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David and Sarahscript”David and Sarah”Copyright2005, Steve chaseFADE IN:EXT. Backyard pool party — AFTERNOON -establishingTwenty or so young people, men and women in their mid twenties in swim suits in the afternoon.The camera focuses on different groups and different activities and we see that this is a fun party with fun people.SARAH, a young blonde is sitting on white lawn chair. A young brunette approaches and sits in lawn chair next to the blonde.brunetteThis must be heaven for you, Sarah.SARAHWhat do you mean?BRUNETTEThese men are all checking you out. The two across the pool seem very interested.ANGLE ONTwo young men sit at the edge of the pool talking and glancing in Sarah’s direction.BACK TO SCENESARAHYeah, they’re not my type.BRUNETTEWhat do you mean? They’re good looking and obviously have money.SARAHThat type have women throwing themselves at them all the time.BRUNETTEYes, but you could be the one that gets them.SARAHAll they want is sex, and they get so many women they don’t appreciate any of them. I’ll stick with men that appreciate me, men I can make happy.BRUNETTEWell, I’d jump their bones if the chance.SARAHGood luck.EXT. BACKYARD POOL PARTY — CONTINUOUSThe two men sitting at the edge of the pool.Salesman 1Looks like Dave made it.A young man, DAVID, a bit of a dork, walks toward the two men. The two men stand to meet him.SALESMAN 1 (CONT’D)Boss! You made it.DAVIDYeah, I decided to get out of the office for a couple hours.salesman 2How’s the Thorton project coming along.DAVIDIt’s a lot of work. Turning three companies into one, eliminating redundancy and all that is time consuming.SALESMAN 1That’s why you get the big bucks.DAVIDI guess so.SALESMAN 2But what we want to know, when it’s all over will we have more leads and products to sell?DAVIDI would guess about double of both.SALESMAN 2Great, big commissions, that’s what it all about.Sarah stands and happens to walk by the three men. The men admire her. After she passes.DAVID(under his breath)God, I’d like a piece of that.Sarah looks back to see who had spoken, and then looks back to the front as she walks away.DAVID (CONT’D)God, that was stupid.SALESMAN 1Don’t worry about it, you didn’t have a chance with her anyway. We plan to tap that a little later today.SALESMAN 2I’ll tell you all about it at work.DAVIDYeah, sure.The two salesmen walk away after Sarah. Davidwalks over to a lawn chair and sits.EXT. BACKYARD POOL PARTY — LATERSarah is walking towards David. She stands next to David, but not facing him, looking in another direction.SarahDid you mean what you said?DAVIDI’m so sorry about that. I don’t know what I was thinking. I guess I wasn’t thinking.SARAHMy name is Sarah.DAVIDDavid.SARAHDid you mean what you said?DAVIDAh . . .SARAHIt’s okay. Would it make you happy to have a piece of me?DAVIDWell, yeah, . . . I guess.Sarah looks around to see if anyone is watching.SARAHI’m going into the house. Wait a minute before you come in.Sarah walks away toward the house and David looks around nervously. He drinks his beer and tries to look casual while waiting the prescribed time, then gets up and follows Sarah’s path into the house.INT. house — MOMENTS LATERDavid enters the house and looks around, he sees Sarah down the hall motioning to him to come to her.INT. House bedroom — MOMENTS LATERSarah leads David into a vacant bedroom.David takes Sarah’s face between his hands and kisses her passionately.In a close-up, although David has his eyes closed, Sarah’s are open and she seems totally disinterested in David’s kisses and she holds her lips tightly together.Sarah’s hands go straight to the front of David’s swim trunks, gripping his penis through the thin cloth. She then works her hand down the front of his trunk, gripping his penis directly.David continues to kiss her as she pushes his trunks down over his hips until they fall to the floor and then does the same with her bikini bottoms. Sarah pulls herself back from David.SARAHWe’ve got to hurry, we don’t want to be missed.Sarah pulls David toward the bed, then sits on it’s edge. Sarah takes a condom from the cup of her bikini top, unwraps it and expertly rolls it onto David’s penis.She gives David’s penis a couple of quick sucks and the lays back on the bed. She raises a couple of fingers to her mouth and then rubs a little saliva on the lips of her vagina.SARAH (CONT’D)Come on baby.David climbs onto the bed and positions himself between her legs which are spread wide for him, her knees pulled up. David lays on top of her.Close ON GenitalsSarah guides his penis into her vagina. 10 secs.BACK TO SCENEThe camera is tight to Sarah’s face as David lays on her and he instantly seeks out her mouth with his, his eyes are closed but Sarah’s are wide open with surprise and she still holds her lips tightly together.Their heads and shoulders moving in response to David’s thrusts, but only too soon the excitement of the moment proves too much for David, and with one last thrust he comes.Sarah watches him with more curiosity than interest, and when he collapses on top of her she gently rolls him off. She watches him for a short time, then gets up, puts on her bikini bottoms.SARAH (CONT’D)Did that make you happy?DAVIDOh, yes!SARAHDon’t be too long. I’ll meet you back at the lounge chairs.Sarah leaves the bedroom.David watches her leave.Desolve to EXT. BACKYARD POOL PARTY — MOMENTS LATERSarah is sitting in the lounge chair next to the one David had been sitting in earlier, a can of beer in her hand and a big smile as she watches the horse play around the pool.David gets himself another beer and sits next to Sarah, he reaches out and strokes Sarah’s arm. She turns to him, a big smile, but a entertained smile instead of a loving smile.SARAHSo,(beat) was I as good as you thought I would be?DAVIDYes, you were wonderful, was it good for you?SARAHYeah, it was nice. Did I make you happy?DAVIDYes, very happy.David continues to look at her with complete adoration. He reaches out and strokes her arm again. She turns back to him.SARAHIs there something wrong?DAVIDNo, you’re just so beautiful, so sexy.SARAHThat a good thing, right?DAVIDOh, yes. I just can’t get enough of you.SARAHWhat do you mean?DAVIDI want you more now than I did before.SARAHDo mean you’re ready for some more sex?DAVIDI’m ready if you are.SARAHI’m always ready. But we can’t chance the house again. You want to come to my apartment?DAVIDSure!SARAHI’m parked out front, I have a red mustang and I’ll wait for you. Wait a couple of minutes after I leave and you can follow me over.DAVIDYeah, okay.Sarah gets up a makes her goodbye to the hosts, gathers her belongings and leaves. David waits and then follows her.EXT.Front of suburban home — LATERDavid exits backyard by side gate. He sees Sarah her in her car, a new red mustang, and as he gets into his own car she pulls out into the street the waits for him. He starts his car and pulls up behind her and they make the short drive to her apartment building.Sarah motions for David to park in the street and then drives down a driveway to the rear parking lot.David parks, locks his car, then walks in the main entrance to the complex.EXT.apartment complex — MOMENTS LATERHe sees Sarah coming from the parking lot and she points to his left indicating her apartment.By the time he reaches her she has the door open to her apartment and motions him in with a smile.INT. SARAH’S LIVING ROOM — Sarah walks directly back to the bedroom with David following.INT. SARAH’S BEDROOM — CONTINUOUSSARAHI have to use the little girls room, go ahead and get undressed. I won’t be a minute.David gets undressed and sit at the edge of the bed.Sarah comes out of the bathroom naked and sits next to David and starts massaging his penis to erection.David tries to kiss her, to hold her.SARAH (CONT’D)Let me get the rubber on you first, sweetie.DAVIDDo we have to use one, aren’t you on birth control?SARAHYes I am, but I worry about STD’s.DAVIDI don’t have any.SARAHHow do you know?DAVIDBecause I haven’t had sex I a long time.SARAHHow long?DAVI
DAlmost a year..”SARAHWhy?DAVIDMy job takes up all my time and there aren’t that many women that want to have sex with me.SARAHAnd you don’t go to prostitutes?DAVIDNo, never.SARAHHave you had a medical check up lately?DAVIDA couple of months ago.SARAHAnd you were clean?DAVIDYes.Sarah thinks about it a second, then bends over David.Close on sarah’s faceSarah takes his penis into her mouth. Sarah sucks his cock and quickly gets him hard.BACK TO SCENESarah moves to the center of the bed, lays on her back and spreads her legs.She puts a couple of fingers to her mouth and then rubs the saliva on the lips of her vagina.SARAHCome on sweetie.David moves over and lays next to her. He kisses her while his hand stroke her breast.ANGLE ONIn close-up we again see that David’s eyes are closed while Sarah’s remain open.BACK TO SCENEDavid kisses her for sometime, then moves his mouth to her breast, taking the nipple between his lips.Sarah watches with interest but without emotion or excitement.Then David moves down her body, kissing her belly, then her pubic hair. He repositions himself between Sarah’s legs.Close on David’s faceHe puts his tongue to her clitoris.BACK TO SCENESARAH (CONT’D)What are you doing?DAVIDReturning the favor. You used your mouth to get me going, it’s only fair that I do the same.SARAHDo you like doing that?DAVIDI don’t mind it. It would be better if you had washed first.SARAHWell I didn’t know that your were going to do that, or I would have.DAVIDRelax, it’s okay now. Just lay back and enjoy.Overhead straight down do entire bedSarah is laying back, her hands at her sides. With wide open eyes, she looks at the ceiling. David’s head is moving back and forth as his tongue licks Sarah clitoris.Close on Sarah’s face.Sarah’s expression softens, then the her body convulses and her eyes shut.SARAHOh God yes!BACK TO overheadSarah’s body starts to tense with David’s attentions, Sarah’s hands move to the back of David;s head and pet him as one would pet a favored puppy.Sarah’s body reacts more and more strongly to the flicking of David’s tongue until Sarah has a mini orgasm.David stops his attentions to Sarah’s clitoris and crawls up over her.Close on genitalsSarah reaches down and guides his penis into her vagina.BACK TO SCENEThe camera is medium from the side as David lies atop Sarah, but this time Sarah’s mouth is eagerly awaiting David’s and they kiss passionately, both with their eyes closed.overheadSarah’s legs are up over David, her heels in the small of his back, her arms are holding him tight to her.This time the excitement doesn’t overwhelm David and they make love for a long time, and this time Sarah’s body isn’t just a willing receptacle for David’s penis, but makes love to him with every bit of the ferocity David is giving her.BACK TO SCENESarah pulls her mouth from David’s as she has another mini orgasm.SARAH (CONT’D)Oh, God yes, baby, oh God yes! With those words David also comes, driving himself deep in to Sarah and arching his back.When his orgasm passes David tries to roll off of Sarah but she hold him tight.SARAH (CONT’D)No, not yet. Stay in me for a while.David stays on her for some time catching his breath.overheadSarah lets him roll off. David lays flat on his back, eyes still closed as he rests. Sarah’s head is turned toward David and she watches him.DISSOLVE TO:Sarah lays on her side next to him, watching him intently, a happy satisfied smile on her face. SARAH (CONT’D)Are you hungry? Would you like me to make some dinner?DAVIDThat would be nice.SARAHI could make some spaghetti. I make good spaghetti. Does that sound good?DAVIDAbsolutely!Sarah gets up and starts for the bathroom.SARAHOops!DAVIDWhat is it?SARAHYou’re leaking out of me.DAVIDThat happens when you don’t use a condom.SARAHI know. I kind of like it.Sarah takes a couple tissues for the dispenser on the night stand. She wipes the semen from her leg and holds the tissues against her vagina as she disappears into the bathroom. David lays back and closes his eyes.DISSOLVE TO:Later Sarah comes back out of the bathroom, picks up her robe and puts it on. David is watching her.DAVIDYou’re really a beautiful woman.SARAHThanks.DAVIDCan I help with dinner?SARAHNo, you rest. This won’t take long.INT. SaraH’s Kitchen — CONTINUOUSmontage1)Sarah boiling the water and adding the noodles.2)Sarah making the sauce.3)Sarah preparing the salad, opening the wine.4)Sarah setting the dining table.She puts their place setting at the corner rather than across from each other. With everything ready we see her making once last check then she goes to the bedroom.INT. SARAH’S BEDROOM — CONTINUOUSDavid has fallen asleep, Sarah crawls across the bed and kisses him and he wakes up.SARAHDinner is ready, sleepy head.DAVIDGreat!David pulls her to him and kisses her with passion, she doesn’t resist.His hands roam her body as they kiss and end up with his right hand cupping a breast and the other on her bottom.SARAHDo you want to make love before we eat?DAVIDNo, . . . later though, maybe all night.SARAHThat sounds good!DAVIDBut right now I’m in the mood for spaghetti, but I think I’ll eat you for desert.SARAH(smiling broadly)Okay.Sarah moves to the edge of the bed and gets up.David gets up and walks to the bathroom, moments later he returns, pulls on his trunks and starts to the door.INT. Sarah’s dinning room Davis joins Sarah at the dining table.DAVIDThis is a beautiful, thank you.SARAHWe’ll see if it tastes as good as it looks.They sit and start eating dinner.DISSOLVE TO:INT. SARAH’S LIVING ROOM — LATERThe couple on couch watching TV.David’s arm is over Sarah’s shoulder and he gently teases her breast with his finger tips.Sarah sits very close to David, her hand at David’s belly. David has his feet up on the coffee table.SARAHDo you want to go to bed after this?DAVIDTo bed, yes, but not to sleep.(beat)Would you like to take a shower with me before we jump into bed?SARAHOkay.DAVIDGood,let’s go!INT.Sarah’s shower — LATERThe couple are in the shower, they are kissing passionately. Sarah’s hand is on David’s penis, stroking up and down on the length of his erection.INT. SARAH’S BEDROOM — LATERDavid enters from bathroom. Sarah crawls onto the bed followed by David. They embrace and kiss, both caressing each other.Close on David’s face, first as they kiss, and the camera follows him as he works his way down Sarah’s body ending up at her clitoris.Overhead shotDavid’s head at the junction of Sarah’s legs. The camera slowly zooms in to a tight close-up of Sarah’s face as she reacts to the pleasure of David’s tongue.DISSOLVE TO:The couple making love in the missionary position. 30 sec.BACK TO SCENEDISSOLVE TO:Sarah on top from a different camera location. 30 secs.DISSOLVE TO:The couple making love in the doggy position from a different camera angle. 30 sec.DISSOLVE TO:The couple in the spoon position from a different camera angle.DISSOLVE TO:The couple again in the missionary position from a different camera angle.We see the love making build in intensity, then the orgasm and they both come.DISSOLVE TO:David sleeps and we see Sarah staring at the ceiling, tears stream down the sides of her face.DISSOLVE TO:INT. SARAH’S BEDROOM — MORNINGSarah waking David by slaking him.DAVIDWhat time is it?SARAHFive o’clock. I have to start getting ready for work in an hour and I didn’t know if you would wanted to fool around this morning.DAVIDYou damn right. But first I have to pee. I’ll be right back.David gets up and go into bathroom. Sarah is smiling and happy.Toilet flushes and David re-enters goes to the foot of the bed.Sarah’s POV.Sarah spreads her legs and raises her knees as David comes onto the bed and crawls between her legs and straight to her clitoris.David’s POV.Sarah’s face and body are caught up in the pleasure induced by his tongue.DISSOLVE TO:The couple making lover in the missionary position. As they build toward orgasm the camera very slowly zooms in on their faces and stops at the moment the lovers reach orgasm.DISSOLVE TO:INT. SARAH’S FRONT DOOR —
LATERThe two saying goodbye at the door of Sarah’s apartment. They kiss again.DAVIDThis has been wonderful,I’ll call you.SARAHPlease do. Really, . . . call me.David leaves and Sarah closes then door after watching until he disapears.CUT alanya escort TO:INT. dental office -laterA procedure room with chair, lights,etc.Sarah finishing up the cleaning of a patient’s teeth, MR. BARCUS.SARAHThat’s just about got it. … spit.Patient spits.SARAH (CONT’D)The flossing really helped this time. Keep it BarcusI will. Thank for your patients with me.SARAHNo problem, I’m here to help you, to make you happy, not the other way around.Sarah removes the bib from Mr. Barcus and he stands and Sarah walks him to the outer office.CUT TO:INT. outer office — MOMENTS LATERSarah a Mr. Barcus approach reception desk. MARTHA sits behind the desk.SARAHMartha, would you schedule Mr. Barcus for another appointment in six months.marthaI can do that, and Sarah, there is a piece of that Key Lime pie you like so much in the break room. You’re due for a break.SARAHThank you, Martha.CUT TO:INT. break room — moments later Sarah is sitting at the small dinette eating a piece of Key Line pie. Martha enters.MARTHAMr. Barcus was your last appointment for today.SARAHYes, I know.MARTHAI spoke to the Doctor, and he is fine with you leaving early.SARAHI know, but he might need me, so I’ll stick around for a while.MARTHAI told him you’d say that. Okay, but no staying late, you leave when I do, right?SARAHYes, Martha.CUT TO:INT. Sarah’s living room — LATERSarah enters from work still is her scrubs. She walks straight to her bedroom.CUT TO:INT. SARAH’S BEDROOM — CONTINUOUSSarah takes of her scrubs, bra and panties, stands in front do full length and looks herself over critically, then slips on a white robe and slipper. She starts to the bedroom door.CUT TO:INT. Sarah’s kitchen — continuousShe gets a glass of wine, puts a micro wave dinner into the micro wave, then proceeds to the living room, turns on the TV. When the microwave dings she gets her dinner eats as she is watching the news.CUT TO:INT. Sarah’s living room — laterThere is the empty dinner container on the coffee table along with a half empty wine bottle. The phone rings, she picks it up.SARAHHello?ANGLE ON clock, 6:32CUT TO:David’s Office, The large office of an important company official. DAVIDHi, it’s David. How are you?CUT TO:Cross cut between locationsSARAHI’m fine. Are you coming over?DAVIDI can’t tonight. We’re preparing a contract and everyone’s burning the midnight oil. The contract is due on Thursday so I probably won’t be able to see you until Thursday night, . . . maybe Wednesday night if we can get everything done.SARAHBut I miss you!DAVIDI miss you too, but I have to do my job. They are counting on me.SARAHBut I’m counting on you too.DAVIDI’m really sorry.SARAHI want to make love with you!DAVIDI want to make love to you too. Thursday night for sure. Okay?SARAHI don’t know if I can wait that long.DAVIDI know, me either. But there’s nothing I can do. I’ll see you later. Okay?SARAHOkay.DISSOLVE TO:INT. SARAH’S LIVING ROOM — later Sarah pours the last of the wine from the bottle. In a close-up she looks sullen, almost angry. She looks at the clock.ANGLE ON clock, 7:15BACK TO SCENESarah gets up and goes to the door. She opens the door.CUT TO:EXT. Sarah’s front doorWhile watching the porch light she flips the switch on the inside. When she sees that the porch light is on she closes the door.CUT TO:INT. SARAH’S LIVING ROOM — continuousSarah returns to the couch and her wine.DISSOLVE TO:INT. SARAH’S LIVING ROOM — LATERThe doorbell chimes.Sarah smiles, goes to the door and opens it. She apparently recognizes her visitor.SARAHHi, good to see you.First manGood to see you. How are you?SARAHI’m fine.FIRST MANCan you see me tonight?SARAHSure, go on back.The man enters and starts toward the back of the apartment.Sarah again leans out the door.CUT TO:EXT. sarah’s front door — continuousSarah watches as she flips the porch light off then closes the door.CUT TO:INT. SARAH’S LIVING ROOM — continuousSarah starts toward the bedroom.Over Sarah’s shoulder we see the man at the far end of the hall pulling his shirt off as he enters the bedroom, she follows him.CUT TO:INT. SARAH’S BEDROOM — CONTINUOUSSarah takes her robe off as she enters.She sits at the edge of the bed as the man finishes undressing then comes and stands in front of her.She is smiling as she takes his penis in her right hand and strokes it until he has a full erection. She then reaches into the night stand for a condom.She unwraps the condom, tossing the empty wrapper onto the night stand, rolls it onto his penis.ANGLE ON Sarah’s face as she then takes his penis into her mouth and sucks on it until it is very hard.BACK TO SCENESARAH(looking up to man)Are you ready?FIRST MANYeah, I’ve been ready a couple days.Sarah lays back onto the bed, puts a couple fingers to her mouth and rubs the saliva onto the lips of her vagina.Sarah spreads her legs and the man crawls between them.ANGLE ONClose-up on Sarah guiding his penis into her vagina.BACK TO SCENEThe man quickly gains his rhythm as they have sex.There is no kissing or even tenderness, just the man pounding his penis in and out of Sarah.FIRST MAN (CONT’D)God I needed this.SARAHTake your time, baby. Make it last.Sarah watches him with mild interest, her hands gently on the sides of his chest. 10 sec.Close on genitals. 20 secBACK TO SCENEThe man’s thrust become frenzied, he comes and collapses on top of her.Overhead on Sarah’s faceSarah doesn’t move as she patiently waits for him to recover. She has a slight smile.FIRST MANGod I needed that.SARAHFeeling better?FIRST MANYeah, I do. You are just what the Doctor ordered. Thanks.SARAHA happy man?FIRST MANA very happy man.The man gets off of Sarah, gets up and starts toward the bathroom.SARAHThrow it in toilet, not the waste basket.FIRST MANYeah, I know the drill.Sarah gets up off the bed and puts her robe on. She leaves the bedroom.CUT TO:INT. SARAH’S LIVING ROOM — CONTINUOUSSarah picks up her wine glass and sits watching TV while waiting for her guest to finish cleaning up.She stands as he comes out of the bedroom. She holds his hand as they walk to the front door. He is all smiles and Sarah opens the door for him.FIRST MANThat was great!SARAHI’m glad.FIRST MANSee you next time.SARAHSee you.EXT. Sarah’s front door — continuousSarah watches him walk away then checks as she again turns the porch light on.INT. SARAH’S LIVING ROOM — CONTINUOUSSarah closes the door and returns to the couch, refilling her wine glass.DISSOLVE TO:INT. SARAH’S LIVING ROOM — LATERThe doorbell rings again.ANGLE ON clock, 8:45Sarah gets up and answers it.There stands a youngish and awkward man.Young manI just got dumped by my girl friend and Jim said I should come see you.SARAHOh, you poor baby. Sure, come on in.The young man enters and stands nervously in the entry. Sarah again looks out the door and watches as she turns the porch light out and then closes the door.SARAH (CONT’D)Come on back.Sarah starts toward the bedroom. The young man follows.INT. SARAH’S BEDROOM — CONTINUOUSAs Sarah enters the bedroom she takes off her robe and sits at the edge of the bed.SARAHGo ahead and get undressed.The young man awkwardly undresses and when nude stand some ways off.SARAH (CONT’D)Okay, come here baby.Sarah motions with her hands to stand in front of her and he does.Sarah reaches into the night stand and retrieves another condom. She unwraps it and throws the wrapper onto the night stand next to the one from earlier.She puts the condom onto his penis, then lies back, puts a couple fingers to her mouth and rubs the saliva onto the lips of her vagina.SARAH (CONT’D)Okay, I’m ready for you.The young man crawls on top of her.ANGLE ON genitalsClose-up on genitals.Sarah guides his penis in.BACK TO SCENEHe makes exactly eight thrusts and comes.The whole time Sarah’s half smile never leaves her face.The young man collapses on top of her and lays still. Sarah puts her arms around
him and holds him tenderly.SARAH (CONT’D)Feel better?YOUNG MANOh, yes ma’am. That was great. Thank you.SARAHDid it make you a little happier?YOUNG MANYes, ma’am.SARAHYou can clean up in the bathroom. Throw the rubber into the toilet and flush it.The young man gets up and goes into the bathroom. A few seconds later we hear the toilet flush. Sarah smiles.She gets up and puts on her robe. We hear the vanity water running, then stop. The young man comes out of the bathroom and gets dressed.YOUNG MANShould I give you money, or something?SARAHNo sweetie, I do everything a whore does, except take money.INT. SARAH’S LIVING ROOM — MOMENTS LATERSarah walks him to the door.SARAHWhat’s your name?YOUNG MANJason.SARAHI’m Sarah. Don’t worry about the girl friend. I’m sure she’ll take you back.YOUNG MANI hope so. Thanks again, ma’am.SARAHYou’re very welcome.EXT. sarah’s front door — CONTINUOUSThen young man pauses.YOUNG MANGoodnight.SARAHGoodnight.Sarah watches him for a moment, then looks at the porch light as she turns it on.INT. SARAH’S LIVING ROOM — LATERThe door bell rings.ANGLE ON clock, 9:46Sarah get up and answers the door. Two young men Stand there, DON and PERRY.DonHi Sarah.SARAHHi Don, what’s up?DONWe just came out of this bar and Perry asked what we could do. I said let’s go over and fuck Sarah.SARAHSo you want me to fuck both of you?DONKind of. There this thing they call a sandwich . . .SARAHWhere the woman has a man in each hole?DONYeah, we thought you might do that with us.SARAHIt’s almost ten o’clock.DONSorry.Sarah thinks a moment.SARAHSo, here’s the deal, guys. I have to get up early to go to work, so if we can not make this a marathon, keep it short and sweet, we can do it. Agreed?Don and perryYes. That’s fine.Sarah let’s them into the apartment. Don heads straight back to the bedroom, Perry follows.INT. SARAH’S BEDROOM — CONTINUOUSSarah enters as the two men are taking their shirts off. She takes off her robe and sits at the edge of the bed.SARAHSo who’s idea was the sandwich?perryThat would be Don.SARAHSo, Don, are you looking to be on top, or the bottom.DONBottom. You can ride me like a cowgirl.SARAHThen I’ll get you ready first.The men are undressed now. Don steps toward Sarah. She takes hold of his penis and strokes it until it’s hard. She gets a condom from the night stand and put it on him. She gives him some oral.SARAH (CONT’D)Okay, you’re ready. Get on the bed. Perry, it’s your turn.Sarah repeats the process with Perry. Behind Sarah Don is stroking his penis.SARAH (CONT’D)(looking up to Perry)You have to wait until I have Don good and deep before you try to get in. I’ll let you know when I ready. Okay?PERRYOkay.Sarah gets the KY from the night stand and turns to do Don.SARAHYou need to get over to the center of the bed, sweetie.Don slides over. Sarah crawls over and straddles him. She puts two fingers to her mouth and then rubs the saliva onto the lips of her vagina.Close on genitalsSarah reaches down and guides Don’s penis in. 10 secs. BACK TO SCENESarah rides him until she has completely in. She sits upright.SARAH (CONT’D)Okay, Perry, Come to me.Perry steps onto the bed and stands next to Sarah. She gives his penis a few sucks, then takes the top off the KY, squeezes some onto her hand, and rubs it onto his penis. She reaches back and rubs some onto her anus.SARAH (CONT’D)Okay, Perry, you’re up. easy at first, Okay.PERRYOkay, got it,Perry gets behind Sarah.Close on genitalsSarah reaches back and guides Perry’s penis into her. 10 secs.BACK TO SCENEPerry is fucking her slowly.PERRY (CONT’D)Is this okay.SARAHPerfect. Now you can go deeper.Perry carefully fucks her deeper. 15 secs.SARAH (CONT’D)Oh, God, you guys are big. It feels so good, baby. Come for me. Fuck me hard and come for me.Perry fucks her harder.Close on genitals. 15 secs.BACK TO SCENEQuickly perry reaches orgasm and collapse onto Sarah’s back. She waits for him to recover, then as he gets off of her.SARAH (CONT’D)Throw the rubber into the toilet, okay?PERRYSure.SARAHOkay, baby. Is this the way you want to come?DONNo, I want to get on top.SARAHOkay.Sarah gets off of Don and they trade places. Don gets between Sarah’s legs, then picks her legs up and puts them on her shoulders. He leans forward to insert his penis.Close on genitalsSarah reaches down to guide his penis in, but Don is aiming at her anus.BACK TO SCENESARAH (CONT’D)You want in there?DONYeah.Close on genitalsDon’s penis slides into Sarah’s anus. 10 secs.BACK TO SCENESARAHYou’re so big! Oh, God that feels good. Come for me baby. Come for me.DONJust about there.Don fucks her hard and comes. He stays with her a short while then starts to get up.SARAHPut the rub . . .DONYeah, I know, in the toilet and flush it.SARAHGood, thanks.Don heads for the bathroom. Sarah gets up, put on her robe and slippers and starts toward the door.INT.Sarah’s living room — CONTINUOUSSarah gets her glass of wine and takes a sip. Perry has followed her and stands awkwardly.PERRYThat was interesting.SARAHWas it what you expected?PERRYI guess.SARAHDid you enjoy it?PERRYWell, sure.Don come out of bedroom and joins them.SARAHYou guys got lucky tonight. I normally wouldn’t have done that, but you caught me in a good mood. But here’s the thing, I don’t want you going around telling your friends what we did tonight. And if I suddenly have guys showing asking to make a sandwich the answer will be no, and the two of you will be cut off completely. Understand?DONUnderstoodPERRYDoes that mean I can come back again?SARAHThis is your first time, isn’t it?PERRYYeah.SARAHHere’s my rules, If the porch light is on you can ask to see me. If the light is off I’m either with someone or not in the mood, so don’t ring the doorbell. If I have to answer the bell when the light is off you will no longer be welcome. My body, my rules. Got it.PERRYYes, thank you.SARAHDid I make you guys happy tonight?PERRYVery.DONVery happy.SARAHGood, now get out of here so I can get some sleep.Sarah escorts the me to the door, they say goodnight and she closes and locks the door. She starts to straighten up the remains of dinner.INT. dentist’s office — next daySarah is just finishing up with a patient. She removes the bid.DISSOLVE TO:Sarah looking over X-rays on a viewing screen.DISSOLVE TO:Sarah leaving the office at the end of the day.DISSOLVE TO:INT. SARAH’S LIVING ROOM — LATERSarah is on the couch watching TV, the empty dinner container on the coffee table, and a glass of wine in her hand. She looks at the clock on the mantle.Close3 on clock, 7:30Sarah gets up and goes to the door and opens it. She watches as she turns the porch light on.She returns to the couch.DISSOLVE TO:Sarah looks unhappy, almost angry.Close on clock, 8:45Then the doorbell rings and she’s all smiles.She bounces to the door and opens it. A very tall and large older man, GEORGE, stands there.GeorgeYou got time for a old man?SARAHFor you? Always. Come on in.The man walks by her and directly to the bedroom.Sarah leans out the door to watch the porch light go out as she switches it off, then closes the door and follows the man to the bedroom.INT. SARAH’S BEDROOM — MOMENTS LATERThe man has his shirt off as she enters. He is well muscled with a broad hairy chest.GEORGEI’ve missed you, baby girl. How have you been?SARAHGood. I’ve missed you too.Sarah takes off her robe and sit on the bed.GEORGEYeah, I’ve missed shoving my cock up your ass.SARAHYou old sweet talker you. . . . Won’t your wife won’t let you do her?GEORGENo, not since the k**s, hemorrhoids.Sarah smiles as she watches him finish undressing.Now naked, the man takes his penis in his hand and strokes it to erection as he walks over to Sarah.Sarah takes hold of George’s penis and strokes the shaft until it is fully erect. The man has a large penis.She reaches into the night stand for a condom, unwraps it and tosses the wrapper on top of the night stand.She rolls the condom onto his huge penis.Close on sarah’s faceSarah takes him into her mouth.This time she sucks longer and with some passion, making sure he is
fully erect.BACK TO SCENESarah then reaches back into the night stand and gets a tube of KY Jelly. She takes the top off and squeezes a fair amount onto her hand and rubs it onto his penis, being careful to cover all of it.When she is satisfied that his penis is well lubricated she looks up to him.SARAHWhat position do you want me this time?GEORGELet’s start with escort alanya you on hands and knees, at the edge of the bed.Sarah stands and turns around. She positions herself on her hands and knees, her knees just on the bed and her bottom hanging out over its edge.She squeezes some more KY Jelly onto her fingers then reaches back rubs it onto her anus.George holds his hand out and Sarah hands him the KY. He takes the cap off and squeezes a small amount onto his index finger, replaces the cap and tosses the tube into the night stand drawer.Close on Sarah’s genitalsGeorge then carefully presses the finger into Sarah’s anus. He works the finger in ands out of her for a few moments, then adds his middle finger and continues.BACK TO SCENEGeorge steps up behind Sarah and presses the head of his penis down against the opening.Close on genitalsHe leans forward as he tries to push his penis into her, but it slips out.Grorge’s POVSarah is looking back at him, a look of expectation mixed with apprehension on her face.He tries again. This time with a better angle and slow steady pressure, the head of his penis enters Sarah..Sarah slightly winces in pain, and then close her eyes.BACK TO SCENESARAHTake it easy for a minute, okay?GEORGEYeah, sure.George slaps her hard on the bottom. Sarah looks back at him with a smile.SARAHYou’ll never change, will you George.GEORGENot with you I won’t. I know you love this as much as I do.SARAHI do love it. Do you know why?GEORGENo, why?SARAHBecause you’re so damn big, and you always take your time.Sarah’s hand is still on his belly as he starts to slowly strokes in and out of her with just the very end of his penis.When her body adjusts to him, Sarah pulls her hand away.ANGLE ON Close-up of genitals 10 secs.BACK TO SCENECarefully and gently George thrusts into her, and with each thrust he penetrates a little deeper into her, until, slowly but surely, he gets all of his penis in.He stops then for a moment, before slowly pulling almost all the way out of her, then slowly shoves it back in.GEORGEI love watching it go into you.SARAHWhy’s that?GEORGEYou’re a beautiful woman, a young and beautiful woman, and that’s me going up your ass. I love it. Makes me feel special, proud. I love watching it go into you.SARAHWell then you just stand still and watch, let me do the work.George stands still and watches as Sarah rocks back and forth, impaling herself on his penis.With each rock forward Sarah pulls herself off of him until we see the head of his penis start to emerge, then back until the full length of his penis is inside her and her bottom presses against his body.He slaps her bottom again, not so hard this time and on the other cheek.GEORGEFaster, do it faster.SARAHYou’re not going to come, are you?GEORGENo sweet thing, I’m not going to come for a long time. I’m enjoying this too much to let it end now.Sarah rocks faster, making sure he almost comes out of her before again pushing back hard against him.George rests his left hand on Sarah’s bottom and holds his penis with his right.GEORGE (CONT’D)Now slow, real slow.Sarah slows her rocking, looking back to George for his approval.As she rocks forward he pushes her bottom so that his penis comes out of her, then guides it back in as she rocks back.Each time his penis enters her, Sarah gasps and shudders with pleasure.GEORGE (CONT’D)I’ll never get tired of watching this.Sarah smiles back to him, then closes her eyes and shudders as his penis again enters her.Sarah’s face is still turned back to him, eyes closed now and her face in unconcealed pleasure.George takes Sarah by the hips and pulls her hard on to him, he drives his penis into her faster and faster, harder and harder, . . . , then stops.He is pushing himself hard into her. He holds her like this for a long moment and she looks back questioningly.GEORGE (CONT’D)Don’t worry, I didn’t come. I was just getting you warmed up, (beat) making sure you’re ready for something different. I want you to sit on it now.SARAHOkay.He pulls out of her.Sarah moves aside to let him lie down.He arranges the pillows under his head.SARAH (CONT’D)Which way do you want me?GEORGEI don’t care as long as I can watch it going in, I love watching it go in.Sarah stands over him facing away, her feet on either side of his hips and as she squats down he holds his penis for her to sit on.Georges POVSarah’s bottom approaches his penis, pauses as the tip of Georges penis pushes against her, then it slides in.She lowers herself onto him until she has taken about half of his penis, and then lifts herself completely off of him.Sarah pauses for a second before again lowering herself onto George, again letting half of it’s length slip into her before pulling herself back up and off of him.SARAHIs that okay?GEORGEBeautiful! Do it some more.Sarah repeats the procedure several times, lowering herself onto George’s penis and then lifting off again, and the whole time she is looking back at George’s face, taking pleasure in the pleasure she sees there.After many repetitions, Sarah pauses.SARAHMy legs are starting to cramp.GEORGEYeah, okay, sit all the way down. But do it slow so I can watch.Sarah slowly lowers herself back onto his penis, and this time sits all the way down and takes him fully into her, wiggling her bottom to make sure she has all of it in.SARAHWas that okay?GEORGEBeautiful, just beautiful.BACK TO SCENESarah changes her position from her feet to her knees, then continues impaling herself with a steady rocking motion.Sarah looks back at George, smiling in self-satisfaction.George starts to thrust up into Sarah as she descends, and the thrusts steadily get more vigorous.GEORGE (CONT’D)Enough of this watching, it’s time to get serious.He rolls them both onto their sides, and in the spoon position they continue.Overhead of the twoGeorge’s thrusts steadily get harder and faster.Sarah is arching her back and pushing her bottom back to receive the thrusts of George’s penis.As the weight of his body slams into Sarah’s bottom at full penetration, the impact shakes her whole body violently.Harder and harder he slams into her, pulling hard at her hips with each thrust, and then that final thrust of orgasm. GEORGE (CONT’D)Oh God yes!SARAHCome for me baby, come.George holds his body rigidly still. Sarah pushing back against him. When his orgasm passes he collapses.They are both covered with sweat and breathing hard.Zoom to just torsosThey lay still for some time catching their breath.GEORGEDamn you’re good woman.SARAHYou’re not bad yourself, big guy.Sarah pulls George’s arm tight to her breasts.GEORGEHow’s your ass?SARAHIt feels very well used, thank you. (beat) Do you remember the first time?GEORGEThat I did a woman that way?SARAHNo, that you did me that way.GEORGENot really, only that you were good. Why?SARAHI remember looking at your cock and thinking that there was no way you could get that thing into my rear end, and that if you did you’d probably rip me open.GEORGEThen why did you let me?SARAHBecause I knew that if you managed to get it in, I’d feel as completely filled as I possibly could. (beat) And I loved it, loved being stretched like that, I loved it that you love it so much, that you wanted me so much. (beat) And I still love it, still love being stretched. (beat) Did I make you happy tonight?GEORGEYes, very happy. You always make me happy.SARAHThat’s good.Sarah smiles to herself and closes her eyes.BACK TO SCENEThey lay there a while longer.George gets up and goes to the bathroom. We hear the toilet flush, then the vanity, Sarah hasn’t moved.George comes out of the bathroom and starts getting dressed.GEORGEI have to go.SARAHOkay.She gets up and slips on her robe and waits as he finishes dressing. When he finishes they leave the bedroom.INT. SARAH’S LIV
ING Room — CONTINUOUSGeorge puts his arm around Sarah as they walk to the door.GEORGEThanks.SARAHNo! Thank you!GEORGEMind if I come back in a week or so?SARAHGeorge, if the light’s on you’re always welcome.George leans forward and kisses Sarah on the cheek.GEORGESee you later, baby girl.SARAHLater.As George leaves another man, LARRY, steps from the shadows.LarryHi Sarah.SARAHHi Larry.In contrast to George, Larry is a small man of slight build, maybe thirty.LARRYCan you do me?SARAHYour usual?LARRYYeah.SARAHOkay, come on in.Larry steps by her and Sarah closes the door behind him and walks down the hall with Larry following.INT. SARAH’S BEDROOM — CONTINUOUSAs she enters the bedroom she stops at the night stand and pushes a button on her clock radio and music starts to play.She take off her robe and drops it on the bed and walks to the end of the bed and starts to dance very seductively.Larry has stopped in the doorway and watches her dance. He unbuttons and unzips his pants and lets them drop to the floor around his ankles.He pushes his underwear down and starts to masturbate. He has a very small penis.Sarah in turn watches Larry as she runs her hands over her body, then cups her breasts, then turns around and bends over to show him her bottom.Larry watches her intently. Larry has reach full erection and we see that his penis is less than four inches long.SARAHAre you ready?LARRYYeah, I’m ready.Sarah walks over to the night stand and gets a condom, she opens it and drops the wrapper next to the one from George.She kneels in front of Larry and rolls the condom onto his penis, then pulls it over his testicles as well.SARAHNot to deep this time.LARRYokay.ANGLE ONClose-up of Sarah’s face.She takes his penis into her mouth and Larry puts his hands on the back of her head and starts thrusting into her mouth as if it were a vagina.Larry’s small penis moving in and out of Sarah’s mouth with no signs of distress on Sarah’s face, Sarah makes souls of distress as if she was almost gagging, in fact no expression at all. Larry thrusts faster and faster and then he comes quickly. He holds Sarah’s face tight to him as he comes and she waits patiently as the orgasm rocks his body.BACK TO SCENEHe releases her head and Sarah gets to her feet and picks up her robe. Larry starts to peel the condom off his penis.SARAHIn the bathroom! You know better than that.LARRYSorry.He pulls first his underwear then his pants up and goes into the bathroom. We hear the toilet flush and Larry returns.LARRY (CONT’D)Thanks.SARAHYou’re welcome.INT. SARAH’S LIVING ROOM — CONTINUOUSSarah walks him to the door.She watches him walk away, then turns the porch light on. She closes the door, gets her wine glass and goes to the kitchen and refills it. She walks back to the couch, turns on the TV and sits back.DISSOLVE TO:Ckose on clock, 10:30BACK TO SCENESarah gets up,turns the TV off, goes to the door and turns the porch light off. She walks to the bedroom turning off lights as she goes. CUT TO:INT. Dentist office Sarah is again leaving work.SARAHGoodnight, Martha. See you in the morning.MARTHAGoodnight, Sarah. Have a nice evening.CUT TO:INT. SARAH’S LIVING ROOM — LATERSarah arrives home, drops her bag and goes to the bedroom.INT. SARAH’S BEDROOM — CONTINUOUSSarah gets undressed, puts on her robe, and exits.INT. SARAH’S LIVING ROOM — CONTINUOUSSarah gets a frozen dinner from freezer and puts it in the microwave. She get a bottle of wine, opens it and pours herself a glass. She turns on the TV and watches standing until the microwave dings. She gets her dinner and eats from the coffee table while watching TV.DISSOLVE TO:INT. SARAH’S LIVINGROOM — LATERAfter dinner she goes to the door and turns on the porch light. She just sits back down on the couch when the doorbell rings.She smiles broadly, gets up and opens the door and we see David standing there.SARAHDavid! I didn’t expect you until tomorrow night.DAVIDWe got the contract done early.Sarah turns the porch light off and, holding David’s arm, guides him to the bedroom.INT. SARAH’S BEDROOM — CONTINUOUSIn the bedroom David pushes Sarah back onto the bed and covers her face with kisses.ANGLE ONClose-up of David’s hand inside her robe fondling her breasts.His hand moves down over her body, pushes her robe open, then moves to her clitoris and she spreads her legs for him.BACK TO SCENEHe moves his mouth down to first one nipple and then the other.ANGLE ONA close-up of Sarah’s face shows her rapture from what he is doing.BACK TO SCENEThen David moves his mouth lower and lower until his tongue is at her clitoris. Sarah’s hands are in David’s hair as his tongue gives her pleasure.ANGLE ONOverhead shot.As David continues Sarah’s body shudders as she has a mini orgasm, but instead of stopping, David continues his tongue lashing of her clitoris.SARAHOh sweet Jesus!Sarah raises her head and watches with fascination as David licks her even harder.Close on sarah face as she has her second mini orgasm, her mouth open, her eyes close and every muscle in her face and body tensed.SARAH (CONT’D)Oh God, Yes!BACK TO SCENEWithout let up, David continues.The sensitivity of Sarah’s body from the mini orgasms causes her body to shake like a rag doll until the orgasm passes.SARAH (CONT’D)What are you doing?David continues his assault on her clitoris without answering.Sarah’s face tenses again as she approaches the big one.SARAH (CONT’D)What are you doing, baby? Please don’t!David continues with his tongue and Sarah has completely lost control of her body, the twitching and jerking are continuous.SARAH (CONT’D)No! Please no! No!David’s tongue pushes her over the edge and a massive orgasm rocks Sarah’s body.SARAH (CONT’D)No! No! No!BACK TO SCENEDavid stops, stands, and starts undressing as he watches her slowly return from the orgasm.Sarah is laying flat on the bed, her robe still under her and on her arms. Sarah covers her face with her hands.SARAH (CONT’D)I’m sorry.DAVIDFor what?SARAHFor losing control.DAVIDWhat are you talking about?SARAHI was completely out of control. A woman should never be out of control, especially during sex.DAVIDAre you crazy? You weren’t out of control, you were having an orgasm, a great orgasm, thank you.SARAHBut if a woman loses control during sex it means she is a nymphomaniac.David chuckles and lays down, Sarah shifts from across the bed to laying next to him.LARRYI think a nympho is a woman who is addicted to sex, who can’t live without it. All women have orgasms, or at least can have orgasms. You had a really good one and that doesn’t make you a nympho.SARAHWell, . . . I like to make men happy, and I thought that as long as I didn’t lose control it really didn’t matter.LARRYI don’t think losing control matters if you’re with someone you really care about. I think you really care about me, so losing control with me is what you should do. If you were with a man you didn’t really care about I don’t think you could lose control, could have an orgasm.SARAHThat makes sense.Sarah reaches down and takes hold of David’s penis, stroking it gently.SARAH (CONT’D)So is there a difference when a man is with a woman he doesn’t care about and when he is with one he does?DAVIDNot much, really. But when I’m with you I’m making love, not having sex, and having an orgasm when you’re making love is very special. With someone else it’s just sex, just having an orgasm and doesn’t mean anything, doesn’t matter.SARAHThat makes sense too. I want to make love with you, okay?DAVIDAbsolutely.Sarah moves down and takes David’s penis into her mouth and sucks at it lovingly.David relaxes on the pillow and smiles, his hand gently rubbing Sarah’s bottom.Sarah sucks him for a while then raises up.SARAHHow do you want me?David pulls her up next to him and lays her on her back. He kisses her and climbs between her legs.ANGLE ONClose-up of genitals. She guides him into her.BACK TO SCENEThey make love at a relaxed pace. 20 secs.DISSOLVE TO:They move into doggie and make love. 20 secs.DISSOLVE TO:They move into cowgirl and make love.. 20 sec
s.DISSOLVE TO:They move into spoon fashion and make love.. 20 secs.DISSOLVE TO:The move into missionary and make love. The love making becomes more passionate and the reach orgasm together.DISSOLVE TO:INT. SARAH’S FRONT DOOR — MORNINGNext morning and the lovers saying goodbye at the door, Sarah in her robe and David in his street cloths.SARAHLast night was wonderful!DAVIDYeah, it was very special.SARAHWill I see you tonight?DAVIDI don’t think so. Maybe alanya escort bayan Friday night. Is that okay?SARAHNo, it’s not okay. I want you tonight.DAVIDMe too! But I have to work. Friday for sure, okay?SARAHOkay.David leaves.CUT TO:INT. SARAH’S LIVING ROOM — AFTERNOONSarah gets home from work.INT. SARAH’S BEDROOM — CONTINUOUSSarah gets undressed, puts on her robe.INT. SARAH’S kitchen — CONTINUOUSSarah makes the frozen dinner, gets her wine and sit at the couch to eat as she watches TV.Later, the finished dinner on the coffee table, Sarah sips her wine, then sets the glass down, goes to the door and turns the porch light on in her usual way. She returns to the couch and continues watching TV.DISSOLVE TO:The door bell rings. Sarah smiles and answers it. When she opens the door we see a tall dark complected handsome and well dressed man in his late twenties.sECOND MANHi, how are you doing?SARAHGood, come on in.The man enters and walks straight down the hall to the bedroom, and after turning out the porch light and closing the door Sarah follows him.As she enter the bedroom the man has d****d his dress jacket over the back of the chair and is taking his shoes off.Sarah takes off her robe and sits at the edge of the bed.After pulling his belt from its loops, the man takes off his pants and after carefully aligning the seams d****s them over the jacket.He takes off his shirt and underwear and lays then on the chair, then picks up the belt and walks the few steps to stand in front of Sarah.Sarah takes hold of his half erect penis and strokes it to a full, rather long, erection. She retrieves a condom from the night stand, puts it on him and then takes his penis into her mouth.He impassively watches her suck, then, holding his belt in both hands, puts it behind Sarah’s head and uses it to pull her harder onto his penis.Sarah gags, but continues. The man pulls her head two more times and each time Sarah gags.SARAH (CONT’D)That’s enough of that.Sarah leaves him, lays back on the bed, puts a couple fingers to her mouth and then rubs the saliva on the lips of her vagina.SECOND MANNo, doggie first.SARAHYeah, okay. But take it easy.SECOND MANSure.SARAHI mean it. You get carried away and I swear I’ll call the cops. . . . Do you understand?SECOND MANYes.Sarah gets on her hands and knees.The man climbs on the bed behind.ANGLE ONClose-up on genitals. Sarah guides his penis into her vagina.BACK TO SCENEHe is holding the belt in his right hand as he grips Sarah by the hips with his left. He works his penis into her.Once he is completely inside of her he unhurriedly and almost mechanically strokes in and out of her.ANGLE ONClose-up of Sarah’s face.Sarah’s face is devoid of emotion, her body being rhythmically jostled by the man’s thrusts.BACK TO SCENEThe man continues, his thrusts now with building vigor, pounding at her, sweat now on his body.He releases her hip with his right hand and whips her bottom with the belt, hard but not real hard.Sarah‘s body jerks and she whimpers in reaction to the belt but she offers no resistance.Several strokes later the man again whips her with the belt, this time on the other cheek and a little harder.Sarah‘s body again reacts to the pain and she whimpers, but she says nothing.Close on Sarah’s face.Sarah’s eyes are closed, her body jostled with each thrust.The man thrusts, his right hand raised with the belt. From time to time he brings the belt down across Sarah‘s bottom and her body jerks and she whimpers in response to the pain.Then something changes with the man, his eyes take on a wild look and he raises the belt high above his head and brings it down very hard on Sarah‘s bottom. Sarah‘s body jerks violently, she raises up.BACK TO SCENESARAH(yelling)That’s it!Lose the belt, NOW! I warned you.SECOND MAN(apologetically)Okay, sorry.He again grips Sarah by the hips and we see that he is thrusting into her as hard as he can and we can see that he is still trying to hurt Sarah, but now with his penis.ANGLE ONClose-up of Sarah’s face.Sarah hangs her head and waits, then lets out a small cry of pain as the man succeeds.BACK TO SCENEThe man stops, rolls Sarah onto her side and begins again in the spoon position, again starting slowly before picking up his pace.ANGLE ONSarah’s face in close-up, the man behind her thrusting, and Sarah’s face without emotion as she patiently waits for him to be happy.overheadThe man reaches up and takes a handful of Sarah’s hair and pulls her head back hard. Sarah grimaces in pain but says nothing as the man continues.The man jerks her hair again and Sarah lets out a cry of pain.BACK TO SCENEThe man stops again, rolls Sarah onto her back and mounts her missionary.Again he starts slowly, then builds both the speed and ferocity of his assault on her body.The man then reaches back and pulls Sarah’s legs up so that her ankles rest on his shoulders.ANGLE ONClose-up of genitals from the side showing the length of the man penis coming out, then going back in. 10 secs.BACK TO SCENEAs he continues it is obvious that he is trying to hurt Sarah with the depth of his penetration.Harder and harder he drives his penis into her until Sarah gasps in pain.Again he stops.SECOND MAN (CONT’D)I want to come in your mouth.Sarah crawls down between his legs and takes him into her mouth. As she starts to suck on his penis the man takes the back of her head and forces her hard onto his penis making Sarah gag.He lets her be for a few moments then again pushes her head down hard and again she gags. Again and again he tries to force himself into Sarah’s throat and each time she gags violently.Just then the doorbell rings.Sarah ignores it and continues to suck on the sadist’s penis.It rings again.SECOND MAN (CONT’D)Is the porch light on?SARAHNo, they’ll go away.The doorbell rings again, this time in the “shave and a hair cut” rhythm.SARAH (CONT’D)I had better see who that is.INT. SARAH’S LIVING ROOM — CONTINUOUSWe see her coming out of the bedroom tying the sash of her robe. She talks through the door.SARAHThe lights out, go away!DAVID(from outside)What does the light have to do with anything?SARAHWho is it?DAVIDDavid, who else would it be?Sarah opens the door.SARAHWhat are you doing here? You said tomorrow night.DAVID(smiling broadly)I know. I just couldn’t stay away.SARAHYou can’t come in now.DAVIDWhy not?SARAHYou just can’t. Come back in thirty minutes. Okay?DAVIDYou have to be k**ding.SARAHNo, I’m not k**ding. Please come back in thirty minutes.David’s POVSarah’s face with a very distressed expression, and then the dark complected man comes out of the bedroom into the hall, naked and still fully erect.SECOND MANIs there a problem?SARAHNo, go back into the bedroom.DAVIDWho the hell is he?SARAHJust a guy, he means nothing to me.DAVIDWhat do you mean he means nothing to you?SARAHLike you said last night, . . . he doesn’t matter. Please go away and come back in thirty minutes.DAVIDI’ll go away all right! But I won’t be back!SARAHDavid, please!Sarah watches David leave with a very sad expression, then closes the door and returns to the bedroom.INT. SARAH’S BEDROOM — CONTINUOUSThe man is lying on the bed and she lays next to him.SECOND MANIs everything all right?SARAHProbably not. Come on and finish up.SECOND MANNot in your mouth?SARAHNo, get on top of me, . . . or leave.He crawls back between her legs and starts again, slow at first.ANGLE ONOverhead close-up of Sarah’s face, she stares at the ceiling and she wears a frown as tears trickle down her cheek.The camera stays on Sarah’s face as the man’s pace increases, his thrusts becoming more powerful.The man puts his hands around Sarah‘s throat and chokes her as he continues
his assault of her body and quickly reaches orgasm.Through all of this Sarah’s expression remains the same, even as the man choked her, very sad.The man releases her throat and collapses on top of her.BACK TO SCENEHe remains still for a time, then gets up and goes into the bathroom. We hear the toilet flush, then the vanity.He comes out and starts to dress.Sarah wipes the tears from her cheek, sits up and gets her robe. She walks the man to the door.SECOND MANI hope I haven’t ruined things for you.SARAHIt’s not your fault, don’t worry about it. You were better tonight. I don’t mind some of that stuff, but you can’t get carried away. Okay?SECOND MANOkay, . . . can I see you again?SARAHSure.Sarah closes the door and locks it. She walks over to the couch and sits. She picks up the phone and dials. The phone rings three times and David’s answering machine picks up, we hear his message, then the beep.SARAH (CONT’D)David, you are being very unfair. We never discussed being exclusive, and you never said that was what you wanted. I care about you, and you said you cared about me. If that is true then we need to talk. Please call me.DISSOLVE TO:INT. SARAH’S LIVING ROOM — LATERANGLE ON clock, 10:30Cleans up and starts toward bedroom.CUT TO:INT. SARAH’S LIVING ROOM — EVENINGSarah comes into her apartment from work.INT. SARAH’S BEDROOM — CONTINUOUSSarah gets undressed, hangs her cloths, puts on her robe.INT. Sarah’s kitchen — CONTINUOUSSarah starts dinner and gets her wine.She sits on the couch and eats while watching TV. After dinner she gets more wine and time passes.ANGLE ON porch lightWe notice that she doesn’t turn on the porch light.ANGLE ON clock, 10:05We see the clock, it’s a little after ten. The phone RINGS.SARAHHello?INT. David’s office — IntercutDAVIDHi Sarah , it’s me. I’ve been thinking about what you said and I wondered if I could come over and we could talk?SARAHRight now?DAVIDYeah, if it’s okay.SARAHSure, I’ll see you in a bit.Sarah sits back to wait, passage of time, doorbell rings. Sarah opens the door to find David.DAVIDCan I come in?SARAHYes, of course, come in.Sarah motions for David to sit on the couch and both take seats.DAVIDI’m sorry about last night. I guess my ego got bruised when I saw that guy. I assumed that you were like me.SARAHWhat do you mean, “like you?”DAVIDYou know, not involved.SARAHI’m not involved.DAVIDWhat about that guy last night?SARAHI’m not involved with him.DAVIDHe was in your bedroom, naked!SARAHYes. We had sex. But we’re not involved.DAVIDHow can you have sex with a man you don’t care about?SARAHI had sex with you at the party and you didn’t complain.DAVIDThat was different.SARAHHow? You said you wanted to have sex with me, and I made you happy. (MORE) SARAH (CONT’D)That is what I did with that guy last night, I made him happy.DAVIDYou have sex with men just to make men happy?SARAHYes. But I’m always careful, safe sex, they have to wear a rubber, no exchange of bodily fluids. I never kiss them or let them kiss me.DAVIDYou let me kiss you.SARAHThat’s because you’re special.DAVIDWhat makes me special?SARAHWe don’t have sex, we make love.DAVIDAnd that makes it all right?SARAHThat’s what you said the other night, if you have sex with someone you don’t care about it doesn’t matter.DAVIDThat’s not what I said.SARAHIt is what you said. And you never said anything about me not having sex with other men.David pauses a moment to think, then;DAVIDSo, how many men?SARAHHave I had sex with?DAVIDYeah.SARAHWhy do you want to know?DAVIDI just want to know.SARAHWould five be too many? Would ten, or fifty or a hundred? Is there a magic number after which I’m not suitable to have a relationship with. After a woman loses her virginity does it really matter? DAVIDI don’t know. I really like you and I want to know . . .SARAHYou want to know what happens if we were to hook up, if I’d still have sex with all these men?David nods his answer.SARAH (CONT’D)I don’t know. . . . I Think so. Do you still want to have sex with me?DAVIDYes.SARAHI like you a lot, and I love making love with you. But these men are friends, and some of them probably wouldn’t have sex if it wasn’t for me. I work hard at my job, and my reward is sex in the evening. If you’re here then we can have sex, but if you’re not here what does it hurt to have sex with them? I’m not interested in sitting here alone three or four nights a week. If we’re going to be together, we have to be together, understand?DAVIDYes, I’ll be here every night.Sarah thinks for a moment, then;SARAHThat would be wonderful, but I’m telling you now, if you’re not here I’ll turn on the porch light. And if you call me and say you’ll be here and then don’t show up I’ll never believe you again.DAVIDIt doesn’t sound like I have a choice in the matter.SARAHOne more thing, don’t come over if you’re not going to have sex. Maybe when I get older I won’t want sex all the time, but right now I do. Understand?DAVIDI think so.SARAHWe can talk more later. Want to make love to me now?DAVIDYes, very much.They get up and walk to bedroom.INT. BeDROOM — CONTINUOUSThey enter, Sarah takes off her robe and climbs onto the bed. She lays on her side and smiles as she watches David undress.Undressed, David joins her. They kiss, each caressing the other. David starts to kiss Sarah’s neck, then ease toward her breast. Sarah stops himSARAHNo. Let me do you first this time.DAVIDOkay.David lies back and Sarah scoots down and take his cock into her hand, stroking it.ANGLE ON – sarah takes his cock into her mouth. 10 secs.BACK TO SCENESarah moves so that she is between David’s legs, still sucking. David arranges a pillow behind his head so he can watch.David’s POV – Sarah sucking.Sarah sucks him purposely but unhurriedly. She stared into David’s eyes as she sucks, her eyes sparkling. 15 secs.Sarah lets go of his cock and first licks and then sucks his balls. 15 secs.DAVID (CONT’D)That feels fantastic!SARAH(pauses and smiles)That’s why I’m doing it.. Want me to stop?DAVIDGod, no.Sarah goes back to his balls. 10 secs.Sarah returns to his cock. 15 secs.BACK TO SCENEDAVID (CONT’D)(reaching for Sarah)Let me do you now.Sarah crawls up over him, they kiss. David rolls her over onto her back and starts working his way down her body, breasts, navel, etc. He positions himself between her legs.ANGLE ON DAVID putting his tongue on sarah’s clit. 10 secs.BACK TO SCENESarah raises her legs in response to David’s attentions.Overhead of Sarah’s facial reactionBACK TO SCENEDavid brings Sarah to orgasm, her toes curl, the muscles in her stomach spasm, full blown orgasm.David stays in place as Sarah recovers, then crawls up between her legs.Close on sarah guiding his penis in. 10 sec.BACK TO SCENEThey make love missionary. 30 secs.DAVID (CONT’D)Let’s do it doggie.SARAHOkay.David gets off of her and she gets onto all fours. David comes up behind her.Close on sarah guiding his penis in. 10 sec.BACK TO SCENEThey make love Doggie. 45 secs.David rolls them to their side and they make love spoon fashion. 30 secs.SARAH (CONT’D)Would you like to try something different?DAVIDMaybe, what did you have in mind?SARAHI have some KY, would you like to try my backside?DAVIDSure.Sarah leaves David and scoots over to the night stand, gets the KY and returns. She applies KY to David’s penis, then turns away and eases back. David moves up close.Close on genitals as david enters her. 15 secs’SARAH (O.S.)Easy at first, okay?DAVID (O.S.)Okay. Tell me if I hurt you.SARAH (O.S.)Don’t worry, I will.David slowly penetrates Sarah, then begins a steady thrusting.BACK TO SCENEThey make love cautiously at first.Overhead Sarah turns back to David.SARAHOkay, we’re good.DAVIDAre you sure?SARAHYeah, I’m sure.DAVIDYou done this before.SARAHI’m doing it with you. Isn’t that all that counts?DAVIDI guess you’re right.SARAHThen make love to me, hard and deep.David makes love to her normally and as she asked. 30 secs.David rolls Sarah onto her belly with him on top.BACK TO SCENESARAH (CONT’D)Oh, David.
That feels so good. Come for me, baby.Close on sarah’s faceSARAH (CONT’D)(under her breath)Oh, George.Sarah’s eyes are closed and her mouth open. She seems to be mouthing words.BACK TO SCENEDavid thrusts faster, then comes. He collapses on to of her.DISSOLVE TO:The two lovers are resting in the after glow.DAVIDI was thinking.SARAHWhat were you thinking.DAVIDIt seems you are going to do your friends no matter what I do, short maybe marrying you.SARAHYeah, and?DAVIDI was thinking maybe I could watch.SARAHOh yeah, like that’s going to work.DAVIDWhat do you mean?SARAHI can just see you come busting out of the closet and attacking some innocent guy that’s just trying to get his jollies off.DAVIDI wouldn’t do that.SARAHI wouldn’t even consider it until I knew you better.DAVIDThen you’ll consider it?SARAHMaybe, . . . later. You know, it could be a turn on.The End

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