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Curious Clients 4: Ariel Anal & Virgin Vanessa
Awesome Ariel is doubly distressed, by bladder pressure in her belly and an unexpected interruption, so shorty before her first ever back-door banging. Virgin Vanessa is also astonished by the sexy situation she sees as we show her in. What is happening here? To that tiny tit teen there with her ass up in the air? What will happen to her here?

Virgin Vanessa is amazed, as I open my door to her fully nude, sporting an enormous erection. “Terrific timing, tasty teen. Warm welcome, we are proud to see you, as you can see”. Vanessa glances back at my hard-on. She giggles and licks her lips. We invite her in, take her coat and ask her to undress as well, while we show her Ariel with her legs wide and up, who still holds her virgin sphincter open with fingers from both hands. Vanessa looks lovely, a slender, sensual shy sweetheart beautiful brunette as Ariel, but with bigger B-cup breasts, compared casino şirketleri to Ariel’s AA, and also taller.

“We wonder whether we will immediately enter that tight atrractive anal canal, or have more mercy with her, as it will be for the first time. What do you girls think, perhaps an ideal occasion for Vanessa to taste my mighty member as her first intimate inauguration,? To wet it well enough to take Ariel down there without too much painful friction from my penile penetration?” Both brunettes support the second sexy option. All erotic experience of Vanessa is the videos she saw during daily solo-sex sessions, so she knows how to behave. The big brown banana in one hand, shyly kissing and licking that purple head till the first pre-cum shows, which she expertly smears all along the long strong shaft.

Ariel gasps as she finally feels Professor Peter prick pressing to enter the purple pride past her circular control muscle casino firmalari and moans as soon as it slides deeper inside her last virgin horny hot hole. She sighs as he slowly moves in and out. He has one hand at her mound. His fingers circle her clit and play with those two long matches, which stick out from her pee-hole to prevent her to piss without his explicit permission. Her pressure with the fresh flesh pleasures is a terrific turn-on to her. Surely she soon explodes in cramping contractions, which milk his manhood. Moreover, naughty nerd virgin Vanessa fondles his balls and at the surpreme moment she enters the tip of a finger in his hairy hole. Poor Professor Peter can’t control himself any longer under the double attack of the two tasty tight bare beauties and fills that tight hot hole with six or seven squirts of semen.

Ariel reaches for the hand-held mirror to see for herself how his first drops of cum emerge güvenilir casino at her sphincter, which gasps as hard as she. Virgin Vanessa tries the taste with the tip of her tongue. More cum comes out, so we propose her to lick it up and offer bits of it to Ariel during their first kiss.

Ariel is pleased how hotly her erotic experience is expanded, albeit at the cost of even more pressure inside her belly. She wonders whether he now will finally allow her to pee and under which conditions, while virgin Vanessa ponders possibilities of her further erotic experiences at Professor Peter. Will she lose her virginity right away, or should she first earn it by sexual servitude, fulfilling his horny weird wishes?


Dear reader, do you wonder what will occur next to us three? Surely you have your own ideas and imagination!
Please feel free to share them here in a comment. Also just an anonymous ‘thumb up’ will tell us to continue.

All rights at Prof. Poet Peter at the Experimental Erotics International Institute in Amsterdam, May 13th, 2019

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