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Dormant Desires Part 5It had been three days since Rich had presented me with my gifts and my self-training was moving slowly. I had gotten in to the routine of having my morning shower with the dildo suctioned to the wall and would begin to stroke it before I turned my back to it and would grind my ass against it, rubbing up and down and feeling the stiff head press in to my ass cheeks while I moaned. On day one I didn’t make it past this phase before cumming everywhere and when I had attempted to insert the head inside myself I gasped at the rush of pain I felt as my body warmed, and my breathing became short. I was trying but now on day three it was still hurting, and I was still too chicken to attempt it any further because the sharp pain was not going away. I talked to Rich on the phone and told him what was happening and how I was still unsure because of the pain. He laughed and told me that the pain would go away, and I would ultimately feel natural with it, that he would be gentle and that I had already told him how badly I wanted this, so I needed to keep trying. Day three was when I succeeded. I didn’t have to work until the evening so I got up early in the day and rolled over in my bed, reaching for the bottle of lube that he had given me I pumped a handful and began to rub it around my pink asshole, moving my hips as I did this on my stomach with one leg up I inserted a finger in and this didn’t hurt at all, I felt warm and left it in there until my body relaxed and I could begin sliding my finger in and out slowly. After several minutes of this I felt my hole begin to numb a bit as the lube started doing its work, I felt warm and was hard as a rock so I reached for my new toy and began to cover it with more of the lube before bringing it around to my back and started to slide it up and down against my wet hole, breathing in deeply as I pushed the tip harder against my asshole until it popped inside. I gasped as it entered me and once more held it in position until my body relaxed around the head and I felt I could go on, inch by inch I felt the dildo slowly disappear inside me as my body let go and my hips began to move back and forth on the dildo allowing for even more of it to enter me. Sweat was now forming on my forehead as I grunted and bit my lip now moving my hips in a circle trying to push it even further inside. I started to push it in and out slowly while moaning and talking dirty to myself “yes Rich I want it, I want your dick” beginning to be fucked by this dildo in my bed. My hole was throbbing and sore, but this now gave way to something different as I felt I was seeing stars and my cock was so hard it felt like it might explode. I decided it was time to try the shower again, so I slowly took the dildo out and stood up, walking to the shower with the toy in one hand and the bottle of lube in the other. After suctioning it to the wall and applying another heavy coating of lube I arched my back and closed my eyes, guiding the head inside me with one hand I felt it enter me once more and push me open as I pushed back on to it, moaning with each inch that entered me until I felt myself come to a rest with the fake balls touching mine. I had gotten it all inside of me, I stopped to let myself get used to this intrusion before I started to move my body forward again, bringing it out to the head before slowly sliding back on it once more, the feeling was unlike anything I had ever felt before and it felt amazing despite the soreness. I lasted another three pumps before I started to cum all over the floor kaçak bahis and I turned the water on to have y shower while resting on my new dildo, my body getting used to the feeling of being stuffed full. After that I began to take the dildo with more and more ease, the pain was still there at first, but I learned that it would subside, and that Rich was right about it giving way to something better, soon enough it was going to be Saturday and I didn’t want to let him down in any way. Richard had given me instructions for the day, I was to have a shower put on my jock that he had bought me with a pair of tight jean shorts and a white tee shirt and be at his apartment by noon. I would be buzzed in and go to his apartment door which would be unlocked and let myself in. Once I was inside I was to lock the door behind me and undress leaving my jock on and walk to the back of the apartment where the second bedroom was. As I walked up to the building I grew nervous and once more could feel my heart beating through my chest as I entered his buzzer number on the keypad. He didn’t say anything and instead the door just buzzed letting me in to the lobby where I went to the elevator and pressed the button. While I was waiting there were several other people gathered and I wondered if they knew what I was up to, that I was going upstairs to lose my virginity and that I was wearing a jock strap underneath my shorts. I exited the elevator and walked to the door of Rich’s apartment, stopping for a second to relax before turning the doorknob and letting myself in. The inside of Rich’s apartment was nice, it was a long narrow hallway with four rooms off of it, one being the living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom, the doorway at the far end of the apartment was where I was told to go, and I started heading down the hall the sounds of music playing and the smell of incense getting stronger and louder as I approached. I was halfway down the hall before I realized I hadn’t undressed, so I took my clothes off as I walked and dropped my shorts just before I entered the doorway. The bedroom was large with a big bed sitting in the middle of it and a long dresser at the foot of the bed, there was a leather chair in the corner on which Rich was seated, completely naked looking at me and smiling. “today is going to be a good day Eric, come over here and kneel down beside me”I walked over to the side of the room and did as I was instructed, his hand resting under my chin pulling my head up so that he could slide his tongue into my mouth and kiss me. My body stiffened, and I put my hands on his big thigh to balance myself while I closed my eyes and kissed him back. “are you ready Eric?”“yes Rich mi ready, I want it”“it’s Daddy today ok”“yes daddy, I want it”“good boy now get on the bed with your ass facing me, on your hands and knees boy, I want to look at you”I got up and walked to the bed crawling on top of the black sheets and arching my back to show Rich my ass in my jock, feeling the cool rush of air run over my body as he reached beside him for a remote control and turned the music up louder. “that’s it boy, mmmm look at that sweet ass, shake it for me boy”I closed my eyes and arched my ass in the air, moving my hips to the music and looking around the room to take in my surroundings, on the night table was a large tub with the lid off filled with a white cream and another dildo, this one larger than what Rich had given be before, my cock stiffened and I started to buck my hips making Rich stand up and walk behind me placing his big hands on bets10 giriş my hips and running them over my body while he leaned over to kiss my back. I heard him inhale deeply while his hands ran over my ass cheeks, squeezing them and rolling them in his palms, his left hand sliding underneath my legs to squeeze my dick and balls which both fit easily into his hand. “such a sweet boy, I knew from the second I saw you that I wanted to have you boy, I knew I would have you boy”“yes daddy” SLAP – his firm hand smacking my ass causing sent shock waves through my body and I whimpered. Rich pulled my hips back towards him arching my back so that my ass was hanging close to the edge of the bed I felt his stubble bristle against my legs as he started to kiss up the back of my thighs and ass cheeks, his big hands holding on to my hips. He moaned and pulled my ass apart and I felt him take a deep breath through his nose and let out a pleased “mmmm”“you ready for me to spoil you boy? You ready for Daddy to make that hole feel special?”“yes daddy I am, I
need it Daddy”Rich sunk his long tongue into my asshole and my body shook and flinched. It felt strange but amazing as his warm tongue slurped my hole and darted in and out. I laid my head down on the mattress to stick my ass further in the air, closing my eyes and moaning under his tongue while his hands kept a firm grip on me keeping me in place. “Daddy this feels sooooo good” I oozed out while he continued eating my ass and fondling my dick, pulling it out of the side of the jock and playing with the head His body was now rocking back and forth lunging in and out of my hole and my body now felt totally relaxed, the room was hot with music thumping and I could see him in the reflection of the tv pulling my cheeks apart and eating my ass, I was in heaven I had never felt anything like this before and was moaning having my ass spoiled like I never knew could be possible. Rich stood up and walked in front of me, his dick standing straight out I crawled to the edge of the bed and without saying anything took his cock in my mouth and began sucking hungrily at it. “that’s right boy, you get daddys dick nice and wet for that hole, I’m going to fuck your sweet ass all day long boy, you need it now don’t you?”I pulled his cock out of my mouth and looked up at him “yes daddy I need it” Rich reached over to the tub of cream and picked it up, he walked back behind me and took a handful of it and began sliding his fingers into my hole, it didn’t hurt to my surprise, I was completely relaxed and moaned as his long fingers stroked in and out of me lubing me up to take him, he took another glob and stroked it along his cock, the white cream standing in contrast to his dark skin as he looked down stroking his cock. “flip over boy, I want to look in your eyes while Daddy’s dick enters you for the first time”I rolled on to my back with my legs spread and he grabbed my ankles to pull me towards him“that’s it boy, you look so fucking hot right now mmmm” leaning down we kissed for what felt like several minutes and I could feel the head of his cock hitting my body and edging my asshole my legs opened wider as my body moved in ecstasy underneath his body I felt so small like a woman and knew I needed him to fuck me. “put it in me Daddy I’m ready for it”“yeah you’re ready boy?! You want to get fucked by your Daddy now?”“yes daddy pleaseee I need it” He opened my legs wide and held his thick cock in his hands, I began to feel him pressing against me the tip of his cock opening me as he entered. bets10 güvenilir mi It hurt but not like the first time I used the dildo and he kept stopping and letting me get used to him before pushing forward more, I felt every vein every centimeter entering me and felt myself opening up to let him inside. “that feel good boy? That sweet hole feels like lava its so hot for Daddys dick” I bit my lip and nodded trying to ignore what now felt like throbbing as I was split in half. “tell daddy you want his dick baby boy tell me how it feels inside of that sweet boy hole”“Daddy it feels so good I want it all fuck me please”“that’s it boy, that hole opening right up for your Black Daddy to enter”He pushed harder now, and I felt the rest of his cock slip deep into me as I gasped. He held himself deep inside of me for a minute as he leaned down to kiss me, and I felt the weight of his body on mine. He pushed me back, so I was now in the middle of the bed and he was fully on top of me and he began to pull his cock out slowly and pump it back inside, each thrust I felt myself open more until I was now fully stroking the length of his hard black cock with my ass. “you feel so good inside me Daddy”“that’s right boy, this ass is mine now, I own it ““yes Daddy its yours”“beg Daddy to fuck you Eric, let me hear how badly you want it”“please Daddy I need your cock, it feels so good please Daddy make love to me like you promised me”Rich held one of his hands over my head and slung my leg over his back with the other and began to pump me full of his cock in rhythm with the music, we were kissing, and I now had both of my legs spread wide and around him trying to take each inch inside of my now wet and ready hole. “fuck yeah whiteboi that’s it show Daddy you want him, milk this cock with that sweet white ass boi”I began to move my hips like I had on the dildo Rich had given me until he grabbed my ankles and held them up in the air, he was now pumping his big cock all the way in and out of me, sweat falling off of his chest and on to mine, the bed now creaking as I looked down and saw my Daddys thick black cock disappearing inside of me and popping back out, the sounds of all the lube making a distinct sound that grew louder between songs. *slop slop slop slop slop slop His heavy balls slapping against my ass cheeks as he now fucked me furiously. “Daddy this feels so good oh god” I moaned as his hips bucked and he looked me in the eyes, I was now his, he was fucking me and I was loving every second of it. “Get back on your hands and knees Eric, Daddys going to fuck you like a bitch”I flipped over and stuck my ass in the air feeling his hand on my hip and his other hand guiding his cock back inside of me, this time entering me to the base in one stroke. He began to pump me once more and this time my hips were pushing back on to him. “that’s it baby push it back, push it back on to daddy’s cock, grind that hungry ass on my cock boi and make Daddy cum”I put my hands in front of me and began pushing hard back into his pelvis, rolling my hips around on his big cock, my eyes rolling in my head as I now bounced on him taking it all from tip to base. “oooh that’s it boi you’re gonna make Daddy…. OHHHH FUCKKKKK ERIC”I felt his hands pull me all the way back on him and felt his body shake as he began to pump me full of his hot cum, I felt it shooting deep inside of me and the sensation warmed my body and I began to cum without touching my cock. We collapsed on the bed both breathing heavily and smiling. “you loved that didn’t you Eric”“I loved that Daddy’“good, that was only round one, you’re sleeping here tonight so I have you for another 24 hours.”My mouth curled into a smile as I felt his hot cum began to leak out of me and I cuddled in to his big body “yes Daddy”To be continued

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