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Family Life, Ch.20 – Making love to mother.Heather looked at the bedside clock, she couldn’t believe they had been in bed for two hours, it seemed like only moments ago that David had carried her upstairs, tenderly undressed her, kissing every inch of her body as it was revealed, then laid her on the bed and made love to her.She had had boys kissing her vagina before but usually only as a token before they started fucking her. This was different, she had lain there while he teased and tormented every part of her vagina, concentrating first on her clit, then her labia. He had brought her to the point of orgasm time and again until she was screaming at him for release.When he had finally tipped her over the edge, she had felt the surge of fluids erupting from her into his waiting mouth. She had expected him to fuck her then, but no, he had started again, building her up slowly all over again until she thought she was going out of her mind.In the end she had given up completely as orgasm after orgasm wracked through her body, it was as if there was an electrical charge every time he touched her, the slightest stroke from his finger tips causing ripples of pleasure through her body.When he had finally mounted her she had felt so much heat she was convinced he was on fire, but even then he showed no urgency, gently stroking her with his cock as his fingers danced on her body, her breasts, her nipples. She knew she had cum again before him, she knew it must have been more than once but her brain felt as if it was about to burst.She thought of all the dirty books she had read, with men committing all sorts of acts on their women, driving them crazy with orgasms, but she had never read of any woman being taken to this level by gentleness. She had begged him to fuck her, begged him to let her feel his spunk bathing her, and when that moment finally came it was exactly as he brought her to one final orgasm.They had collapsed together, both of them coated in perspiration as they clung together, their hearts beating as one.David had brought women to orgasm plenty of times before but each time it had been for his own satisfaction. This had been different, he was totally focused and Heather, her pleasure was the only important thing to him. He would have been happy to continue bringing her to orgasm with his mouth and fingers all afternoon, her moans and sighs were music to his ears. It was only when she was pleading with him to enter her and take her to that finale that he had relented. He was coated in her juices, they had sprayed from her cunt.He had read about women faking orgasms but there was no doubting the ecstasy she was experiencing when her cunt was spraying like a fountain.“What time are you picking your mother up?” She said, rolling back into his arms and kissing him.David looked at his watch, “Oh shit,” he groaned when he saw the time, “l have to go.”“You can’t go like that,” she said, “and you need something to eat, you get in the shower and l’ll go down and make you a sandwich.”“You’re beautiful and amazing,” he said, kissing her then rolling off the bed.Heather was just finishing his sandwich when he walked into the kitchen. She was wearing her dressing gown but it was open, displaying her naked body.“You be careful the neighbours don’t see you,” he chuckled, getting behind her and reaching round to cup her breasts.“Oh l do this a lot if Gran’s not here,” she giggled, “the old bloke opposite can see right in through the window, l can tell he’s wanking sometimes when he’s watching me.”“Aren’t you afraid of gossip?”“I don’t care,” she replied, “they have to be careful who they gossip to, they know not to mess with Gran. I know she doesn’t approve of my lifestyle but she loves me and wouldn’t do anything to hurt me. God help anyone who tried to go through her to get to me, she would fight like a tiger.”She turned in his arms, kissing him, pressing her body against him, gyrating her hips.“Stop it,” he laughed, “or l’ll never get out.”Reluctantly she released him. “It’s always special with you but that was the best sex ever,” she said, handing him his sandwich.“Doesn’t it bother you, being spied on?”“Oh it’s only a bit of fun,” she laughed, “he’s harmless. Anyway, he must like what he’s seeing, so l suppose it’s a compliment really.”David sat on one of the kitchen chairs, pulling Heather over to sit on his knee.“Your really are amazing,” he laughed, taking a bite out of the sandwich she was holding.“I’ve always liked being appreciated,” she said. “A few years ago l was on a school trip to London, we were on the tube, it was crowded so l had to stand. There was this old man sat by me, after a few minutes l felt his hand go up my skirt.”“How old were you?”“Thirteen,” she replied, feeding him again.“What did you do?”“I tried to make it easier for him without being obvious,” she replied, “l was used to boys in school doing it so l wasn’t bothered, l felt quite sexy knowing that an old man was doing it to me.”“What happened,” he said, adjusting his position as his growing erection was proving uncomfortable.“I was wearing those horrible school knickers with elasticated legs but just as he managed to get his fingers inside my knickers a woman sitting opposite realised what he was doing and hit him with her shopping bag. My teacher was furious because l hadn’t said anything, l tried to insist l had kept quiet because l was frightened but l’m sure she didn’t believe me.”As she bent forward to feed him again she noticed a movement of the curtains in the house opposite.“That old man is watching us, don’t look,” she said, then sliding off his lap and onto her knees, she took off her dressing gown. “Let’s give him something to have a good wank over.”She undid David’s belt, then, as he lifted up slightly, she pulled down his trousers and underpants, freeing his rapidly hardening erection.“Mmmmm,” she said as her mouth engulfed him, sliding slowly down his shaft.She proceeded to give him a slow blow job, alternating her attention between his cock and balls.“I can see him moving,” she said, looking up at David, “l’m sure he’s wanking.”She resumed her attention to his cock, this time more urgently, sucking him as she massaged his balls.”“I’m going to cum,” he warned.“Mmmm,” was all she could reply as she pressed her mouth down on him, feeling his cock jetting his hot cum into her. He held her firm as his balls emptied into her mouth, Heather taking every drop.Once his orgasm subsided she sat back, releasing his cock, opening her mouth to show him the pool of his spunk. Slowly she stood up, walked over to the window and opened her mouth wide, then she swallowed and opened her mouth again to show her admirer.“Look!” She giggled.David stood up and shuffled over beside her, he looked over at the house opposite, he could make out the figure of a man stood at the window with what looked like some lines of spunk running down the inside of the window.“I think he enjoyed the show,” Heather giggled, turning to David and kissing him.David could taste the saltiness of his cum on her lips. “I have to go,” he said, replacing his clothes, “Mum will kill me for being late. I love you,” he said, kissing her before heading out.“Oh David Evans, l do love you so much,” she whispered as the door closed behind him.……..“I thought you were never coming,” Mary said as her son walked in.“Sorry Mum,” he replied, “l met up with Heather and we went back to her place, l lost track of time.”“You’ve got it bad for that girl haven’t you?” Mary said with a smile, “she’s a lovely girl, just don’t hurt her that’s all l’ll say.”“I won’t Mum, l promise.” As they were driving to the hospital David told his mother that Heather knew about his relatives coming from Cheshire and what was likely to happen.“She wants to join us,” he said.“I’m not surprised,” his mother replied, “what do you think of that?”“I honestly d
on’t know Mum,” he replied. “I know she’s got a history and l shouldn’t really be bothered about other men fucking her, after all she knows everything about what l get up to.”“Do you tell her everything, even about me?”“Yes Mum,” he replied, “we promised not to have secrets.”“Wow,” Mary said, “so what does she think about you fucking your mother?”“She’s cool about it Mum,” he replied, “she thinks you’re a sexy woman.”“So l take it you were screwing her all morning, you lucky boy, and there was l hoping for a quickie before we left.” She reached across, gently rubbing the front of his trousers, pleased to feel some reaction.“Stop it Mum,” he laughed, “l’m trying to concentrate on the road.”“Oh you keep concentrating,” she said, releasing her seat belt, then twisting so that she could use both hands to undo his belt and trousers.“Mum,” he protested, “there’s nowhere l can stop, we’re going to crash if you carry on.”“Oh don’t be silly,” she replied, “l do it all the time for Dan.” She finally released his cock, pleased to see it almost fully erect. She pulled back his foreskin to reveal the glistening head, a bead of clear fluid oozing from the eye. “Oh look kaçak iddaa at that,” she said, tracing her finger over the eye then transferring it to her mouth. “Mmmmmm, l think my baby wants his Mummy to suck his cock.”“Go on then, get it over with,” he said, slowing speed to make it easier to control the car, thankful that traffic was light.“Oh thank you baby,” she giggled, leaning across to him, “give Mummy a nice mouth full of spunk.”David closed his eyes for a second as her soft, warm mouth engulfed him, her hand massaging his balls as she sucked and worked her mouth on him. “You’re a dirty slut Mum,” he said with a smile.“Mmmmm,” was all she could reply as David used one hand to push her down onto him, forcing his cock into the depths of her mouth.He had to admit she was expert at cock sucking, no wonder Laura had inherited her talent. He realised the outskirts of town were approaching. His orgasm was close. He forced her down harder as finally, his cock erupted, pumping his spunk into her throat. He felt the suction as she worked hard to swallow, gagging slightly but determined not to waste a drop.When she was satisfied that she had taken every last drop of his cum, she released his cock, giving the head a kiss before resuming her seat.“Mmmmmm, that was nice,” she said, “does Heather suck your cock like that, am l better than her?”“It’s not a competition Mum,” he laughed, “although that might be fun, getting you, Laura and Heather with a line of cocks each to see who can suck them off quickest.”“Mmmm that sounds like fun,” she chuckled, “god my cunt is so wet, l wish we could stop somewhere for you to fuck me.”“No chance Mum,” he replied, “we’re almost at the hospital, anyway you’ve just sucked me dry, you’ll have to wait till Uncle Jack gets here, l expect he’s looking forward to fucking you.”“Yes, and you need time to recover,” she laughed, “with only you three men and four hungry cunts to fill you will need plenty of stamina tonight.”David managed to cover up his cock as they entered the car park. Mary asked if he was going to visit his father but he said it would probably only end in an argument so he would wait in the van.He parked the van, then just before she got out, she leaned over and kissed him, then uncovered his cock and kissed it. “Cover yourself up you naughty boy,” she laughed, “you’ll get arrested for indecent exposure.”“Go!” He shouted, laughing, giving her a smack on her bum as she turned to get out.Mary was back within the hour, David could tell as he watched her walking across the car park that the visit had not gone well.“You okay Mum?” He asked after she had got into the van and sat staring out of the windscreen.“I can’t take much more of him David,” she replied.“What did he do?”“It’s just the way he talks to me,” she said, taking a tissue from the glove compartment and dabbing her eyes.“Right,” he said, opening his door, “l’ve had enough of this, it’s time for me to put him in his place.”“No David, please,” she said, grabbing his arm, “let’s just get this week over with, he wants to see Laura on Friday before the wedding, l told him l would tell her but that it would be up to her if she came.”“Did you tell him Uncle Jack and the others are coming today?”“That’s what set him off,” she replied, “l don’t know where his language has come from, he says things he would never have dreamt of saying before, calling Ann and Carol whores, how he wouldn’t be surprised if l wasn’t whoring as well when l visited them, he came out with such a torrent of abuse, then he called me a black man’s whore, l had to walk out then.”“How much longer will he be in there?” David asked.“I spoke to the nurse, she said he could possibly come home towards the end of next week.”“I suggest we make some changes then,” he said. “Once Laura moves out, we should redecorate her room then tell Dad he has to sleep in there until he decides to behave himself.”“He’ll never accept that,” Mary replied.“Oh he will Mum, l won’t give him any choice, l’m not having him treating you like that.”“You’re so good to me,” she said, reaching across to kiss his cheek. As she did, she slipped, falling against him, her face ending only inches from his. Instinctively she reached up, pulling his mouth down onto hers, holding him tight as her tongue explored his mouth. She felt David respond, kissing her back, his hands going to her breasts.“Mmmm,” she moaned as he located her nipples, she went to climb on top of him.“No Mum,” he said, breaking away and stopping her, “we’re in full view here, we mustn’t.”“Take me somewhere then,” she replied, “anywhere, l must have you.”“This is crazy Mum,” he said once he had helped her back into her seat. “You’re just upset, l’ll take you home.”“But l want you David,” she pleaded, “l don’t care where, you can do what you like to me, l just want you inside me.”“No Mum,” he said, starting the engine, “l can’t keep doing this.”“Don’t you want me?”“It’s not that Mum,” he said, turning out onto the road, “of course l want you, l love you.”“Well there’s no problem then, come on baby,” she replied, reaching over and rubbing the front of his trousers, “l can feel him getting hard, do you want me to suck you again.”“Stop it Mum,” he said, removing her hand, “l can’t keep up with it all. This last few months has been crazy, all of a sudden l’ve got women everywhere wanting me to fuck them.”“Lucky you,” she laughed, “what are you saying, you don’t want your mother any more?”“No of course not Mum,” he replied, “but l can’t be fucking you every few minutes.”“Hardly a few minutes,” she giggled, “anyone would think l was a sex maniac.”“They wouldn’t be far wrong Mum would they,” he replied, “if it’s not Dan fucking you you want me doing it, l’ve got you, Laura, Jean and now Heather all expecting me to fuck them at the drop of a hat, not to mention sex starved housewives, my world has gone crazy.”“I can’t imagine many boys your age complaining they’ve got too many women wanting to fuck them” she said.“I’m not complaining Mum, but l need a break now and again.”“Oh poor boy,” she laughed, patting his cock, “are you running out of stamina. Oh l know the problem.”“What?” He replied.“Of course,” she said, “you’re afraid if you shag me now you won’t have any left for Carol when she gets here.”David didn’t reply.“Thought so,” she continued, “are you afraid you won’t impress her?”“It’s not that Mum,” he replied, “but from how you’ve described her she seems to be quite demanding.”“Oh she’s like a rabid dog once she gets going,” she laughed, “l’ve seen her take on six men and drain them
dry. Ann says she’s been much happier lately, she has got friendly with two black men, she’s had black men before but these two are different.”“Big black cocks eh?” He said, fidgeting in his seat as his cock grew uncomfortable.“Yes they are, one of them is massive apparently, but it’s not just about size, Ann says they’re very good at using them.”“Has Ann fucked them?”“Last weekend,” she replied, “Carol invited them to stay for the weekend, Ann said it was fantastic, she said she was almost too sore to walk on the Monday, l was frigging myself off while she was telling me, l wish l’d been there.”“What are you going to be like in Spain Mum?” He asked, “Dan won’t be able to keep you satisfied on his own.”“Oh we know that,” she laughed, “he says there are plenty of young lads without jobs over there, hanging about bored, Dan reckons we’ll be able the invite groups of them up to the villa to fuck me, it sounds like fun.”“I can’t believe you’re like this Mum,” he said, “it has all happened so fast, all of a sudden our lives seem to be non stop sex.”“I know baby,” she said, putting her hand on the prominent bulge in his trousers. “It’s been wonderful, Ann and Jack have been on at me for years to get you to fuck me.”“Years?” He said.“Oh yes,” she replied, “do you remember the time just Ann and Jack came down and stayed over Christmas, you were fo*****n then, you and Laura were out at the school Christmas party and your father was down the pub as usual, he never liked Jack.”“I remember them being here for Christmas, there was a big argument on Boxing Day.”“Yes well, that evening you were all out, we were fucking, it was the only chance we’d had because with you and Laura off school we could never get enough time, Jack had been able to get his hand up my skirt a few times but apart from finger fucking me we hadn’t gone any further, Oh there was the once l had started sucking his cock but then Laura came home unexpected and almost caught us.”“I wish l’d know then,” he laughed, “l was wanking off like mad when l was fo*****n.”“I knew, l showed Ann the spunk stains on your underpants and on the bed sheets from where you’d wanked in bed, she was all for getting you to fuck both of us, Jack wanted it too.”“Why didn’t you?”“I was afraid you were too young,” she replied, “they both kept on at me, saying it would be good for you but l was scared you would hate me.”“I would never hate you Mum,” he said, putting one hand on hers and pressing it hard kaçak bahis on his cock. “I just never thought of you like that, l had spied on Laura a couple of times, usually if she was in her bra and knickers but a couple of times l saw her tits, and there were girls at school who would show me their tits and a couple would wank me off.”“Were you fucking any of them?”“Oh no, none of them would go that far,” he laughed, “funnily enough, l used to get some dirty story books from that old chap who runs the book stall in the market, they were really badly written but there were lots of stories about boys fucking their mothers but usually it was about really cruel stuff with the women getting whipped and things, l used to wank off reading them but l never wanted to hurt you. Only recently l discovered that Heather used to get those books as well, she used to suck his cock in exchange for books.”“Oh l wish l’d known then,” she said, “Ann and Jack were always saying you were ready but l was scared, l was getting more and more frustrated because l couldn’t go up to Cheshire, l got to the state where l couldn’t wait for your father to leave for work and you to to leave for school and college, as soon as you’d left l would be fucking myself with something.”“What did you use?”“Oh anything l could push up my cunt and fuck myself with, hairbrush handle, banana, cucumber, anything. Just about the time the we started, your father had told me he wasn’t going to allow me to go up to Cheshire again.”“Did he suspect what was going on?”“I don’t think so,” she replied, “he just didn’t like me doing anything that l enjoyed, we’d had a big row one night besause l’d got so frustrated l reached for his cock, he called me all sorts of dirty names, l thought he was going to hit me. It was only a few days later, that first time l saw you wanking, it was like a dam bursting inside me, l knew l had to have you then. I wish l’d done it earlier it’s been wonderful, and now with Dan and Laura as well it has been perfect.”David pulled up outside the house, they sat there still for a moment.“Can we go in and fuck?” She said.“No Mum,” he replied, “you go on in, l’m going down to town, l won’t be long.”“You’re very cruel,” she giggled, “you’ve got me all wet telling you that, now you leave me all frustrated, l’m going to have to go in there and frig myself off all on my own.”“If l come in there now Mum l’m going to end up fucking you and probably Laura as well,” he smiled.“That’s alright baby,” she replied, “l don’t mind sharing, but l want you first.”“No Mum,” he said, trying to sound forceful but feeling himself weakening. “Go in and find something to fuck yourself with, why not just have a session with Laura.”“Oh that’s nice,” she replied, “but not as good as this in my cunt.” She gave his cock a squeeze. “Come on David, you know you want me, you can be rough with me.”“Stop it Mum,” he pleaded, “you’ll spoil everything for later, l won’t have anything left when they arrive.”“Oh you won’t want me then,” she sulked, “Ann can’t wait to get you up her cunt, her and Carol will be fighting over you, l won’t get a look in.”“There’s still Jack and Dan,” David replied, “Laura gets tired quickly now so you will have those two to yourself.”“Oh that’s nice,” she replied, “but having your son fuck you is so special, can’t l change your mind?”“There will be plenty more times for me to fuck you Mum,” he replied, relieved that she appeared to be accepting his decision, “l’ll see you later, l won’t be long.”Reluctantly, Mary released her hold on his cock and got out of the van, David adjusted himself and drove off.…..David had done a few things in town in preparation for the wedding and was walking down the high street when he saw Stella Howells and a man he presumed was her husband coming the opposite way.They were about ten yards apart before she noticed him, her face instantly going bright red.“Hello Mrs Howells,” David said brightly, enjoying her obvious embarrassment, her reached out to shake her hand which she reluctantly accepted. “You must be Mr Howells,” he said, reaching to shake hands with him.“Th…this is David,” She stammered, “he works for Mr Dobbs, he helped with the kitchen.”Mr Howells shook his hand, thanking him for doing a good job.“Oh my pleasure Mr Howells,” David replied, “we pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship, especially in the kitchen,” he stared directly at Stella, reading from her expression that she was desperate to get away. “Mr Dodds always insists that it is important to keep the lady of the house satisfied with our work in the kitchen.”“Oh Mrs Howells is well satisfied, aren’t you darling,” Mr Howells replied, turning to his wife.“Y….y…yes,” she stuttered, “well satisfied.”“Oh that’s excellent,” David replied, “l would ask you to recommend us to your friends but Mr Dobbs has decided to retire and wind up the business before moving to Spain. If there are any problems at all though, please don’t hesitate to contact me,” he said, taking a piece of scrap paper from his pocket and borrowing a pen from Mr Howells to write down his telephone number. “We are proud of our after sales service,” he said with a sly grin, seeing another flush travelling up her face, “Please don’t hesitate to call me if you need my services again,” he handed the paper to her, deliberately giving her hand a sque
eze in the process.David chuckled to himself as he left them and made his way to his van. “She must have been wetting her knickers,” he said to himself, confident that she would be phoning him in the near future.David arrived home, his mother was preparing food in the kitchen, the way she was banging pots and pans around, David sensed there was a problem.“What’s up?” He said, sitting on a chair at the kitchen table, helping himself to a couple of sausage rolls from a plate.“Don’t go eating all those,” she replied frostily, “they’re for later.”“But l’m hungry,” he protested.“I’ll make you a sandwich in a minute,” she replied.“You’re in a mood,” he said, “are you still mad at me about earlier?”“Ann rang about half an hour ago,” she replied, “Jack was late getting off work and they have been held up in traffic, they were at a service station, they won’t be here now until much later.”“Oh,” he replied, reaching for another sausage roll only for her to slap the back of his hand.“So you could have come in with me after all,” she said, “where have you been? Have you been fucking Heather again, is that it, or that bitch Jean Lovell.”“Calm down Mum,” he said, “l haven’t been fucking anyone, l had a few things to do in town that’s all. Did you and Laura play, what about Dan, where is he?”“I’m damned if l know,” she replied, “l know he had an appointment with his solicitor and Laura was asleep when l got in, still is, so l had to use my vibrator.”“Well that’s alright then.”“No it wasn’t alright,” she shouted, “you know l wanted you not some piece of plastic with a half dead battery.” She slammed down the pan she was holding as she burst into tears.“Hey,” he said, going to her and taking her into his arms, “what’s this about Mum?” He took her back to the table, sitting on the chair and guiding her onto his lap.“Sorry,” she sniffed, “l shouldn’t bother you with it.”“Rubbish Mum,” he replied, “what is it?”“It’s your father,” she sobbed, “he was really horrible, calling me all sorts of dirty names, he never used to use language like that, then, when l went to plump up his pillows he lashed out at me, luckily he only made contact with my shoulder, l was frightened, l didn’t want to tell you, l tried to put it out of my mind, but then when you rejected me as well it was just too much David, l’ve been looking forward to Ann and Jack coming, then Ann rang with a problem, Dan has buggered off somewhere, it’s just one thing on top of another.”“Right Mum,” he replied, “first you don’t go and see Dad again unless l’m with you.”“I spoke to the Ward Sister,” Mary continued, “she said the nurses have had problems with him, but she said it could be to do with his medication, apparently some people can get verbally abusive.”“I don’t care about him Mum,” David said, grabbing a tissue to dab her eyes, “the sooner you leave him the better.”“But what about you, what about the house?”“Don’t worry about us Mum,” he replied, “Laura will be fine, they have a brand new house to move into, l will stay here with Dad until l find somewhere, what about the money though, you are entitled to half the value of the house.”“Oh Dan and l have discussed that,” she said, “he says he has plenty of money, l needn’t bother about that, if your Dad and l divorce then things will have to be split up.”“Well l suggest to do it as soon as you can after the wedding,” David said, “don’t worry about Dad, he only has himself to blame, you should go off with Dan and enjoy your life.”“You are so good to me David,” she said, kissing him softly on his lips. Instinctively he pulled her closer, kissing her deeply, their tongues searching each other.She turned slightly to face him, his hands going güvenilir bahis to her breasts.“Mmmmm,” she moaned as his fingers caressed her nipples, her hands went to his belt.“No,” he stopped her, “not here.”Effortlessly he lifted her, rising himself and carrying her up the stairs. He laid her on the bed, carefully removing her clothes, kissing her, first her mouth, then her body as he revealed it. Languishing over her breasts, caressing each nipple with his lips, sucking gently.Despite what she had said earlier, David realised that it wasn’t wild, rough sex she craved, she needed him to make love to her.He stood up, quickly removing his clothes before rejoining her, embracing her and kissing her again. She didn’t say anything, only moaned and sighed with pleasure as again he worked his way down her body, pausing once more at her breasts, kissing and sucking her nipples, then moving down over the curve of her tummy, his hands still staying on her breasts, his thumbs rolling her nipples.She opened her legs for him, bending her knees to make her vagina fully available. She let out a faint whimper as his lips located her clitoris, sucking it gently then flicking it with his tongue. She sighed again as he sucked on her labia, his tongue tracing the edges of her vagina before pushing inside her.She lifted her hips to meet him as his tongue slipped inside her cunt, moaning again as he gently pinched her nipples. He returned to her clitoris, teasing it, sucking it. She raised herself again, crying out as her first orgasm fluttered through her body. Not the deep, powerful orgasm he often gave her, this was just a warm glow travelling through her body as her juices released inside her.David didn’t ease up, keeping her at the peak of her orgasm as long as possible.“Oh baby,” she whispered, “l want you baby, please don’t make me wait, l want you inside me.”David knew this was no time to torment her, this was a time for him to give not to take. He positioned himself above her, the head of his cock brushing her labia before he gently lowered himself into her.“Oh l love you,” she cried, as she felt his cock travel deep inside her. Her legs wrapped around his waist, trapping him, holding him still as she felt him pulsating.“I love you Mum,” he said, bending forward to kiss her, she embraced him, their bodies locked together.“Don’t move,” she whispered, “just stay there, let me feel him, l can feel him pulsating, he wants me, wants to fuck me.”“I want you Mum,” he said, “l want to fuck you.”“Yes baby,” she said, releasing her hold on him. “Slowly, let me feel him, every inch as he travels inside me.Slowly David began to fuck her, long smooth strokes, taking the head of his cock right to the entrance of her vagina before gliding it back into her love tunnel until his pelvis was pressed against her. He repeated it time and time again, each time she rose to meet him as he slid up inside her.David sat back on his haunches, placing her legs on his shoulders, his hands on her breasts as he began to move quicker but still smoothly.“Oh yes baby,” she whimpered, “fuck your Mummy baby, Oh god it feels good, l love you baby.”“I love you Mum,” he said as his speed increased, now their bodies coming together harder. He gently squeezed her breasts, pinching her nipples.“Yes baby,” she cried, “l’m nearly there baby, fuck me harder now, make Mummy cum baby.”For the first time, David forced himself up her with a violent thrust, her body arching as she met him. His movements became more frenzied, his fingers digging into the soft flesh of her breasts as his hips drove his cock into her. He was on the brink of orgasm himself.The pain shot through her body from her breasts as his cock slammed into her. “Oh my god,” she cried as her orgasm burst violently inside her, she felt her juices flooding out of her, being forced out as he thrusted into her one final time, burrowing deep into her then bathing her insides with his hot cum.They locked together as his cock pumped and pulsates, unloading his sperm inside her.“Oh that’s so beautiful baby,” she cried, “give Mummy your spunk baby, oh how l wish you could give me your baby, l do love you baby.”“I love you too,” he said as he collapsed on top of
her, his cock pumping his last sperm inside her.“That was so beautiful to watch Mum,” Laura said, stepping up to the side of the bed.“Hi baby,” Mary said, reaching for her daughter’s hand.Laura bent and kissed her mother, full on her lips. “You really did look beautiful Mum, it was so gentle and loving, l almost came just watching you.”She sat on the edge of the bed, leaning over and kissing her brother. “You should fuck me like that more often,” she smiled.“Mum hasn’t had a good day,” David said, pulling out of his mother and rolling onto his back. He reached for a tissue.“Here, let me,” Laura said, leaning over her mother and taking his cock into her mouth. “Mmmmm,” she said as she tasted the mixture of her brother’s spunk and her mother’s cunt juice.Once she was satisfied that his cock was clean, she shuffled round, lying between her mother’s legs and proceeded to lick the cum oozing from her cunt. She worked expertly, delving deep into her mother’s cunt with her tongue, then returning to tease her clitoris with her lips and teeth.Mary moaned deeply as her daughter brought her up to the edge of another orgasm. “Oh baby,” she sighed, as the tremor rippled through her and another flood of juices flowed into Laura’s waiting mouth.Laura finally lifted her mouth from her mother’s cunt then crawled back up to kiss her, letting her taste her own juices on her daughter’s lips.“I love you Mum,” she said, resting her head against her mother’s breast. “We both do.”“I know baby,” Mary responded, kissing the top of Laura’s head, then turning to kiss David on his lips. “I’m so lucky to have you both.”“Dad’s been a right bastard again,” David said, recounting what his mother had told him about her visit.“You should just leave him Mum,” Laura said when David had finished. “He doesn’t deserve you, and if he thinks l’m going to look after him when you’re gone he’s got another think coming.”“But he is your father,” Mary said.“He’s never been much of a father Mum,” Laura replied, “and his moods lately have made him impossible. You need to get away and enjoy your life with Dan, l’ll have plenty of money, What with John’s money and what l can squeeze out of Jed once he starts fucking me regularly, l will be able to pay for David and l to come down and stay with you, you will see plenty of your grandc***d l promise.”“Oh baby,” Mary said, tearfully, putting her arms around both of them, drawing them both against her breasts.They laid still for a few moments, enjoying the closeness of each other. As if on cue, each of them took one of her nipples into their mouths, sucking gently.“Oh don’t get me started again,” Mary laughed, pushing them away gently, “they will be here soon, plenty of time for more fun later.”“Speak for yourself,” David laughed, “l’m not a machine you know.”“Oh stop complaining,” his mother laughed, “l have no doubt once Carol flashes her melon tits at you you’ll be up her like a rat up a pipe.”That caused them all to burst out laughing.At that moment the telephone rang.“I’ll get it,” Laura said, rising and heading for the door.“Hopefully it’s Dan,” Mary called after her, “god knows where he’s been all day.”Laura went downstairs to answer the phone, calling back up that it was her Aunt Ann on the other end. Mary and David appeared on the landing, leaning over the rail, listening to Laura’s end of the conversation.“There’s been a problem,” Laura said when she had hung up the phone. “They had awful traffic queues on the way down, then they had a puncture, it took two hours to get the breakdown people to them, Ann said they were all shattered and decided to book in to a hotel in Hereford and come down in the morning.”Before Mary could say anything, the front door opened and Dan walked in.“Where on earth have you been,” Mary called down from the landing.Dan looked up at the naked forms of David and Mary leaning over the bannister rail, her breasts hanging free.“I had to go to Cardiff,” he said, “l had to make the final payment on the villa, oh and the agent has employed a housekeeper for you. Looks like you’ve been busy anyway.”“They have,” Laura replied, “l just got to watch so you can just come up with me and make it up to me.”“Hang on,” he stopped her as she tried to lead him upstairs. “I’m hungry, l haven’t eaten all day and as much as l enjoy eating your cunt, l need food as well.”“You go on up to my room and get undressed,” Laura told him, “l’ll bring you a plate of food up, there’s plenty now as the Cheshire crowd won’t be here until tomorrow.”Dan obediently went up stairs, stopping to kiss Mary and feel her tits.“Enjoy yourself,” she said, patting the front of his trousers, “just be careful of that baby, l know what Laura is like, once she gets worked up she likes it rough so you be careful.”“Don’t worry,” he replied, kissing her before turning in to Laura’s bedroom.“Come on loverboy,” Mary laughed, turning to David and giving his flaccid cock a flick of her fingers, “let’s see how long it takes me to resurrect him.” Taking hold of his cock, she led him back into her bedroom.

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