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Exposed Hotwife Part 03Chris rose up, pulling at her cords, when she heard the compressor kick on.’Oh my God,’ her mind panicked, ‘What are they going to do to me?’When the compressor reached its set pressure and kicked off; It got eerily quite. The large man climbed onto the bed carrying a yellow hose with a bright sliver nozzle attached. He looked down at her puckered rosebud. It was coated in the cum that still drained from her open cunt.”Do you have a nice tight asshole? Do you take it in the ass, Bitch?” he asked.Chris tearfully shook her head ‘No’. She had occasionally dabbled in anal sex, but that was years ago. It had hurt too much the last time, and she had sworn off of it. “Well, don’t you worry none. This won’t be your regular ass fuck. It will be a pressurized one.” Having said that, çankırı escort he stuck the cold nozzle through her tight anal ring. The cum eased its passage.She heard the whoosh of air and began to feel a cold sensation in her bowels. Her stomach growled as air bubbles began to push everything else aside, filling her intestines. It kept coming. She looked down and saw her belly began to bloat. Shaking her head and ass back and forth, she yelled and tried to dislodge the cold nozzle.’Aghh. When will he stop?’ She feared that her belly would explode.Her skin tightened around her navel. Suddenly the cold nozzle was removed.She sighed, only to groan again as the large man replaced the silver probe with his thick finger. He could feel the warm air pushing at his digit. The air bubbles danced escort çankırı over its skin. Chris could feel them too. They were small gas bubbles at first, but they soon locked onto the walls of her intestine. Her colon wanted no part in this and began to contract and rid itself of the excess air. That’s when the painful cramps began. She moaned like a woman giving birth, staring at the vile men with pleading eyes.”I think she wants your cock,” one of the men stated.”Well, I’ll just oblige her,” the large man said.In one quick motion, he removed his finger and plunged his stiff cock into her tight hole before any hot air was released. A strange scream came from her ring gagged mouth.”Ahh,” the man groaned. “Damn, this feels good.”Cris, eyes locked onto the large man’s, as he pounded çankırı escort bayan her ass with his cock. Each forceful plunge into her sphincter caused her belly to ripple with painful cramps. The man laughed, drilling into her hole while watching the used cum squish from her open cunt, spilling over his erect shaft.It did not take him long to groan and spill his seed into her bowels.”Stand back and watch this,” he grinned.He whipped his cock out and jumped away. With a loud ‘Whoosh!” cum and hot air flew from her open ass, and blasted out, covering her once clean, martial sheets. She was at least thankful that she had gone to the bathroom earlier that morning, and her bowels were somewhat cleansed. The cum continued to flow out, followed by humiliating, greasy wet farts.”Yep, your pussies gonna be farting like that in a moment,’ the skinny one said, stroking his rather long boner. ‘Untie her and bring her to that chair. I want to see her ride.””And I want some of that ass,” another spoke up.”Well, two can share. Can’t they Teach?”

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