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Just a reminder that in my happy little world COVID-19 or STD’s do not exist. Always practice safe sex and social distancing. That mask looks great on you. All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older.

Lisa sighed as she opened the door to her dorm room. It had been a long week and she needed to sit and relax for a minute before starting in on her homework. It was the second week of school and she couldn’t believe the amount of reading they expected of her.

Jenna was sitting at her desk and said, “I know how you feel, two weeks in and I’m three weeks behind.”

“Thank god I have you for stress relief,” she said kissing Jenna.

Jenna said, “Could you imagine doing this alone? Or worse yet, with a roommate you didn’t like?”

“I think Amelia is running into that problem, I saw her in the hall, she looked really stressed out.”

“We’ll ask her to join us for supper so we can talk to her, maybe it’s something else bugging her.”

The girls were in the cafeteria later when Lisa said, “OK, Amelia, what’s with the long face.”

“My roommate is a very religious girl, she found out some things about me and went to housing to request a new roommate.”

“I have heard her talking to a couple of the other girls on our floor. She has some unusual ideas, that’s for sure,” Jenna said diplomatically.

Lisa wasn’t as kind, “She is a nutcase, spouting off about chastity and not giving in to the temptations of the flesh, pure rubbish.”

Amelia smiled and said, “I take it you are not a virgin then?”

“Hell no,” Lisa said, “Not in any hole.”

“How about you, Jenna,” Amelia asked.

“Nope, I am the real deviant here, I like a cock in my ass more than I like it in my pussy.”

Lisa chimed in, “The only thing she likes better than butt sex is when I’m munching on her cunt.”

Amelia burst out laughing, “Oh god, you two are exactly a one eighty from Sally. It’s so nice to talk to normal girls for a change.”

“You think lesbians and ass fuckers are normal?” Lisa said nearly choking on her soda.

“Well, a lot more normal than she is,” Amelia confirmed. “And what’s wrong with butt sex and licking?”

“Absolutely nothing, as far as we can see,” admitted Jenna.

“So, Amelia, how would you like to, um, you know… “

“Come back to you guy’s room and play reindeer games?”

It was Jenna’s turn to almost choke on her drink “Yes, that’s exactly what my inarticulate friend was trying to ask you.”

“Well, what are we doing still sitting here?” she said jumping to her feet.

They anxiously entered the room and locked the door. Now that they were here, no one was quite sure how to begin.

Amelia opened her arms to the other girls and said, “Kiss me, before I explode.”

Lisa quipped, “I might explode when I do kiss you.”

Jenna and Lisa kissed her neck then took turns kissing her mouth. Amelia had a breast in each hand caressing, then squeezing them.

Jenna broke away from Amelia’s embrace and pulled her top over her head. She reached a hand up to the front closure of her bra and popped it open. Tossing the bra on the floor, she slipped out of her sandals and skinned down her running shorts and panties. Naked, she returned to the embrace of the other girls.

Without a word, Lisa broke away, stripping down even faster than Jenna had. She walked around Amelia, hugging her from the back then reaching up to play with her boobs.

Jenna had Amelia’s head in her hands eagerly exploring her mouth with her tongue. Amelia was returning the favor when she got so excited, she started to shake.

Lisa pulled Amelia’s hoodie off saying, we need to get you naked and on the bed. She unhooked Amelia’s bra and Jenna pulled it down her arms.

“Holy shit,” Jenna exclaimed, “Those are the most perfect tits I have ever seen.”

Amelia had a perky set of B cup breasts. They accentuated her tall, thin frame. The nipples were large and pale pink.

Lisa cupped them from behind, saying, “They certainly feel good, I’ll say that.”

Jenna said, “Don’t be greedy, let go of one of those nipples so I can suck it.”

“Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be greedy, I have never played with a girl from the back, it feels way different, you can palm the whole breast then squeeze the nipples between your fingers.”

“That sounds lovely, I’m going to have to try it on you,” Jenna said.

Amelia piped up, “I can assure you, it feels wonderful, like you said, you really get the whole breast in your hand that way.”

Lisa lowered her free hand and caressed Amelia’s tight ass. She was amazed at how firm it was. “How long do you have to work out every day to get your ass so hard?”

Amelia moaned and pushed back into Lisa’s probing hands. “Not as much as you’d think, this is pretty much my natural musculature. Plenty of fresh air and hard work on the farm growing up helped with that. We also had to walk two miles to school.”

Lisa told her, “Well, I am jealous, I can’t wait to pry those cheeks apart and lick your asshole.”

Amelia canlı bahis moaned again, “I would really like that.”

Jenna was still sucking on her nipple while playing with the other breast. She reached her free hand down to the waistband of Amelia’s sweatpants.

Amelia stopped her saying, “I’m a little shy, is it all right if I leave my bottoms on this first time?”

“Sure,” Jenna said, “whatever makes you comfortable.”

“Yeah, if you don’t want to do something, just say so. We want you to enjoy this as much as we do. From the way you talked it sounded like you have been with a girl before, or did I misinterpret that?”

“No, I have been with girls, my cousin in fact, and one other girl, but we only got together one time.”

“How about guys?” asked Jenna.

“I messed around with a guy once, he was the neighbor on the next farm.”

“Are you more into girls then?” Lisa asked.

“Not exactly but, it’s just hard to talk about, to explain.”

“You don’t have to explain anything. How about if you just tell us what you want to do. Let’s make this all about Amelia.”

“So, you tell us what you want to do,” Jenna encouraged her.

“Oh god, you two are so nice. I want you guys to touch each other, then I will just join in wherever I see an opening.”

“That sounds like fun, I would love you to join any of my openings,” Lisa giggled.

Jenna smacked her arm saying. “You are so bad, I love it.” She kissed her, gently pushing her back onto the bed.

Lisa lay on her back with her legs spread wide, Jenna lay at her side, still kissing her and caressing a nipple.

Amelia stood staring at the juncture of Lisa’s legs, then lowered herself to the floor. She crawled between her legs, slowly running her hands up until they were an inch from Lisa’s sex. She licked her lips and gently started exploring every fold of her.

Lisa moaned to let her know she was doing something right. Jenna stopped kissing Lisa, reached down and pulled Amelia’s face tight against the other girl’s crotch.

“How does that pussy taste Amelia? Pretty nice isn’t it?”

“Oh my god yes, I have never tasted anything so sweet in my life.”

“You want to switch and see how I taste?”

Lisa spoke up, “Oh no you don’t, she’s going to make me come in a minute, wait your turn you greedy little bitch.”

Amelia had a surprised look on her face and said, “You are going to come from my tongue on you?”

“Fuck yes, of course I am, that’s why you’re down there, isn’t it?”

Amelia laughed and said, “Yes, I suppose it is. Well here goes, come for me you tongue hungry little girl.”

“Ahh, that feels so good, Jenna pinch my nipples, pinch them hard, that’s it, bite my clit Amelia, oh I’m going to come, you guys are so good at this,” she wailed and began thrashing around the bed.

Amelia clamped down on Lisa’s thighs so she could continue eating her delicious pussy.

After a bit Lisa groaned out, “Oh you have to stop, I can’t come any more, oh my kitty is so sensitive right now, thanks you two. What a wonderful combination.”

Jenna flipped over on her back, “Do me now Amelia.”

Lisa reminded her, “I thought this was about what Amelia wanted, it’s not about what your little slutty ass wants.”

“Oh no,” Amelia broke in, “Licking Jenna is exactly what I want to do now.”

“See,” Jenna said, sticking out her tongue. “Now get over here and play with my big titties while Amelia does her thing on my hot box.”

Amelia used both hands to pull her labia apart, then dove right in. She noticed the difference in how they tasted, Jenna’s reminded her of the fresh mushrooms she used to collect in the woods at home. She smiled as Jenna seemed to respond well to her rough treatment. She decided to push it a little further, as she was licking deep inside her, she reached a hand up and pinched her clitoris.

Bucking her hips up off the bed Jenna screamed, “Oh you bitch, you fucking hurt me so good. I’m coming on your face, tongue me deeper, get right in there and taste my pussy juice.”

Lisa was signaling Amelia, trying to tell her something. She was making a pinching motion by Jenna’s breast then pointed at the clit she was licking and made the same pinching motion. Amelia nodded her understanding and put her tongue back up Jenna’s hot pussy and moved her hand up, ready to pinch Jenna’s clit again.

When Jenna started moaning that she was going to come again, Lisa held up three fingers, then two, when she got to one Lisa clamped down on Jenna’s fat nipples as Amelia pinched her clit.

Jenna jumped like she had been shot out of a cannon. She screamed so loud the other girls were afraid the noise would attract the RA to investigate the apparent murder of a student.

Jenna was twitching and babbling nonsense as Lisa and Amelia slowed their ministrations and brought her down gently.

She eventually calmed down enough to tell them, “I think I died, I know I’m in heaven. That was the most intense sex I have ever had. Amelia your tongue is the best, it’s amazing, sorry bahis siteleri Lisa but it’s true.”

“I know,” she reassured Jenna, “I’ve had it in me, I’m not mad, it is the best.”

“What can we do for you now Amelia? You ready to get your pussy licked?” asked Lisa.

“No, no not now, I just want to please you girls tonight,” she said quickly.

“It’s OK, it’s your pussy that’s missing out, but if that’s what you want, that’s fine with us.”

“What I really want,” Amelia quietly told them, “is to attack that pussy of yours again Lisa. Would that be all right?”

“Oh gee, let me think, I don’t know really.” Then she burst out laughing, “Of course you can lick my pussy, what an odd question. How do you want me?”

“Just like you were before, I really got my tongue in deep like that.”

Lisa giggled and said, “Your wish, is my command.” She laid down sideways with her legs hanging over the edge. She grabbed two pillows, putting them under her head so she could see the action a little better.

When she was settled Amelia began, starting at her knees and kissing her toned legs. She alternated kisses until she got to Lisa’s pussy. She stuck out her tongue and licked from the bottom of her opening to the top, then gently blew on her saliva wet lips.

It got the reaction she was hoping for when Lisa jumped and let out a shriek.

“Jesus, do that again, oh fuck that curled my toes.”

Amelia chuckled and said, “I think I like making you jump.”

“Fuck, I like it too. You are good at this, really good.”

Jenna had been on the bed with her head close to Amelia’s, as she closely watched her technique. Now she moved off the bed and straddled the tall blond, sitting down on her ass. She reached around and cupped her breasts.

“You’re right Lisa, this does feel different holding tits from the back. Amelia, I love the way your nipples stick out between my fingers, I can pinch your nipples and squeeze your boobs at the same time.”

Amelia moaned, “Yes I know you can, it feels great, keep going.”

Jenna wiggled her butt against Amelia’s while she fondled her tits. She thought how much better it would feel without her pants in the way. Letting go of her breasts she stood up, moved back and in one jerk had Amelia’s sweatpants and panties down as far as they would go.

Amelia tried to back away from Lisa’s pussy, but Lisa had Amelia’s long hair wrapped in her fists and wasn’t about to give her any slack. Amelia was trying to say something but all they heard was a muffled moaning.

This seemed to encourage Jenna. Her ass looked so amazing Jenna could not keep from fondling those extra firm buns. Amelia was still struggling, Jenna thought that meant she wanted more so she went to her knees and parted Amelia’s butt cheeks, sticking her face between them and letting her tongue lick the tiny pucker.

Amelia was squirming around even more, Jenna thought it was because of the job she was doing on her ass.

Amelia finally got her face far enough away from Lisa’s pussy to beg.

“Please don’t, oh god, please don’t do any more down there Jenna. You have to stop now.”

Jenna thought she meant she was stimulating her too much, so she stopped licking and reached between her legs to play with her pussy and found…. ball’s…and a hard cock.

“Holy fuck,” she said jumping to her feet.

“What the hell is the matter with you?” Lisa yelled at her. She let go of Amelia’s hair and looked at Jenna in alarm.

Amelia still had her face between Lisa’s legs but now she was crying.

“Are you going to tell me what’s going on Jenna?”

“It’s Amelia, she, she has a cock. A cock with balls and everything.” Jenna blurted out.

Amelia let out a wail and began to sob.

Lisa struggled to sit up and finally managed it. She took Amelia’s arms and tried to pull her up so they could talk to her.

“Come on, Amelia, stop crying, it’s OK, come on up here so we can talk about it. Jenna, help me get her on the bed.”

Together they lifted the limp body onto the bed. She lay on her side with her knees pulled up to her chest, still sobbing and moaning. Lisa sat next to her stroking her back and talking softly. Jenna got a bottle of water and tried to get Amelia to drink some. She just shook her head no. Eventually, she couldn’t cry anymore and sat up. This time she took the water when Jenna offered it.

“Thank you. I am sorry, I’m so ashamed.”

“I assume you were born this way,” Lisa asked.

“Yes, my family thought I was a boy, I lived like a boy. I never felt like a boy though. Then when I was thirteen, I started growing boobs. I wrapped them in bandages to hide them, but when I was eighteen my cousin, who was twenty, caught me coming out of the bathroom after my shower. She took me into my room and pulled her pants down. She had a penis too. We talked for a long time and she convinced me I was like her, a woman with a penis. She sat with me and held my hand when I told my parents. My father was really upset, he said I was not a woman, but a man with bahis şirketleri breasts. Mama understood and after I explained how I felt they agreed I should live as a woman if that was what made me happy.

I couldn’t stay at home and just go to school as a girl, so I lived with my cousin’s family until I was nineteen. By then my hair was much longer, I wore makeup and dressed like a woman. I went back home and posed as a cousin visiting from Montana. I got a job and led a pretty much normal life.

My dad finally said, “Time to get on with your life. You always wanted to live in California, so go. Go to college, get an education and find someone to love. So, here I am.”

“So why are you ashamed?” Jenna asked.

“I am not ashamed of who I am. I am ashamed because I deceived two wonderful women. I’m ashamed that I had sex, really great sex actually, by posing as someone that was not what you thought they were. What the lawyers call false representation.”

“Listen here, you are a woman. Period. We made love to exactly who we thought we were making love to, right Jenna.”

“Hey, anybody that eats pussy like you do has to be a woman,” she joked.

Amelia laughed, “After I turned eighteen, I had a lot of practice with my cousin, not the one with the cock, her sister who was a year older than me. So, where does this leave us?”

“What do you mean, I don’t understand?” Lisa said.

“I am sure you won’t want to do this with me again, I was hoping that maybe we could still be friends,” she said timidly.

Jenna said, “Didn’t I just tell you that you were the best rug muncher ever? Why would I not want that fabulous tongue in me again?”

“What about you Lisa? How do you feel.” Amelia asked, searching Lisa’s face.

“I’m with my friend with the big tits on this one. I consider you a friend first, a lover second.”

Amelia smiled saying, “If that’s the way you feel, could I please have a hug?”

Jenna jumped on the bed with the other two as they hugged and laughed. They finally broke apart and talked about school and classes.

Two hours later Jenna said, “I have a question, I hope I’m not out of line,”

“You will be, I’m sure,” Lisa interrupted her.

“God, you are such a cow. What I want to know is, does that cock of yours work?”

“You mean does it get hard and ejaculate?”

“Yeah, I guess that’s what I mean.”

“Yeah, my cock gets hard. I’m on a college campus with 2,000 girls, I’m hard most of the time. That’s why I wear baggy pants all the time.

“That’s too bad, it’s a shame to hide that fine ass of yours.” Lisa told her.

“Now the $64,000 question: how big is it?”

“Jenna, god that is really rude.”

“No, it’s not. It’s like asking a girl what their bra size is or something.”

Amelia laughed and said, “This is the first time that question has ever come up.”

Jenna snorted loudly, “Come up, get it?”

“Are you fucking retarded or something?” Lisa asked her.

“Sometimes. Like after a really good licking, it makes me feel that way.”

Amelia said, “Enough of that you two. I’ll tell you, when it’s hard it is 8 inches long and an inch and a half in diameter.”

The girls sat there stunned, unable to say a word. They were both thinking the same thing, that it was like combining Gary and Todd into one cock.

Jenna broke the silence first, “I’m sorry Amelia, but I just have to see that. Not that I don’t believe you, I just have to see that.”

Amelia looked at her thoughtfully then over at Lisa.

Lisa nodded her head and said, “Ditto for me.”

Amelia shrugged then stood and faced the bed.

It was hanging down at an angle, it looked to be about five inches long. Amelia reached down and stroked it to get it hard.

Jenna stopped her saying, “Could I do that for you, please?”

Amelia blushed deeply and said, “No one else has ever touched it before.”

“Then let me be the first, please, I’m begging you.”

“Well yes then, go ahead.”

Jenna put her hand on the cock just behind the head and got a firm grip, then started stroking it. With every stroke it seemed to gain half an inch. It was soon at it’s largest. All three of them were moaning as they stared at the magnificent organ.

Without thinking, Jenna leaned forward and took the head in her mouth. Amelia lurched backward and Jenna nearly fell off the bed onto her face because she wouldn’t let go with her mouth. She reached around Amelia and pulled her hips, driving the cock further into her mouth.

Amelia moaned and asked, “My god, is this what it feels like when I lick your pussy?”

Lisa laughed and said, “Pretty much yeah. Didn’t your cousin ever play with your cock?”

“No, never, all she wanted to do was have me suck her pussy. She never did anything in return.”

“What a selfish little cunt,” Lisa said indignantly.

Panting, Jenna pulled her mouth off the cock and begged, “Fuck me Amelia, put that cock in me and fuck me. I want you to shoot your load in my tight little pussy.”

“I’ve never done anything like that before, I don’t know what to do.” Amelia moaned.

Jenna laid on the bed with her legs spread, “It’s easy, get between my legs and start ramming that cock in me, don’t stop until we both come.”

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