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Extramarital sex with a womenizerHello everybody, I am a 27 yrs old married women & this is my story. I am working in a very reputed AD agency in Bangalore which has it’s head office in Delhi & I have a very good friend of mine, she is also married & working with me & when I told her about my affairs she encouraged me to post my story in ISS & before she told me about this site I did not know that such a site existed. I am posting this true story of mine for all you readers enjoyment & specially for those married women who feel guilty if they had a extramarital sex. I also want to take this opportunity to tell all you women out there who have cheated on your husbands that you don’t have to feel guilty just because you have slept with other men. The way I think is that men want us & a women who is beautiful will come across so many men in her life who would want her in their bed & some times it so happens that we tend to just give in & go to his bed & there is nothing to feel guilty about it. I am stressing on this point because when I cheated on my husband I too felt very, guilty, but soon changed my thinking & after that really started enjoying sex.Remember ladies you may be some one’s wife or some one’s mom, you come across a man who is married, having k**s, not married doesn’t matter, if he likes you & wants you & you want him too, just don’t hesitate to go out with him & have lots of fun. Now I will narrate my story which is a true incident of my life.Well, I got married to a very nice & loving man, he is 29 yrs . First we got engaged & before our marriage we were going out with each other & once I started thinking about our marriage & our life there after.Once we were having our lunch & I am a bit bold types & just asked casually that whether he had any girlfriend . He told me that although he used to talk to girls he did not have a serious girl friend. After this I expected him to ask me the same question & after a while he did & asked ” what about you “. I told that I too did not have any serious boyfriend. After a month we got married. I had nice sex life with him, was very satisfied & loved him & Promised my self that I will never see any one else other than my husband. But as you all know life just doesn’t go the way we plan or want it to go.In my office a man joined as a manager. He was from Lucky now & was working in our Delhi office & was transfered to Bangalore. He was a senior colleague. Once when I went to the office before he could join my friend ( whom I was talking about earlier who told me about ISS ) came over to me & told me that he is coming to our office & to just avoid talking to him & not to move around with him too much & when I asked why she told me that he has been with our company for the past so many years & he was in Delhi office & although he is a very nice person his reputation is not good. She told me that he was a womenizer & has already had many of the lady employees of the Delhi office in his bed.Then she started telling me that he is around 41yrs old married with a k** & he has been given the company guest house in Bangalore. She told me that as soon as he comes here he is going to start hunting for girls & since I am beautiful he will definetly approach me & that is why she was cautioning me earlier. I told her that he may be anybody, I am here to just do my job & that is what i’ll do.I thought to myself that in case he starts talking things other than job related matter to me I will strictly tell him that I don’t want to sleep with him & he can try for some one else. But little did I know that i’ll be seduced by his charm & sex appeal & he will make me break the promise that I made to my self that I won’t see anyone else other than my husband & will make me sleep with him & enjoy my body.After a week he finally came & started talking to everybody & to my surprise many of my office colleagues knew him except me & couple of other employees. He was given a very nice cabin in the office as he took over as a senior Executive.He started meeting everybody & came to me & introduced himself & offered a hand shake & I shook his hand, he started asking about me & I told him about myself & about my job. That day passed & I came home. Just to tell about him, he was certainly a handsome person, fair,tall & definetely had a sex appeal. Next day I went to my office & started my work & sure enough as my friend had told me, he was just looking at me where ever I went & I felt a bit conscious.He used to look & talk to other female employees as well.Once in the afternoon I was going out with my friend to have lunch & he came & started telling me that he doesn’t know the restaurants around our office & was asking me to take him to a restaurant & I told him that I am going out with my friend & he told me that I can always go with my friend some other time & my friend also told me not to create a scene by bluntly telling no to him & I agreed to go with him & he said that since he has been given a car from company we can go in the car & he will wait down for me. After he left my friend told me that I can’t say no to him bluntly if he is calling me for lunch & I have to go,I told her that we all know why he is calling me & she told me that I can go for lunch with him & there if he tries to talk nonsense I can always get up & come back, but saying bluntly no for a formal lunch invitation will not look good in a corporate world. She asked me to be very specific in my talk & even if he starts the topic of sex not to give importance & that is how I should avoid it.I went down & he was waiting in his car. We both sat behind & I told the driver to take us to a restaurant to which I frequently go.In the car he was silent & so was I.We entered the restaurant & took a table & ordered. I did not show any signs that I knew about him & his habits & was casual & he started asking me about my life, I told him that I was married & don’t have k**s as of now.He told me that he was married & has a 8 yrs old son & his wife & son are living with him.There after the talk he started talking took me by surprise & even though I felt that I should get out of there & go, I just couldn’t. He started complementing my dress ( I was wearing a chudidaar ) & slowly moved to my body. He started praising my beauty & I was getting embraced.He asked me that with how many men I have slept with & I was shocked & said sorry, he started telling me that I am a very beautiful women & according to him I should have slept with many men.After hearing this I just wanted to get out, but did not out of decency & just hanged on. I thought that I will give him back & told him that I was a virgin till I got married & have never slept with anyone else.He told me that he is married,but he has had so many women in his life & if It’s OK with me he would like to have me.I just told him in a high pitch voice that how dare was he to talk to me like this & I will not encourage all this.I even told him that I agreed to go for lunch with him since he was a senior colleague & he had come to Bangalore office for the first time.After this we just had lunch & I was not feeling good after this & so I took an auto & went home.I told about this to my friend & she consoled me & told me not to take it seriously.I did not tell this to my husband.Later that day I got a call, I picked up my mobile & it was him & immediately I asked him how did he get my number & he told me very sarcastically that he was a senior executive & he has access to all the details of the employees, I told him that I was not interested in talking to him & he started telling me that he wants to talk to me & I have to give him five minutes.I told him how can he speak to a women like that & he started telling me that he has spoken to so many women like that & he didn’t feel that I would get hurt & told me that he likes me & wants to be with me. I told him that he is married & has to be with his wife & son & for the first time told him that I knew about him & his weakness, but I Was not the one with whom he can do what he wants to do.He started explaining & talking & I just told h
im that I can’t talk & just disconnected the call.Next day I went to the office & was working & he just came over to me & told me that he was sorry & was asking me to just go out with him once more & I said I can’t.I started avoiding him in the office & because of this he started calling me more frequently.Once we had a party from our office & there I was with my friend & he approached me & asked me that can I give him couple of minutes, I was hesitant but did not want to create a scene in the party & I knew that if I say no he just won’t stop following me & I agreed to give him some of my time. He started telling me that he has had lots of women in his life & I am very beautiful & he just wants to have me & asked me why I am against casual sex & told me that if I try it I will definetly enjoy it & told me what is life without enjoyment. I replied to him & told him that I am happy with my husband & although I don’t have any problem in him having many women, I can’t sleep with him & he can try for some one else.After this he really started to plead before me & started telling me that although he has had many women in his life, I am the most beautiful women he has ever met & he wants me & was telling me that I am so beautiful that I should not waste my beauty & I will not loose anything if I just let him have my body & in fact I will enjoy a lot with him.When I was listening to him say all these things to me,for the first time I felt something was happening in my body. By nature I am a very confident & bold person,but that day I was shivering & my heart was beating so fast.I didn’t know what was happening to me.This time I couldn’t talk to him boldly & confidently tell no to him as I used to.I just smiled & told him that this is not the time to talk about this & soon he made me commit for an other get together.He told me that I can decide whether to let him sleep with me or not later,but at least I should let him take me for an other lunch or dinner & I told him that I will let him know & I came home.That night my husband wanted to have sex with me but I was not feeling good & told him that I was not well & we went to bed.The whole night I couldn’t help but think about him & even became wet thinking about him.I was aroused thinking how it might feel to get fucked by a man who has fucked so many women in his life.That was the first time I realized that although I want to avoid him, deep inside me I wanted him.I went crazy that night thinking that how it might feel to have a cock which has entered so many different pussy in my pussy, how muğla escort it might feel to have a man a womanizer in fact who has fucked so many women, over me & fucking me.As I said I couldn’t sleep that night & was thinking only about him.In fact at one point I went so crazy that I started thinking that I will be honored to be touched by a man who has seen & touched so many women in his life.I was still not sure that I wanted to do this,but I thought that in future if he approaches me I will not resist him & if the ultimate thing has to happen let it happen.Next day I went to my office & as I expected he came over & started talking & I smiled & he asked me that when he can take me out & I told him I will let him know & went about my work.I was feeling guilty of my thinking last night & told my self that I should not get tempted & get in to this but I also felt bad for him thinking that here is a man who has had so many women in his life & he can very well get any women he wants, yet he just wants me in his bed.In fact I started thinking if he has the habit of having different women in his bed, he can get any one, but why he is so interested in having me in his bed.At this point I was really confused, there was one part of mine which was telling me that I was married & I belong only to my husband & should not even be thinking about an other man & there was This part of mine which was telling me that so what if I am married, I have given everything of mine to my husband, my hubby has had me & enjoyed my body & I certainly love him & if I just let some one else have my body for sometime what difference will it make.Like this days passed & we were getting closer & almost every day he was asking me to go out on a dinner with him & since I was still not sure I some how kept on avoiding him, but I was no more talking to him very rudely the way I used to in the beginning & in fact started talking to him very friendly & even started tolerating his comments about my dress, my way of walking & other things which I never used to tolerate in the beginning .This was noticed by my friend & once she asked me that what I am up to & I told her I don’t know.I could see that she was concerned for me & it appeared that she could some how make out that he must have succeeded in getting a bit close to me & she wanted to talk to me & we went out for some coffee & I told her what had happened in the office party & there after & she asked me what I wanted to do & I told her I am confused & she started telling me that I have been some what seduced by him & told me that I have to make up my mind whether I want to or don’t want to sleep with him.When I told her that this is the decision that I am not able to make, she told me that there is nothing wrong in sleeping with an other man, but after I sleep with him I should not regret & keep feeling guilty & she told me that if I am mentally strong & won’t let the guilt come in the way of pleasure then I can go ahead & take the ultimate step.After telling this she told me that she will leave it to me & she will always support me no matter what happens, after this we went back to our office & thereafter to our homes.Even when I reached my home my mind was not free, I was thinking about him & meanwhile I got a call from him & he was again forcing me to go out for dinner with him & I told him that I can’t afford to go out with him for a dinner because my husband will be at home in the evening & I also have to prepare food for him, for this he told me that I can always go out with him by telling my husband that i’ll come home late, but still I was hesitant & told him I can go out with him for lunch & he said OK & told me that tomorrow when I go to the office, I have to have my lunch with him & I agreed.Next day I went to my office & during lunch time he came over & asked me whether we can go & I said yes. We went to a restaurant & ordered some starters & he ordered some beer & started smoking & even offered me, but I said no as I don’t smoke or drink. For the first 10 minutes he was sitting opposite to me & was just starring at me, I could see that his eyes went all over my body & thereafter he came & sat beside me & started holding my hand & I was aroused & just smiled & he started telling that I was so beautiful & he would be very happy & glad if I just let him have me & I started smiling & did not say anything because I really didn’t know what to say & may be because I kept quite & did not resist when he held my hand he must have thought that I have accepted him & he got bolder as we were sitting in a corner & there were some other couple who were sitting who were indulging in smooching & things like that & so although I felt conscious I did not resist him & he started kissing my hands & slowly moved up & kissed my neck & then my cheek & my forehead & my nose & finally my lips, at this point I was so aroused that I did not stop him & he took advantage of my silence & his behavior got bolder.In between I managed to tell him couple of times that this is not the place,but he wouldn’t listen.By now he was all over me, kissing & licking me & when he kissed me , I didn’t like the smell of the beer & smoke but I allowed him to continue thinking that if I try to stop him he might feel bad.He came so close to me & With one hand he started to press my boobs & was kissing me.In fact at one point my face was covered in his saliva & I had to frequently take a tissue & wipe my face.I think at that point he must have felt that I had allowed him to kiss & lick me & It’s just a matter of time before he could have me in his be
d.I could really feel that he was very happy & exited to be sitting beside me & kissing me & he was really kissing me very passionately & I thought that instead of just sitting & getting kissed by him I thought that I also should exhibit some passion & started responding to his kisses & started cooperating with him & just let him touch me where ever he wanted to touch me & at one point we lip locked for more that 5 minutes, I wrapped my arms around his head & was running my fingers through his hairs & Even when we were having our lunch he used to in between kiss me & I too started kissing him & he started to move his hands in side my dress & touched my belly & my back & once even managed to slide his hands below & almost touched my botton .But during this lunch time we kissed a lot & we came out & from that point on I had made a decision to sleep with him & when we came out he asked me that when he can kiss my whole body & I told him not today because I have to go home & I told him confidently that i’ll definetely allow him to have me,but not now, may be after some time when I really feel comfortable & he agreed. Even though he couldn’t wait to have me in his bed & screw me like hell & even though now I too wanted to get fucked by him I was not hurrying & I was taking things really slow because I thought that the day I decide to sleep with him I won’t be able to go home in the usual time & that is what was worrying me because of my husband & decided that I have to make some kind of excuse in front of my husband for going home late. But meanwhile I started to go out with him in the office timings some times for restaurants & some times for shopping & by now we had become really close & I used to allow him to touch me & kiss me & he was insisting that I spend a day with him so that he can fuck me & I kept on telling him that I will but not now. Once we were in our office & he called me to his cabin & started kissing me & I told him that this is office & he started telling me thatI am not going to bed with him & so he couldn’t control & today he wants to at least see my boobs & suck it & I was not agreeing for it but he forced me & I made sure that the door was closed & he made me sit on the sofa & he lied down on my lap & opened the buttons & there I was for the first time exposing my boobs to an other man & I also got horny by now & just let him do what ever he wanted to do, I bent a little so that he did not have to lift his head & made him feel comfortable in my lap.He pressed,pinched & sucked my boobs & I just let him have it.We were doing this for about 30 minutes & I told him that It’s enough & soon he will have my entire body.After that I closed the buttons & came out finished my job for the day & went home & was really looking forward to getting screwed by him.After couple of days he called me & told me that his wife & son are going to Lucknow for a week & during that time he wants to take me to his home & fuck me & I said OK.One day I was in the office & that day finally came & he told me that his wife has gone & today afternoon he will be taking me to his home.Well, we went to his home, It was actually a furnished apartment & as soon as we entered he started kissing me everywhere & at that point I felt that the guilt of cheating my husband filled me & I wanted to some how avoid getting screwed by him & I resisted & he shouted at me” what is the matter with you ” I told him ” Akash I can’t do this please” he started telling me that i’ll enjoy & started removing my cloths, I resisted for some more time but finally gave in, he first removed my top & Unhooked my bra & exposed my boobs & started fondling,pressing & sucking & he went down & removed my bottom & my underwear & I was nude in front of him,at this time I was being torn between guilt & pleasure & soon he removed his cloths & for the first time I saw the cock of an other man, all this happened in the hall & now he just lifted me & carried me to the bed room & made me lie down on the bed & he started kissing & licking me from my toes then he moved to my knees & then to my thighs & then came over to my pussy & started playing with it, inserting his finger & tongue & started to lick my pussy, by now the pleasure he was giving me was unbearable & I felt like I was in heaven.Then he moved up & came to my belly & licked my navel & came to my boobs & sucked both my nipples & came over to my lips & he kissed me & we lip locked for a while & he started inserting his cock in to my pussy & I suddenly realized that he was not wearing a condom & told him to stop & wear a condom & he said to me that he doesn’t feel comfortable if he wears a condom while fucking a women, he told me that only when he goes to escorts he wears a condom & if he is screwing a women like me who is clean he doesn’t & the women has to take birth control pills. I was not comfortable hearing this at first, but at home I had some pills as my husband used to fuck me without a condom & I thought that I will take the same pills & by now he had his cock in my pussy & had started fucking escort muğla me, it felt really good & I just wrapped my arm around his head & we were kissing & he was really going very slow which was giving me more pleasure,he stroked his cock in & out very slowly & I went ” Ooohhhh” Oh I have never been fucked by my husband like this, with my husband it was over in about 10 minutes & we used to be tired. But with him by now it had already been more than 20 minutes & I was really in heaven. I guess he knew a women’s body really well & could tell when I was about to orgasm & he wouldn’t let me orgasm,he used to stop or slow the strokes & at this time I was at my peak & wanted to cum,but since he stopped I couldn’t & this gave me more pleasure which I couldn’t bear & I begged him to give me couple of more strokes so that I cum,but he did not,he wanted to give me more pleasure & slowed & after some time restarted it again & finally when I orgasmed it was unlike anythingI had experienced before & he too cum inside me & we were tired & rested for a while & he came over me again & started fucking me again & I was moaning in pleasure I went ” oooohmm” ” ahhhhhhhmaaa” he kept on fucking me & I said ” I lovvvee youu Maa” ” Akaaaash ” & we cum again.We were really tired & decided to take a break.When ever I am done with a sex session I like to at least wear my panties & some thing on top, I don’t like just staying nude before I start again & I did the same here. I went to the bathroom & came back & I was wearing my top without wearing my bra & was in my panties. I went & sat beside him on the bed & started reading some magazines.He was nude & asked me to be nude & I told him i’ll remove my cloths before we start again.After a while he stood up & came near me & wanted me to suck his cock & I sucked his cock & this time he cum in my mouth.After some time he removed my cloths again & made me sleep side ways & he came behind me & lifted my leg & started fucking me from behind & I couldn’t controll the pleasure & asked him how many women he has had till now & he told me that he has had many women,but I was the most beautiful of all & told me ” I love you ” & started stroking & I again went ” I love you again we cum.I thought that i’ll go back home at normal time & by now it was already evening & I told him that I have to go & we both went to the bath room & had a shower & he even managed to fuck me once more in the bath room & after that I got Dressed & he told his driver to drop me home, I kissed him & came back home.My husband had already come & asked me why I was late & I told him that I was held up at work & that’s why my company sent me in the car.I felt sorry for my husband ,he was so innocent that he believed me.I took some rest & went in to the kitchen for cooking & there I started thinking about what had happened.I thought that I had made a mistake,but tried to convince my self that I had not done anything wrong.Before our marriage I was virgin & was really excited & was looking forward to experience sex with my husband & for the firs
t time when I got fucked by my husband,although I was not disappointed & enjoyed to certain extent I thought that this was sex,that’s it,but when I got fucked by him, I realized that sex can be much much more enjoyable, in fact a women can go to heaven if she is fucked by a man who knows how to really fuck a women & when he fucked me that day I really went to heaven & while cooking I was thinking that how many women must have had the ultimate pleasure by getting fucked by him.But again the guilt part was not leaving me alone & I thought to my self that yes, I got fucked by an other man & I had cheated my husband, so what,I can always compromise on the guilt part a little bit if I am getting the pleasure of my life with an other man,which my loving husband just can not give me.Next day I went to my office & he was insisting that I go to his house again & I went with him to spend an other memorable afternoon with him.We again had nice sex & he really fucks me in all the positions & one of my favorite is that he makes me lie down on the bed,spreads my legs & comes in between & takes one of my legs & keeps it on his shoulders as he will be standing, so that he can kiss & lick my legs & slowly fucks me & I feel very good.Well, we did this for one more day & he told me that his wife & son who was supposed to come after a week are coming early.For some time we did not indulge in sex, although we used to go out together to restaurants & he used to kiss & touch me.Once me & my friend got together & I told her everything & she told me that if I am satisfied & happy by sleeping with him,she will be happy for me.I also told her the feeling of guilt that I get whenever I go home & see my husband & she told me that this feeling will be there for some time & as I spend more time with him & get more closer to him I will get bolder & will be able to over come the feeling.I was having sex with my husband,but it had been a while sinceI had sex with him & once he told me that he will take me to his house & I asked him about his wife & son & for this he told me that his wife won’t say anything as he has control over his wife & told me that when he was in Delhi, he used to call some escorts to his house there & his wife won’t say anything. I didn’t like the idea & told him that I am not comfortable with that & his wife might say nothing out of his fear but she will definetly feel bad & he said that she dosen’t have a say & he has done it so many times & I avoided telling that I won’t do that & told him to take me to a hotel if he wants to have me.After couple of days he told me that he has booked a room,but it was for a night & I said I can’t since my husband will be at home & I can’t spend a night out & he really got sad & upset & in front of me canceled the booking.I went back home & thought about it & there was no way I could have spent a night out & even if I did by making an official excuse, I feared that my husband would get suspicious.I also felt bad for him since he had wasted so much money on the hotel room & I decided to call him & called him, he picked up the phone & I said that I was sorry,but I can’t do this & he started pleading with me to go to his house & told me that it is quite normal in his house & even told me that he had made Another girl friend in Bangalore & he took her to his house when his wife was there & I said OK. But the whole night I was thinking about this, I thought that his wife might feel bad & she may not say anything since she was from a village & will accept what ever her husband does.I thought I should not do this, but I thought that he wants me & even if I say no It’s not going to change anything, he will still have me & I decided to go with him. Next day he took me to his house & did not even bother to introduce me to his wife & son.In fact I felt that he did not really care for his wife.As soon as I entered he told his wife to get me some cold drinks & I on my own went & shook her hand & said Hi.She smiled & could not speak English properly & I also met his little son.I felt the she must have understood why her husband has taken me to their house & felt bad,but thought what ever might be there between them he has brought me here to enjoy me & I shouldn’t spoil my mood by thinking about his wife & I should just enjoy with him. He took me to the bed room & we started kissing & soon he was fucking me & I felt conscious that his wife & son will be hearing my moans but couldn’t help it & gave my self to him.He really fucked me wildly & I went ” akaash I love you hiihaa ” After we finished I dressed & came out & his wife was cooking lunch for us & I asked her that whether I can help & she nodded her head & just told me to sit & by now he had come out & he was wearing only his pajamas & not even his under wear & I could see his cock bulge out. We sat on the sofa & he started kissing me & I told him that his son was around & here after if he wants me he should take me some wear else.I had the lunch,thanked his wife & said bye to his son & came home.After this he was again asking me to go to his house & I refused & told him that when his wife is around I don’t feel comfortable & although she doesn’t say anything It’s not right & he also agreed & said next time he will take me out.At home I started thinking about his wife & thought that even if I am cheating my husband I will never even tell him that I had gone out with an other man leave alone telling him that I had sex, but he is telling & even having sex with other women in his house when his wife is there, may be this is my life & that is his life & he can go to the extent of bringing a women to his house when his wife will be there.Well, like this days passed & we did not have sex for some time but we were kissing & hugging each other & were going out for lunch quite frequently & he used to tell me that he was taking some of his Bangalore girlfriends to his home & was having fun with them & I was happy for him.Once he told me that it’s been a while since he had me & wants to have me & was pleading before me to go to his house & I still refused & he started telling me that when my husband is not at home he wants to come over & have me & I said no.Although my husband comes home at a fixed time in the evening, I was worried about my neighbors that they might notice & didn’t want to take that chance just for few hours of pleasure with him.Once he called me & told me that he wants to take me out of Bangalore so that he can spend a few days with me & I have to make an excuse before my husband & tell him that I have to go out on my job & I told him that it might not be possible,since earlier I have never gone out on job & it will be difficult to make my husband believe that I have to go out on my job & told him that i’ll see what I can day I was in my office & noticed that he was starring at an other women who was also our office’s employee.I don’t know much about her, I just knew that she was not married & was new in our office.This was normal since he always used to do that.Once I went to the toilet in our office & in our office the toilets are like they are in the same room & we had four common toilets with 3 common wash Basin. When I went in I was taken by surprise by what I heard & saw.When I went in I could hear that other lady talk from inside one of the toilets & he was talking too & I soon realized what was happening & just stood there to confirm it & I heard her moan, after that I came out & after some time he came out & went in to his cabin & thereafter she came out & I had understood that he had just fucked her in muğla escort bayan the toilet.Same day after some time I went to his cabin & saw that he was kissing & fondling her & as soon as I went in he told her to go out & for the first time I felt jealous about her & I had to give him some papers which I gave & came out.Although I knew that he has fucked so many women & he himself has told me so many times that he has the habit of having women, that day I some what felt very jealous of her & felt that only I should get screwed by him.I know, I was expecting too m
uch from a wominesier. Although I have heard a lot from others & from him that he has women, after physically seeing him with an other women for the first time I felt that he should only see & screw me & I know I was wrong expecting this from a man who is not my husband, but I couldn’t help it. I went to his cabin & told him how I felt & he told me that these girls just can’t match my beauty & he would always like to have me & would prefer me over any women, but I was the one who was not letting him screw me telling that I can’t go to his house & things like that.At that point I felt that he wanted me to show him that I wanted him as bad as he wanted me & told him that I am ready to spend some days alone with him & he said OK & he will take me out & I just have to somehow convince & tell my husband that I have to go out on my job & I decided that I will & said OK to him.I came home that day & started thinking that whether me telling lies to my husband, misleading my husband & all what I am doing is worth for a few hours or even few days of ultimate pleasure with him.Then I convinced my self that no matter what, my husband just can’t give me that pleasure that this man who is 14years elder to me can & told my self that I want to have a memorable time with him & after this trip with him I will slow down & devote my full attention towards my husband.Now I had to make an excuse before my husband & earlier he told me that earlier in his job he had to go to Calcutta regarding his job & there he stayed in a cheap hotel & he knows the hotel manager very well & told me that he will take me to Calcutta & we can stay in the same hotel for 2-3 days, so I went to my husband & my heart was beating so fast because I was going to mislead him & going to be away from him for some days, I told him that my company is sending me to Calcutta for some days on job & he was definetly surprised & asked me that why I was being sent & I told him that we are tying up with an other company & my company is sending me & he asked me whether I was going alone & for how many days, I told him that I am going with couple of other employees & it will be for 2-3 days & my company will take care of my accommodation.That night I had nice sex with my husband & he was asking me that whether anybody else can go in my place & it was really hard for me to say & I said no only I have to go.Next day I told him that I had convinced my hubby that I will be going out & he said great & immediately called to that hotel in front of me & booked the room for 4 days & we were supposed to go after two days & I told him that I was not ready to go after two days,I thought wee will be going after a week or so & that too for about 2 days not 4 days & he said “come on yar,forget about your husband for a while,I am your husband for these 4 days “. Well I had no other option,I had accepted it & I didn’t want to disappoint him like last time & when I went home I told my hubby that I have to leave in two days & He too was not prepared for this.Meanwhile he booked our air tickets & got 5 days leave sanctioned for both him & me from our head office.Soon that day came where I will be his, only his for 4 days & my hubby agreed to leave me at the airport & from there go to his work & I called him & told him that i’ll see him at the waiting lounge.We went to the airport & I kissed my hubby & told him to take care of him & told him that i’ll call him once I reach Calcutta & he told me to take care of myself, little did he know that some one else will be taking care of me for these 4 days.I went in to the airport & he was waiting for me, we took our boarding cards & were sitting in the waiting lounge & had some coffee.I was wearing a T-shirt & jeans & he just went on complementing my beauty & holding my hand & even manage to touch my boobs some times as I was wearing a tight T-shirt.We boarded our flight & we were sitting beside each other & as soon as we took our seat he started getting naughty.I was sitting near the window & he was sitting in the middle seat & he started sliding his hands in side my T-shirt & touched my belly & I repeatedly kept on telling him to keep quite & I am sure that the other passengers must have noticed it.In fact I felt that he was feeling very proud to be traveling with a beautiful women & when others saw him play with me he felt so good & proud.Soon it was time to land & once we landed, we took a cab & went to that hotel.He knew the hotel people & soon we were in our room & my home for 4 days & as soon as we entired, he started to kiss & remove my T-shirt & removed my jeans & I was in my bra & panties & he went out telling me that he will have a word with the hotel manager & meanwhile I called my husband & told him that I have arrived & went in to the bath room & started taking a shower & the bell rang, well I was nude now & I just ****d my towel around me covering my bottom & my boobs & opened the door & he just came in & hugged me & removed my towel & we both had a nice shower & he managed to fuck me once & I was tired from the journey & told him that we will sleep for some time & then go out for shopping asI had come to Calcutta for the first time & he told me that shopping will be done tomorrow & today he will do for what he brought me here.So we came out & I wore a sleeve less top as he wanted me to & sat on the bed & he came out & he was completely naked & I told him to wear some thing & he refused & lied down on my lap & opened my buttons & started sucking my nipples & I started stroking his cock & he cummed. After that he placed the room service order for our lunch & he wore a pant & I closed my buttons & we were watching TV.We had our lunch & again we started our sex acts.I was nude & he came over me inserted his cock in to my pussy & I just ****d my arms around his head & we kissed & kissed & kissed & he started fucking me & started that slow strokes & I was moaning in pleasure.While fucking me he even started talking dirty in Hindi as he was a north Indian & since I don’t talk Hindi very well as I was a south Indian, he wanted me to say some dirty words & I repeated after him he told ” teri chooth mey meri lund ” & I asked him the meaning of that & he told me ” in your pussy my cock” & we went on like this.He was fucking me & was pressing my boobs & was licking my lips & face & my neck & I couldn’t bear the pleasure & I was moaning ” wooohhh” Akash Akash please I love You ” & I cummed & so did he.After a while for a change I came over him & took his cock & inserted it in my pussy & started moving my pelvis up & down & front & back & after some time again cummed.I was still over him & running my fingers through his hairs & kissing him & he told me that I am so beautiful & he loves me & worships my beauty & started telling me that a man should have many women in his life & It’s a matter Of pride for him that he has had such a beautiful women.Well we did this the whole night & in between I was talking to my husband from my mobile & next day I insisted that we go out & he took me out & he wanted to buy me some dress & took me to a mall & he was not satisfied with seeing me in a sleeve less dress,he told me that he wants to see me in some really reveling cloths & I told him that I don’t wear such cloths & I won’t feel comfortable in such cloths & he started telling me that when he walks with me he wants other men to watch my beauty & feel jealous of him & wants them to wonder how come he got such a beautiful women & he just bought me some tops & we went back to the hotel & I wore a top on my jeans.It was a sleeve less top & most of my back was exposed & also me cleavage.After wearing this he took me out in the evening & although I was feeling very uncomfortable I just felt that I will do this for him.We went to a restaurant & he was kissing & licking me & touching my back & smelling my arm pits & pressing & kissing my boobs & I could see that most of the men just looked at me & what he was doing.Well now it was the third day & we were in our hotel & he was all over me & he started telling me that apart from having other women who h
e knew or were his colleagues, he has also had some escorts & he told me that he had to pay around ten to fifteen thousand per night & told me that they did not even come close to my beauty.I told him Ok now I am there for him & all for free & laughed.We kept having fun & on the fifth day boarded our flight for Bangalore & I was really satisfied.We landed in Bangalore & he said that he will drop me but I told him that my husband will be coming & made sure that I gave back the reveling dress he bought for me & he was not willing to take it & I told him that I can’t wear this & I can’t even keep this in my house because my husband might notice & he can give this to one of his other girlfriends & finally he took it back.I kissed him & told him that we will meet in the office day after tomorrow as I was not planning to go to my office tomorrow & he left. I had to wait a little as my husband called me & told me that he was caught in the traffic & when he came I hugged him & kissed him & we went home.At home he asked me that how was my trip & I told him that it was very nice.I went to my office & life went on.I slowed down a little bit & started spending more time with my husband & I couldn’t avoid seeing him completely & even told him that I may not be sleeping with him very often now & he asked me why & I just told him that I really had a nice & wonderful time with him & really the days & moments that I spent with him will always be remembered by me, but I have to be there for my husband & so I can’t do this often. Well, he was going about his job & was really enjoying with other women & although I felt that I should no longer sleep with him, once we were in a party & he just came over to me & asked me to go with him & I told him that I didn’t want to do this & he just held my hand & took me to a room where no body was there & fucked me.Well, after having slept with him for so many times I just can’t say no to him, but I have definetly slowed down & started spending more of my time with my husband & once in a while I do sleep with him too & this is my life which is going on for now.Hope you all enjoyed hearing my extramarital expierence & you don’t have to feel guilty for having sex outside of your marriage.

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