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Didn’t know of the 2nd timeAnother time that I learned of the little Latina wife of mine, it was a time I tried many times to get her to be some kind of naughty. Then I found out something she did that was little naughty, it was another house party we were at. Where I met another pair of men who knew my wife and her boy toy Mark. Now at this point I again only really knew of her one-time sexual visit but when the house party awhile back opened my eyes on her, I was silently looking for more stories if there were any of course. This time also proved that there was, she told me how she would visit mark but never said anymore on the subject. On this day like the first time we got settled in at the party and I went to just hang out while talking to the people around. The layout of this house was a 2 story house with a back yard to boot. During the walking around from group to group just making noise like usual, I saw a guy who I thought was a friend of mark’s. Turned out he was that friend of a friend, so he and I started to talk him about life and such during this rather lengthy conversation I brought up some of wives were really hot and love to see them naked. This guy started to smile at me and said that he saw least one of the wives in there naked once at mark’s house. I was intrigued part of me wanting but then not wanting to hear of the woman being the wife. To my readied surprise he asked me if I seen that Latina chick that is in the house just hanging out, my wife being the only Latina I nodded yes. He looked around at first and started to explain to me that the all Latinas are sluts. Began to talk about her one time she came over and he, mark and another guy was all hanging at marc’s house. It was a normal morning for the wife she woke up got the k** ready for the day. During the morning routine she got herself dressed in pants and a shirt. All was mostly quiet around the house with the k** at preschool, she was at the house all by herself. Around 1100 mark called her up and asked her what she was doing, when she told him about the nice quiet day. bornova escort He told her should come over and visit, when she said sure and asked any requests, he said he wanted her naked as possible. When she asked what should she wear he ask her if she owned any pajamas and loose shirts, when she said yes he went wear those when you come to my house. Upon which the wife decided to make mark happy for when she came to visit him. The story will get two events one is of the wife’s account the other is of the guy I talked to. I will let the reader make their own conclusion of what happened this time around at mark’s house. The wife confessed to me months later that she did go to his house wearing nothing but sweat pants and a loose shirt. While enroute to his house the car needed gas and she found herself getting gas before finishing the journey to his house. In her account mark was alone and had no problem when she met him at the house, as soon as the door closed from the outside world she let him strip her at the door. Where upon she got on her knees and begun to suck on his cock slow at first the deeper each time. To the point mark had her stop and asked her to move to the kitchen where there was a chair he can sit. Once in the kitchen she resumed her duty while his hands explored her body and went into her pussy. After she made him cum, he had no problem sitting her down on the same chair and proceeded to lick her pussy cat clean. With her moaning wanting his dick even more his fingers going in out of both her pussy and ass she wanted his dick. Once he got hard enough he put the head of his dick in her pussy a few times. To her account he never entered her but maybe 4 inches of his dick. After a half hour of this his dick was wet enough to play with her asshole. She spoke of there being no penetration or maybe just his head going into her ass. Not his whole dick just his head once they played for a few hours like this she came a few times he came. She walked back to her clothes put them back on and went home. Now I do understand his story bornova escort bayan and her story could be two different events, the only reason why I think it could have been the same is a few times the wife told me that she and mark played together. He had friends over, now I am not a smart man. I do find it hard to believe that my wife could suck off a guy with his friends in the room next to them especially if that room is a kitchen is connected to the living room. If she could I would say either the guy is an early cummer due to the situation or he told his friends to not travel into the kitchen until he came out. Another thing the wife told me that she would also not say no if she was already in the horny mode she would suck and fuck all there. Meaning when I inquired on the what if she was sucking mark and one of his boys came in what would she do. She confessed that she would offer and if the guy took out his cock she was sucking it no stopping her. Now for this guy’s version of what happened, he and another friend were hanging out with mark was on the phone with someone and was like cool head on over. When he and the friend both asked mark who was that he replied with just a friend. So the two of them continued to watch to while thinking nothing of it. About what felt like forever they both heard the door knock and he went to answer the door. Now marks front door opens to the kitchen but there is a wall near the door frame so one would not see anyone who is in the living room. The guy described to me who he heard the door open and close and a woman’s voice. The noises of clothes coming off and the playing of bodies then about five minutes walked in a naked woman who did not know that there were other men. Look on her face like well I have company, Upon which she sat down on the couch and opened her legs where upon mark went down on her. With mark munching on her pussy the guy telling me the story took out his cock and the Latina started to jack him off. As the other guy was dropping his pants for the Latina, she used her open hand escort bursa to help the guy remove his pants. After the three guys had their dicks out mark stopped with eating her out to flipping her on her belly on the couch. Then went back to eating her out with the guy she was jacking moved to the back of the couch and put his cock on her lips the other guys watched as she started to jerk him off. Then after a few minutes’ mark stopped eating her out and let one of the guys move in and let that Latina suck him off and that is when the guy told me that with all those dicks out. She seemed to really enjoy herself, to the point when she asked who’s first it was mark of course the guy told me that they each had a piece of her either sucking getting sucked, or putting their dicks in her. Of course she says that no one ever penetrated her. This guy saying that she had dicks in every hole least twice. With the three men switching, once she was full and the men spent. She relaxed of the final stages of her filling up. The guy told me for about an another hour he was just in awe struck of this naked Latina covered and filled with cum. Had no problem with relaxing on the couch naked totally worn out. After everyone was rested she gave everyone a goodbye got dressed in the sweat pants and shirt and left for her house. After being told of this story by this guy I was full of lustful questions one of which dealt with every hole least twice. He responded that he fucked her in the ass least twice and for she wanted it so did the other two guys. Smiled at me going who ever married that slut I feel sad for because she is a total slut and no qualms with mark and me the other guy fucking her brains out. I was not in any kind of mental anguish but fill of lustful thoughts of Latina wife of mine being a married slut and doing all of those naughty things.Once we left the house party me and the Latina were talking and while there I asked her if she knew many people there and she told me that she knew some of the guys here. When I asked how did you meet them she said they were marks friends also
why she did not mind coming to the party. Each time we went to these house parties I never did get to meet marc.For I was only told of her one-time lover, was never told about the 6 months of play that lead up to the main event.

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