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Crossdressing internet ad part 1I have been crossdressing for several years mostly at home going to the theaters some and to local bars. I was on my way to the Theater one night and stop at a service station and was being hit on by a couple different guys. I flirted back a little then one guy came up to me at the gas pump and said I would love to eat that pussy. I smiled and said maybe next time. When I got home it got me thinking that maybe I should go on a CD date. I looked on a couple dating and personal sites and one ad caught my attention the said “Treat you like a princess the Fuck you like a Whore” In the ad it described a business professional age 45 6′ 4″ 230 lbs with an 9″ cock black male. He was looking for a passable CD that would accompany him for a business meeting then fun afterwards. I replied to the ad and sent some pictures the next day while I was at work I checked my email and he had replied back he gave me his phone number and ask me to give him a call. At lunch I called him he was very professional sounding and said he would call me back that evening. I got home after work and he called around 8 he gave me the details wanting to go to a meeting at 6 on Friday then dinner and drinks after with some fun. I was excited and agreed so he told me they call him Sean and I said my name is Teri. He was going to pick me up from a local cafe at 5:30. I left work early Friday got home shaved everything lotioned up and got dressed. I wore some red panties and bra and a nice red dress with my blonde wig. I drove to the cafe and went in and sat down. A couple minute later I noticed a tall very nice looking black man walk in and look at me and smile. He came over and gave me a rose and kissed my cheek. He asked if I was ready so we walked out to his car. He opened my door and was treating me like a lady. We made small talk in the car as we drove and I was checking him out. He was wearing a pin striped suit very nice but what I really liked was his nice cock I could see bulging in his pants. We arrived at the meeting it was a few couples and a few single guys we met a nice hotel in town at the bar area. The business part was over so we were just talking and having a few drinks at a corner booth and the table next to it. Sean was sitting next to me and a couple and 2 single guys was at our table it was adana escort bayan about 9 and the 2 couples left with just me and Sean and 2 other guys I excused my self to go to the restroom as I walked out of the restroom Sean met me and asked if I wanted to go up the room I smiled and said yes he leaned in and kissed me. He asked if I cared if he invited the other 2 guys I paused for a second and he said it is no problem if you don’t. I said no it is ok. We returned to the table and Sean said we are going to go up to the room and if you guys want to come up you are welcome. They both said sure and we walked towards the elevator. In the elevator I caught the other guys names the other Black guy’s name was Trey and the white guy was Ed. Both guys looked to be in their 40’s or 50’s. We walked down the hallway to the last room it was a suite when Sean opened the door it was a large room with a sitting area and bedroom with a marble tub in the corner of the room. Sean fixed some drinks and we were talking a little I got up and went to the restroom and while I was in the restroom I overheard Sean saying to them if you want ass stay around but if not you can leave. I heard the door close as I walked out of the restroom I walked back into the sitting area to find Sean and Trey still there. I asked were Ed went they said he didn’t want to have any fun. I sat down next to Sean on the couch and he instantly leaned over and started kissing me. I reached down and started rubbing his cock thru his pants. Trey came over and was licking my neck and ear so I started rubbing his cock with my other hand. I managed to get Sean’s cock out of his pants so I leaned down and took it in my mouth. I licked it around the head and took the head in my mouth a couple times and could feel it grow. It was massive a true BBC every bit of 9 inches it reminded me of my huge black dildo I had fucked myself with before. As I sucked Sean’s cock Trey lifted my dress up from the back and pulled my panties down just enough to expose my ass. He was kissing my ass then started licking my ass and fingering me. The more he licked my ass the hard and faster I sucked Sean’s cock. Sean then stood up with me following his cock like a bloodhound. He dropped his pants and before the hit the grouns I had his cock back in my mouth. Trey was still eating adana escort my ass and fingering me. I felt something cold and flinched a bit when he said it is just some lube baby. He was fingering my ass with 2 big fingers Sean then said get up here and let her suck your cock. He stood up and drop his pant as I turned from Seans cock and started towards his. It was semi hard almost full length but hangin straight down it was just as big as Sean’s I lowered my head down to take it in my mouth It was a couple of sucks and it was straight as an arrow and so big I couldn’t get my hand all the way around it. Trey sit down on the couch and I got on the couch in doggy position. Sean moved behind me and started rubbing the tip of his cock around my ass. I felt more lube pour on my ass as he rubbed his shaft between my cheeks. He then eased his cock into my ass just a inch or so and paused. He did this a couple time pulling it out then back in and spitting in my ass in between. I was still sucking on Trey’s cock taking it as far as I could but only getting half or less in my mouth.Sean was going deeper and deeper each pulse he finally was so deep I couldn’t take any more I reached back to try and hold him back but he was still trying to get deeper with each slam I was moaning each time and Trey was grabbing my head making me go deeper as I sucked his cock. They were both getting rough and I was liking it. After about 10 minutes of Sean fucking me Trey said let me get some of that ass and they changed position. Trey was doing the same thing Sean did in and out of my ass spitting in it between strokes. I was sucking Sean and he was talking down to me telling me to taste that ass you filthy whore as i sucked his cock Trey fucked me for 5-10 minutes when Sean said get you ass in the bedroom. We went into the bedroom me with no panties on now but still had my dress on. He guide me on the bed on my back with my head on the edge of the bed. Sean got on the bed and pushed my legs up towards my head and put his cock in me and started fucking me again. Trey walked around to my head and put his cock in my mouth and started to face fuck me. He would make me gag with a deep pulse then pull back and fuck my face then go deep again. The flip flopped a couple times covering face with my own slobber and drool and sweat. One escort adana time then swapped Sean was face fucking my when he turned around putting his ass in my face I started licking his ass and eating his ass he was moaning stroking his cock. He turned around and said let us film you taking our cum I said yeah I like that and he yelled come on in. Then Ed walked thru the door naked with a camera. Sean said come over here and let her suck you. He walked over and reached out and grabbed his cock they swapped places and Sean took the camera I was sucking Ed’s cock upside down and he was slowly fucking my mouth. He cock was nice but nothing like the 2 BBC that I had been enjoying. He could go all the way down my throat without gagging me his balls was slapping my nose. Trey and Ed swapped places Ed fucking my ass and Trey at my face he was jerking his cock over my face telling me he was going to cum in my mouth Sean directed me to open my mouth I did and Trey got close to my mouth and I felt him cum it hit my mouth, chin and face. I reached up and suck his cock a little. Sean said swallow that cum baby so I took a gulp and a hot load down the hatch. Sean told me to get on my knees on the floor so I got down the the floor and Ed and Sean stood on each side stroking their cocks and I
was going back and forth suck each one. Ed said I am cumming and Trey said open your mouth with your tongue out I did and Ed shot his load after the first shot that landed on my face from chin to forehead he stuck his cock in my mouth and grabbed my head I felt his cock pump a few more shots of cum in my mouth and to the back of my throat I swallowed it all and licked my lips and took my finger pulling the cum on my face to my mouth. I then turned to Sean and sucked on his dick rubbing his balls and ass at the same time He said get ready when he pulled his cock out and shot cum everywhere cum on my chin, mouth, eyes, nose, hair, and a some dripped out on his hand still stroking his cock. I licked his cock as he squeeze a couple drops of cum out then he stuck his finger out for me to lick of the cum I did it and he took his cock rubbing the cum of my face then he stuck it in my mouth for me to lick clean he did this a couple times letting me get all of the cum that I could eat. I was still on my knees looking around at 3 naked guys with cocks still semi erect and still wanted some more. So I said can I suck you guys off again and if you want you can fuck me again. The looked at each other and said sure film the whole thing this time. to be continued…………….

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