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down for uone evening u had ur friends over for a lil get together. u asked me if i wanted to have some fun with ur friends. at first i didnt like the idea of being shared with THREE of ur friends. so i left to take a bath and i sat there wondering what it be like. after awhile i get dress and fix myself up a lil. i peak out to make sure they were still here. i walked back into the living room blocking the tv. i stood there in my pink see thur lingerie with matching thong. mmm yes that one daddy!!i start taking off my thong first watching and waiting what u or any of ur friends might do. sure enough u spoke softly bahis şirketleri “come to daddy” and i do making my way to u. as i sit down beside u, u lift my right leg which was the side he was on, and u pulled it over ur thigh.and ur friend jones who was sitting on the left side of me lifted my left leg and placed over his. so i was spread open. at this point u and i daddy start the kissing and biting while jones sucked on my nipples. i reached over to ur sipper and unzipped as fast as i could just so i can have that delicious dick in my hand. i start stroking it up and down ur hard throbbing youwin dick as jones finger fucked the hell outta me while he had my nipples in his mouth. the other two friends kevin and bobby watched after a while kevin walked over and moved jones’s hand out the way and dove in starting eating my kitty, i was already dripping wet. soon it was decided who would have me first; it would be u daddy and jones to fuck me first. u lead us into the bedroom. you laid down on the bed. i got on my knees and started suckin and licking every inch of ur dick while jones ate my kitty and ass. he must have youwin giriş had enough bc he gave in and slip his dick in my kitty and fucked me doggy-style. every thrust help ur dick go in deeper and deeper before i knew i could taste ur sweet juice filling up in myy mouth. i thought i would get a short break before jumpin again so i turned on the shower before i could get in kevin joined me the shower he would ask me if i could handle a lil more but before i could answer he picks me up and legs straddle him as he fucks me up against the shower wall. right before he cums bobby makes his way in. he kneels down and throws my leg over his shoulder and eats my pussy as kevin fucks me from behind. by the end of the night i cum MULTIPLY times over!! P.S I cant wait to experiment with U more DADDY :*Have a GOOD DAY at WORK> ILL be thinking of that yummy dick!!

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