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As I crossed the parking lot after work, I was thankful the breeze was calm — it would not have taken much for the world to know I was going home with my panties in my purse, my white, flowing skirt caressing the bare skin of my ass.

As I waited for the AC to cool the stifling air that had been trapped in the car, I carefully arranged the gauzy fabric of my skirt, making sure it wasn’t caught under me so it would slide easily up my thighs for the ride home. Watching some of my co-workers get in their cars, waving as they left the lot, I thought to myself….if they only knew. How many of them would actually be shocked?

Several blocks away from work, I finally hit a red light — funny how when you want one, it never happens but if you’re in a hurry, they’re all red. My SUV sits higher than a car so I wasn’t really worried about the people on either side of me actually seeing what I was about to do. I opened the console and rummaged around a bit, past the Happy Meal toys, the airline-sized bottle of Bacardi….until I found what I was looking for. The vibrator was shaped like a miniature cock, complete with a head and what would pass for balls — about 4″ long, big enough around to feel good but still slide in without a lot of effort. I smiled as I remembered the day my husband bought it for me…but that’s another story.

Glancing left and then right, making sure there were no kids in the cars that were stopped at the light with me, I casually spread my legs as far apart on the seat as I could, slipped my right hand under the hem of my skirt and parted the folds of my pussy with the head of the vibrator. I knew if I touched the head to my clit, there would be no way I could resist cumming for the entire ride home so I pushed down and in, the length now buried in my pussy, the “balls” keeping it there. I twisted the end a little to the right, a gentle vibration making its way through my lower body. The light turned green, and I continued to make my way toward the interstate, singing with the radio, enjoying the sensations of my skin on the soft seat cover and the humming vibrator making my pussy wetter with each passing block.

I accessed the interstate, set the cruise control and settled in for the 20 mile drive before my exit. I made sure the seat was all the way back and the steering wheel tilted as far up as it would go then brought my left foot up to rest on the dash, my bare leg propped up on the edge of the door right under the window. I pulled the hem of my skirt up, bunching the fabric in my hand. Glancing down between my wide-spread legs, I could see the end of the vibrator sticking out of my pussy. Getting my eyes back to the road, I let go of my skirt and reached for the knob and gave it a slight turn — speeding up the vibration, increasing the sensations pulsing through my body. As long as I had canlı bahis it in my hand, I took a moment to enjoy the sensation of slowly pulling it out of my pussy and then sliding it back in, grinding down onto it, using the seat to keep it pushed in.

In the right hand lane up ahead, I saw what I was looking for — a big rig from an out of state company — guaranteed to provide me the opportunity to entertain a bored driver. My husband tells me stories of the things he sees on the road — what girls in the passing cars are doing when he looks down — and how it takes some of the tedium out of the long hours and long miles he has to drive. I sped up a little, closing the distance, and got into the left-hand lane, preparing to pass him. My excitement built as I made my way up the 53′ length of his trailer — until I was sure he could look down and have a clear view of what was happening between my legs. I pulled my skirt up around my waist, made sure my legs were spread as wide as the seat would allow and started to slowly fuck the vibrator in and out of my pussy — pulling it out far enough so there would be no doubt about what I had in my hand.

I continued the show until he gave a loud honk of his air horn, acknowledging his appreciation for my efforts and then I sped off down the road, looking for my next audience. I knew as soon as I was no longer distracting him, the trucker would be on the CB, talking to every other big rig on the road ahead of him, describing my car and what he saw. I also knew that every trucker on the next 15 miles of road would be slowing down, hoping to allow me to catch up to them — I was counting on it.

I caught up to and passed 3 more trucks before my exit was in sight. As I had suspected, they were all anticipating catching a glimpse of my vibrator-filled pussy as I drove by. I had learned to time my exit carefully — if I pulled off with the truck still behind me, there was always the chance the driver would follow me. I stayed in the left lane, right beside the sleeper, doing about 70 — then put the brakes on, slowed way down, slipped behind the truck and off the exit before he had the opportunity to react. He laid on the air horn and I rolled down my window and gave a wave as he went on his way.

By this time my pussy was so wet, there was a damp spot on the seat beneath my ass. All I wanted to do was get home and find release — I had been so close to cumming a couple of times on the drive that I had decided to take a break between trucks, only pumping the vibrator when I knew the driver was watching. When I got to the top if the exit ramp I remembered the Walmart list tucked in my purse. There were a couple of things I really needed so I took my foot off the dash, got in the turn lane and made my way around to the Super Center on the other side of the interstate.

I bahis siteleri put my car in a slot as far away from the store as I could without being obvious about it. There was a bigger SUV between me and any other cars which I hoped would block the view of anybody who walked by. I reached under my skirt and took the vibrator out of my pussy. It was dripping pussy juice and I knew I couldn’t just throw it back in the console and I really didn’t want to wrap it in a napkin which would be stuck to it by the time I got back out to the car. I only hesitated long enough to look in all three mirrors to make sure I was alone before holding the vibrator up to my lips and taking the whole thing into my mouth, licking it clean before placing it in the console — problem solved.

I carefully got out of my car, making sure my skirt fell down over my bare ass, and made my way toward the store, putting my purse in a cart I found a couple of parking spaces away. Once inside the store, I quickly, efficiently picked up everything on my list and was making my way toward the checkout when I turned at the end of an aisle and almost ran into a girl I used to bowl with. I hadn’t seen her for almost 2 years so I had to make all the appropriate small talk — how her son had grown and, wow, a new baby — how cute. The whole time all I was really thinking about was the small pink plastic cock waiting for me to get back to the car.

After finally making my way through the checkout and out the door, I made my way across the parking lot, put the bags in the back and quickly settled in my seat, buckled in and headed for home. The drive across the county road is slightly trickier than the interstate and it is probably not a good idea to use the cruise control through some of the tighter curves. Once I was outside the city limits and the speed limit was back up to 55, I assumed my position, set the cruise anyway, and once again took the vibrator out of the console and slid it into my still soaking wet pussy. To be on the safe side, I decided to just leave it where it was, but I did crank the speed all the way up — it was now actually vibrating hard enough I could feel it not only in my pussy but along my lips and in my clit.

I spent most of the 9 mile drive through the country changing my position on the seat, seeing what, if any, difference it made in the way the vibrator felt. My foot propped on the dash was great for access if I was pumping it in and out but made keeping it in my spasming pussy difficult unless I kept it pushed in with my fingers. The road demanded both hands on the wheel and I finally found the answer. I put both feet flat on the floor and the back of my seat straight up — by tilting my pelvis slighty forward, the vibrator was trapped between my pussy and the seat — when I tilted forward a little more, putting more pressure bahis şirketleri on it — the vibrating head hit my g-spot and I almost put my car in the ditch. Holy shit!

Getting myself and the car back under control, I rocked back enough to reach the end of the vibrator and turned the speed down — when I settled back down again, the reduced vibration on my g-spot was unlike anything I had ever felt. Hitting it with the head of your dick or the ends of your fingers is one thing — riding on it with something vibrating — puts it in a whole other dimension of erotic. By the time I finally pulled my car into the garage, I was panting with need, my heart racing. I knew there was no way I could keep my promise — I was too far gone to hold back the orgasm I knew was about to explode in my pussy.

I hit the button and the door slid down behind my car, not that there are any close neighbors I need to worry about, I just didn’t want to have to think about anything except what was happening between my legs. I laid my seat all the way back, put one foot on the dash on either side of the steering wheel and let my knees fall wide open. I pulled the vibrator a couple inches out of my pussy, reached down with my other hand and got my fingers wet with my juices and dragged them over my clit, spreading my lips wide, exposing the swollen, engorged evidence of my arousal to the cool air inside the car — the air conditioner was blowing straight between my legs — the contrast of my pussy’s heat and the temperature of the air took me another step closer to that point of no return.

I turned the speed control all the way up and began a slow, sensual pumping with the vibrator, in as far as it would go, back out again, up over my clit, buried back in my pussy. With each turn of the circuit my movements became faster until I was furiously thrusting the small pink vibrator into my pussy so hard that I could feel my juices running down across my ass, enlarging the wet spot on the seat beneath me — the fingers of my other hand dancing over my clit, leading me closer and closer to the edge.

As if my body was no longer under my control, my hips started bucking up to meet my thrusting hand, wanting more, needing more…and when the explosion finally came, I could not hold back the screams of fulfillment — riding wave after wave of one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had. When I knew it would be at its most sensitive, I pulled the vibrator from my pussy and ran it up between my folds, putting it in direct contact with my clit. This started the second orgasm shuddering through my body. I quickly slid 3 fingers in my pussy, wanting to feel the tight muscles clenching around them as I screamed and my body shook.

When my orgasm had subsided to pleasant after-shocks, I brought my knees to my chest, curled on the seat and realized what I had done. I had disobeyed. I would have to confess and accept whatever punishment came — but I knew the memory of this incredibly erotic adventure would be well worth whatever humiliation and pain it might cost me…

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