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Doctors TouchI recently was told the Dr that I have had for yrs was retiring and a new Dr would be there instead.I had an appointment already but read the letter and thought oh great, more paperwork n crap to do on this visit.I showed up 20 minutes early and after a short wait in the waiting room I was taken back to the exam room.The nurse went thru the paperwork I had filled out, she asked a few questions and then said for me to undress and put on this lil gown and lay down on the bench table they have there.I removed my clothes and put on the gown and laid down and began my wait.Your told to show up on time but they have no problem taking there time getting to you it seems like.Finally the Dr showed up. He was perhaps 40 yrs of age, good looking but not overly so. he looked to be in nice shape without the bulging muscles some guys seem to want to haveWe briefly discussed my health and the reason for my visit. He looked over the notes from my previous Dr and at one point stopped and asked, is this true?I had a confused looked on balıkesir escort my face and he let me read the note….”small penis”I gave abit of a laugh and said yes Im afraid I wasn’t gifted with a tree sized penis at birth.he said Hmmm, were gonna have to have a look.With that he got up and lifted up the gown.Instinctively I covered myself but he held my hand back and soon the gown was up near my chin and my body was on display for him.He poked n prodded around my belly button and thru my pubic hair for abit, making hmm and aaaaa comments to himself as he did. I finally felt his hand grab the head of my penis and lift my little shaft up. I felt him squeeze my cock head as he seemed to look into my pee slit. he soon moved his hand down my shaft, occasionaly making comments and stopping and starting motions.Soon as my million mile per hour heartbeat speed up I felt him take my testicle in his hand.I felt my breath catch and felt him slightly squeeze him. I love my sack played with and this naturally caused blood to leave escort balıkesir my brain and head downhill.I felt myself begin to stiffen, I was like oh geez boner in front of the new dr,  I tried to focus on something anything else but his hands were quite grippy on my sack and I knew he could probably see my growing erection.He soon looked at me and said in a quite calm voice. Nice little boner you have, how close are you to cumming.I muttered something like, soon and had this embarrassed but aroused look on my face.I tried to cover myself but again he moved my hand away. He took his hand and slowly began stroking me, up and down my lil shaft. He would pinch my cock head every so often and soon took his other hand and cupped my sack with it.I felt my breath catch again, my heart was going crazy. I could feel him playing with my sack and I spread my legs abit farther apart. He soon shifted his hand position, he still had ahold of my sack but I felt one of his fingers slowly slide towards my asshole.Within moments he balıkesir escort bayan was there and I felt his finger gently push in, he didn’t go in to far but it was enough.I let out a moan, I was very close to cumming.he suddenly bent over, placed my penis in his mouth, he took me all the way in, his nose was buried in my pubic hair.I felt his tongue working its way all over my head n shaft. His other hand squeezing my sack and his finger in my ass.I then felt his teeth, gently bite at the base of my shaft and that sent the final command to my sack to cum.I thrust into his mouth, I wanted to grab his head but didn’t. I felt myself tighten up around his finger as I shot my load into his eager mouth.He sucked my dry and continued for a few moments until my lil shaft had softened up and slipped from his mouth.He smiled and said, now, how did that feel. I said fantastic. He smiled and said your quite tasty. I smiled but didn’t say anything.he reached over and grabbed a few paper towels and wiped me off. I noticed he had removed his finger from my ass and my licking it. This made me smile again.he sat back down and after some recommendations about my current health told me I could get dressed.he said as he was about to leave, I hope to see you again, I smiled and thought damn right you will.

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