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Deflowering my Girl friends twenty something yearMy job moved and I rented a nice looking home for a little money. Then I found out it was in a rough neighborhood. I locked my valuables in a storage locker and kept nothing by my clothes and a TV at home. Yet this place had some benefits. A lot of girls were walking around bored and looking for a working man. I got a pair of girl who walked by help me get my house set up. I took them to dinner after and paid them a few dollars. Friday night when i headed to the mall the girls ask for a ride. Then I took them to the movie with me. Brought them home and dropped them off.About an hour after I got home, One of the girls came over. She wanted to stay with me for the night. her place heat was out. Watched a TV movie and i was going to bed. She said she would sleep with me if I wanted. That went well for me, I had a box of condoms I had bought, I might get a chance to use one or all of them. She told me I did not need them, she was clean and took her pills religiously. I choose to use the protection for our benefit. She had no problems giving me a blow job and I sucked her clit for her. Then buried the meat in her open legs. That was very nice, she wrapped her legs and arms around and worked her ass for me, She liked this I could tell. Then she wanted on top. That went well, on top she was like a rabbit on my cock. sliding her ass forward and back, making my cock bend with each of the fast pace ride. She moaned soft and long, this orgasm was special it seems, lasted a long time. When she finished she fell on top of me, I am finished god dam I am finished. She seemed tired but satisfied. I got on top and soon filled the condom with a load. she took the condom off and told me to lay there. she got some paper towels and washed me up. She got in bed and pulled my arm into spooning position. I could feel my cock in between the cheeks of her ass. The next morning she went to her house and fixed me breakfast, brought it back and served me in bed. While eating she ask if I wanted her to be be with me only, she would like to be my GF. I said that is fine, but I am not looking for a serious relationship. She was happy and told me i could call it off when I wanted. She was SO happy. Then she told me about her self. Her life story and when she has sex the first time. When a boy pushed her in a baseball dugout and gave her a pretty rough fuck. Then she told me her friend was a twenty three year old virgin. She was scared when she watched this boy force her friends virginity in the dugout, than force fuck her several times after. She did not want that kind of pain. She did say she liked to hang around, she is a sweet girl who has not done much in life. Then she ask if she could do anything for me? and she reached under the cover and grabbed casino siteleri my cock. “Want me to suck your dick?” and I said thats very nice. She then tossed the covers and preformed a very nice blow job. When finished she sucked up the extra and swallowed, than the second swallow. She licked her lips and went to the bathroom. She yelled out, I hope you do not mind, I brought an extra tooth brush and some of my tooth paste. For the next two weeks she and her friend were there right after I got home from work. Then Friday morning she ask for the house key, said he wanted to cook me dinner tonight. I gave her the key and went to work. No idea if I would come home to an empty house, or dinner and a nice piece of ass. It was the second, when I got there she had fixed dinner and had her nice clothes on. She called me on the way home and ask for a bottle of something for dinner. I got a bottle of champagne and some orange juice. I figured that would be nice for us. her friend joined us for dinner and after dinner we watched a movie. then she fired up my laptop and we watched some porn vids. Her friend seemed to like the porn, and I could tell was getting turned on. We were feeling no pain and she kissed me, handed her friend my phone and said record this for him. She sucked my cock to finish while her friend recorded. Then an offer for her friend to cam us having sex if i wanted. I liked that and agreed. In the bedroom her friend set in place, took the video and gave some comments. Like how good that looks. how fast her friend could ride my cock. How her friend made sounds when she busted a nut. Then the ending shot of my condom filled with juice. I agreed to let her friend spend the night. I have a King side bed and we had room. Her friend put on one of my tee shirts and let her c cup tits loose. At the bottom i could see a bit of hair hanging out of her panties. Knowing she had never had sex made me want to be her first. My new GF did not worry about her friend, she was servicing her man and that was me. She hugged close and rubbed my chest. We laid there looking at the video we just shot, she noticed I had another erection, she ask me softly, how would i like her to take care of this one? I said get me a condom. I will take care of it with you. Being a bit romantic I kissed her neck her body and sucked her tits. I treated her like a man would treat her wife, I mean sweet soft and kind. When I got on top of her I slid it in easy and just slow stroked her. It lasted a long time and I kissed her softly as I stroked her. When she came I kept the pace slow and deliberate. When she had enough I then went nice and slow draining me own self into this condom. Her friend said she had not seen sex like that. That looks nice, and how she wants her first time to be. canlı casino And that was what I was looking for, to show her that sex is not always forceful and rough. .That worked and calmed her friend down. I went and took a shower with my new GF and ask her friend to join us. She agreed and got in the shower. We all took turns washing each other. I got to wash both girls tits and asses. That made her friend warm up to me. Went to bed and slept that night. I woke the next morning ; I had two girls in their twenties and one willing to let me use her for a porn movies if i want. The other one willing to hold the camera. I feel this new position has been good for me, and in two years I can move back home and take the store there. By that time I can be well taken care of and have a lot of fun. Then I grab the cheek of my girls ass and give it a jiggle. That wakes her up and I give her a morning kiss, an get on top of her and on purpose i hit her friend with my leg. She laid there half a sleep and watches her friend get some early morning calm sex. Including the calm orgasm and sweetness after. Her friend said that was sweet and looks like it feels good. To my surprise after my new GF tells her friend Kim, “you should let him take your cherry” Nothing else was said. I took both of them to breakfast and shopping after. I bought some fruit and some cherries at the store for drinks. Some ribs and food for the week. My Gf set a menu she would fix for me that week. Including packing a lunch for me to take to work each day. She made comments to Kim all day about letting me pop her cherry; then giving me a good orgasm. After we ate the bbq ribs and were relaxing with a nice drink, again, kim let him pop your cherry. I suggested we turn on the stereo and go to bed, have a little fun. When my GF told Kim to get undressed and sit on the bed. She ask me if I would mind popping her? I agreed and waiting direction. She told Kim to suck my cock, but Kim did not know that much about it. So she sat beside her and gave her lessons on giving a nice blow job. Kim got the hang of it pretty quick. She seemed to like it, got excited. Then Kim is told ot lay on the bed and spread her legs. Kim has not had sex and not trimmed up at all. I did not mind at all, the thick bush hair turns me on. I am told i should just stick it in her and get this over with. I do not see this as a romantic way of deflowering a virgin. So I tell her to hold the camera and let me take it from here. I spread the legs the hair and gave Kim a nice warm up. Included some kissing some feeling and giving her some head. I gave her enough to have a nice orgasm. Not that she had not had th
em at their own hand, but this time from a man. Once she was nice and calm (a bit drunk from the drinks we had) I pulled up one kaçak casino of her legs and pushed my cock up to her. She slid upward trying to get away from me. My GF talking to her saying, just let him get his dick in you and pop your cherry, you will get a orgasm when he fucks you. It will feel good. She reached a point when she could not get away from it. My hands on the bed at her shoulders stopped this. I slid it in quick and hard. I wanted this over with quickly, like ripping off a band aid. She knew something was in her and she cringed up. I stopped and let her adjust to the feeling. Then my gf told her to let me fuck her for a while and get an orgasm. Kim took the slow ride and I gave her some kisses. It took a Loooong time to make her cum. The combination of pain fear of the situation and the alcohol made it hard. I told Kim that I would not cum in her, (we had agreed her first time should be with out a condom to give her all the normal feelings. When she told me she took BC pills daily for period problems. I could cum in or out of her. I wanted to give her one more orgasm before I finished inside her. (I always want to cum inside, as opposed to outside) I got her legs and put them on my shoulder. I commenced to drill her at a very high drill rate. Kim was not only shocked of the feeling, but the excitement. She did her first hard nut orgasm of her life. Once she finished i finished inside of her. My Gf was sheering her on and telling me how hot it looks and she wanted to be fucked just like that. She cheered drain your balls in that hot pussy and several more i do not remember. Kim was not a virgin any more, and i had been her first. Not a bad day for me. I now had GF who would give me all the sex I wanted, and would hold the camera while i deflowered her friend. I dismounted this virgin girl and kissed her. I told her thank you for trusting me, giving me the privileged. Kim told my Gf that was painful at first and then it burned some, finally it feels nice and when I came in her she could feel it hitting her. Kim ask if she could take a shower in the bathroom? I told her that was fine. My GF as a sign of being the key girl in my life kissed and sucked my limp cock. Cleaning off the juice of her friend Kim and what i had given her. Yes that included the juices of her deflowering as well. She got in bed and laid there and ask me to hold her. She told me she wanted to be my Gf but she was ok with Kim and i having sex as well. She ask if I would cum in her as I had with Kim. Just so she could feel what it was like. Other than the first time she had sex everyone after had used a condom and the first time was not a time she stopped to enjoy the feeling. I will end by telling you that I am happy, my GF her friend Kim and i have a nice arrangement. I have let my GF use my car and she has a job. That leaves Kim and I alone for almost two hours some days. Kim is usually waiting for me with her body prepared for sex; the second I walk in the door. She tells me she enjoys the alone sex. Thanks for reading.

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