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DoggingL is Pettit but an amazing body. Both in our early 30’s. My GF and I have been very adventurous as time has gone on. Favoured thing was she loved to just wear a loss dress and boots. This was just like a normal night texting all day and flirting with pics and me send short stories of getting caught but loveing it. L had never really given a clue to me of what she might do. I offer up a bottle of wine for dinner and bare one glass she had the lot. Hum not the norm! We head to the country side like normal. She starts by get my pants down and play with my cock. I start to play with her pussy as it gets wetter and wetter. We are not quite out of town and she pull her tits out and and hitches the bottom of the dress up. “We’re in town still” she knew but I could feel how wet she was. Ok let’s see where we can take this I think. Rather than our normal spot out the way. I decided to head to a spot just near a local country park. As we are driving along she’s now suck my cock really hard and has her ass in the air touching sakarya escort the window. I am sure a few car and people we passed saw this and I told her. But this don’t seem to slow her up. We get to the spot and drive round to the back of the car park. No one around pitch black, perfect for some funny anyway. About 15 mins goes past and a couple of cars come in. The come close by and L doesn’t flinch. The park about 20yards from us. I tell L and she just shrugged as her head bobbed on my cock. I know the sign to give out. So flick the light on and then off. Sure enough a couple of guys in the 40’s get out of one car and come over hoods up over they heads. Both of them have hands down the pants and wanking. I ask L if she want to give them a show. And she says yes. Result I get her to sit on my face so I can lick her pussy juices. I locking and slipping my fingers in her pussy as well. I reach to the window controls and drop it down about half way. Next thing I know one guy is playing with L’s tits and nipples. escort sakarya And she has said anything. One guy asks if he can have a play down there. Before I can speak L says yes. Next thing I know this hand is right in front of my face play with her clit. I ask L why don’t you just stick you ass out the window and let him fuck then? She twist round off my face and pokes her butt out the window. I shocked but so hard I feel like I am going to pop. L suddenly mones as he slips his cock inside her and starts fucking her. She is using one hand to hold her self in the window then drops the other to my cock and starts to wank me off. I ask L if she wants to get stretched as she loves to be fisted but has never had two or more cocks at ones. She says yes. I surfers we best get out the car then. I grab a blanket off he back seat and we both get out. As she does she strips total naked. The guys are really sweet and pay her some really good compliments. Blanket down and she is on it like a flash. The other guys has his sakarya escort bayan cock out now and both of them are like k**s in a sweet shop. I grab some luv out the car. And ask her to ride me. As she gets on I luv up her pussy with loads of lube. As I am doing this I also lube up her butt hole. Out of now where she tell the first guys to fuck her ass. It feels strange when he Alisa his cock in her butt as I am balls deep already. We are both now alternating in and out of her she gets the other guys to come to her side and starts sucking his cock. Poor chap didn’t last long! She only sucked him off for about 30 secs before he shot his load. Just missing my face I may add! It was long before I burst my load in side her pussy too. I could take it much more. But the other guy went on for a little longer. But I could feel him come deep inside L’s ass. As he did she let out one almighty gasp as she came as well. She had been building it form when we were in the car. No talking after that the two men got them selfs together and walked off thank us as they went. l and I got up. She got dressed and had a massive smile on her face. We drove home in silence. No sex when we got home but both slept well. Next day we talked about it. And she agreed we have to do that again.

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