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CSI: Sara and Catherine After HoursIt had been a long day for the Crime Scene Investigation Team, after finding two more bodies of young women in an alley just off the strip. The latest discovery brought the total number of dead strippers in the last month to ten, and the crew had a serial killer on their hands. Sara Sidle was taking this one especially hard, with one of the victims being a young dancer she interviewed just yesterday. Catherine realized the effect it was having, and came over to comfort her young protegee. She gave Sara a hug and assured her they would get through this and find the responsible culprit. The veteran redhead told her there was nothing more they could do at the crime scene, and suggested she get some rest. Sara never moved. The visibly shaken brunette just stared down at the body, trying to figure what she could have done to prevent this. Catherine offered her younger co-worker a ride home and put her arm around her friend, leading her back to her car.They got to Sara’s apartment where Catherine walked her friend to the door. The two friends hugged one more time and silently looked at each other, before Sara uttered, “Stay with me.”Catherine was caught off guard by the shy investigator, and just stood there for a moment, speechless at the brazen request. She had heard rumors that Sara was gay, or maybe bi-sexual, but never really pried into her private life. Without saying a word, it was evident that she didn’t want to leave, and as Sara seductively eyed her up and down, the quiet brunette opened the door and entered her apartment, sure that her invitation wouldn’t be turned down. The slender beauty cautiously followed her inside where Sara turned and surprised her friend güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri once more by planting a long passionate kiss on the sexy redhead. It had been years since Catherine had tasted another woman, as her she was having a flashback to her younger, wilder days when her sexual appetite had no boundaries. The curiosity of seeing her friend in a different light definitely added to the erotic scene, as she trembled with the excitement of the sapphic kiss.Sara may have been the one to initiate the one on one moment, but it was Catherine that was the aggressive one, eagerly trying to undress her friend while kissing the gap-toothed beauty. The dimly lit apartment made for a cozy atmosphere as the two awkward lovers seemed to dance over toward the couch where they fell onto and continued with their groping and kissing. There jackets were already on the floor, now Catherine’s green sweater was piled on as well, as the sexy woman sat up and kicked off her heels, trying to get more comfortable. Sara sat back and enjoyed the view as her classy friend peeled off her blue jeans, showing off her amazing tight body clad only in a skimpy bra and panties. Catherine gave her friend a knowing smile and delicately undid Sara’s designer black jeans as well. Sara stopped her suddenly, grabbing the bold redhead’s wrist and giving her a look with her puppy dog eyes, while panting from the excitement as if she couldn’t go on.”I don’t know if I can..” she stammered with her voice trailing off. But Catherine wasn’t about to stop, tenderly caressing her frightened friend’s face, before leaning in for an assuring kiss. The older woman sat back and undid Sara’s pants and slowly slid them youwin down and off, tossing them aside. Sara’s light blue underwear had a noticeable wet spot as the cute brunette soaked her panties in all her excitement. She was obviously embarrassed, and tried to cover up, but Catherine just slowly ran her fingers over the damp cotton panties, causing Sara to shudder once again with some soft, breathy moans, adding to the wetness. Catherine peeled off the soaked wet undies, unveiling a musky aroma from Sara’s messy, matted wet bush. Her thick patch of pubic hair glistened with numerous droplets of her juices as the quivering, shy beauty just sat back with her eyes closed, another small stream flowing down the inside of her her thick white thighs, as the mere thought of their secret adventure gave her a quick intense orgasm.The scent that filled the air brought back memories to the fiftysomething redhead, who hadn’t tasted another woman’s juices in over twenty years. The sexy MILF was eager to get in touch with her inner lesbian side that had been bottled up all that time. She ignored the strong scent and leaned in gently dabbing her tongue on and around Sara’s hairy pussy lips and engorged clitoris, coaxing a series of small groans from her friend. Catherine ran her long pointy fingers over the furry brunette, massaging her pussy before the dainty fingers found their way inside.Sara was incredibly wet, and sat back in ecstasy as Catherine continued to work her magic with her fingers, occasionally leaning in to kiss and suck on her sensitive clit. She added another finger then a third, and was slowly fucking Sara’s moist vagina while enjoying the taste of her salty wetness. The bold redhead youwin giriş was getting deeper and deeper inside of her friend with every thrust, and had Sara squirming with another impending orgasm. She was lapping at her creamy labia, trying her best to tongue the inner walls while finger-fucking the young brunette.Sara was losing control and her moans and groans were getting louder and more intense with every thrust from her fingers and probe from her tongue. She tilted her head back, letting out one more shriek as Catherine had her face buried in her pussy, with her tongue deep inside. Sara twitched sharply several times and had an intense squirting orgasm, shooting a powerful stream down her friend’s throat. The force of it, and the surprise nature of it startled Catherine, knocking her back, gagging with Sara’s juices dripping down off her chin. She looked up in amazement at the young beauty, smiling that she could have induced such a convulsive response from the reserved forensic scientist. But Sara had only just begun, and bit her lip, arching her back letting loose another gusher, shooting a stream out like a fire hose, splashing Catherine in the face a second time, drenching the gorgeous redhead. Catherine was stunned at the unbelievable facial, and tried her best to keep her eyes open and grasp what had just happened. The creamy ejaculate was still dripping from her chin and the end of her nose pointy nose, when Sara had one last spurt that poured out of her pink hairy pussy like a water fountain, arching a few inches in the air before splattering onto the couch.The exhausted gap-toothed beauty rubbed her soaked pussy after her intense episode, panting and wheezing offering up an apology to her friend for her orgasmic mess. The surprised older beauty could only wipe her chin and shrug her shoulders at the incredible drenching she received, falling into the arms of her lesbian lover as they embraced on the couch at the end of one very long memorable day.

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