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Family Pilgrimage Turns Into Sex ManiaI know it has been a while and I am sorry for that but exams and other life stresses were finally handled and now I can get into sharing my sexcapades. This is the not about the 6 beautiful days I had with my kausi chitti’s daughter (a story for another time) but of another incident.This was during my visit to one of your standard south Indian agragarams yes people srivilliputhur. The story begins at central station in Chennai and our entire family is boarding the train to srivilliputhur which is an 8 hour train ride through Theni and Madurai and finally srivilliputhur. Remember those two places because some serious stuff goes down on this trip there and I swear it’s the entire truth as unbelievable as it is.On to the more important side of my story the main character my female lead my beautiful cousin sister on my maternal side my periamma’s first daughter my elder cousin sister namitha and like the actress she is a sex bomb roughly 34 28 36 but 34DD and that ass is gym trained apple bottom sexiness I am talking Jen Selter (google name for ass picture).Her tummy though slender was a little jiggly just enough to grab and feel in the palm of your hands like chapatti Atta you want to play with it all day long and she had the sweetest hip fold which I have always pinched with sexual intentions but she always thought off as a joke.She had nice big lips that when you trapped between your thumb and index finger her saliva would glisten and the smell of her blueberry lip balm is so intoxicating that only god could resist the urge to chew on her lips and use your tongue to play fight with her tongue all whilst pulling her by her soft pink nipples towards you as she tip toed and got so close to you that her feet are on yours both your navels are rubbing and the heat from her vagina and your cock could start balıkesir escort a forest fire.Anyway we were all getting on the train and namitha was wearing leggings and a crop top (poor choice in a Indian train filled with perverts) and my personal favourite since it was a night train and she wanted to sleep she came braless.Namitha picked up a suitcase a little too heavy for her as she stepped on and in true indian cinema fashion she fell back but unlike the slow motion cameras I did not catch her instead she fell on me and my already hard dick from starring at her rested so firmly in her soft ass cleavage that when she got up a mould of my penis had formed on her leggings and ass which she quickly fixed and gave me a mean angry look.I sat next to her on the train as it pulled off from the station and when she tried to move away I put my hand up her crop top plam flat on the bare skin on her back and said. “Sit down please I want to talk” and I stroked her back softly with my nails.Namitha: get your hand off right nowMe: ok sorry but I just wanted to say sorry for what you had to feel when fell it was not on purposeN: oh really and why was it so bigM: hmmm you think its big ahhh good to knowN: dei poriki you know what I meanM: no da I don’t what do you meanN: why…why where…you know why were hard…like what made you grow biggerM: do you want the brutal honest truth or for me to lie to make you happyN: why do you feel the truth won’t make me happy?M: that is because the truth will complicate relationshipsN: then lie to me daM: ok then I was staring at this really hot girl on the other platform with some really big tits that I just wanted to put the shaft of my dick in between her tits and the tip in her mouth and play and whilst that porno was running through my head you fell back and met the other guy.N: CHIIII dei balıkesir escort bayan panni too much detail… and what was so special about her are my boobs not big and me not prettyM: wait wait wait you would I think those things about you or why do you feel I think those things and anyway you asked me to lieN: forget it you are right lets drop itBy this time everyone was turning off the lights and the adults were organising the berths for everyone and all were close together except one. Obviously the men of the family decided that a man would go take this place and before they volunteered me I decided to go by myself and avoided namitha.Personally I wanted to stay and tell her something. Guys let me let you guys in on a secret I have been with a fair few girls both in my family and a few out but if there was ever a girl that I had an emotional connection with something more than just sex it was with namitha.So I got my headphones and one other thing which I wanted to do but I am not going to reveal that as I don’t want you guys to judge me. I set of down the train but as I was leaving and hand grabbed me and pulled me close enough to whisper but still far enough so no unwanted attention was attracted.Namitha: who asked you to volunteer yourself besides you haven’t shared the truth yet?Me: first off you never asked for the truth and I volunteered as I thought you want to be away from meN: BULLSHIT DID IM: SHHHN: (whisper) sorry sorry… bullshit did I ever ask for you to leave no I didn’t stop being a dick who thinks he knows what I wantM: admit it or not the truth is I do know what you want and you want the truth not a lie so here it is I think you are the sexiest girl on the planet your boobs are perfect and your ass is the perfect fit for my cock which you have felt and realised. I was hard because I was staring escort balıkesir at you how I want carry on to this train and squeeze next to you on a berth and rip off your clothes. I want to lick your belly button and bite your jiggly tummy with my teeth and suck on it and give it a thousand kisses.I want to fit your entire boob in my mouth and drink your milk. I want to run my fingers through your hair. I want to see your velvet juicy lips wrapped around my penis and your sharp tongue flick the tip of my cock and sucking the cum out of me like a vacuum, while your eyes are rolling into the back your head mine want to the outline of my penis in your throat.I want taste your sweet pussy so much and lick you until orgasm by swirling my tongue around your clitoris while pinching the gap between your pussy and ass with one hand and use two fingers from the other hand to finger bang the fuck out of you and press down to make your squirt like a water gun.However I also want to deck you up in pretty clothes shower your with jewellery and push your hair behind your neck I want to kiss your neck all over slowly passionately deep wet kisses I want to cuddle with you every night and listen to everything you want to talk about because at the end of the day nammi I love you with everything in my heart and no force on earth can change that.That was it boys and girls I poured my heart out pure honesty and she stood there in shock and my boner came back when I saw a big wet patch in her pelvic region. I knew I had her hook line and sinker. So I walked away to find my berth and she just continued to stare.Guys wait for my next part to see how things got even hotter and what naughty things we did on the train but more importantly what happened from Then to Madurai where we got left behind by the train with no money. All the details in my next part alongside with the narration of the best sex I have ever had in my life sorry best sex partner till this date.So keep your eyes peeled for my next story and I love your emails and comments and ratings so please feel free to contact me ESPECIALLY ALL YOU LADIES FEEL FREE:

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