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Cuckolds introduction to analSaturday I had just finished my yard work and I came in for a cool shower and a cold beer. My wife opened the bathroom door and told me to touch up my shaved public area. I’m kept clean shaven down there per my wife’s request. I had no idea what she had in store for me but I made sure my legs and entire pubic area was nice a hairless. I walked into our bedroom to get dressed and was met by my wife. She was wearing her bright yellow bikini. It’s her favorite because she had all the lining removed and when it’s wet it’s like a single coat if yellow paint over her five foot four one hundred pound body. Her pussy lips and nipples are like they have nothing covering them. She told me to put the stainless cage on and to come out to the pool. After locking my manhood away I put on my swim trunks and grabbed a cold beer then walked down to our pool. The back yard is completely private with a eight foot high wood fence. I could hear music playing as I walked across the deck but I didn’t see my wife at the pool. As I was laying my towel out on a lounge chair I saw my wife coming from the side gate followed by some guy I’d never seen before. His eyes where watching her ass cheeks bounce as she walked. Then just like this she said to me honey this is Danny and he is going to fuck ataşehir escort me in the ass. I didn’t know what if anything to say to him. He put his hand out to shake hands. I’m glad to meet you he said, your wife has a beautiful ass I can’t wait to make love to it. I shook his hand but I was in shock.My wife excused herself to go get herself and Danny some cold drinks. I offered Danny a seat and asked how long he had known my wife. He said this is his first meeting with her and that Cindy had set up this meeting. Cindy works with my wife and her husband is also cuckold. Just then my wife came up with a couple of cold beers. It was obvious that she had rubbed the cold cans on her nipples before she walked up. Her nipples where rock hard and in plain view through the thin nylon top. I pointed them out and asked if she where cold? She giggled and said no, only horny. We sat down and I listened as my with and Danny talked about how he fucks Cindy’s ass on a regular basis. My wife was setting with her legs crossed and I could tell when she tightened her thigh muscles to squeeze her pussy lips together. She had told be that she can actually make herself orgasm from doing this. I came out and asked her if she trying to make herself wet? She acted embarrassed and said maybe I am already wet. ataşehir escort bayan I played along and said yeah right. This was the perfect thing for me to say because she stood and hooked the bottom of the suite and pulled it down and stepped out of it. She tossed it to me and said see. I put the damp nylon to my lips and she was in fact juicy. She walked over to Danny and turned her back to him and bent over at the waist and to him to see how wet she was. He leaned up and put two fingers into her pussy. She was facing me and had her hands on her knees. I watched her face as she allowed her new friend to play in her wet pussy. She would close her eyes and her mouth never completely closed everytime I could tell she was coming. After what seemed like a long time she stood up and asked Danny if his cock was hard. He pulled his swim trunks down and out popped a rock hard dick at least eight inches long and as thick as my wife’s wrist. She pushed him back into his seat and in a split second she was working him into her pussy. It took a little doing but soon she was setting in his lap facing me. His entire length buried inside her body. She sat still getting use to its size. Then slowly she raised up and could see his wet shaft between her pussy lips. She sat back down on him and escort ataşehir I’m sure that caused another orgasm in her. Her knees came together for a few seconds. After she came a couple of times she stood up and his wet cock fell onto his thigh making a sound. She told him to fuck her in the ass. She had brought lube with her when she brought the beers. She smeared some of the slippery stuff on her butt hole and he started pushing his cock head at her little brown hole. She was again bent over with her hands on her shaking knees. Get it in there she said in a sturn voice. He said I don’t want to hurt you. She said I’m so hot it won’t hurt , ram it in me. He had the head in when he took her hips in his hands and with a single hard thrust the rest of his cock disappeared in her anus. This caused her to stand up straight, she said OH GOD YES ! He still had her hips in his hands and she began to wiggle her hips. She looked right at me and said my ass is full of cock, she said I can feel his heart beating in his cock. I said does it hurt? She said yes , but I love it. She leaned over and put her hands on the arms of the chair I was setting in. Her face only a foot from mine. She told Danny to tear her asshole up. As he did what she asked she and I had our eyes locked together. He unloaded his nuts into her butt and she came from being fucked in the ass. His cock softened and he pulled out of her. I was surprised at what happened next. My wife turned around and ordered me to clean her ass. I stuck my tongue into her nasty hole , it had a strange taste but not bad.

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