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Chapter 04: Introducing The Granddaughter

All sexually active characters in this story are 18 years of age or older.


My adventures with the two bisexual coeds after a dorm party were still on my mind when I got a call from Eva, my dark-skinned older lover. She was asking if I would be interested in meeting her granddaughter who was about to move in. She told me that Kati would be attending my university in the spring. Instinctively knowing what Eva was asking, I answered yes right away. Though I sounded as eager as a virgin on his way to a deflowering, I knew I ready for this new chapter in my relationship with Eva.

Eva asked about whether I had been busy, “you know, schoolwork and… that other thing?”

I spent the better part of half an hour detailing my experiences with Bethany and Erica, including every detail I knew Eva would appreciate. In fact, she was appreciating it so much that within just a couple of minutes I noticed a change in her breathing. It was getting shorter and she was asking fewer questions. And in the background I could hear the distant sound of an electric motor.

“Are you enjoying this, Eva?” I probed.


“Is that what I think it is?”

“If you think it’s my biggest vibrator, you’re right.”

“Shall I continue, then?”

“Don’t you dare stop, sweet thing.”

I continued to tell Eva about how Erica had fucked her roommate right at my arm, and how I had pounded Erica when her turn came. The details flowed and I saved nothing in my descriptions. The more I got into the story, the better Eva sounded. I could now hear the squish and slop of her cunt as she got more and more into vibrator action.

I timed my tale to carry Eva towards orgasm, slowing up occasionally but following up with good hard details I knew she would enjoy. She especially enjoyed the part about the double-ender that Erica had worn and worked into her best friend. She also liked the bit about my cock sitting sloppily across my thigh, ready for the girls.

“I’ve seen it like that, Paul. Fuck! That hose of yours made them happy, I bet.”

Soon Eva was openly panting and encouraging me to give it to her. I word-fucked her until there was an explosion of passion on the other end of the phone. I had seen Eva come many times, but I could not recall once where she had been so open, loud and luscious.

I brought her down slowly, knowing how she would appreciate a nice wrap up to the story.

When Eva finally got herself back together she had a chance to explain why she’d called. Her granddaughter, Kati, was expected to arrive in a couple of weeks and take up residence with Eva and Ray in their home. They had lots of room and Kati needed to get away from her mom who was working out some serious issues. Likely the girl would be staying for only one semester, but maybe a bit longer. Eva really wanted to make her feel welcome and give her an on-campus friend who could help get her established and settled at school.

I was very happy to have been asked. “It is sweet of you to trust me so much, Eva.”

“Over the past several months, both Ray and I have been able to connect so well with you and we know you will take Kati under your wing and make sure she’s safe on campus. Besides, you’ll make a good date when we take her out on the town to show her where the fun is.”

We agreed that this would be good for all of us, but I still had a question: “What does Kati think of all this? Does she even know who I am?”

“Honey, we have been talking you up ever since we found out she was coming to stay with us; she is really looking forward to meeting you.”

“What did you tell her exactly?” I wondered as there was a lot Eva might have said that I couldn’t believe Kati would be ready for.

“Just how good a friend you are to both of us, and how we’d even met your family (yes, your aunt).”

“That’s it? Anything else?”

“Okay, maybe just a bit about how you’re pretty good looking and fit… and you have a motorcycle,” she tapered off.

“Go on.”

“Kati really liked that you had a bike. It seems like she had a short ride a few years ago and never got over it, and you’ll like this part: she can’t wait to hop on with you!”

This was getting better, but I really wondered what I was getting myself into. Eva invited me to a friendly gathering at their house in two weeks’ time after Kati had arrived. “She’ll be here on the 15th and will be settled in a bit when you come over the next day, Saturday.”

“I am already planning it, Eva.”

“And ride the bike, stud.”

The next two weeks dragged on interminably. I had a very rough idea of what Kati looked like but I also knew she was still 17. Too young for me. For anyone actually. But I could always be a friend, especially as her grandma could take care of my needs, bahis firmaları and my cock’s, you get the picture.

I got a call on Friday night from Ray after Kati had landed. He told me the reunion had been wonderful as they’d not seen her for over a year. “She’s grown up quite a bit, you should know.”

That didn’t matter to me: “still too young, Ray,” I gently poked fund.

“You’re right, of course, but I think you will find her fun nonetheless.”

He explained that Eva had taken Kati out shopping for clothes and other necessities that her mother had not been able to provide. They would be back late but were already planning the next night’s little event.

That night I had a nightmare that Kati was a horrible, disfigured fat ogre loved only by her family. I woke up in a sweat, but was able to put it out of my mind as ridiculous. ‘I trust Eva and she would never do that to me,’ I thought. ‘Besides, we can only be friends.’

I was able to avoid any ‘thoughts’ about Kati based on what I already knew. She’d be cute, friendly and juvenile. In other words, just a kid, and with that in mind, I went back to bed thinking of her grandmother. It was Eva’s body and pussy that I envisioned as I stroked myself, at first slowly and gently, then ever harder until I couldn’t hold it off any longer. I was lying in bed jacking off and when I finally shot my wad it went straight past my head and landed on the headboard. The remainder dribbled across my tight stomach and onto my chest. “Fuck! I wish Eva’s tits had caught that,” I said aloud.

The next day went quickly and by dinner time I was ready to head off to the little party. I had no idea who would be there, but my impression was that it would only be the four of us as the intent was to introduce Kati to her new friend. I wondered if there would be a chance to get naked with Eva, maybe while Ray kept Kati busy. I had not even left and already I was getting horny; my cock was semi-hard for the whole time I was getting ready.

It occurred to me to do a something about it but I decided there was no time. ‘Besides, Eva loves a big load,’ I told myself. I added, ‘sure hope she gets one from me.’

I rode up to the house and parked the bike near the garage, leaving my helmet and gloves on the seat and walked around to the front of the house. I was feeling so nervous and my heart was pounding. How that should happen I could not figure out. I was visiting two good friends, one of whom I had fucked many times and the other whose cock I had even touched. Sure Kati was new, but she was just a their granddaughter. A 17-year-old kid. Why was I nervous?

Thinking it through calmed me and I gave the doorbell a clang. In about five seconds Eva was at the door letting me in. She grabbed me in a big hug, telling me they’d missed me and were glad I could come over tonight. Eva was practically rubbing against me, pressing her very healthy chest against mine. Then it was over.

We walked from the hallway into the family room where Ray was sitting in front of the tube with a drink at his hand. He got up and gave me a firm handshake and a ‘man hug’ with one arm. “It’s great to see you, Paul.”

What was going on? We had visited many times, not always for sex, but often enough to be beyond this level of welcome. What was up, I wondered?

I did not mention Kati at all, figuring they’d let me in on her whereabouts when they were ready. I was not really here for her, after all. I was doing my friends a favour and if all worked out well, I would make a new, albeit young, friend.

I sat across from Ray while Eva went to get me a drink and him a refresher. Ray chose that moment to chat a bit. “We have been very excited at receiving our granddaughter, Paul, but it’s been years since we had that kind of responsibility and it’s a bit intimidating. I mean, we’re pretty laid back and all that, but she’s so young. We’re worried she won’t feel right with us ‘old folks…’”

“You’re kidding me! You guys are just about the coolest couple over 30 that I have ever met. She will love you. Besides, I am not that much older that Kati and yet we seem to have hit it off pretty well, I winked.”

“That’s different. We seduced you and your aunt because we wanted you both. And since then, we have realized that you fit into our lifestyle, and bedroom even better than we could have hoped. That’s not really a fit Kati will find appropriate.”

“I guess you’re right: the bedroom, but also the pool, back deck, study, my dorm room, and even your car,” I boasted.

“True, but you get my point about fitting in, I hope.”

Eva walked in with the drinks, including a margarita for herself. Even though she was wearing very casual clothes, jeans that fit like a glove with a sloppy sweater over top, one with a gaping cowl neck that teased as she leaned over me to hand me a scotch and water.

“I kaçak iddaa was explaining to Paul why we are a bit uptight right now, love.”

“Good. Will he help us?”

“What do you mean, help you?” I asked.

“It’s what we talked about before, about your being a friend for Kati on campus, and maybe here as well. Kati has had some very difficult months with her mother and we are worried she won’t feel comfortable with us, the new city, and university,” explained Eva.

It surprised me that Eva could be so concerned about this, but they genuinely felt that they might not be good enough for their granddaughter.

I put their mind at ease: “When you first asked me to do this, I was happy to agree because you’re my friends. But now I feel even more strongly that I can help. I promise I will keep an eye on Kati, make sure she’s comfortable around campus and maybe even take her out once in a while, maybe to a show or concert or something.”

I must have said the magic words because Eva got up, came straight to me and gave me the biggest hug she ever had; and I got a great look at her superb tits again (hey, I’m a guy and who can avoid looking at a great rack?)

“Where is Kati?” I finally decided to ask.

Eva replied that she was still getting ready. It turns out she was nervous, too, and taking longer to shower and dress than normal. ‘Oh? I thought.’

Eva offered to go up see what was taking Kati so long. “Back in a minute with our newest family member.”

Ray and I just watched some mindless game on television, not really paying attention, but it got both our minds off the subtle anxiety in the room.

After a while we heard a sound at the top of the stairs. Eva was leading the way with Kati right behind her. Now, Eva is quite a tall woman and while not overweight, still a pretty good size. All I could see of Kati were her legs behind Eva.

Eva stepped aside and let her granddaughter take the lead coming down the stairs.

“Oh, my god!” I thought I said to myself, but Ray mumbled a confirmation.

This was no 17-year-old kid. She was a woman, no doubt about that.

Kati came down the stairs slowly; she knew how to make an entrance. (I found out later that she’d been so nervous she had worried about tripping and falling down the carpeted stairs. It wasn’t an entrance after all.)

Eva stood at the top of the stairs, but she was watching me, not Kati.

I kept mumbling to myself ‘she’s jailbait — stop thinking that.’

Kati was about five feet tall, very petite with the most charming, innocent and genuinely beautiful face. This girl came from great stock!

She wore black leggings that pulled tightly against her legs and thighs, highlighting their perfect shape. She had the well-proportioned legs of a runner with muscular and shapely thighs. Her legs were nicely showing off because of a pair of medium heels. On top Kati was wearing a lightweight lycra top that made the most of her chest. The low-cut top showed a great deal of her breasts, only a few inches above her nipples. And they were just noticeable slightly bulging through despite her wearing what appeared to be a sports bra under the lycra.

I couldn’t believe that this woman, I mean girl, would dress so provocatively in front of her grandparents! Then again, I knew both Eva and Ray had very healthy attitudes to sexuality. ‘But she’s just a girl,’ I thought. ‘Stop looking at her like you want her.’

I kept my eyes on Kati as she slowly came down the stairs, each step carefully placed. I assumed she was new to heels, a fact later confirmed over dinner.

Kati had thick, dark brown hair that flowed onto her shoulders like satin. It was tied back with a lovely bow that matched the mauve of her stretchy top. This girl had good taste, and the body to pull it off.

When she reached the landing, Eva prompted her to give us a twirl to show off her new outfit bought earlier in the day just for this evening. “You look so beautiful, Kati,” said Ray.

“Fabulous!” added Eva. “What do you think, Paul?”

Put on the spot like that broke the stare I had inadvertently been giving Kati (and she knew it). “You’re right, Kati is a very pretty girl,” was all I could come up with under pressure. Lame.

Eva invited Kati to sit by her, almost directly in front of me. I loved the view: my lover Eva with her dancer’s body and stripper’s tits next to a petite and disproportionally large-breasted young woman. I was breaking a sweat thinking about how I would try to get Eva to look after me later, once Kati had gone to bed… early I hoped.

We chatted for a while and I learned more about Kati and what she thought of the city so far. She mentioned that what she knew was only from Eva and Ray and that she was looking forward to a tour of the area to get acclimatized. That’s when Ray suggested I should kaçak bahis take her for a ride on my bike as he and Eva prepared dinner.

“I’m good with that, as long as Kati’s interested,” I said.

“Want to give it a try, Kati?” asked Ray.

The response was quiet and shy, but Kati agreed that it “might be nice.”

Eva kidded her, saying “you’re kidding! Earlier today that was all you could talk about.”

“Grandma. Shush! That was private.”

I gave her an out saying “lots of people are a bit nervous their first time on a bike, but don’t worry. I will take good care of you.”

Kati went upstairs to get a heavier jacket and to put on some short boots and I went outside to dig out my second helmet and fire up the bike. When she came out, Kati was alone and all set to experience her first motorcycle ride.

In those days I had a big bike, a 750cc machine. In those days that was on the big side, and it was ideal for two-up riding. I gave Kati some tips on how to sit, where to hold on and how to mount the bike once I was in place.

Kati was a natural right from the start. Prompted, she climbed on one peg and threw a leg over the seat, dropping in like an old hand.

The bike may have been big for its time, but the seating was pretty tight, especially with no backrest. That meant Kati had to hold on to me. I liked that.

We started off slowly as I introduced her to the feel of riding. I accelerated and did tighter turns after a while. She was loving it, too. And she was holding on very tightly as I could feel her generous chest pressed against me through the leather jacket.

We rode for almost an hour, taking turns increasingly fast as she encouraged me by shouting into my ear, “this is so much fun — I love it!” all the while holding tightly against me.

We rode up the driveway just in time for dinner. After I got off the bike, she threw herself at me and gave me an amazing hug and a peck on the cheek (that she could barely reach) and said, “when can we go again? I can’t wait.”

Before I could answer, she’d run into the house and was already boasting about the experience to Eva and Ray in the kitchen.

“Seems like we have another biker here, Paul,” said Ray.

“It was fun, and she’s a total natural. I’m looking forward to the next ride too,” I answered. It had been fun, but those melons against my back made it fantastic. I knew I would wear a lightweight jacket next time, or maybe just the shirt on my back. (“Oops… I needed to be careful: too young,” I told myself for the umpteenth time.”

We were joined for dinner by two other of Eva and Ray’s friends. I had never met Matt and Evan, but they were neighbours from a few doors down. And they were a couple! That did surprise me as I had had very little occasion to meet gay men. In those days it was a rare couple that would be seen as such. But again, my friends were non-judgemental and welcoming.

Matt and Evan turned out to be most entertaining. Evan was so funny he had us in stitches again and again. And Matt had stories to share about his time in the Canadian navy.

It was almost 9 pm by the time we sat down to dinner. We had a lovely meal, several glasses of wine; Kati had a two herself. Again, I was glad my friends were open-minded. When we finished dinner we went back to the family room and it was time for board games. We played Monopoly and all lost to mega-developer Kati as it turned out.

“We are bankrupt so it’s back home for us,” said Evan admitting defeat. We all said out goodnights and it was back to the four of us. It was almost midnight. And it was time for a surprise.

Eva had gone back to the kitchen, for drinks I assumed, but then Ray turned off the main lights and a moment later, Eva came back into the room. She was carrying a big cake decorated with a bunch of candles.

Walking in, Eva began the song: “Happy birthday to you…”

Ray joined in and I followed right after, admittedly confused. It was Kati’s birthday; she was now 18 years old! And I was shocked to realize what that meant. Kati was no longer off-limits! Of course, the trust that Eva had put in me to look after Kati meant nothing was going to happen, but at least I could ogle and fantasize, and yes, masturbate, all with no guilt associated with wanting an underage girl.

Starting with Ray, we each took turns giving Kati hugs. I was last, but it felt like I got the best and longest hug. Hmmm… made me think.

After a bit of cake and a bit more wine, we all got ready to retire for the night. Eva had insisted I stay over because I had been drinking and it was getting late. I got the guest bedroom on the second floor, next to the master bedroom. Kati’s room was on the other side of the master.

I fell asleep almost right away and was sleeping soundly when something woke me up. I didn’t open my eyes but sensed something was different. I became aware of a very light, sweet floral fragrance. Opening my eyes made no difference as the room was completely dark. Then I heard a slight movement.

Continued in Doing Eva 4 (2)…

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