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Cum Eating Hubby pt.1A year or so ago I told my wife about my fantasy of her having sex withanother man. This caught her by surprise because our marriage had been strictlymonogamous up to this point. I acknowledged to her that in bed I wasn’t a goodperformer — I cum too quickly and my cock is too small. She didn’t argueeither point. I convinced her that she can and should do better. My wife isreally cute and could have any man she wanted. She’s 5’2″, 110 lbs, blue eyes,brown hair — with a short sexy hairstyle. Her peaches and cream complexion andgorgeous set of legs are her best assets though. As we discussed thepossibilities, she admitted that she’d often wondered what a nice big fat cockwould feel like — as opposed to my dinky thing. (I should point out that inour relationship she’s the dominant one while I’m totally submissive.) Shefinally agreed to give it a try, but it would be on her terms. She wanted toget laid without me lurking around if she felt like it.The following Thursday night she informed that I’d be watching the k**swhile she went out on a date! I couldn’t believe this was actually happening!She asked if I really wanted to go through with this saying that in allliklihood she’d be comming home after having been fucked silly by somestranger. I told her to go for it! She then told me how she’d met a really cuteguy while shopping at the mall that afternoon and they agreed to meet laterthat night for drinks.As I prepared our k**’s dinner my wife was in our bedroom bathing anddressing for a date with another man. Merely the thought of it made me feelworthless and I loved it! No sooner than the k**s were fed and in bed for thenight when she emerged from our room to depart on her date. She was absolutelystunning! She wore a tight red nylon/lycra/spandex mini-dress with just a pairof sheer black panties beneath. Her uşak escort gorgeous legs were adorned by sheer blackthigh high nylon stockings and 4″ black patent leather pointed toe pumps. Hermakeup was head-turning and she wore large gold hoop earrings which lookedgreat with her short sexy hairstyle. As she glided past me heading for the doorshe told me not to wait up, it might be a late night. She also told me to makesure the dishes and laundry were done before she returned. She added finalorder before departing, she told me to sleep upstairs in the guest room and tocall in sick to work in the morning; I’d be bringing the k**s to school.While she was on her date, I finished my chores and had a couple ofbeers, before going upstairs to the guest room to sleep. Shortly after 1:00A.M. I heard voices downstairs. My wife was home and she wasn’t alone. She andher date were giggling and it sounded like they had had a lot to drink. A fewmintues later she came into the guest room, turned on the light, and crookedher finger at me. She still had her sexy outfit on that now appeared somewhatrumpled and her hair was out of place. She told me to get my sorry assdownstairs because she was going to show me just how worthless I really was. Isleep in the nude so I asked if I could put some clothes on; her only reply was”don’t bother.”As I followed my wife into the family room, I saw her date reclining onour sofa. He was about ten years younger than me and built like a collegefootball player. He had blond wavy hair and looked as if he’d just stepped offa Florida beach. He was naked and as you might expect, hung like a horse. Hiscock was semi-hard as he lightly stroked its nine inches. My wife suddenlyturned ultra dominant and began to verbally humiliate me in front of her newlover. She called me a worthless pencil dicked piece of shit. uşak escort bayan She told me herdate was a real man with a man’s size cock. Her date was enjoying the show. Asmy wife continued her verbal assault I started to get a hard-on. Her loverjoined in by calling me a queer for getting so turned on by seeing another mannaked. My wife continued to berate me by telling me that although her lover hadalready fucked her three times tonight, she wanted a fourth screwing. Her datesaid he needed a little help getting it up a fourth time. My wife just grinned,grabbed me by the back of the head and forced my mouth down upon his cock. Shetold me to suck his cock and get him nice and hard for her. She was horny andwanted to get fucked — right now!I’d never sucked a man’s cock before, but I must admit I’d often thoughtabout it. As I kneeled between my wife’s lovers legs sucking him off, my owncock grew to its full five inches. My wife noticed me getting excited. She wentinto the bedroom and quickly returned with a nylon stocking to tie around thebase of my cock so I couldn’t cum. She then grabbed me by the hair and pulledmy mouth off her lover’s cock. He was now hard and ready to fuck. My wifeordered me over to a chair and told me to keep my mouth shut and my hands offmy prick. She told me to pay attention and watch how a real man fucked a woman.With that she threw a pillow on the floor, stripped off her lycra mini-dressand laid down on her back on the floor. She motioned for her stud to mount her.He didn’t waste much time and was thrusting his monster cock in and out of herin a matter of seconds. Her stocking clad legs were up in the air and Ifought the urge to crawl over, slip off her pumps, and suck her toes.I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and feeling. Some stranger wasactually balling my wife on the floor of our escort uşak family room while I was told tosit and watch. I loved it! I was so turned on I couldn’t stand it! His amazingstamina was made me feel worthless. My wife was starting to cum. Her studsensed her impending orgasm and picked up the rhythm. He was pounding her sohard he was lifting her ass up off the floor with each stroke. She wasscreaming so loud I thought for sure she’d wake the k**s. With a loud grunt heshot his load of cum into my wife’s cunt and collapsed on top of her leavinghis cock inserted in her now cum-drenched cunt.After a while, he rolled off her and laid by her side. They kissed andnuzzled one another like long-lost lovers. My cock was aching, the stocking hadturned the head of my cock a deep purple. As they laid there cuddling, herstud’s cum began oozing from her well-worn pussy. My wife obviously felt itrunning out because she looked at me and said that since I wasn’t man enough tofuck her properly, maybe I should just crawl over and clean her lover’s cum outof her cunt. I did as I was told. As I positioned my head between her legs, shetold me to remove the stocking from around my cock. I buried my face in hercummy cunt and happily lapped away. As I did, my wife positioned her nylon cladfoot under my cock and as I licked her clean, I rubbed my cock against her footshooting off all over her stockings.After I’d came, my wife stuck her cum soaked foot into my mouth for me toclean. I greedily licked my own cum off her beautiful foot. She then steppedout of her pumps and stripped off her stockings, and dropped them on the floor.She told me to clean everything up and not to forget to get the k**s off toschool in the morning. She took her lover by the hand and went into our bedroomwhere they closed and locked the door behind them. I cleaned everything up,savoring the smell of cum on my wife’s stockings and panties. I went up to theguest room with the knowledge that my wife and her lover were sleeping in ourbed right below me. With her cum soaked stocking in my mouth I fell asleep…..

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