“I can drive down there Friday and stay till Sunday morning. I wanna fuck witchu all weekend – even make a couple flicks.”“Oh wow!”“It’s up to you. I can bring some party favors.”“I’m definitely down for it. I live alone so you can stay here.”“I ain’t playin’. My son is wit’ his momma n’em dis weekend. And I don’t gotta be to work till 7 P.M. Sunday.”“Okay cool. This sounds like fun.”“You tellin’ me. I been a fan for like two years. I finally got the courage to hit you up.”“I’m glad you did.”“Yeah. Can we make a vid though,” Ramsey asked.“Of course! If you want,” smiled Minx.“Good! I been thinkin’ for a minute about the first one.”“Is that so?”“Yeah,” started atakum escort Ramsey. “It should be like a full experience flick. You start filming me when you open the door. Get me carryin’ my duffel bag. Record me takin’ off my clothes till I’m in my socks and boxer-briefs. I film you fixing me us drinks. Us smokin’. Me following you up them stairs. Then the sex and shit. I want our vid to make yo’ fans go wild.”“Very well thought out,” beamed Minx. “I like the sound of this. I smoke weed and drink, but I don’t do any other d**gs just so you know.”“That’s what’s up. Do you mind if I pop a Molly. I think I’ma need to be up since I ain’t never fucked no dude,” Ramsey surmised.“Fine by me.”“Bet. Need me to bring the weed?”“Please. I can get the liquor. What do you drink?”“Crown and coke and beer.”“I’ll have plenty of both then.”“Can you get me a mask too?”“Yeah! I got you.”“I really like you in them knee high socks and low-top pink Converse you be havin’ on. Maybe you can wear some tight shorts and a li’l tank top.”“Okay.”“I know I’m bein’ bossy. I jus’ been dreamin’ ‘bout this,” the industrial maintenance and repair man chuckled.“You’re good!”“Aiight, boo! Lemme get in the house. I’ma hit you up later. We good for dis weekend, right?”“Yes!”“Aiight! I’m fah real. Bye!”Minx sat down the phone and went back to browsing porn. It was making him horny. It was not that late. He contemplated calling over some thug or mature Black Daddy, but instead decided to just call a chat line and try for some phone sex. He recorded his introduction and began browsing through the men. He was sent a live request which he accepted.“Hello,” Minx said.“Sup,” the baritone voice replied.“Not much just horny and looking for some phone bone.”“Dat’s wassup! What you look like?”“I’m five-eight. Weigh one-twenty-five. Brown skin, Apple booty. You?”“I’m official. Stand like six-one. Not no fat dude. Solid body. Caramel complexion. You got big titties?”“Oh, daddy! I don’t have titties. I’m a femboi.”“Oh! Fah real?!?!? You had me fooled. You sound like a female.”“I get that a lot.”“I bet you do. So, you got a big butt?”“Niggas tell me I got an apple bottom. It’s soft too.”“Do you niggas be at you?”“Yeah!”“You like tah suck dick?”“Yes, sir!”“If you wouldn’t tell nobody, I’d stick
mah dick in yo’ mouf.”“I’d love that.”“You gon’ swallow dees nine inches?”“Yes, daddy!”“Mmmmmm! Take it down yo’ throat. Make you throw up on dis dick.”“Oh my god! You like me being your secret sissy cocksucker, daddy?”“Hell yeah! I ain’t gay, but dis head good as fuck!”“I know, daddy! You’re straight. I want you to fuck me like I’m your girl’s little brother.”“Oh, you my girl li’l b*o? You not gon’ tell her, right?”“I won’t tell. It’s our little secret.”“Aiight. Toot dat apple booty up.”“I’m wiggling it for you.”“Feel dis big dick goin’ inside you.”“Oh my god, daddy! It’s so huge. All in my tight pussy.”“Yeah! Dat pussy tight! Take dis dick!”“I love the way you fuck my li’l fag booty hole with that big grown man dick!”“Dat fag booty hole good!”“Is better than my sister’s pussy?”“Yeah, bitch! I’m fnna nut!”The guy on the other end of call hung up. Minx decided not to try for other sessions. Instead, he put his Yorkie back in the kitchen and headed up to bed. He grabbed a white T-shirt and folded it before placing it on the bed, He turned on the smart T.V. and played some porn as he frottaged against the mattress. He finally came and drifted off to sleep.Over the next few days, Minx had the same routine. And, in the evenings, he would message with Ramsey. It appeared that the guy was, in fact, telling the truth about coming down for a weekend of fun. Ramsey had requested the address on Wednesday night so he could GPS it. They agreed that he should arrive about 8:00 p.m. Minx knew this would give him time to be ready. Tomorrow was the appointed day. The phone rang.“Hello,” answered Minx.“Suo, boo thang,” said Ramsey.“Just looking at T.V.”“That’s wassup! You ready for tomorrow night?”“Heck yeah!”The father of one laughed, “I’ma bus’ dat boipussy open.”“I’m looking forward to it.”“You git my mask?”“Yeah! It’s a Batman mask. I hope that’s okay. It’ll cover your face down to your nose so your mouth and chin will be open.”“Sound good to me,” approved Ramsey. “Make sure you got on dem socks and shorts and shit!”“I will, daddy,” confirmed Minx.“We need a name for you to call me.”“What do you suggest?”“I ownt know. Gimme some suggestions.”Minx thought for a moment and said, “Shango! He was a Yoruba king and is god of lightning and thunder.”“Yeah! I like dat. ‘Shango Shags MinxBoi’ is gon’ be da name of da flick!”“Hot!”“Aiight, Minx! I’m see you tomorrow. Good night!”The next day seemed to drag along because Minx was so excited about the weekend. He could barely believe how giddy he was. He reminded himself that he was close to forty years old. But, there was just something about the prospect of getting used by a brand new Thug or Daddy – especially one that had so many ideas to make a freaky video. Minx had not eaten since lunch on Wednesday. He wanted to be extremely clean for Ramsey’s first time.Work finally ended. Ramsey ran to the car and drove to the Liquor Emporium. He purchased two handles of gin, two 750-ml bottles of Crown Royal, and a case of Bud Light. He then stopped off at the grocery store to stock up a on a few last minute essentials to round out his pantry for sustenance since he did not plan on leaving home. At home, he put away the escort atakum items and let the dog out. Minx went to the master bathroom and began a bubble bath. After getting the water to the correct temperature and amount. He ran downstairs to let the dog back inside. He also poured himself some gin and lemonade. He took a partially smoked blunt from the air-tight container in the freezer and went back to hop in the tub. Minx just soaked as he puffed his joint and sipped on his cocktail. After a few minutes, he stabbed out the joint and began to scrub with the loofa sponge. Once the workweek had been fully washed away, Minx stepped onto the bathroom floor. He dried off with a plush peach-colored towel. Because he had gotten up early this morning, he was able to remove all hair from his waist down. He rubbed a mixture of cocoa butter and baby oil all over his body. He was glistening. He wafted a bit of cotton candy scented body spray into the air and twirled through it. Then, he put on an oversized white T-shirt and red sweatpants. This was just a lounge outfit until Ramsey got close. He took his drink and the blunt downstairs with him.Then he went back upstairs to the guest bedroom to make sure the secondary camera was set up perfectly on the tripod. He tested the lighting and was pleased. He took a bottle of vanilla body spray and sprayed the full-size bed with it. Later, he would light the candles. He shut the door and went downstairs. He made sure the handheld camera was good to go. Finally, he sat down and started watching porn. At 7:20 p.m., his phone rang.“Hello,” the horny vixen answered.“Hey, boo,” Ramsey said. “GPS say I’ll be there bout 8:13.”“Okay! Perfect! I’ll be ready.”“Aiight. See you soon!”Minx could barely contain himself. He figured he should go douche again. He was squeaky clean. He washed off and oiled himself up. He added more of the cotton candy body spray. He opened a drawer and removed his outfit for the evening. Firstly, Minx put on a white tie-front crop top. Next, he scooted into a pair of J. Valentine brand iridescent red-and-black, high-waisted scale-print mermaid hot shorts. Then, he slid on some white knee-high socks that had a red band around the top and had graphic print on it – vertically there was the letter ‘I’ in black with a red heart directly underneath it and followed by the word “COCK” in all caps in black letters too. Beneath that “TAILS” was written horizontally in lowercase black letters. Minx was so happy he had ordered the “I LOVE COCKtails” socks. He figured Ramsey would enjoy it and they would look great on camera. Finally, he put on his pink low-top Chuck Taylors.Minx studied himself in the mirror and knew he looked like a dream. He grabbed his phone and pulled up the camera timer app to take a few photos for the introductory portion of the video. Minx lit the vanilla cupcake candles in the guest room and left the door open. He went downstairs, refreshed his drink, and lit the candle in the living room. It was now five minutes before the hour. Minx waited.Eventually, Ramsey called. He said he was turning on Minx’s street. He wanted Minx to meet him at the door with his mask and the handheld camera. He also wanted Minx to have on his mask.Minx put on the half-face peach-sequin Mardi Gras mask. When he heard the knock at the door, he grabbed Ramsey’s mask and the digicam. He opened up.“Hey there,” Ramsey beamed ear-to-ear.“Hi,” smiled Minx.“Got damn! You look hot,” he remarked pulling the sissy close to him. “Aiight. Gimme da mask. I’ma go to my car and put it on and come back up with my duffel bag. I want you recordin’ when you open the door back. Make sure you turn in on as soon as the door closes cause I want to hear da knock in da vid.”“Yes, sir!”Minx started the recording.There was a knock at the door. Minx opened it and said, “Hello!”“You MinxBoi, right,” asked the man in the half-face Batman mask.“Yes I am!”“Great I’m Shango. Can I come in?”“Sure. Right through there.”Shango stepped inside and walked towards the living room. Minx recorded it all. The man was dressed sharply in a Buyers Picks solid light-blue polo, dark-wash Grindhouse Buford relaxed jeans, and black Under Armour Curry 3 Zero sneakers. He also had an Ink Armor tattoo cover-up sleeve on either arm.“How was your drive, Shango,” Minx asked.“It was long, Minx! Can you fix me a drink?”“Sure!”“Hand me da cam! Before you get my drink, let me get you for da fans.”Shango stood up and panned from Minx’s head down to his feet. He added gave this narrative, “Wassup everybody out on the web. You got ya nigga Shango here with da one and only Minx Boi. I’m here for da weekend and we gon’ get it in. Let’s check out what he got on. I
like dis orange mask wit’ dem feathers. Look, he got on some lip gloss. Pretty white shirt lookin’ slutty. What kinda shorts dees is? Look like fish fins. I’m diggin’ ‘em. Check out da socks. He loves COCK-tails. Yeah, you gon’ git some cock dis weekend. And dem Chucks. Turn around, Minx. Let’s see dat apple booty. Niggas check dis out. Y’all know y’all want it. He girly as shit. Go get my drink!”Minx walked to the kitchen. Shango followed behind. “He bein’ real obedient and shit. Look at how he booty move when he walk. He switch in’ jus’ like a sissy. Yo, Minx, you ready for Shango dick dis weekend?”“Yes, daddy! I’m ready,” Minx confirmed playing to the camera.“Is dis how you treat all da niggas that come through here?”“Yeah! I like to make sure my daddy atakum escort bayan is taken care of.”“Good, sissy!”“What are your fixin’?”“Right now, I’m making your Crown and coke. Then, I’m gonna pour my gin.”“Gin will make you sin!”“As long as I’m sinning with you,” the host smiled.“Bet! Oh yeah! This drink is nice and strong. Meet me in the living room. We gon’ drink and smoke for a minute.”With that, Shango shut off the recording and went to the couch. Minx came back into the room. “I want you to record me getting’ undressed,” announced Shango. “Then I’m roll up a blunt. We can smoke on cam and show my poppin’ da Molly. You can do a li’l interview with me when I’m rollin’.”“Got it,” acknowledged Minx. “It’s on.”Shango was taking off his shirt, sneakers, and jeans. “You’re so sexy,” remarked Minx. “I love a nigga in a wife beater and boxer-briefs.”“Thank you, baby,” Shango grinned. “I’ma roll us a blunt.”“Awesome!”“So what made you hit me up, Shango?”“Well…To be honest, I came across one of yo’ vids late one night by accident. You had on a blonde wig and you was ridin’ the hell out some nigga. Yo’ ass was lookin’ right. I was jackin’ my shit. Den you started sayin’ shit like fuck yo’ faggit ass. I got confused so I clicked on yo’ profile. I seen you was a dude and saw it was a lot of niggas fuckin’ you. I kept watchin’.”“How long ago was that,” pried Minx.“Bout two years,” Shango confessed.“Why did you just recently hit me up?”“I was nervous. I mean I ain’t never been wit’ no dude, but yo’ flicks kept turnin’ me on.”“Very interesting. How did you work up the courage?”“When I realized I was jackin’ my dick to yo’ vids every day. I figured I should try da real thang.”“I’m glad you hit me up.”“Me too! You chill as fuck and sexy as shit! I’m a pop me a Molly for a li’l mo’ courage, but it’s all good.”“So you’re a straight man, right,” inquired Minx.“A hunnit percent, baby,” Shango confirmed. “You a woman to me. Ready to smoke?”“Sure!”The camera continued rolling. Shango lit up and took a couple of puffs. He passed it over Minx who did the same. They worked on their beverages. Shango swallowed an ecstasy pill. Minx refreshed their cocktails.“Look at dis,” Shango said as he pulled out his hard cock.“Oh my! Oh my,” celebrated Minx as he wrapped his hand around it. “It’s a thick mother fucker.”“Yeah! And eight inches, punk! You think other sissies might want it?”“Of course! Let me suck it!”Shango took the camera as Minx got on his knees. “You like it?”“Oh yeah!”Minx kissed the head and stuck it in his mouth.“Oh yeah! Wet dat dick,” commanded Shango. “Lollipop it, baby!” He had been waiting for a while to get inside Minx. This moment was one of the best of his life. “Ahhhh, yeah, bitch! Suck dem balls jus’ like dat! Damn, I wanna fuck you so bad. Let’s go upstairs.”Shango followed behind Minx capturing the movement of his butt. As the ascended the staircase, Shango said, “Stop and bend over here! Pull them shorts down and let me get a few strokes in.”Minx knelt down and wiggled his juicy derriere. He pulled his mermaid bottoms halfway down his thighs. Shango recorded the beautiful bum as he smacked it with his dick. He spat on Minx’s crack and began to push in the tight hole.“Got damn! Dat booty tight,” remarked Shango.“Yes, sir! It’s been a week since I got fucked. I been waiting on you,” confessed Minx.“I like how you shake dat ass on my dick! Dat grip is some serious!”“Oww! Oww! Oww! Daddy! Oww,” wailed Minx.“Am I hurtin’ you?”“No. I just gotta get used to you and relax a li’l more.”“Oh okay. We gotta get some mo’ liquor,” he surmised still gently pounding Minx’s pussy. “Wanna fix us some mo’?”“Yeah…Let me get up.”“Aiight. Keep dat ass out doe!”Minx descended the stairs and Shango followed behind still taping. Minx made each of them another drink. Minx asked, “Wanna help me take the liquor upstairs?”“Yeah,” Shango replied. “Let me turn dis off.”They carried the alcohol and mixers to the guest bedroom. Minx took a big gulp and opened a fresh vial of poppers to inhale. Minx turned on the camera on the tripod and set it to record. Shango started up the digicam once more.“Dat pussy felt so good. I wanna get back in it,” Shango said.“Your wish is my command,” Minx replied.Minx hopped onto the bed and took another big hit of the poppers. Shango began munching on Minx’s brown pussy hole. He spat in it. Minx inhaled some more. Shango stood and slid his manhood back in the steamy rectum.“Ahhhhh, daddy,” cooed Minx.“Yeah, Minx! Take dis dick,” ordered Shango.“Fuck me!”“Got damn, faggit! Yo’ booty hole feel good as hell!”“Thank you, Daddy!”“I love this sissy pussy. Lay on yo’ stomach! I wanna pound you out!”Shango started doing push-ups in Minx’s anus. He was assaulting it. He’d put the handled camera to the side and was putting in work. He flipped Minx onto his back and banged him out missionary. His hammering was relentless. He was sweating and enjoying every moment.“That’s it, nigga! Fuck that fag booty,” cried Minx.Shango said, “Fuck yeah. Dis my fag booty. You pretty ass bitch boi! Git up and ride dis dick!”Minx straddled Shango. He sniffed more poppers and slid all the way down the shaft. He bounced. Shango smacked the apple booty. Shango pulled out his dick and shot nut all over the butt cheeks. He stayed hard and put it back inside. Minx kept riding. “Take dat shirt off! I wanna see dem nipples,” Shango said.Shango began pinching the puffy areolae. Minx purred. “Can I get some mo’ liquor real quick,” Shango asked.“Yes, daddy,” confirmed Minx.“Let’s give the cam a break. Dees lights got me sweatin’ like muthafucka.”Minx turned down the lighting and turned off the camcorder. He poured another round. They sipped before going back at it.

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