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Double-feature, one movie.So there I was, single & 33 yrs old at the Cinemaplex on a crisp, Autumn weekday afternoon.Before going into the auditorium, I noticed two women (brunette, ash-blonde, early 20’s) coming down the carpeted hall towards me. I’d spotted them buying tickets earlier; not hard to do as there were few customers at the early shows.Even at a distance I could see they were attractive. They turned to head down the opposite parallel path, while I decided to duck into the men’s room before settling in. I was disappointed not to see these ladies up close.Leaving the washroom, I spotted them (lo and behold) about to enter the theater directly opposite mine. I saw their faces as they spoke to one another; they had glowing-fresh looks and soft curves. Feeling confident from my luck, I stepped behind them before they could vanish in the dark. My intention was to flirt a little, see how they’d respond.Suddenly, I had a bolder idea and ran w/ it. I said “Hi!” to get their attention then felt the ass of the brunette closest to me.”Oh my gosh!” she said as both girls’ mouths opened in surprise. “Mmm, nice” I said and continued stroking her butt.”You’re a bad boy!” the light-headed girl exclaimed w/ an open-mouthed grin and mock indignation.”Yes, I am” I replyed, and with that I reached down and took her ripe ass in my free hand. This made them gasp as before, and they started giggling at each other, looking at me in curious wonder.”Got my hands on two sexy behinds, feels so GOOD!” I whispered excitedly to the first girl. This really got them going with the girlish laughter. Thank goodness we were the only three in that hall, and hadn’t attracted any attention.Mindful of creating darıca escort a scene, I reluctantly released my grasps. “Okay, I think I’ve m*****ed you girls enough for one day. Y’all take care, now.” I winked and started to leave. The blonde gave me a puzzled smile, stepped forward and asked “Umm…wait, uh…aren’t you coming in? You know, the uh…movie?” I didn’t bother explaining my ticket situation. “You mean it, pretty lady? Uh, after all that?” I smiled bashfully, having groped these two genuinely nice girls (who could’ve just punched me and hollered for the cops) but blondie beamed and said “Sure, you can sit with us!” Her dark-haired friend gave a shy, sly smile of approval, so I said “Lead the way!” It was dark, but there was enough glow in that huge room to see there was about a dozen other people seated, all close to the screen. As the blonde led us down the aisle, I playfully slapped her butt in rhythm to her steps, my arm around the brunette’s waist. She turned and gave me a smirk.”There, take that row!” I commanded, leading the three of us down an empty row near the middle, but not close to the other customers. Once we were seated w/ me between them, I stretched my arms , d****d them over their shoulders and began squeezing their breasts, one soft tit per hand. Bliss! I never wanted the show to start.I hadn’t asked their names, but they hadn’t asked mine, so I figured don’t be a dweeb and skip inroductions. What I did do was start whispering in their ears, whatever naughty thought popped in my head.”Your ass is so hot!” “I love fondling your tits, baby.” “I’d take a blowjob from your pretty mouth, anyday.” “I wanna lick your pussy, hear you moan.” “Show me your escort darıca tits, honey.” They giggled and covered their mouths w/ their fingers. This encouraged me to see how far I could take things. “Ever put Whipped Cream on a dick, and sucked it?” I said this to the brunette, who seemed shyer than her friend. When the blonde leaned over to ask her pal what I’d said, I replied that I’d wanted to cum on both their cute faces.Both girls leaned forward and laughed into their laps. “You are NASTY!” squealed blondie. “Hey, I’m just doing what comes natural.” The lights dimmed, the trailers began. Damn, who needed a movie, now?We settled down, I relaxed by resting my hands once again on their titties. I could hear their breathing, soft but heavy. My dick had risen and fallen twice during this encounter, but was trembling in anticipation, pushing against my zipper.The flick started: some forgettable rom-com w/ super-cute Kate Hudson. 15 minutes in, not having spoken in awhile and growing real horny watching Kate’s ass and cute face, I said aloud that I’d definitely would take a blowjob from her.When the blonde looked at me and smiled, I unzipped and lowered my jeans to my hips. Holding my cock down w/ my finger, I told her to jerk my rock-hard dick. She stroked my member and then looked back at the screen. Her friend glanced back-and-forth from Kate Hudon to my lap, eyes wide open.”Stroke my dick too, honey. Rub my nuts.” She complied, and the two paper-smooth hands fought for dick space for several minutes. The action on-screen started to interest the dark-haired gal, and she removed her hand. Soon her friend did, too.I wasn’t ready to give up on satisfaction. As soon as things darıca escort bayan got quiet on-screen, I whispered loudly to the blonde to take me in her mouth. Looking at the screen, she nodded. She looked all around, finally pulled the seat divider up and angled her torso to drop her head in my lap. She took my hard-on fully into her kisser; I felt the round tip of her nose touch my pubic bone.Kate no longer appealed to Brunette Girl, who exclaimed softly at this impromptu oral sex demonstration. The screen image illuminated Blondie’s performance from time to time. Mostly I could feel it, rather than see.Her tongue and cheeks had a suction-grip on me, her tongue slathered my cock’s underside. Hearing her muffled little moans and a couple of saliva-loaded slurps, I pumped several hot loads of jizz up and into her mouth. She groaned a bit during the initial blasts, but took my cum like a trooper. She sat upright, and in the pink-white haze I saw she hadn’t swallowed my offering.”Tastes good, doesn’t it baby? Pineapple juice, that’s the trick!” She blanched, spunk dribbled out, but she used her palm to catch and suck my own juices back in, gulping them down. I wiped her cherry lips w/ my fingertips. Too hot! I felt spent, but five minutes from the end I hoarsely asked the brunette that I wanted to feel her licking my dick. I guided her to my lap and felt the sandy touch of her slippery tongue on my dick’s end. She sucked the head w/ her lips and my balls quivered.Unfortunately I’d given all I had already. The movie ended (nothing special from what little I’d paid attention to, except Kate’s luscious bod) and the few other attendees filed past, oblivious to our escapades.I gave one last hug around their waists and patted their fannies at the rear exit (pun intended) said “Bye, ladies” and left for home, wondering how I could ever enjoy another experience at the theater, alone? But I thank you, sweethearts. =)

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