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Toby Johnson had a fitful sleep recalling all the things that had happened that afternoon.

How he’d been seduced, sucked and fucked by Mr Gayson, his music teacher, while his mother had been used and abused by his headmaster, Adam Jones and Mrs Smith, the school secretary who when Mr Grayson left came to the bedroom he was in and sucked and fucked him for the rest of the afternoon.

He’d told his mother that he never wanted to go back to the headmaster’s house ever again, but he knew it was a lie.

The rest of the week went quietly for Toby until Friday when he was caught cheating at a maths test by his form teacher Mrs Styles. When everyone had left the school Toby found himself being kept behind. He sat at the front of the classroom and waited until his teacher had finished some of her marking.

Mrs Styles was not a good looking woman. She was in her mid fifties, with grey hair and a rotund figure. She always wore a jumper that covered her large breasts, a tweed skirt that covered her even larger bottom and her sturdy thighs.

She stood up, walked over to the classroom door and locked it as well as pulling the blinds down.

‘Right young man. Drop your trousers and lean forward over my desk,’ she ordered Toby.

She walked behind her desk and took out a thin cane from one of the drawers. It was her favourite implement of punishment. It stung but it didn’t cause any lasting damage.

Toby felt her come up behind him and roll his underpants down to his thighs. He jumped slightly as her hand ran over his smooth pale buttocks. He was sure he heard her gasp as she caressed his bottom.

He felt her tap the came twice on his bottom before she brought it down on him causing him to shriek and bolt upright. ‘Get back down boy and stay down. If you do that again I’ll double the strokes to twelve.’

Toby gripped tight hold of the desk and managed to remain bent over as he endured the beating.

‘Go and stand facing the wall until I tell you otherwise. Leave your trousers where they are,’ she told him. Toby hobbled over to the wall and stood as he was ordered. Soon the pain in his bottom gave way to a dull ache and he was surprised to find himself getting an erection. He was mortified and hoped that Mrs Styles hadn’t notice it. Unfortunately for Toby she had.

She carried on with her marking whilst glancing at the young boy’s stiff cock. Toby was willing his cock to go down but the fact that he was half naked in front of his fully clothed teacher only caused his cock to stiffen even more. He hadn’t noticed her standing behind him until she reached round and took hold of his throbbing erection. She gently started to stroke him. ‘You are a naughty boy aren’t you?’ she asked. Toby nodded. ‘Tell me you’re a naughty boy,’ she said as she wanked him a a little harder. ‘I…I..I’m a naughty boy,’ whispered Toby as he felt his mature teacher lean into him, her breasts pushing into his back through his school shirt. ‘A very naughty boy indeed,’ she said.

‘M…mi…miss I’m going to…’

‘Yes, what are you going to do?’ his teacher asked masturbating him furiously now.

‘Oh God,’ groaned Toby as his cum flew out of his cock and landed on the wall and dripped down onto the wooden floor.

‘Clean up your mess and go,’ she said walking back to her desk to finish her marking.

As Toby was entering school the next day he bumped into the headmaster who told Toby that he should thank Mrs Styles properly for the caning she gave him. Toby wondered how the headmaster knew but agreed that he would.

Later that day after school Toby stayed behind and when everyone had gone he approached his teacher.

She was surprised to see him and asked, ‘Is everything okay Toby?’

‘Er…yes miss. I er..just want to thank you properly for giving me my caning yesterday,’ he said.

‘Really. Well then,’ Mrs Styles said as she stood up and once again went to the door, locking it and pulling down the blinds.

She sat back down in her chair and said, ‘in that case come here!’

She leaned back in her chair and eased her tights down to her knees. Opening her legs she pulled her loose cotton panties to one side. ‘You know what to do, I’m sure!’

Toby knelt between her thighs and pushed his face into his old teacher’s pussy. Mrs Styles clamped her thighs together on his face as he started to lick her hairy pussy then pulled her tights back up trapping the poor boy’s head. The aroma of her sweaty pussy was actually turning Toby on.

Soon she was moaning and humping his face until she screamed out in orgasmic bliss.

She pulled him up and told him to stand in front of her. She noticed his face was covered with her juices but she also saw Toby was sporting an erection.

‘Like that did you? I’ll have to do something about that,’ she said undoing his trousers and easing his zip down. Toby’s hard young cock popped out and she took it in her hand, slowly stroking it.

‘We can’t have that going to waste, can we,’ she said as she pulled her tights canlı bahis şirketleri and knickers down around her ankles. ‘Come here,’ she said pulling Toby by his cock. Toby stepped over her underwear as she rubbed his cock up and down her pussy lips. ‘Fuck me boy and fuck me good,’ she exclaimed.

Toby pushed himself fully into her eliciting a groan from his teacher. He was surprised to find how tight she was.

As he started to fuck her she started to talk dirty. This shocked Toby as he’d always thought of her as rather straight laced.

‘That’s it boy, fuck your old teachers pussy.’

‘Oh God, I’ve not had a hard cock in me in ages. My dull husband can’t get it up.’

‘I’m going to keep you back in class more often. That’s it fuck me and give me your cum.’

She pulled up her jumper and eased her huge breasts out of her bra then started playing with her nipples. Toby’s cock got bigger at the kinky sight before him.

Toby banged away at his old teacher causing her to have mini orgasms as she built up to her final one. ‘That’s it. Oh God, I’m nearly there. Keep fucking me,’ she screamed. Toby could feel his loins throbbing and he hoped he could hold out until she had hers. Mrs Styles now had both hands on his buttocks as she pulled him tightly to her, her breasts bouncing in front of him.

Her middle finger sought out his little hole. ‘Oh God,’ thought Toby. She slid her podgy digit into him to the first knuckle which caused Toby’s to groan. ‘Like that do you?’ she smirked.

Suddenly her pussy closed tightly around his throbbing cock and she let out a scream as she came and at the same time she pushed her finger fully into his arse. Toby ejaculated into her seconds later.

Toby slipped out of his teacher and was surprised to see his cock was still rock hard. So was Mrs Styles.

She leaned forward and took hold of his cock masturbating him.

‘You are insatiable,’ she said her fist pounding up and down his shaft. ‘Mrs Turner is going to want to see you when I tell her what you are like. She’ll probably put you over her knee and spank you before she fucks you!’

Toby groaned at the thought of his middle aged English teacher doing that to him.

This triggered his second orgasm and he gushed his cum all over her fingers.

After they had cleaned up a tired and drained Toby made his way home.

The Headmaster was sitting at home drinking a large glass of red wine and listening to Vivaldi when the telephone rang. It was Susie Johnson asking if she could pop over. She didn’t say why and a curious Adam agreed.

Half an hour later she turned up and asked if she could use his bathroom. Adam nodded and went back to sipping his wine. Ten minutes later she returned and Adam looked on in amazement.

She had her blonde hair in bunches, she was wearing light blue eye shadow and pink lipstick. It was how she was dressed that intrigued Adam. She was wearing a tight white blouse that was tied under her bra-less breasts allowing her hard nipples to poke through the fabric, a tiny pleated grey skirt and an old school tie of her son’s. On her legs she had pale grey hold up stockings and grey high heel shoes.

She looked at Adam and lisped, ‘Headmaster, I seem to have been a very naughty girl and forgotten my panties.’ She emphasised this by lifting up her short skirt to reveal her cleanly shaven pussy.

‘Do you think I need to be spanked?’

She was happy to see the bulge in the headmaster’s trousers…

It was nearly the half term holiday and Toby didn’t have any plans on how to spend it. After the incident in the shower room at school he didn’t have many friends.

When his mother wasn’t working she seemed to be spending more time over at the headmaster’s house.

On the last day before the holidays Mrs Smith, the school secretary, called him into her office. ‘Mrs Turner would like you to pop and see her before you go home, can you do that Toby?’ Toby nodded and wondered what she wanted.

At four o’clock when the school was emptying Toby made his way to his English teachers room. Mrs Turner was a forty three year old divorcee. She was five feet six inches tall with blonde hair to her shoulders and a curvy figure. Toby had always stared at her breasts under her silk blouses in class and many a time his mind had wandered off in erotic thoughts of her.

Toby knocked on the door and entered when called. ‘You wanted to see me Miss?’

‘Yes Toby, how are you? I was wondering if you were doing anything special next week?’ she asked.

‘No, not particularly,’ replied Toby.

‘I have a few odd jobs to do around my house and as I don’t have a man to help me any more I wondered of you would be kind enough to pop by and give he a hand? I’ll pay you of course,’ she said.

Toby thought for a second and realising it was better than staying around his house he agreed. They arranged for Toby to go to Mrs Turner’s house at eleven o’clock on Monday morning. When he had left Mrs Smith popped her head around canlı kaçak iddaa the classroom door and asked, ‘Well Barbara, did he go for it?’ Mrs Turner confirmed he had. ‘Just leave him to me for a couple of days and then you can join in,’ she added.

On Monday morning at the agreed time Toby rang the bell at Barbara Turner’s home. He could hear the click clack of high heels on the wooden hallway floor.

‘Toby, how nice. Please do come in.’

Mrs Turner opened the door wide for him to brush past his English teacher.

‘Do go through to the sitting room,’ she directed.

Toby sat down on the sofa and Mrs Turner took a chair opposite.

Crossing her legs Toby couldn’t help but notice what she was wearing. She had on a tight silver silk blouse that accentuated her breasts clad in a shiny silver silk bra, a grey pencil skirt with matching nylons and high heels.

‘So how are you Toby?’ she asked.

Toby said he was fine, a little bored and that he was glad to come over to help her.

‘Oh good,’ she said. ‘So how are you getting on in your other lessons?’ she asked.

Toby just muttered something about doing OK.

‘Oh, I heard you had a run in with Mrs Styles. Weren’t you caught cheating at a Maths test?’ she queried.

Toby admitted he had.

‘That’s not all you were doing with Mrs Styles, was it Toby?’

Toby didn’t answer, he just blushed.

‘What did she say I would do to you?’

Toby muttered something inaudible.

‘Say it out loud boy!’ she demanded.

‘Er, she said you would spank me before…,’ he replied.

‘Before what?’ she asked teasingly.

‘Before…before you er…fucked me,’ said an embarrassed Toby.

‘Yes she did, didn’t she.’ said Mrs Turner who then stood up and walked towards him.

‘She’s right, of course. Come with me.’ she said as she held her hand out for him.

She led Toby by the hand along the hall to the stairs, her high heels click clacking on the wooden floor all the way up to her bedroom.

Inside the room she ordered Toby to strip. Naked he stood with his arms by his side as he’d been told.

‘Nice cock Toby. I can see why Mrs Styles raved about it,’ she commented.

She stood in front of him and slowly dragged the zip of her tight grey skirt down. Undoing the clasp she slowly eased it over her hips.

Toby gasped as his mature teacher stood there in her shiny silver blouse and shiny silver satin girdle that held up her shiny grey stockings. She was still wearing her high heels.

‘Right my boy,’ she said sitting down on the edge of the bed. ‘Get over my knee now.’

Toby gulped as he bent over her knees. Mrs Turner opened her thighs to trap Toby’s cock between them.

The first smack came as a surprise. It wasn’t too hard but it made Toby groan. The second, third and fourth came in quick succession causing Toby’s cock to rub between her stocking thighs. Mrs Turner moved slightly which caused leg to change position. Now his cock was trapped between the nylon on one leg and a suspender clasp on the other.

This created greater friction as the blows became relentless. Toby was moaning. ‘Miss, please Miss, you must stop,’ he cried as his orgasm built.

‘Miss please. Oh noooooo,’ he exclaimed as his cock erupted all over her thighs.

Mrs Turner opened her thighs and pushed him on the floor. ‘Clean that mess up with your tongue,’ she ordered. Toby did as he was told, sucking his cum from her stockings and licking it off her bare thighs.

She opened her legs to reveal a neatly trimmed blonde pussy.

‘Get your face in there and pleasure me boy!’

Toby licked between her pussy lips, slid his tongue beneath her folds and licked and sucked on his teachers clitoris. Soon Mrs Turner was moaning and gyrating her thighs, pulling his head tighter into her snatch.

With her free hand she unbuttoned her blouse and pushed up her bra so she could play with her now hard nipples.

‘That’s it boy. Oh yes.’ ‘Use that tongue. Fuck you’re good.’ ‘Oh God,’ she screamed as her orgasm exploded and she came all over his face.

Mrs Turner sat up and removed her blouse and bra before lying down full length on the bed. ‘Come up here and join me Toby,’ she ordered to the still kneeling boy.

Toby climbed up onto the bed and lay beside his teacher.

Mrs Turner leaned over the boy and kissed him hard on the lips, tasting her own cum. ‘Thank you Toby. That was marvelous.’

She slowly stroked his body. Over his chest where she played with his nipples making him gently moan then down over his stomach towards his groin where she took hold of his rampant cock.

‘I want you to fuck me first Toby,’ she said as she pulled him over her and between her thighs. Toby didn’t need to be asked twice as he slid his cock into her tight pussy.

‘Oh God, that’s so good Toby,’ she moaned as he bottomed out inside her.

Wrapping her stocking clad thighs around his back she said, Fuck me!’ Toby obliged. Slowly at first then quicker canlı kaçak bahis and harder as she urged him on.

‘Kiss me Toby.’ she demanded. ‘I’m coming.’ Toby kissed her deep as she moaned into his mouth as her orgasm hit. Toby kept on fucking her as she devoured his mouth. Toby was panting and he knew he was about to cum.

‘That’s it Toby. Cum for me. Fill me with your seed,’ she whispered in his ear. When she stuck her tongue into it Toby groaned and spurted deep inside her pussy.

They fucked all morning and most of the afternoon. When it was time for Toby to leave Mrs Turner handed him a twenty pound note and told him she’d see him tomorrow.

‘I actually do have some work for you but we’ll have some fun afterwards,’ she told him.

Toby walked home smiling. He’d just had a fantastic day fucking the woman he’d lusted after all year and he was getting paid for it.

The next day Toby worked hard all morning in Mrs Turner’s garden. At lunch time he was called in and given a sandwich and a drink.

‘Oh dear Toby, you look hot and sweaty,’ she said when he’d finished his lunch. ‘Why don’t you have a shower and freshen up?’

She took him by the hand and led him up to her en-suite bathroom.

‘Jump in and I’ll grab you a towel,’ she told him.

Toby stood under the hot invigorating cascade of water when the shower door opened and an equally naked Barbara Turner entered.

She took the shower gel and squirted an good amount on her hand and started to soap the young boy’s body. Toby soon got an erection as his teacher’s large breasts kept rubbing against him.

Mrs Turner’s soapy hands began playing with his hard cock and tight balls.

‘Oh Miss, please don’t. I..I’m going to cum if you keep doing that,’ he cried.

‘Well we don’t want to waste it, do we? Let’s rinse and dry off so we can go to my bedroom,’ she said.

They both climbed on to Mrs Turner’s double bed and fell into each others arms, stroking and kissing and licking each other.

‘Oh God Toby, please..please go down on me. I need to cum.’

Toby duly obliged and worshipped her sweet smelling sex causing her to moan and move herself against his mouth.

‘Oh fuck, that is so good Toby. Yes, just there. Oh I..I ..I..aarrhhh,’ she screamed as she orgasmed on his face.

That was the start of their afternoon lovemaking. Like the day before they fucked in the missionary position, Mrs Turner on top riding Toby’s cock and her on her hands and knees as he pounded into her from behind.

At the end of the day she produced another twenty pound note and told him she’s see him tomorrow.

‘Tomorrow will be a special day,’ she said as she kissed him goodbye. ‘You’ll really earn your money tomorrow.’

Toby saw a mischievous smile on her lips and wondered what the next day would bring.

Wednesday morning saw Toby knock on his mature English teacher’s door yet again. This time he heard her padding down the hallway.

When she opened the door Toby was surprised to see her wearing nothing but a silk house coat that came just above her knees. She took Toby into the sitting room and they both sat on the sofa.

‘Hmm, I’m glad you could make it. I have a special day planned,’ she said as she leaned over and kissed Toby on his lips.

She ran her hand up his thighs and over his crotch feeling the boy’s erection straining against his jeans.

‘You will be a good boy for Auntie Barbara, won’t you?’ she said as she toyed with his cock though his jeans. Toby nodded.

‘Come with me then,’ she said as she led him upstairs. Instead of going into her bedroom she took him to one of the guest rooms.

Even in the daytime the room was dark, blackout curtains keeping out the light. The room was painted in a dark purple with dim red lights the only source of illumination. There was a cast iron double bed with a black rubber sheet on and a long red rubber bolster pillow. Around the room there were shelves of instruments, Toby could see floggers and whips.

‘Don’t look too alarmed darling, Auntie Barbara just wants to play. Now why don’t you take off all your clothes?’ she asked.

Toby undressed like he was in a dream.

When naked Mrs Turner took hold of his wrists and fastened them to a bar above his head that had manacles at each end and was suspended from the ceiling.

‘Don’t go away,’ Mrs Turner giggled.

When she returned she had a glass of water and a little blue pill. ‘Here Toby, take this. You’re going to need it,’ she said as she popped the pill into his mouth and gave him a sip of water to wash it down.

‘Right, shan’t be long,’ she said as she opened the bedroom door. ‘Just going to get changed.’

Toby hung from his restraints, his toes just touching the floor. Ten minutes had passed when he heard the click clack of high heels. He was already hard.

When Mrs Turner entered the bedroom Toby gasped.

She was wearing a black soft leather corset that just covered her large breasts and pushed them up, it was tight to flatten her stomach but accentuated her full round bottom. Smokey grey stockings were held up by the corset’s four suspender clasps on each thigh and her four inch black high heels complimented the outfit. Toby could see she wasn’t wearing panties.

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