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End of summer lovin’It was the summer of my last year in high school. I couldn’t wait to be a senior and I had it all going on. I was a four sport Varsity letterman, plenty of girlfriends and signed letter of intent to play two sports in college. So when my parents insisted that I spend a week with relatives, it was definitely cramping my big man on campus style. I stayed with my grandparents but I had plenty of other relatives around. My favorite was my cousin, Debbie. She and I had fucked a few summers before this one and we had fooled around since we were k**s. Now she was married. Just this past spring, she had her wedding and everyone came in for it. I thought for sure our time was done, I mean she was getting married and all. But the night before, all the girls were burrowed up in her moms house and she put on her wedding dress to show off one more time. She spied me from the window and invited me up. She looked stunning and I wish she was marrying me the next day. Debbie whispered to me to come back after all the lights were off. And that’s what I did. I came in after the last light was turned off at 2 am. She came down the stairs in her wedding gown. The light from the streetlights caught the outline and picked up the sparkle of the strapless gown. She met me at the bottom of the stairs with a deep tongue kiss. I could taste the alcohol and passion on her breath. She hiked up her pristine gown to reveal she didn’t have any panties on, but the pantyhose and garter were intact. I pulled her into the laundry room and started having my way with her. I picked her up and put her on the dryer and dove under all the twill. I started lapping her musky pussy as I ran my hand up her garter pantyhose. She antalya escort was dripping and my face was covered as she came. “Fuck me like a princess whore” she whispered loudly.I dropped my jeans and was already inside her. I went in balls deep and our eyes met. “You’re my love”, she said as I started to cum. “Put it in me, I want your family”. I released into her. As I did, she slid across the top of the dryer and my seed went everywhere. It oozed onto the inside of her gown. She was sweaty as she stood up and said, “Now I’ll be on the alter with you tomorrow and no one knows but us.”That wedding was fun. My hot ass cousin fucking me hours before she got married was rivaled only by the two bridesmaids that dared me I couldn’t fuck them both more than three time in one night. I lost the bet, but fucked two cousins from the other side of the bride’s family. That was all could think about on the bus ride up. I even thought about touching base with the bridesmaids. But I really wanted my cousin again. Two days in I was bored. No one to hang with and no one to fuck. My Grandparents didn’t even know I was going to be there until I called from the bus station. Great. Then my cousin surprised me. She showed up in jeans, a tight tee shirt and boots. “We have some unfinished business to do”, she said locking my granparents front door. She undid her jeans and pulled out her shirt. I need you to fuck me like you fucked my cousins. I was a little embarrassed. “I’m sorry, I didn’t think you would know”… “Shut up and fuck me five times and give me your loads.” She had gotten awfully demanding now that she was married. I helped her down with her jeans and couldn’t resist pulling her panties off and then diving escort antalya into her pussy. My tongue started probing and I realized she had already had sex today. “He fucked me like a limp dick. He came in four or five pumps… that’s why I need you to fuck me like I need it.” She stuttered as she spoke while she came. I pressed against her clit tight as she grinded her hips on my face. I slid my index finger into her, while I licked. “More!”, she said. I worked two fingers into her. “MORE”, she yelled while I moved three fingers into her cunt. “FUCK YEAH,” she said through her gritting teeth. She came hard as her pussy walls grabbed my fingers. I almost couldn’t work them into her any more. My cock was ready and I plunged it inter her wet mound of cunt. She was grabbing at my hair as I started pumping in and out of her. She threw her head back as my cock assaulted her. It turned me on knowing that she fucked her husband just before she saw me. It turned me on that his cum was inside of her, while I was pumping her. But it was my tongue that made her cum and now, it was my cum shooting inside of my cousin. I laid on top of her trying to catch my breath. My cock was still semi hard as I rested my head on her 42D tits. I found her nipple with my mouth. I began to suck gently. “Mmmm,” she said. “Suck on momma’s titties. That makes me feel good feeding you like that.” I was gently moving my hips again as my limp cock was getting stiffer with each pump. She held her tits up so I could get a good look at her nipple as arched my back and lifted myself from her. I was pumping steady and not as furious as I was before, but my thrusts were true and sure. My balls slapped her ass as got a rhythm going antalya escort bayan again. I held her legs in the air and watched my cock move in and out of her used pussy. She reached down and found her own clit and began to rub. I could feel her finger nails scratching the base of my cock as she worked her clit in circles. “Don’t stop until you cum in me again”. My thrusts increases as she got tighter as she was about to cum. I was pounding her hard as her nail kept clipping my cock. Her tits were bouncing as I came again inside my cousin whore. I was twitching and felt like my balls were on fire. She kept her own legs in the air like that as I withdrew my shaft. I looked down and her cunt looked swollen as her lips were soaked with cum and semen. “Fucking whore”, just came out of my mouth. “Oh yeah,” she said. “Then fuck me again”The whole thing turned me on. I slid my limp dick into her. I felt all my cum, and maybe even her husbands, as I grew hard inside of her. It almost stung as I couldn’t even feel my cock. We had been fucking for over an hour and I was about to lose my third load of the day in her. I had to slow down. She held me as I fucked her. Our eyes met, like they did the night before her wedding. “I want you to cum in me again. I want your cum and I want your baby. I’m your family, I’m your whore, I’m your wife”. She said without embarrassment, without reserve. I came inside of her with intention to make her my wife.It was the only time that I saw her that trip. I didn’t talk to her even once for almost a year. One day she called. I heard my dad talking to her in the other room when he called to me to talk to her. My dad handed me the phone and I eaves dropped on my dad telling my mom about his conversation with her. “Yeah, she said the baby is definitely, ‘her side of the family’”. They laughed around his words. I listened to the phone and said hello. The other end had a long pause until I heard her say… “ummm, congradulations…”

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