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Country HotelI parked my car quite near the entrance, grabbed my overnight bag from the boot and made my way to the reception. A delightful young blonde named Charlotte (it was on her name badge) greeted me with a very posh voice and efficiently checked me in.“Your room is on the top floor, Sir, overlooking the lake. Would you like to dine with us this evening?”“Yes, about seven thirty please, just for myself.”“That’s all booked for you, Sir. Enjoy your stay,” said the sexy Charlotte.I picked up my bag and made my way up the staircase to my room. I quickly put my clothes away, hanging up the shirt and trousers to save them becoming more creased.I quickly took a shower which was wonderful as jets of hot water came at me from every angle, so it was only natural to aim one at my cock. This soon made it very hard, so I dried off and after a bit of lube, I pushed him inside the clear penis pump and squeezed the bulb to expel the air. If you haven’t ever seen one of these, it’s basically a cylindrical tube with a bulb on the end, like when they take your blood pressure, and once your cock is nicely sealed, by squeezing the bulb it draws your cock deeper inside, stretching it and making it swell. I laid on the bed and continued to gently pump, watching as my cock got fatter and fatter, as well as considerably longer. After about half an hour, my cock had completely filled the tube in length as well as breadth. I was pleased with this and gently withdrew it. A big globule of clear precum was leaking out of the slit so with a squeeze, I lifted it of with my finger and slurped it down. I don’t particularly like the taste of my sperm but precum is sweet and hot.I had been taking for some time two herbal pills, one is Lecithin and the other Saw Palmetto. These are apparently good for the cock and ball department, the latter is particularly good for increasing the amount of spunk you shoot, so not having ejaculated for over two weeks, I was eager to see if the claims were true.But first, dinner. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, so I quickly dressed and made my way to the lakeside restaurant. It was quite busy but another young lovely blonde girl, this one called Haley, showed me to my table right next to the window, so I had a great view out across the lake. She took my order and brought me my favorite red wine. I flirted a little with her and she seemed to like this, pouting her red lips every time she passed my table. She was very petite and probably just old enough to work here. ataşehir escort Her breasts were small but perfectly formed under her white blouse. She had a tiny ass and thin legs under her short black skirt and black tights. Oh, I bet this girl knew how to ride a cock!I ate my meal and asked Haley for the bill. She brought it over and asked for my room number to charge it to my room. Or that is what I thought. She asked if I would like some company later as she couldn’t get a lift home that night. I smiled and gave her the green light. I went to my room, quickly washed and placed my dick back in the penis pump to make sure he was maximum size for fun. After about forty five minutes, I heard a gentle knock on the door. I quickly (but not easily) slid my engorged cock out and pulled on my boxers. I opened the door to see not only Haley but also the gorgeous Charlotte standing there. I was a bit surprised but invited them both in. Charlotte was also stuck at the hotel for the night so they asked if they could both stay till morning.“Of course,” I said, “but as you know there is only one bed.”They laughed and nodded in agreement. They wanted a shower as they had been working all day, so I left them to it. After a few minutes, I heard giggling and looked in the bathroom. They were both naked and washing each other. It was such a horny sight. Two young skinny blonde girls, washing and rubbing each other was almost too much. They saw me looking but simply continued. Eventually they came out wrapped in towels and laid on the bed. I asked what they wanted to happen and without a word they slid the towels off, revealing the most beautiful firm young bodies with small delicate breasts and without a trace of pubic hair.Haley gently parted Charlotte’s legs and began a gentle swirl of her bald pussy with her tongue. Charlotte whimpered as a bolt of pleasure hit her. She raised her knees and pulled Charottes head into her. They beckoned me to remove my boxers which I did. My cock was now very swollen, partly due to the pumping and partly by the sheer excitement. I moved closer to Charlotte and she placed her hand around the shaft. She slowly began to wank me, but the helmet was so fat, the foreskin wasn’t able to roll over it so she gently rubbed her hand up and down and over the hard cock end. She pulled me towards her mouth and I pushed the tip just inside her hot mouth. She rolled her tongue around the slit and I knew I was already leaking precum.By now, she ataşehir escort bayan was right on the edge of cumming hard and as she sucked really hard, her young body stiffened as a strong orgasm shot through her. Haley pulled away and for the first time, saw my engorged cock.“Fuck,” she said, “that is huge!”I told her about my cock pump and she told me to go and get it. I lubed up my knob and slid it in the tube. Haley pumped it for me while Charlotte gently fingered her wet slit. Haley was already close and as soon as Charlotte slid a finger inside her, she came hard and fast and rather noisily. By now, my cock was maximum size and Haley let the pressure off and released the b**st. Before I had a chance to do anything, Haley was astride me and guiding my seriously fat cock inside her hot slit. She was very wet from her orgasm but she was too tight for me to enter her. I mentioned this to her and she said that she had only ever had one other cock up her and that was at school a few years before. She was mainly lesbian and her and Charlotte frequently played together.I rubbed some of my lube on my cock end and laid her down, legs high and wide. She pulled her pussy lips open, exposing a gorgeous pink cunt, glistening with juice. I offered my cock to her hole and bit by bit I managed to get about half the length in. She was in some pain, but as she said it was “nice pain.” I slowly began to fuck her, taking care not to go any deeper as this clearly hurt her. Charlotte was next to me by the bed and I could just reach her moist cunt with my mouth. I sucked and pulled on her little clitty and she clearly loved this as she moved in motion with me. Haley was relaxing and inch by inch I eventually got the whole length up inside her tender young puss. She started to moan and almost without warning, her pussy muscles contracted and she came, gripping my cock like nothing I had felt before. And my God did she cum. A flood of juice squirted out of her and soaked me and the bed. Her scream would have woken the dead. This had the effect of bringing Charlotte off to and she oozed sticky juice all in my mouth and down my chin. Fore some reason, I could have fucked all night. I really didn’t feel like emptying my load yet despite two naked young blonde hotties playing with my dick!Charlotte wanted to feel it inside her now, so I eased out of Haley and Charlotte knelt on all fours in front of me. I parted her legs and pushed the sticky end inside her. She was not escort ataşehir as tight as Haley and I managed to get the whole lot up her cunt. She gently rocked back and forth on it for what seemed like ages. Haley was quietly fingering herself on the chair which was really erotic to watch. Charlotte was slamming back onto my cock now and I felt her orgasm approaching as her pussy muscles tensed. She too came hard with a flood of lady-spunk. I wasn’t too far away from cumming myself and after pulling out of Charlotte I laid on the bed and beckoned the girls to suck me. Haley laid between my legs and Charlotte sucked my length. For a young girl, she deep-throated me fully up to the ball bag. An unbelievable feeling! I face and throat fucked her as Haley slurped on my heavy ball bag. I was having trouble holdi
ng back and wanted to see how much liquid I could expel so I eased Charlotte off my dick and invited them to wank me off. They both grabbed my shaft and pulled it up and down really slowly but very firmly. A river of the clearest precum began to literally pour out of my cock. The feeling was amazing but still not the full orgasm.I had read somewhere that if you try and piss while wanking, you can force more precum out, so this I tried, taking care not to actually piss on them! I managed this for quite a few minutes, relaxing as I felt I might dribble some piss. Oh my, it worked. I was actually pissing precum. Not a drop but a stream of the clear hot liquid. The girls moved their heads and began to drink it as it flowed. Again and again I tried to piss, then relaxed when I felt the piss coming and there it was again. No piss, just a strong jet of clear sweet juice. I had never experienced or seen anything like this. The girls again slurped it down between them and now I needed to cum.I placed their hands back on my cock and moved them up and down. I tried and tried to piss as hard as I could but eventually I couldn’t stop my come and instead of a few bursts of spunk, a thick jet of white liquid poured in the air from my cock. I was actually pissing sperm. Not a drop, or a few spurts, but a continual stream of hot spunk. The girls opened their mouths eagerly and I pissed my sperm straight in their mouths. This was unbelievable. I was worried it was actually piss by now but Haley moved away and told me it was definitely sperm! I gave one last squeeze and the last jet flowed over their hair. They moved their mouths to my purple cock head and drained me of the last of my silky liquid. My balls hurt now, aching that so much spunk had been ejaculated. I have no idea how much flowed out of me, but let me say it was an enormous amount. It must have been the pills I had taken combined with the erotic effect of the two young hotties!

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