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Daniel 3!His body laid on top of me like a blanket, his weight was bearing down onme just as his cock was bearing down in my ass. He was pushing his hipsdown on my ass with such force, air was being expelled from my lungs and aloud pleasurable grown sang from my month. He pushed my head deeper intothe pillow, drowning out my moaning as not to wake our parents in the nextroom. My ass was so full of my brother David’s hard cock each time hewould thrust his hips down on me, I raised mine to get the full length ofhis 10 inch cock as far up my ass as I could. We were in a such a deepsexual haze that the squealing of the bed springs couldn’t bring us out ofit. But the knock on the door stopped us quickly.”ah, hold on….ah..I’ll be right there” I said frantically as Ilooked around at my brother.I quickly got out of bed and walked to the door. I opened it just abit, with my waist just out of site. It was my father, standing there inhis boxers looking as hot as he always does. A man of just 39, still sandyblond hair, works out regularly and plays tennis every weekend. So as forfat, not on his tone body. His chest was smooth and his nipples protrudingjust a bid on the hard side. I lowered my look, not out of shame but moreout of lust. My eye flowed down past his belly to the light treasure trailthat sank inside his boxers. The lump of cock was obvious as the shape ofhis mushroom head was outlined in his boxers and hanging down his left leg.Wait just a second…… did my eyes just see his cock jump. Yup,there it goes again! I looked up at my father, his face tan from his dayin the sun.”Dad, I’m sorry, was I to loud? I said as I slowly let the doorcreep open, exposing my nakedness and flag pole cock.He looked down at my 9 inches of hard fat cock. I could feel itjump just at the thought and with perfect timing a large glob of pre-cumjust oozed out of the top and slowly seeped down the front side of my dick.I quickly grabbed a hold of my cock, not wanting the gooey liquid to hitthe floor.”Dad, I was beating off, and well I guess it got a little wild.You’re not mad at me are you? I said as I slowly slid my hand back andforth on my hard fuck tool. I looked up at his face. Although he couldnot take his eyes off my hard standing cock, he slightly shook his head’no’.I looked down, he cock was trying desperately to rise up insidehis boxers. It was making quite a tent, and was soon going to find the peeslit and be out among us all. Realizing this at about the same time, heturned quickly and headed back to his room.”Just keep it under control Daniel, your mother and I are trying tosleep” He said as he walked away, turning to get one last look at me beforehe went back to his room and closed the door. I continued to stroke mycock as he looked at me, a little longer than he should have.I closed the door, just as my brother was coming out from under thebed. We didn’t say a word to each other, knowing that if we did, my fatherwould surely know what was going on inside his youngest son’s room. Iwalked over to the bed and laid down on my stomach, my legs spread wide, asmy brother took position over me. His cock was still hard and wet so itplunged into my waiting ass, without a problem. I moaned softly as hebegan to hump my moist fuck hole again. It didn’t take us long to get backto the rhythm we had going earlier. His cock deeply piercing my ass, Icould feel his balls hitting me with silent slaps against my round asscheeks. My own cock was hard and being pushed into the sheet and making aslight dent under my stomach. It was wet with pre-cum and sliding on thesheets pleasuring me with a slightly velvet feel across my shaft..David’s cock began to swell and I knew he was about to blow a loadof cum in my ass. I was so hungry for that hot warm feeling in my ass thatI began to buck my ass making his explode his orgasm deep inside me. Icould feel it’s heat warm me as he kept thrusting his cock deeper anddeeper with every new shot bahis firmaları of his spunk in my ass. My face was still inthe pillow as a constant moan erupted from my mouth.He only stopped pumping my ass, because his cock was now limp andhe couldn’t get it to penetrate past my ass lips. As he pulled out, herolled me over and took my hard wet cock in his mouth and swallowed ituntil his nose was up against my balls. I yelped a little to loud and helooked up at me, with my cock hanging between his lips. I quickly grabbedSean’s underwear from under my pillow and shoved them in my mouth. I couldtaste him in the white cotton material that he had warn just last night.Luckily, because I no sooner pumped the biggest load of cum past mybrothers warm soft lips and deep into his throat. I bucked my hips up anddown shooting load after load of cum into his mouth until he couldn’t holdon any longer and them I shot cum on his face and all over his hair.Finally, my orgasm subsided and I relaxed into the bed. David justlooked at me, his face cover in white runny cum as he kneeled between mylegs. I sat up and kissed him passionately on his lips and then lickedevery bit of my own seed off his face. Slowly he got up off the bed andwalked out the door to go back to his room, but turned slightly as heclosed my door.”Little dude, I will say it again, you are so FUCKING hot!”The next morning I woke with the alarm clock singing in my ear. Myass was sore and slightly sticky, I could taste the reminisce of sperm inmy month and the smell of anal sex lingered in the air. I couldn’t resist,I was instantly horny. I reached down and grabbed Sean’s underwear, putthem around my face, my hard cock was already in my right hand and I wasstroked wildly. My left hand found its way to my moist ass hole and twofingers went in with out any problem. I fucked my ass with them as Iinhaled the manly aroma of the cotton whitely tighties in my mouth. I cameinstantly shooting just as much cum as I did last night all over mystomach, chest and face. I wiped up my sexual mess with Sean’s underwearand finally went to take a shower.I dressed in my moist revealing low rise jeans that day, feelingquite horny and wanting to let everyone know. As I pulled them up over mynaked body, my hand moved my balls and cock into position on the rightside. Which reveled a nice size bulge down my leg. The waste of my pantsdidn’t quite cover my dirty blond pubic hair, you could see the beginningsof my manhood at the end of my treasure trail. I knew this would turnheads and that’s just what I wanted to do today. I grabbed a shirt thatwould sit just below the waste of my pants, allowing me to expose my tightabs and pubes at any given moment.My father was in the kitchen when I walked down stairs sipping hismorning coffee and reading the paper. He looked up to say good morning,and stopped in mid sentence.”Hey Dad.” I had to help him out.”Um…good morning Daniel, Um…….” He couldn’t take his eyesoff my crotch.”About last night, I am really sorry that I ….’ I began to say.”Hey, don’t worry about, I was your age once. And I did my sharebelieve me. Next time though please try not to wake your mother.” He saidfinally looking back down at his paper.”Thanks Dad, you are so cool” I said as I walked over and kissedhim on the forehead.As I was getting some cereal, David walked down stair.”Dad, can I have 20 bucks, gotta get some stuff for school” He saidas he began to look my way.”Little dude, you’re up early” His eye went down my body andstopped at my bulging package of man junk in my pants. He winked andlicked his lips.My father was busy fishing money out of his wallet so I don’t thinkhe saw what David did, at least I hope not. However I did, and my cockstarted to stir right away and there wasn’t much room for growth inside mypants. I quickly got my breakfast and sat down at the table, covering myever growing problem.Morning classes were pretty much uneventful that tipobet güvenilir mi day, my outfitdid get me the looks I was hoping for, from both girls and guys. One inparticular really surprised me though. It was Sven, our schools top soccerplayer. He was a Norwegian god, at least
6’2″ almost white blond hair anda body that would give you instant wood when you saw him changing in thegym locker room.I had actually just walked away from my locker with my math booksfor first period and he was walking towards me. Our eyes immediately madea connection and there was a definite lust lurking. Then he looked down atmy bulging crotch which was being shifted and stirred each time I took astep. I loved the interest he was showing, so I thought I would give him alittle more to lust after. I put my hand under the front of my shirt andraised it slightly as if to scratch an itch, exposing my tight stomach anddirty blond curlies to him. He almost tripped but didn’t take his eyes offof my body until we past each other. I slowed and turned after he past,and he was doing the same. Our eyes locked and a smile was exchanged. Ihad and instant hard on, which was now being covered by my math book.Even though our lockers were next to each other, I didn’t see Seanuntil right before lunch,. I was putting my books away when he came upfrom behind me and pressed his crotch into my ass. I pushed back grindingmy ass into his body, hoping to feel a part of his fat cock against my ass.I turned and almost kissed him right there. He stepped back and looked meup and down.”Daniel, you look amazing, I love those jeans.” He whispered”I wore them to make you horny, how did I do? I said with a smirk”Just look!” He said lower his headIt was plain to see the mushroom like head of his growing cocksliding down the leg of his chinos. I looked at him and smiled.”You’re free balling today aren’t you?””You are so right, it feels great, but right now I need a somethingto keep me in place, if you know what I mean. My cock is so hard it’sstarting to hurt” Sean wincedI immediately reached into his pants and grabbed his nowcompletely hard cock and pulled it upright. Of course I gave it a fewextra tugs before I removed my hand. He just looked at me in total awe.”You are a nut, and I think I want you right now, I am so horny Imay cum right here”.”Let’s skip lunch, and take a walk in the back woods.” I said tohim as we walked quickly away from our lockers towards the side door.The woods were just beyond the soccer field behind the school.They were pretty thick so we would be safe there. We were almost runningas we got closer, both anticipating the pleasure that was awaiting us.We didn’t make it to far into the woods before Sean pushed me upagainst a tree and kissed me. His tongue shot into my mouth hungrily asmine did his, his hands were in my pants both planted on my naked assmessaging my butt and pulling me into his crotch. I could feel his hardcock pressing up against mine, as we ground our hips into each other. Helowered himself as he lifted my shirt up over my nipples. Licking his waydown my chest, not stopping until he came the head of my raging hard-onthat was now protruding out of the top of my pants up against my treasuretrail. He sucked the top of my head prodding my pee slit with his tongue.He undid my pants and lowered them to my ankles. Releasing my hard-on fromthe retrains of the fabric, and engulfing my rod deep into his throat. Hishead bobbed back and forth against my cock, sucking me off until I tried tostop him, before I blasted my load of cum down his throat. But he wouldn’tlet me as his head fucked my cock with his warm moist lips rubbing up anddown on my dick. I yelled as my load rushed through my cock and into hismouth. I jolted and jerked my whole body into his mouth as my hot cum wasbeing ejected from my balls.Sean swallowed ever bit of the white hot ball juice that I couldproduce, until there was no more. bets10 Then he got up off his knees, turned mearound and forced me up against the tree. His cock was already out of hispants and wet with his saliva. He jabbed my ass hole with the head of histhrobbing dick until it slid all the way up my ass, making me moan withpleasure. His rhythm began instantly as he pushed, pulled, and humped;fucking my ass effortlessly. He kissed my neck as his hand were caressingmy erect nipples as he hips were rocking back and forth against my body.It wasn’t long before I felt his cock begin to swell in my ass ashis rhythm and breathing quickened. I knew what was cuming and I couldn’twait to feel his hot sperm in my ass. My cock was hard again and I wasstroking it madly, and it began to spew cum against the tree, just as Icould feel Sean’s cock release his warm creamy spunk in my ass. We cameand came, moaning as each spasm engulfed our young bodies. Our lips foundeach other during our orgasm and we kissed and moaned together as wedischarged our male juices.Sean’s body clasped against mine, his hands still around my waistand under my shirt. Holding on to me, keep our bodies tight against eachother. We kissed and just stayed there catching our breaths. I could feelthat Sean’s cock was still hard, but motionless in my ass. It was awondrous feeling, to have the man you love, holding on tight to keep youapart of him. I was in love, and I knew it at just that instant. I turnedmy head and kissed him quite passionately on the lips. We were now lockedtogether with our months and our sexual organs. I don’t know quite when,but Sean hips were soon gyrating again against my ass. And soon he wasfucking me with long deep thrust, his cock plunged in and out of my wet asshole. Our moaning was squelch as our lips were still locked together andour tongues lost in each others mouth. I didn’t know I could have threewild orgasms in a row, but my cock was hard and as Sean’s right hand beganto stroke it, my blood began to boil again. I shot my load all over hishand and I think it was more than what was running down the tree in frontof me. He raised his cum drench hand to my mouth and offered me my ownseed, which I hungrily licked off my warn wet cum. The vision of meingesting my own, sent Sean into a wild fit, as he forcefully drove hishard cock deeper into my as and pushed me up against the tree and came inmy ass for a second time. I couldn’t control my pleasure as I squealedalmost like a pig when his hard fat cock pillaged my ass.I turned around, looking deep into his baby blue eyes, our pantsstill around our ankles as we kissed passionately.”Sean, I love you!” I said very sincerely”I think I love you too Daniel.” Sean whisper in my ear. Wehugged each other tight, and when we bent down to pull up our pants, weboth heard the noise at the same time. It was a groaning sound that wasvery familiar to us, someone else was having sex. We both turned towardthe sound and there a little deeper into the woods was my brother David onhis hands and knees, naked from the waist down. With Sven pounding hiscock deep into David’s ass, they were fucking doggy style and the look onDavid face was pure ecstasy! And soon we could both see why. Sven,knowing that we were know watching him fuck my brother, began to slowlymove his cock in and out of my brothers ass, just to let us see what wasgoing into his ass hole. We both starred in complete disbelief as his cockkept retracting from my brother’s fuck hole. It had to be at least 12 ifnot 13 inches long, god it could have even been 14 inches long, it hadn’tended before he plunged it back into the warm hole he was fucking. Andfat…….it was bigger than a fucking soda can from where we werestanding. And David was taking it all with great pleasure. His bodyjumped as the bat side cock side ever so deep into his ass.We both just stood there in awe as this giant of a cock fucked mybrother. He was on his knees behind him, holding on to his waist. He waswearing only a pair of boots as he pumped David full of his cock.I looked over at them and our eyes met. I smiled and winked asDavid gasped loadly, it seemed that Sven decided it was time to drive thisboy home.

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