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I was off work again, stressed out of my skull but truth be told, a little bored at home. There was a knock at the door, which was unusual without a buzz into our block. Moaning, I went towards the door and looked through the spyhole. It was Debbie from upstairs, obviously leaving for work, dressed in a tan rain coat. What now I wondered to myself. More roofing repairs to pay for, more issues with the stair cleaning. Should I open the door or just head back to the living room.

I sighed and opened the door.

“Oh Hi,” I said trying to sound enthusiastic.

“Good morning, Ian,” Debbie replied smiling. “I hope you don’t mind me saying, but I noticed you were off work, feeling stressed and I thought I might try and cheer you up a bit.”

As she said that she slipped her coat from her shoulders and let it slide to the floor to reveal a stunning black and red basque, black stockings (which I had failed to notice through the ‘peephole’) and what must have been 4″ heels. I gazed at her for what was probably less than 5 seconds, but felt like an age. Debbie stood there with her short tinted hair, blue eyes, and pouty red lipgloss looking back at me.

“Wow,” was the best comment I could manage.

Debbie had a full figure, and was probably in illegal bahis her mid-50s, but dressed up well, and had made herself up for this.

“You like??” she asked coyly,

“Fuck, yes” I responded.

“Well why don’t you follow me up to my flat and let’s see if we can destress you then?”

I grabbed my keys and closed the door behind me.

Walking up the steps to her flat I got a great view of long, seamed legs and tight ass. At her door she turned and faced me and then kissed me. A long deep kiss which developed into her tongue exploring my mouth. My hands slid to her waist and down to her bum cheeks.

“Fuck,” I thought.

Whilst exploring me with her tongue, her hand slid around to my already roused cock.

“Mmm, I see you’re getting de-stressed already,” she giggled at me as I came up for air.

“Seems like maybe I am,” I replied as I kissed and licked her neck. “You are so fucking sexy, Debbie,” I mumbled between kissing, feeling and eating her neck.

“Aren’t I?, Shame my arsehole husband doesn’t appreciate that a bit more! Would you liek to come in?” With that she opened the door and then took hold of my dick and led me into the flat.

“Quite handy, this for moving you around,” she said with a smile. She illegal bahis siteleri led me through to the bedroom where I immediately carried on kissing her, exploring her mouth greedily with my tongue. As I did this, my hand slid between her legs.

“Mmm, hello,” she mumbled as I rubbed her gently through her silky knickers. “Let me take these off to allow better access for you”. She put her leg up on the bed, allowing me again to take in both her long sexy legs and her high ‘fuck me’ black heels. She removed her knickers and tossed them on the bed.

“Leave your leg there, baby”, I said as I began to work my fingers around her clit.

“Oh fuck, mmm, I might just…” she moaned as she began to moisten up.

My fingers continued, gyrating, rotating, exploring all around her clit. At the same time my tongue made patterns on Debbie’s neck and my other hand supported her arse.

“That… feels… so… fucking… good… don’t… you… fucking… dare… stop…” Debbie panted as I continued pleasuring her.

Debbie’s breathing was becoming more heavy as I massaged her clit, and her moans were becoming louder.

Looking in the wardrobe mirror, what a site. This sexy 56yr old, leg up on the bed showing off her heels and stockings canlı bahis siteleri panting, begging for her clit to be played with. Her eyes rolling back in her head and her mouth slightly open. All the time, my tongue toyed with her neck and now one of her milfy tits and my other hand massaged her arse.

Debbie began pushing her clit into my fingers, fucking my fingers with her clit as her pleasure increased.

Her breathing became even more heavy and her moaning more frequent.

“Fuck… ohhh… mmm… Fucking hell… keep… that… there… keep… that… going… AAHHHH… I’m fucking your fingers and it feels great… my cunt is dripping for you… but that feels so good…”

I took a look in the mirror and smiled as this horny milf was practically begging me to fuck her, but I knew my role for now was to bring her off.

“Is that good babe? I enjoy sliding my fingers around your milfy cunt, pleasuring you, making you breathe harder, making you moan, making you grind into my hand. I am going to make you come so hard…” I whispered.

“Fuck… yes… coming… nnnhhhhaaaaa… fuck… that’s it… suck my tit… fuck… make… me… come… AAAAGGGGHHHHHHHH”

Debbie was moaning, panting and smiling in one. I stuck my tongue down her throat and reached behind her to put both hands on her ample arse. Between kisses I sucked, licked, nipped on her tits.

“Fuck. Just fuck. That was something,” Debbie said as she flopped back on the bed. “You’re quite good at that”.

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