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We had been sent to Atlanta for a trade show. Angel had only been with the company for a few months, but was along with me because of her computer expertise. She is a strikingly good looking woman, who is just about 5’6′ tall. Her eyes are deep green and hair is brunette.

Since neither of us knew anyone in town, we had agreed to meet for supper (on the expense account) in the hotel restaurant at 7pm.

It was an enjoyable dinner and I realized, when we were ordering after-dinner drinks, that I had been talking most of the evening. Reflecting on that fact, I recognized that Angel had been encouraging me by asking thought provoking questions.

It occurred to me that I knew very little about her, but I had shared a number of very private things with her. At that point we were discussing the dating scene and I attempted to turn the tables by asking her what she looked for in a man.

“Attentiveness and a willing soul,” she replied without hesitation.

“What about you? Tell me about your ideal Woman”

“What I would really like is a woman who knows what she wants and expresses herself directly. So many women seem wishy-washy and unable to clearly state their needs,” I answered.

She smiled slightly. “Are you really sure that’s what you want? Sometimes we say things to make a point, but it’s not truly how we feel.”

Yes, you’re right. But I sell for a living and have to be assertive and in control all day long. Sometimes I would like to be able to kick back and not have to decide everything. I believe I would like a sheltering relationship. You know, to be with someone who will be responsible… make choices… take charge of our home life.

I’ve never really verbalized this before, but it seems really clear talking to you, I finished.

Angel smiled a little brighter and motioned for the waiter. He arrived promptly and she said, “Charge the meal to my room. We will be leaving now.”

Then to me, “I’m going to give you an opportunity to explore your feelings about this right now. Come with me.” She rose from her seat and left the restaurant without looking back. I had to hustle to keep up with her.

Waiting for the elevator, she seemed preoccupied and we did not speak. Arriving at our floor, she walked directly to her door and turning to me said,

“Come along.”

I followed behind in to her room. She walked to the center and turned to me.

“I will allow you what you seek, but I demand your total devotion. If I do not get it, you will be dismissed. Can you make that commitment?”

I was entranced by her manner, but was unsure what she was asking me… what I seek… explore my feelings… total devotion… commitment… dismissed?

“Take your time. I can see you are unsure. When you respond, I want certainty,”she instructed.

Her voice caused me to raise my sight to her gaze. She was staring directly into my eyes and her scrutiny was penetrating. She seemed so confident, so assured. I wanted her approval. I felt a need to please her.

“Yes I will,” I finally responded.

She smiled rather broadly and then said evenly,

“Very well. When we are alone together you will address me as Mistress. I do not wish to repeat myself and therefore you will listen attentively and obey my every command without hesitation.

You will remember at all times that you agreed güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to this relationship and failure to abide by my terms will result in immediate termination. Do you understand?”

I was somewhat uncomfortable with the finality of her terms, but was extremely intrigued with the concept. With this in mind I responded,

“Yes Angel, Uh… Mistress.”

“Excellent. Remove all of your clothing and put it on that chair,” she said in a matter-of-fact tone, like a nurse at the doctor’s office. She then pulled out another chair and sat, facing me, with her arms folded.

I hesitated only momentarily, thinking that this was some kind of test. I kicked off my loafers and unbuckled my belt and slacks. I stepped out of my pants and then removed my sports coat, tie and shirt. I bent down and pulled off my socks and standing up straight, looked at her.

She met my gaze, but did not speak. Stripping in front of her was exciting and I felt my cock stirring. I inserted my thumbs into the waistband of my boxers and slowly eased them down.

When I stepped out of them, my cock had risen to about half-mast.

“Well what’s next?,” I asked nervously.

Angel made a circular motion with her index finger and I turned slowly. When my back was to her, she bade me, “Stop. Now bend over at the waist.” I complied, while considering that she was looking at my ass.

For the first time I was embarrassed and felt my face flush. Simultaneously with the humiliation came even stronger feelings of eroticism. My cock was fully hard.

“Face me,” she commanded and I turned to expose my excited state to her.

She gave no indication of noticing my erection.

“Your genital and anal areas have too much hair. Go in to the bathroom. You will find a razor in the shower. Clean yourself thoroughly and remove all hair from waist to knees. Do this quickly, but carefully and return to me here.”

I turned and walked in to the bathroom. Closing the door, I briefly questioned where this was all heading, but quickly put that thought out of my mind and focused on pleasing Angel.

I stepped in to the shower and quickly washed off. I found the razor and meticulously shaved my legs. Next I attacked the dense thatch sprouting from my pubis. That was tough, because the hair kept clogging up the blade.

I finally finished and then very carefully cleansed all hair from my scrotum Shaving my asshole was an experience, but I managed to eradicate all curls without losing too much blood.

When I had finished, I left the bathroom and walked over to where she was reading a magazine. She had apparently not heard me come out and so I said,

“Mistress, I’m finished.”

She continued to read, but motioned for me to come beside her. When I was next to her, she reached out and grabbed my balls. She pulled me down to my knees.

“Do not speak unless spoken to and never interrupt me again!” She had not hurt my nuts, but rather my feelings. I shifted uncomfortably from side to side, while she finished the article.

Finally, she put the magazine down and motioned for me to stand up. She dragged her fingernails across my now denuded pubis and then reached around and turned me by pulling on the cleft of my ass.

When I was facing away, she pushed on my shoulders, indicating I should bend güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri over. When I had done this before, I was several feet away from her.

Now her face was inches from my ass. I bent down and felt my cheeks separating. I was exposing that unseen part of my anatomy to Angel and immediately my cock sprang to life.

She placed her finger at the top of my crack and traced downward until her finger rested on my anus. Nobody had ever touched me there. It felt good and I moaned slightly, pushing back against her.

She immediately slapped by ass and then replaced her finger.

“Control yourself.”

“Yes Mistress,” I responded.

My cock was so engorged it bounced with my heartbeat. She pushed gently against my asshole and I felt wantonly erotic.

I wanted her to stab me with that finger…two fingers…Hell I don’t know; I was feeling sensations I had never experienced. Then suddenly her hand was gone.

Moments passed, but I managed to remain still. Pre-come dripped from my cock.

“You did a very good job shaving. I like a smooth, clean man. I am going to reward you. Lie down on your back here in front of me.”

I obeyed and she slipped her feet out of her shoes. She remained seated and propped her feet on my stomach.

“Massage my feet.”

“Yes Mistress,”

I replied and gently lifted her left foot. With both thumbs on the bottom and fingers on top, I softly kneaded from toes to heel. As I worked on the left, the right slid lightly down my abdomen, under my still erect cock.

She moved it back and forth brushing the nylon of her stockings against my hairless pubis. It was ecstacy. I redoubled my efforts on her left. Then she placed her right foot on my scrotum and rolled my balls around and up and down – toying with them.

From there her right toe moved down between my legs and poked at my anus. I spread my legs apart slowly, trying not to appear to eager. Next she returned her right foot to my pubis.

Unfortunately all this stimulation had created a pool of pre-come, which she brushed across.

“Uh-oh, looks like you’ve wet my stockings,” she remarked.

She removed her left foot from my grasp and, turning in the chair, placed her right foot in front of my mouth.

“Clean that off with your tongue!” Never having tasted come, I hesitated. She leaned forward, resting her heel on my upper chest, and with her right hand slapped my cock.

“You made the mess, clean it up now!”

The slap, far from hurting, sent my cock wagging back and forth and almost caused me to orgasm.

“Yes Mistress,” I yelped, lifting her foot to my mouth.

I sucked and licked the bitter, salty tasting fluid from between her toes.

I thought to myself, “What am I doing…sucking come…lying naked on the floor below a fully dressed woman I only met a couple of days ago. She has poked by ass, slapped my cock and ordered me around. What am I doing?”

After several moments contemplation I ascertained that I was having a wonderful time; thank you very much!

Angel pulled her foot away from my mouth and stood straddling me.

“Put your hands behind your head and leave them there,” she commanded.

When I had complied she lowered her crotch over my face. The scent of her pussy filled my nostrils, as her heels dug in to güvenilir bahis şirketleri my armpits and her lower legs rested over my biceps. I couldn’t move my arms if I wanted to. She rode my face for several minutes and then abruptly stood. I remained as she had left me.

She looked down at me and the smile had left her lips. There was fire in her eyes and I swear her nostrils flared when she breathed. She held my gaze as she reached up under her dress and pulled her panties down.

I only broke eye contact for an instant to understand what was happening. When I resumed eye contact, she was staring into my soul. She tossed her panties aside and again lowered herself to my lips.

I drank from her warm moist womanhood. She rocked back and forth over my face and I lapped with my tongue as deeply as I could and suckled her clit. She did not speak.

We continued at this for several minutes until she moaned loudly, crushed herself against my nose and mouth, and then screamed.

After a few moments of silence, she rocked forward on her hands and knees and said,

“Good boy. Good job. You have pleased me.”

Her smile returned and shone down on me between her legs. Angel then stood. Looking down at me she continued to smile.

“You deserve a special treat.”

With that she unzipped and stepped out of her dress. She wore no bra and her breasts were breathtaking.

Now wearing nothing but stockings and garters she walked back to my waist and, reaching out with her toe, gently kicked my cock up. I do not believe I have had a harder erection since I was sixteen and it slapped back down against my pre-come covered stomach with a splat!

“Every good boy deserves a favor,” she chuckled.

She swung a leg over me and squatted, lifting my cock as she descended. She enveloped me with the hottest twat I have ever experienced.

“Pull your knees up for my backrest,” she directed and then leaned back.

Angel then placed her feet on either side of my head, placing her full weight on my hips. I turned my head and began sucking her toes, as she ground her pussy around my cock.

It was an incredible feeling. I couldn’t move my arms or lift my hips. She was totally in control, holding me down, fucking me at her pace. All the while she was looking deeply in to my eyes.

Immediately I felt an orgasm building. She sensed it and barked at me,

“Not until I say so. You will wait for me.”

I turned my thoughts to dirty laundry and running the lawn mower, but I knew I couldn’t last long. Closer and closer to the edge I slipped, desperately fighting to hold on…not wanting to disappoint her.

Thankfully she didn’t last long herself. As she approached her orgasm, she reached back with both hands and dug her fingernails into my ass cheeks. Pulling forward she separated them, exposing my anus. She gripped hard and her nails hurt. But the pain blended with the sexual electricity and I knew I was going to come.

Angel began saying, “Yes, Yes!, YES!!” I took that as permission and experienced wave after wave of ecstacy. I was speechless. I had never surrendered myself so completely to anyone or anything, anytime, anywhere.

The fact that I didn’t know what to say was not important. She stood up and spoke,

“You’re a good boy. I enjoyed that. I’m going to take a shower. You get the room straightened up and leave. I’ll see you tomorrow morning at 6:30 in the restaurant. You will save me a table by the window. Arrange for a cab to pick us up at 7:15. Let’s see… yes that’s everything.”

She turned and as she was heading towards the bathroom, I finally knew what to say, “Yes Mistress.”

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