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Emily woke up to a bird singing outside her window again, and a fresh breeze teasing her skin. This time the clock read 6:04, and as her senses recovered, she remembered the sound of rain during the night. She’d slept naked for the second night in a row, and her body tingled at the prospect of new sensations. She’d also made sure the door was shut so the dawn patrol couldn’t slip in. The morning smell of an early breakfast was in the air, but no sounds came from the kitchen. Peeking through the door, she saw a note on the table: “Lydia had to work, I’m in the garage. Come on out whenever you’re ready. Breakfast is in the oven.”

Looking in the oven door, she saw sausages, biscuits, gravy and eggs staying warm, with coffee in the maker waiting for her. Scratching her head, she saw no reason to eat just then, and sensed a chance to try something she’d been curious about.

She felt like a schoolgirl playing hooky as she walked across the front yard naked, away from sight of the garage. Of course, she knew Graham wouldn’t have cared, but it felt more exciting to sneak around this way. The wet grass squelched under her toes and she wiggled them a little to savor the feeling. Approaching the end of the yard, she looked at the wheat field before her, lush and green, shining with the new rain. It came up to her shoulders, and she carefully stepped into the field, walking carefully not to crush any plants, letting them embrace her.

It was a bit scratchier than she expected, but the feeling excited her a little, so she went out a little farther and let some plants come up between her legs. She stopped, willing herself to put down roots and looked east, willing the sun to come out from behind the clouds and warm her. Her arms reached out to pull the wheat close to her, embracing the feeling with her whole body, savoring the sensations. Turning around carefully and slowly, she retraced her steps out and lay down on the grass after she exited, wincing as a thorn stuck in her bottom.

After this mystical experience, she showered and helped herself to the bounty in the kitchen while wrapped in a towel, then put on a Tennessee Volunteer t-shirt and orange shorts to go with her flip flops after she finished. When she crossed the back yard, she heard some hammering coming from the garage, and saw Graham trying to put a couple of boards together.

When he saw her approach, he gave her a big smile. “Sleep well?”

“Yeah, you?”

“Oh quite nice. Lydia had to work too damn early this morning, but she’ll be back this afternoon, ready for some fun. Thought I’d get started on this new project: it’s a crib.”

“A crib? How come?”

“My youngest girl’s finally getting around to having a kid, and I’ve made cribs for her two sisters, so I’ve got to do this for my little princess.”

“How long do you have?”

“She’s due in August, so I’ve got enough time I don’t have to hurry. Brent can help me when he gets home next week, and we’ve got an excuse to visit Niall and his wood shop to turn the posts for the rails.”

“Where’s he live?”

“Memphis. Yeah, I know that’s your territory. Maybe we can do lunch while I’m in the area.”

“Maybe, I know some great places for ribs and music.”

“I bet.”

“How many grandkids do you have?”

He thought for a moment. “This makes eighteen. Probably will get over twenty unless Brent becomes a monk, which I doubt. Oldest granddaughter got married last week, so the next generation may be on the way.”

“Sheesh. You’re, you’re, you’re. . .”

“Prolific. Want to help me a little bit? Need somebody to help me hold things together while I get the clamps set.”


They worked about an hour and a half getting pieces ready for the new crib, and took a break in the kitchen for midmorning coffee while a Mozart symphony played on NPR. “How’s it going for you? You enjoying yourself?” he said out of the blue.

“Yeah, very exciting. I can’t believe how much it’s turned me on, seeing Lydia suffer. For a minute I thought she was spanking you last night, that’s why I looked in on you. . .you. . .you. . .”

“Fucking. Don’t worry about it, I don’t care. Not into pain myself, except out of curiosity. Always try to get an idea of how something feels before I try it on somebody.”

“Somebody? Aren’t you just playing with her?”

He looked both ways then back. “Can you keep a secret?”

“Yeah. Pinkie swear.”

He laughed and stretched out his pinkie to circle hers. “Pinkie swear. You’re so different, Emily. I have a couple other friends who stop by for fun now and then. One lives up in Hays, the other’s a traveling sales person who swings by when she’s in Denver or KC. Lydia’s out here the most, but she knows I’m not promised and she’s not either. Well, you wouldn’t be here if Lydia wasn’t interested in sharing me with you.”

“How many grandkids does she have?”

“Eleven. Her three girls are wild and crazy like their mom: they fuck like rabbits.”

They left the out building canlı bahis and walked back across the yard to the house. The puppies shadowed their every step, barking for attention and getting it from Emily, who knelt down to pet them and let them lick her face. Graham smiled and said: “We’re going to meet Lydia at her favorite diner in Dodge for lunch, then head over to her place for a while. Sound good?”


This time Graham let her wear her leather jacket as they rode into town, and he did likewise. They rode side by side most of the way, and the traffic paid them little heed, although one trucker gave her a double take as he passed by. They arrived at a diner next door to a large hotel near Boot Hill, and Lydia met them wearing her hair in a bun with a dark skirt and white ruffled blouse, dolled up as a professional woman. Conversation at lunch was neutral and a little coy, the fried catfish was wonderful, and they agreed to meet at Lydia’s house around 3. Graham and Emily watched a matinee at the movie, sitting side by side with a huge tub of popcorn and sodas. It was an action feature that quickly bored them, so they traded snide barbs while he texted from time to time.

As they rode the city streets to Lydia’s condo, Graham came on the intercom: “Lydia wants me to give her a pretty good tit whipping this afternoon.”

“Sounds exciting. Can’t wait to see it.”

“Well, there’s a price we’re supposed to talk about. There’s two things in particular she wants you to do. . .”

“Don’t care. Whatever it is, I’ll do it. You don’t have to ask.”

“She wanted to be sure you’re willing. . .”

“Don’t care. I wanna see those big hooters spanked really good. I’ll do anything to see it.”

“Okay. We’ll be there in a minute.”

They arrived at the far end of a group of condos, and Lydia greeted them at the door still dressed in her hotel manager’s outfit. Graham gave her a huge kiss as they arrived and the women embraced each other. Her condo had a large room divided into a living room area and a dining area; a doorway lead the a small kitchen, a full bath and a bedroom. The furniture was simple, sturdy wooden and antique. A cabinet held a nice set of dishware and the living area was adorned with a lot of pictures of children. “Which one is Brent?” Emily asked.

Lydia pointed to an 9×12 of a young man in a coat and tie, who had dark hair and could have been Graham’s clone. “That’s him,” Graham said, “A handsome young man if I say so myself. Lydia’s agreed not to speak this afternoon, so I’ll pass on what she’s asked of you. Do you want it all at once, or little by little as we go?”

“Little by little.”

He picked up a chain from the table. “Good. I’m going to get her ready, and just before I start on her, she wants you to put these on. They’re clamps and they go on your nipples. You don’t have to wear them the whole time, just as long as you can stand them.”

“All right,” Emily said, her voice trembling. “I can do that. Do they hurt?”

“Yes, very much. This is the only painful thing she wants you to do.”

Emily flipped off her clothes and sat naked on a couch facing the chair. Lydia sat down and opened her mouth to accept a ball gag, then received a small bell to hold in her hand. Graham then tied her hands to the chair legs just below her hips and her ankles to the front chair legs. Then he undid her blouse buttons and front clasp bra, pulling it apart to reveal her huge milky white tits. He ran his hands over her skin and took each nipple into his mouth of a quick suck, making the nubs hard before he took the rope off the table and started wrapping it around her breasts. “This is twine and a little bit rough. It’ll sting a little bit. I’m going to give her a rope bra that’ll make her boobs perky again like yours.”

“Then you’ll flog them?” she said dreamily, her hands playing with her nipple and lower lips.

“There’s a warm up once we’re ready.” He held up a rolling meat tenderizer. “I’ll roll this on her skin when her tits get engorged.”

“Sweet.” Emily’s eyes were fixed on his every move as he bound Lydia’s tits and her breasts began to tighten.

Graham ducked into the kitchen for a moment, rummaging in the refrigerator, then came across the room to Emily. “Need to get your nipples ready for this. Take your hand away.” He kissed and licked her nipples a little before rubbing her left nipple with an ice cube. She gasped at the feeling as her nubs perked up, and mewed as the harsh metal captured them. “I’ll let you play with your cunt, but I warn you, if you pull the chain the clamps will get tighter. Understand?”


“Then let me know when you’re done with this, and they’ll come right off.”

“Fine.” She played with the chain a little, looking down and wincing as the pressure increased, then went back to fingering herself as she turned her attention to Lydia.

He started with the tenderizer, running it over her skin, lightly at first, then with more and more pressure. As he bahis siteleri pressed harder, little dots of red flashed across her skin, and she moaned through the

gag. After a couple of minutes of this, he put it down and picked up a small flogger. He kissed Lydia’s her lady bumps with the leather once each. “Ready for the clamps to come off?” he said to Emily.

“Not yet.”

Lydia’s eyes glowed a little bit, and turned from her to him as me moved across the room. He stood at an angle so the girl could watch, and started whipping the older woman’s churns. Lydia writhed and moaned at her treatment, moving her legs a little bit to rub her thighs together. After turning her right breast red, he moved across and started working on her left boob. The girl on the couch kept playing with her cunt lips as the little whip made its harsh music.

“You want to try this? I could use a little break.”

Emily thought for a minute and looked into Lydia’s eyes. There was a hunger, and the brunette gave her a nod and a leer. “Sure.”

He handed the redhead the flogger. “Start slow, and let her responses guide you. She’ll let you know how you’re doing.”

Trembling, Emily started tracing designs on the huge boobs with the ends of the leather. Lydia’s nipples were already hard, and her tormentor reached with her left hand to squeeze one, drawing a moan. Encouraged, the other nipple got a pinch, then Emily started flick the lightly reddened flesh with her tool. The older woman writhed a little bit and hummed in encouragement. Getting bolder, the girl slapped the tits harder and harder, picking up speed, until she was working them over enthusiastically.

He put a hand on her shoulder. “Slow down a little, make it more random. She only likes it hard and fast in short spurts. Let her wonder when the next kiss of the leather’s comin’.” He looked around in front of her: “Ready for the clamps to come off?

“Nope.” She whispered, still fingering herself.

“Your nipples are getting pretty red.”

“I’m fine.”

Emily gave Lydia a playful look, and licked her lips. A hungry look returned her gaze: eager, hungry and hoping. Coquettishly, the younger woman began dancing around a little, moving from side to side, making red flesh redder with random pops for a couple of minutes before laying a flurry directly on the hard nubs. Her victim cooed and closed her eyes, savoring the pain.

Suddenly, he brought his belt down on the table with a loud crack that made both women jump. “My turn again. Don’t worry, Emily. This is on the end of the building and her neighbor’s a trucker. While he’s on the road his woman runs off to fuck a guy across town, so nobody can hear us. I’m going to aim right across her nipples, that’s what she wants. Count the strokes and see how many she can take.”

The redhead danced back, putting down the flogger, to hand in a chair with her legs spread wide and her hand went to her crotch. The belt flew through the air and found its targets with a loud crack and a scream through the gag. “One,” Emily said, yanking the chain and making a face. Her eyes were locked on Lydia’s tits, snapping shut for a moment every time she counted, because she pulled the chain hard enough to send a jolt through her own nubs. Her right hand worked her clit furiously, and he sniffed at the aroma she was starting to crank out.

It was twenty three vicious licks on the nipples before Lydia dropped the bell. Graham looked across at Emily and darted over. “Get ready, I have to get these off now. You need to pay attention to yourself when you wear these things. Your nipples are very purple.” Emily looked down and it was true; she bent over in agony when he released the clamps, rocking several times before stopping. He waited until she stopped and started milking the nubs gently, returning them to their normal color.

Lydia was rubbing her legs together furiously, her eyes aglow. Graham looked at her for a moment, then told her: “You can wait a little bit. I want to work on her first. You’ll get yours, as promised.” Emily laid back on the couch, holding her sore breasts, legs spread wide, and he knelt on the floor to put his head between her legs. The girl’s emotions switched quickly as a gear had been engaged, from pain to pleasure, as his tongue invaded her slit.

“Nobody’s ever done this to me before.”

“Want me to stop?” he muttered into her crotch.

“Hell, no!” she shouted, and Lydia chuckled through her gag.

Graham’s tongue work went in and out and around her clit, deep inside her, rimming both sides of her cuntlips, and it took ten minutes get his face juicy. After his savory shower, he licked her thighs as she wound down.

After he was done, he stood up with difficulty, tottering, and a profound curse. Lydia was moaning and he went over to her, taking the gag out of her mouth and giving her some water from a bottle. “Let me lick your face,” she asked huskily, and he bends over to let her kiss him and lick Emily’s juices off her face. bahis şirketleri When she was done, he thrust his hand quickly into her snatch, and started pumping her love canal. “Oh yes, baby, you know what I like. All four fingers, yeah. Oh my God! Yes, yes, yes.”

Lydia came fairly quickly, and smiled at up at him. The old lovers gave each other an indescribable look, as he stuck a finger into her mouth for her to taste her own juice. Then he came over to Emily, still laying limp on the couch. “Glad Lydia thought to put a sheet on that couch. She wants you to lick my fingers, that’s the second price to pay. After that, you can do something you want.”

Emily sat up and gave him a lingering gaze as she took his hand, fresh from Lydia’s cunt, and starting sucking his fingers one by one. She ran her tongue all over each one, teasing every fingernail and knuckle, taking it all in her mouth before releasing it. When she finished, she unzipped his fly and released his cock, which sprang to attention. “I want to thank you by giving you head.”

Lydia sighed as Emily started licking his balls, working each of them over carefully before moving up the underside of his penis to engulf his cock head. His hand came down on her head as he fucked her face, her tongue swirling. “A little toothy is all right, I like it,” he murmured, and she gently exposed her bite to his glans. Feeling his approval, soon he was only in contact with her teeth, and moaned as he approached his orgasm. When the flow started, she took him deep and ran her tongue all around him, collecting every drop and swallowing it.

“That was nice,” he murmured as she kept him in her mouth until he was flaccid.

“Yes it was,” Lydia said. “You’re a wonderful woman and you’re welcome to come visit us anytime. When he releases me, I’ll run through the shower and we’ll go out to the farm for a dip. I think he’s got some smoked brisket for tonight.”

Lydia rode double with Graham back to the farm, and within ten minutes of their arrival they were luxuriating naked in the pond. “Brent’s coming home tomorrow afternoon, so you need to head out in the morning, Emily,” Graham started, “We’ll be tied up with harvest and family the rest of the summer, but September he’ll be off in Kansas City and everybody will be busy. You can come back any time after that”


“Any last requests for tonight?”

Emily thought for a moment. “Would you fuck me from behind, Graham?”

He nodded and Lydia laughed. “Sure, if you let me play with your tits,” the older woman said.


Lydia had the foresight to bring a large pizza with everything with her, and it made a wonderful supper with a fresh salad and fine craft beer once they’d dressed. They didn’t eat the rim of the crusts, feeding them to a litter of grateful puppies. “Why don’t we fuck in your bedroom? I think a change of scenery is in order.”

“One condition,” Emily said.


“We shut the door so those damn dogs don’t get in.”

Graham and Lydia laughed heartily and nodded. Emily suspected something from the glances they shared, but they said nothing. After they cleaned up the few dishes they dirtied, Graham initiated a group hug before leading them into her room.

Graham and Emily started kissing deeply as Lydia prepared herself and the room. The older woman’s breasts were covered with bruises, and her thighs still glistened with excitement. The Kansas farmer had undressed his young guest, and turned her around to fondle her breasts and bush while he nibbled on her neck for a few moments. She turned and undressed him, freeing his cock once again and kissing it in greeting, licking around his balls and up his shaft to get him aroused again. Pulling his t-shirt over his head, he encouraged her to get on the bed, where Lydia sat at the head with her legs spread.

“Get on all fours over me,” the older woman said, “Put your face next to mine. I won’t hurt you. Feel free to play with my tits if you can get a hand free.” The younger woman did as instructed, and he reached between her legs to get her ready for his penetration. “You’re on the Pill, right?”

“Oh yes, I’m safe. No time for a kid now.”

“Good girl, very wise.”

Emily gasped as Graham touched her slit, playing with her clit to get her ready. As Emily’s eyes closed, Lydia’s hands went to the girl’s breasts, kneading and rubbing them. A crack sounded as he slapped his partner’s ass, and then lined up for insertion. As he plunged in, his lover leaned back to take the full penetration, while the older woman squeezed the younger woman’s nipples. “You feel so good,” he murmured, “I haven’t had young cunt like your in years. My God, kid, you are habit forming.”

As Emily was being screwed from behind, Lydia leaned forward and took half her right tit in her mouth, moving her tongue over it. The redhead sighed with pleasure, and Lydia started playing with the other breast while her tongue played over a very erect nipple. Emily got a hand free and squeezed Lydia’s bruised boob, drawing a moan from the older brunette. Catching the older woman’s hard nipple in her hand, she pinched and twisted it, making her moan and work the young woman’s tit flesh more enthusiastically.

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