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EVERYTHING FOR TILLIEEverything For Tilliebyhoneydew©Tillie Smith is 18, and her and her Dad has been living in a big city for the last 12 years. After Tillie was attack, they moved to a small town of only 300 people, thinking that it would be safer than the big city. The house they got was an old two bedroom Farm house. Tillie took upon herself to redo the house, by the time she was done it was a three bedroom home. Her Dad Tony commuted to work 20 miles everyday. There were alot of men willing to help her around the house. With just a smile she got them to fix the littles things that needed to be done. About three months of living here, her dad ask her if she would mind if his brother Frank comes and lives with them. She told him she didn’t care. And soon she had Frank around the house helping her. One day while she was hanging curtains in the bedrooms, and Frank was working in the yard. She noticed that he had taken off his shirt and was chopping wood. She watch him, At 40, he was a very handsome man, tall, and build like a linebacker on the football team. A little gray at the sides, but he cold heat a woman’s blood to a boil. Watching him made her aware of him as a man, more than her Uncle. She watch look around him, then she saw him pull his cock out and take a piss. Moving to get a better view of him she couldn’t see how big he was, but she did notice that he looked kind of long.Frank wasn’t sure if he wanted to live out here when Tony first ask him too, but the quiet nights and the view was the most beautiful one he’s seen in a while. But he needed to get layed and soon. Finishing the chopping he went inside to change into short to go to the swimming hole at the back of their house. As he walk down the hall he saw Tilie getting out of the shower. She was dripping wet and he got excited. He felt his cock stiffen, as he watch her he saw her tits were on the big side, he thought they must be at least Double D’s, and her nipples were large and dark. She had a hot body. Walking into the bathroom he pervaded not to know she was bornova escort in there. “Oh Honey I’m sorry I didn’t know you were in here, but I have to piss real bad.” he told her as he pull his pants down. Holding his cock he asked her if she would like to go to the swimming hole with him. “Yes I’d love to.” she said in a raspy voice. She stood there naked and looking at his cock, and it was enormous, and very fat. “Oh shit I can’t piss I’m to fucking hard, I’m going to have to jerk off first.” he said. It didn’t even dawn on her that she was getting ready to suck her Uncle’s cock. She just knew she wanted him in her mouth. Kneeling down in front of him, she took his hard cock, licking and kissing his cockhead. Her other hand reach for his balls and she rolled and squeeze them, as she slip his cock down her throat. She suck him hard and fast, not wanting to get caught by her dad.They were swimming and plying in the water for over an hour when Frank came up behind her and put his arms around her hugging her to him. “Tillie I want to thank you for that wonderful sucking you gave me earlyer. It’s been hard for me to find a woman who even wants to suck a man much less who would let me fuck her. I would like to pay you back for it, Would you let me eat your pussy for you.” he asked. She whispered yes. “Stay here and let me go up and get the float.” he said. She watch as he walk up and came back. She never has had her pussy ate before, but all her girlfriends told her it was great. “Lay back on this, good.” he told her. He spread her legs putting them over his shoulders, using his tongue he lick her, leaving kisses on her inner thigh. The closer he got to her pussy the more she would moan and move her hips. Finely he held her hips when he slip his tongue inside her, sucking on her pussy was making him hard again. He hope she would let him fuck her. Taking his time, he lick and kiss his way in and out of her. “OH DEAR GOD, PLEASE FUCK ME UNCLE FRANK, I WANT YOUR FUCKING, HARD COCK IN MY PUSSY, PLEASE FUCK ME.” she begged escort bornova him. “Are you sure baby, I’m very big I could hurt you with my cock.” he asked. “Yes I’m sure, don’t you want me as much as I want you?” she asked. “Oh Baby I want to fuck you so badly that I’m willing to go to jail for it. I’ve wanted to take my cock out of your hot mouth earlyer and plunge it up your pussy right there and then.” he said. She told him to take her and fuck her now. “Oh Baby I’m going to. Stay on the float and let me take you up.” he told her.Standing over her looking at her hands rubbing her pussy and tits. He stroke his cock as she watch him. He kneel between her out stretched legs, He place his cock at her pussy, she reach down and open her pussy lips wide and he felt himself slide in. He push his cock in till he couldn’t get any more inside her sweet, hot, pussy. “Oh Tillie, your so fucking tight, mmmmmm, feels so good fucking you, I can’t hold back very long baby, it’s been over two years sense I’ve been inside a woman.” hr told her as he slowly moves his cock inside her pussy. Wanting it to good for her, it was torcher for him. Her pussy sweet, hot, pussy was squeezing him, pulling his cum up. He knew it would only be a few more strokes and he would fill her with his hot cum. “OH GOD BABY I’M GOING TO CUM, GET READY FOR IT, HER IT COMES, AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!” he screams as his cum shoots deep inside her pussy.Tony came home to find a note saying that they were up at the swimming hole to join them if he wanted to. As he turn the corner he saw that his 18 year old daughter was getting fuck by his brother, and she was begging his to not to stop. He watch as Frank drove his cock in Tillie hard, almost hammering her into the ground, he was so turn on that he jerk off and his cum shot out when he heard Frank cried out. He went back to the house, not wanting them to know he knew they had been fucking. He was in his room when he heard them come inside. The rest of the night he kept thinking about his daughter sucking his cock, bornova escort bayan and then he would fuck her pussy or her ass. He wanted her for some time, but he knew it was wrong. But it hadn’t stop him from thinking about how it would feel having his cock inside her. “Dinner’s done.” he heard Tillie called out. With his hard cock he went downstairs, hoping she wouldn’t notice. Tillie notice that her dad was acting different tonight, she wondered why. Sitting down to eat she also noticed that he had a bulge in his pants. His cock must be hard, that made her think about what he would feel like inside her. “Would he taste as good as Uncle Frank did.” she thought to herself. Putting it out of her head till later, they finished eating and she clean up the kitchen. A couples hours later she went looking for her dad, finding him in his study she knock on his door. “Hey Dad can I talk to you for a minute?” she asked. “Yes sure come baby.” he said. “What’s wrong Daddy, Have I done something I don’t know I did?” she asked. ” No You’ve done nothing wrong…………..Tillie I saw you and Frank out at the swimming hole How long have you and him been sleeping together?” her dad asked. ” It just happen this afternoon Daddy, I couldn’t help myself I wanted him, as I want you.” she said. He looked up at her, seeing for the first time that his 18 year old daughter wasn’t a k** anymore. Somewhere along the way she grew up on him. She slowly unbutton her shirt. He watch her take off her shirt, revealing her tits. He saw that her big, round, brown, nipples were already forming a hard bead. Waiting for someone to suckle them. And he wanted to be that one to do it and alot more. When she had her shorts off, his breathe left his body. “Oh my Baby your a beautifully sexy woman. And I’m glad you will allow me the pleasure of making love with you.” he told her. “Oh I want you and Frank together Daddy.” she said. As she kneel down in front of her dad, Frank walks into the room. Watching her get her daddy’s cock out of his pants
, was making his cock hard again. Frank watch as Tillie suck her daddy’s cock deep into her throat, and he heard him moaning. “Oh dear god baby suck me. suck daddy’s cock, uuuuuuhhhhhhh, yes oh god I’m cumming!!!” Tony cried out, his cum shooting down his daughter’s throat.

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