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Corrie babes get their brains fucked out by womenEx Coronation Street star and her best friend who is back in Corrie enjoy their sexual freedom in the 21st century.Early 2009 was a strangely frustrating time for Nikki Sanderson as she was feeling really pissed off with her life even though she was quite busy and making good money. Her numerous boyfriends had so far never seemed to quite gel with her and she had struggled to really enjoy her time with them as much as she had hoped it might being a true romantic. She couldn’t put her finger on the problem which made her so irritated but something was missing. At the time she couldn’t even share these issues with her close friend and fellow actress Tiny O’Brien either as Tina was engrossed in her new baby and wasn’t available as much as in the past for their usual girlie chats.Nikki had always enjoyed a strong sex drive and she’d lost her virginity soon after becoming an actress. Although she’d had numerous liaisons with lads and had plenty of sex, there just seemed to be something missing and Nikki had learnt to be careful when she followed her quest for her “missing link” that she didn’t get compromised by the media pack who liked to follow her every movement. These parasites had caused enough trouble making up stories about her life even though 99% were untrue but there was no recourse to any regulator for her and her friends as it was and still is seen as part of the job in show business.Since she’d left Coronation Street in 2005 she’d done quite a few TV roles including one in 2006 where she appeared tastefully naked in a short drama called “Strictly Confidential”. Her latest role in another British soap “Heartbeat” ended in 2008 and it was not until 2009 when she was been offered a part in a US film “Boogeymen 3” that her sex life suddenly changed in a big way. In Boogeyman 3 she played Audrey which meant Nikki had to be naked again, albeit not showing a lot again. Being filmed naked with a large film crew watching was somewhat embarrassing for Nikki but she was surprised to get quite turned on as the film crew were just gazing at her tits and shaved pussy and it took far longer than it should to film the short clip as the crew seemed to find reasons to keep the session going so she would be naked for longer in front of them all.One of the two personal assistants / make-up girls, Tracy, befriended Nikki as she recognised that the 25 year old English girl was a little out of her depth in the hectic life of Los Angeles (LA) even though she’d been around the block in Britain. LA was so different from England. Although Nikki had not noticed it Tracy was a lesbian and fancied Nikki like mad, and the other girl in her crew, Chandra, shared Tracy’s passion and they had made it their goal in the near future to make love to Nikki before the film was completed and she returned to the UK.It was after the main filming involving Nikki was over and she was at a loose end that Tracy and Chandra made their move and suggested to Nikki that they might go out and experience something of what only LA can offer and Nikki was up for that as she was bored just hanging out in her Bonaventure Hotel room. “Get yourself glammed up babe and let’s see what LA can do for a pretty English girl.” Tracy encouraged Nikki with a hug. “Don’t wear too much babe as it’s very hot at night this time of year – See you soon darling.” Tracy flounced out skipping slightly as she knew their little plan was about to start.Nikki had long shower, touched up her make-up and slipped on a red mini dress and just white panties and nothing else. She wore red flat slip-on shoes to match her dress and little matching red handbag / purse. She was ready and met Tracy and Chandra in the foyer. They were right it was still over 80 degrees and quite humid as they went outside to the cab rank.”There’s an English lady just down a couple of blocks who’s a big fan of Coronation Street and would love to meet you,” said Tracy and they set off in a taxi and stopped outside this rather smart apartment block. They were buzzed into the block after pressing the call button to the apartment and took the lift to the 6th floor which was like a penthouse.Nikki was quite taken aback when this dark haired woman in her 50s opened the door as Nikki thought she knew the lady from somewhere and she was racking her brain as to where she’d seen this woman before. Like a bolt out of the blue it suddenly came to Nikki, she’d seen her in porn movies. Her host was none other than Magdalene St Michaels – a lesbian porn star.”I recognise you from porn movies don’t I?” Nikki stammered in her Lancashire accent and Magdalene just nodded and took Nikki by the hand and led her over to the sofa and motioned her to sit down. “I really miss Coronation Street (Corrie) and UK television being here in LA and I’ve never met anyone from Corrie before and I must admit I used to love your character Candice.” What Magdalene really meant was she fancied Nikki like mad and this was her chance.They all sat down and chatted over a few glasses of Zinfandel and Nikki was relaxing talking to this lovely lady. Tracy and Chandra were getting quite excited as things were going to plan. They were pleased that Nikki hit it off with Magdalene and she was intrigued as well, as she’d never met a porn star before as it was less of a main stream business in England than here in California where porn is big business.Magdalene was 52 and quite old for a porn star but that was what the market called for. She was 5ft 7″ tall and black haired with a fuller figure but slim for her age. Magdalene was very popular and she loved the life, especially when fucking lovely nubile young girls and getting paid for it as well. Magdalene is a lesbian in real life and prefers making the lesbian films but she does many other films with men as well and has enjoyed some momentous moments in her relatively short porn career.Lovely naïve Nikki was missing all the signs as Magdalene, Tracy and Chandra kept looking knowingly at each other biding their time, but Magdalene was a professional with girls and she just loved the challenge of seducing a straight actress into her lesbian world especially a relatively famous one like Nikki Sanderson and she was also English which turned her on even more.”The girls were telling me how the film crew kept you naked on set for a long time last week,” she smiled at the girls. “They like to perv all the naked young actresses which I guess is normal but you have to check that none of them was taking explicit photos which they like to sell on”. Nikki was taken aback as she’d not realised that this could have happened and the studio hadn’t warned her either.”Anyway Nikki sweetheart,” Magdalene stood up and went over to Nikki’s chair and knelt in front of her with her hands on Nikki’s knees gently pushing them slightly apart, getting a quick glimpse of Nikki’s white panties at the same time. “Have you ever had sex with a woman Nikki?” she asked. “Err no,” Nikki replied “Why?” Nikki’s mind was ticking over like mad now as she realised that a professional lesbian porn star was kneeling on front of her asked about lesbian sex. “Oh shit” she thought but she had no time to do anything about it. Magdalene was looking deep into Nikki’s eyes and she picked up the positive reaction straight away. Nikki’s cheeks were reddening and her neck was also red which told Magdalene that this girl was tempted and all she needed to do was keep up the pressure. “Nikki” she looked straight into Nikki’s eyes again whilst stroking Nikki’s thighs,” I want to fuck you Nikki and you know Tracy and Chandra fancy you like mad as well don’t you?” Nikki was taken aback as she looked at all three of them as they smiled knowingly at her. “We all want to fuck you darling.”It finally dawned on Nikki why they had come to this apartment. How naïve she had been not noticing the signs before which were obviously there but she had not picked up on any of it. She was lost for words as the
whole scenario had been staged by the three of them to get her here and now their intent was clear.”You want to have sex with me?” she asked rather stupidly as her mind was a whirl. She was not quite sure what they had in mind but she’d seen girl on girl porn films before and now she was the target of three lesbians who fancied her.”You bet! Yes please,” they begged and Magdalene pulled Nikki off her seat “Come on sweetheart, we’ll do all the work.” Nikki had no time to say no or yes.They moved Nikki across the room over in front of two large mirrors which were on either wall so you could see your reflection both back and front at the same time, and she didn’t struggle as the two younger girls slowly stripped Nikki naked making sure she could see everything they were doing to her in the mirrors. Nikki was really shaking now as she stood naked in front of three girls.Nikki is 5ft 4″ tall, slim with small breasts and a diamond stud in her navel. She has waxed her pussy for quite a while and has no hair at all around the seductive crease hiding her pussy.They took Nikki through into the bedroom where they asked her to lay on her back on the white sheets with her head on the pillow. Nikki duly obliged shaking with anticipation and a little scared at the same time. Now it was Magdalene’s turn as she took over. She took Nikki’s arms and held them above her head above the trabzon escort pillow and she asked the girls to hold them there. They happily obliged as Magdalene opened Nikki’s legs wide apart before she opened up Nikki’s pussy exposing her wet labia lips. She took hold of these and opened them wide exposing Nikki’s pink wet flesh and her prominent clitoris. Magdalene pushed two her fingers as deep as they could go into her open sex.Nikki Sanderson was now totally naked on her back on the white sheets of the bed in the LA apartment, her legs spread wide open with Magdalene’s fingers thrusting in and out of Nikki’s wet pussy, Magdalene was hooking her fingers to maximise G Spot pleasure as she licked and sucked Nikki’s clitoris. The effect of this exquisite treatment on Nikki was almost instantaneous as she came very quickly indeed. Nikki was in absolute heaven as her orgasm grew and grew in intensity almost making her pass out in her ecstasy. The sheer gut-wrenching power of the orgasms she experienced caused Nikki’s whole body to go into an orgasmic spasm as she jerked from head to toe almost leaving the bed as the orgasm ripped her apart.Magdalene stopped licking Nikki’s clitoris and was handed a magic wand vibrator by Chandra which she held against Nikki’s swollen clitoris whilst she kept up the finger fucking keeping the English girl cumming hard and eventually it happened, Nikki squirted a small stream from her pussy into Magdalene’s face and Magdalene was delighted.Keeping Nikki’s hands out of the way hardly mattered now so Tracy and Chandra stripped naked themselves and climbed alongside Nikki on the bed. They caressed Nikki’s naked body while she was still cumming hard from Magdalene’s exquisite treatment enhancing her pleasure to even higher levels as Nikki squirted again, screaming in her ecstasy. Tracy climbed up and over Nikki face and placed her open pussy on Nikki’s mouth. She was absolutely delighted when Nikki started licking her and Nikki brought her hands to open Tracy’s pussy up even more and licked her pussy until she quickly came herself dripping her juices on Nikki’s face. Now it was Chandra’s turn as both Magdalene and Tracy stopped their treatment of Nikki and let Chandra take over.In a lovely 69 position Nikki made Chandra cum very quickly and Nikki was amazed how relaxed and easy she now was being with three women and lesbian fucking. Trying to concentrate on licking a girls pussy while cumming herself took some doing but she succeeded by the noise coming from Chandra. This lesbian sex is what she’d been seeking and at last she’d found her true sexual preference.Magdalene was now naked and she insisted that Nikki make her cum. By now Nikki was more than happy to oblige and she was absolutely delighted when she made Magdalene cum in only a few minutes of pussy licking and finger fucking.Nikki was almost exhausted but the three girls weren’t finished with her yet. They tied Nikki’s naked body by her wrists and ankles to the corner posts of the bed face up on the bed spread-eagled and unable to move then used the Invader fucking machine with a huge black 8″ latex dildo head which was clamped to the bottom of the bed then they fucked her brains out whilst they vibrated her clitoris with the magic wand for another 30 minutes of pure unadulterated orgasmic heaven for Nikki. Nikki lost count of how many times she came in the four hours she was with the women that evening but suffice it to say she had had her brains fucked out and she was a completely sexually satisfied woman as they took her back to her hotel.In the years since that amazing time for Nikki she has broadened her sexual horizons and tried more bondage and group sex with both girls and men and, on other trips to California, was even brave enough to take part in a gangbang with four huge black studs who introduced her to anal sex as well.Back in Britain she introduced her friend Tina O’Brien to lesbian sex at a brothel just for girls in Cheshire UK and Tina and Nikki now enjoy lesbian sex together without anybody knowing.Nikki Sanderson certainly now knows how to enjoy sex and she made sure her friends Tina O’Brien fulfilled her sexual potential.It was during the hot spell in the early summer of 2010 when Tina (26) met up with her close friend and fellow ex Coronation Street (Corrie) star, Nikki Sanderson (26) in a club in Manchester. Even though both girls are no longer in the famous long-running UK TV soap they are still mainly remembered for their roles as Sarah Louise & Candice rather than anything they’ve done since.Tina had left her little daughter Scarlett with Tina’s Mum & Dad; a task which they loved and therefore Tina didn’t feel too guilty about it. Her recent TV work had made this a regular thing but she did try and get home as often as possible to be with her lovely daughter.As usual there was a small posse of cameramen around the club but the girls made a point of avoiding them as it had become boring when the media converted their pictures into some imaginary story about the girls for public titillation.Both beautiful girls had split from their long-time boyfriends in 2009. Ryan (Scarlett’s Dad and another Corrie actor) had been with Tina for a few years, and Danny (ex-Corrie actor) with Nikki. This did not stop the press speculating which famous soccer player; DJ, actor or pop star was their latest boyfriend. Neither would ever confirm any particular relationship anyway but now Nikki is back with Danny again.This story is all about celebrity sex and Nikki had always been more than willing to experiment but Tina always held back which is how this story came about. Tina really enjoys sex and would love to have done some of the things Nikki had tried but her inhibitions and her loyalty to Ryan got in the way, unlike Nikki who just did her own thing and to hell with it.During Nikki’s trip to the USA to film “Boogeyman 3”, where she appeared naked, she had been enticed to join (although she didn’t need much enticing) with a couple of girls in the cast, in wonderful sex sessions involving a well-hung black porn star, femdom bondage, fucking machines, lesbian sex — the works. Nikki really felt like a complete woman after this trip and she kept going on at Tina to live a little and experiment. Tina always found an excuse but under the surface she was so excited and not just a little turned on by the idea. Nikki had turned Tina onto on-line pornography after her split with Ryan and the films on the PC had turned her on so much she masturbated herself to an orgasm for the first time in years. She thought she’d had a good sex life so far but the feeling of that self-induced orgasm put seeds of doubt in her mind and when Nikki started on about her latest expe
rience in Cheshire, Tina was all over the place again.This where Roza enters our story: Roza (33) was borne near Krakow in the south of Poland. She’s a natural blonde, 5ft 4ins tall with a beautiful pretty face and a slim model-like figure. She weighs 105lbs. She had come across to England with the main influx of Poles in 2005 soon after Poland became part of the European Union and had settled to work in the Liverpool area. She even had a slight scouse twang to her broken English. She, initially, started as a waitress and soon proved that she was up for much more than menial work and she became the supervisor in a Tesco supermarket in 2006. As well as her talents at management, Roza enjoyed going out clubbing around Liverpool and Manchester and soon realised that her stunning good looks could lead her in a different direction completely. She had been sexually active from an early age and had lost her virginity when she was only 12 years old. She enjoyed using her obvious sexual talents to get laid regularly after nights out and eventually she decided to leave Tesco and start her own business as a self-employed call girl working from her own flat in Liverpool.As with many talented people Roza could not seem to fail and in 2008 she was earning £1000 per night at £250 per client and, without the tax man knowing, her bank balance grew very quickly as she worked seven days a week. In 2009 she got to know about a large rather run-down Victorian-era farm supervisor’s cottage near Northwich in Cheshire which was very cheap. She paid cash for the property at auction and set about restoring the cottage. With her contacts in the area, she took out a loan and employed quite a few Polish workers to do all the restoration work for her.During her time as a call girl Roza has experienced sex in many forms but was slightly surprised when she was hired by two women for sex which she provided with a vengeance especially as they reciprocated on her as well which brought her to another level of sexual enjoyment. This wonderful lesbian experience awakened something in Roza which she had thought about but never tried. After a few episodes with various women, Roza realised that there was a market here, tailored specifically at the sexual needs of women, which could and should be exploited. When she bought the cottage she decided she would turn it into a “women-only” brothel.When she first opened the brothel in summer 2009 she worked on her own and was enjoying fabulous sex with women and providing them with the sexual satisfaction they craved. It became clear that it was not just lesbian women that visited her but also curious escort trabzon straight women as well who wanted something new and exciting. Roza didn’t need to advertise as word-of-mouth did the job for her and her business took off big time.Roza soon realised that she could not continue running this business single-handed and she employed four experienced Thai sex-trade girls from a village near Bangkok. They had been working in San Francisco and she organised the visas for them and paid for their air-fares and even found them accommodation close by the cottage. The four girls completely revolutionised the brothel as the customers loved their attentions especially when Roza joined in. The sounds of orgasmic screaming coming from the satisfied customers were proof enough that the service they were providing was more than good.As word got around Roza received her first “famous” customer when, in summer 2009, during a break in filming the X factor star Dannii Minogue (sister of Kylie) wanted to follow up on a previous lesbian experience she had enjoyed in a club in London when a lap dancer stripped Dannii naked in front of all the other girls and licked her pussy until she reached an amazing orgasm. Roza gave her the works using all four Thai girls and herself and they fucked the little Aussie star until she almost passed out with the sheer pleasure of it.Dannii was so unbelievably affected she had to share her experience with her friends and Nikki Sanderson was one of the girls Dannii confided in. Nikki knew she had to have some of this and, within a week, Nikki had also enjoyed the “Full Monty” with Roza and her girls, also being fucked out of her mind. She was so blown away by this she also had to share her experience with someone and this is where our story with Tina O’Brien continues with the inevitable outcome.The visions going through Tina’s mind of all the things that Roza and the girls had done to Nikki, described in minute detail, just blew Tina away and she was now completely confused. She’d never really thought of sex with a woman until recently when Nikki, and quite a few other girlfriends in show business, swore by women-on-women sex as the best satisfaction they’d ever had. Even the recent lesbian kiss on TV had made her think, so with the pressure from Nikki urging her on, Tina’s own imagination, and coupled with the scenes of lesbian sex on the internet, eventually swung Tina into agreeing with Nikki that she would give it a go. The question was; would she be brave enough to carry it through?Nikki made the decision for her by immediately ringing Roza to arrange a session. When Roza realised who Nikki was ringing about, Tina could hear a squeal of delight coming out of Nikki’s phone even though she was sitting on the other side of the room and Tina had a very strange uneasy feeling run through her. She’d always known that men and boys fancied her but had never thought that women might fancy her as well. It was a very strange feeling which she tried to get her head around.The following weekend Tina lied to her mum and dad and made up some new TV project which she had to attend in Cheshire and her Mum and Dad were only too pleased to look after their little granddaughter again for a couple of days. Tina had real pangs of guilt about leaving her again but she had made her mind up to go through with this and, anyway, the car from Cheshire arrived on the Saturday morning and it was too late to back out now.On Nikki’s advice Tina was travelling light with just a change of underclothes, her lippy bag and mobile. She was wearing her usual blue jeans and pink sleeveless top which showed her midriff and underneath she wore a matching pink satin bra, pants and her slip-on shoes. She was ready albeit shaking and more than a little scared.Tina is just short of 5ft 1ins and, since Scarlett was borne, she’s worked hard to get back her beautiful slim figure and she’s now at her best weight of 96lbs. Although Tina always seems to run herself down when people comment on her beauty she knows that she is lucky and she certainly looks after herself as her public career demands her looking her best. She was certainly looking her best that day. She had been persuaded by Nikki to have a full Brazilian waxing on and around her pussy after Ryan left her, and she’s kept it that way ever since. Tina has found that she can keep it smooth and stubble-free herself by using the wipes she likes to use for waxing her legs.Tina’s car had the best air-conditioning on this hot day, so Tina was still quite fresh and it was about 10am when they arrived at this quite unassuming isolated cottage in the middle of no-where. Roza came out to greet her. “Hi I’m Roza; Nikki has told me so much about you and we will make sure you don’t leave here disappointed” she smiled. In her heavily accented English she said, “We pride ourselves in providing a unique service for our guests.” Before Tina could speak Roza grabbed her hand and quickly ushered her excitedly into the cottage. “I can’t wait to fuck you Tina” which took Tina totally by surprise then Tina was really taken aback when Roza grabbed Tina’s head in her hands and kissed her full on the lips.The four Thai girls were waiting in the lobby and took Tina’s little bag and Tina suddenly felt hands round her feet as they removed her shoes. Tina was guided into a large room with gold and red satin curtains surrounding what looked like a padded cream leather massage table in the middle.Before Tina even had chance to t
ake in her surroundings, the four girls had quickly removed her top and were undoing her jeans. In a flash Tina was in just her bra and pants. These were also quickly and skilfully removed with the five girls staring and admiring her. After less than two minutes in the cottage Tina had been stripped naked and if Tina had harboured any doubts it was too late now as the girls started caressing her nakedness.Tina was shaking as the Thai girls gently caressed her and led her to the massage table as Roza gestured Tina to climb on the table face down. “It’s time for a full body massage darling” she purred as Tina settled her face into the padded hole as she felt oil being poured onto her back and down her legs. “Just relax and let the girls take the stresses away sweetheart,” said Roza as Tina, still shaking tried to obey and relax, but it was not that easy.Tina’s arms were pulled up onto the side arms which had been pulled out either side of her head and she felt her legs being opened onto the two arms which had also been pulled out at the base of the table. Tina realised that her pussy must be fully visible but the four girls had starting spreading the oil all over the body and she lay there as her naked body was covered.With eight hands caressing all over her body Tina was certainly getting very turned on and remembering the description of what had happed to Nikki on this table left Tina under no illusions of what was coming as the girls started massaging around her buttocks and thighs. Tina felt one pairs of hands go close to her pussy and she tensed, which the girls immediately spotted. One of the Thai girls poured some more oil onto Tina’s bottom and all four pairs of hands started rubbing the oil between the cheeks of her bottom and over her anus before rubbing it quite gently onto her slightly open pussy. Tina jerked as she felt her pussy being rubbed and a little moan of pleasure escaped from her.Tina’s pussy was really quite wet by now as the girls suddenly turned her over, spread her out and started spread oil all over her tummy and breasts leaving no area of her body untouched. Two of the Thai girls were massaging all up her wide open legs and the other two were massaging her arms, tummy and breasts, teasing her nipples until they stood proud as Tina moaned slightly louder as her body enjoyed the most exquisite treatment. One of the Thai girls starting massaging Tina’s face and neck and Tina realised that she was being held down so she could not see what was happening. It was not long before she felt fingers around her pussy, slowly massaging around her lips as Tina jerked with the surprise of it. It was Roza’s turn now as the four girls held Tina lightly but firmly, as Roza pulled Tina’s pussy lips wide apart and exposing her prominent clitoris. Tina could feel Roza’s breath on her most sensitive area and she jerked hard against the girls restraint as Roza started licking her clitoris and fingering deep inside her open pussy. Tina had been licked before by Ryan and other boys but nothing like this as Roza’s tongue caused Tina to scream and the fastest orgasm of her young life exploded as her body jerked and bucked. She’d had orgasms before but this was amazing and so quick. Roza was not going to stop at one orgasm as she finger-fucked the British starlet’s pussy whilst licking her clitoris furiously. Tina was screaming as the orgasm went on and on and it was nearly unbearable as Roza hammered away at her exposed clitoris.Roza looked across at the Thai girls whilst still working furiously on Tina’s pussy and the girls immediately fastened straps around Tina’s wrists and ankles. Tina was so far gone in her orgasm that she real didn’t realise what was happening to her as the girls stretched her out and anchored her to the outstretched arms of the table in the classic X spread bondage position.Tina was still screaming trabzon escort bayan as Roza’s hands and tongue brought another immense orgasm and as she bucked and jerked it was only then, in that orgasmic moment, that Tina realised she’d now been tied up. Roza stoop up with Tina’s juices all over her mouth and chin and spoke to the four girls “I think she’s ready now girls” she said in her broken English and Tina’s head suddenly dropped down a little as they adjusted her headrest so her head was hanging down. One of the girls wound a small handle in the middle of the table under Tina’s waist and her prone naked body was not only stretched out tightly so she could not move but was arched backwards stretching her out even more.All this time Roza was still working hard on Tina’s pussy and Tina was struggling to deal with the amazing sensation as her husky screams echoed around the room. Another great orgasm ripped through her body and she was almost crying with the sheer ecstasy of this wonderful treatment.One of the girls had gone through the curtains and brought out their Intruder fucking machine ready mounted on a bench which lined up with the massage table and Tina’s open pussy. Already attached to the end of it was a flexible link to allow for the movement of the girl and a big fat cream coloured jelly life-like penis with big balls attached. It was 9″ long with a 7″ girth and Tina was now going to get the fucking of her young life.Tina could not see what they were preparing for her but she soon felt her pussy being opened wide by Roza’s fingers as one of the Thai girls coated the monster penis with KY jelly and slowly pushed the fucking machine into Tina’s sopping wet vagina. Deeper and deeper it went until only the balls were outside Tina’s receptive pussy with a full 8″ inside her filling her up like she’s never been filled before. Tina gasped at the sensation of this monster pushing inside her and she shouted “What is that, it’s so big?” and Roza said quite straight out, “It’s a fucking machine darling and you’re about to be fucked!”Her pussy lips were really stretched around this monster which impaled her and, as they slowly started to work the machine in and out of her, her pussy lips moved with the motion. They kept it moving slowly until Tina got used to the length and girth of this monster before she screamed as the depth of penetration reached parts of her body which no man had ever reached and the sensations on her G spot and deep inside brought a new wave of orgasmic ecstasy to the beautiful British TV star.”Oh my god, oh Jesus, yes!” she screamed as the orgasm overwhelmed her slight frame, building in intensity as the machine got progressively faster and faster. Roza now brought out the magic wand vibrators and the girls worked one each on Tina’s nipples and Roza worked hers on Tina’s exposed clitoris. This brought an even bigger scream from Tina as, for the first time in her life, she ejaculated. Tina was bucking and shuddering despite her restraints and Roza immediately pulled the Invader out from Tina’s pussy as a fine stream squirted out and all over the floor. Roza knew that there was more to come from this little miss pocket dynamite and quickly pushed the invader all the way back into her dripping pussy and set if off at full speed as the girls vibrated Tina’s clitoris, nipples again bringing her back to another enormous squirting orgasm.”Ahh!! Oh my god, my god yes!!” Tina screamed as the latest orgasm ripped her apart and she went into another spasm of bucking and jerking until eventually there was nothing left. Tina O’Brien was completely and utterly fucked.Roza recognised that Tina had no more to give and the Invader was removed, the vibrators switched off and they left Tina, still tied up, to calm down from her fucking.Tina’s pussy was surprisingly not too sore considering the battering it had just been given, and her pussy lips were still wide open with a creamy dribble of her cum still oozing out of her. Tina was still breathing very heavily but she was calming down, as she was released from her bondage.Roza and the four Thai girls took it in turn to kiss Tina full on the mouth as Tina tried to adjust to what had just happened to her. She lay back
again and closed her eyes. This beautiful British TV star was totally exhausted after her extreme fucking and quickly fell asleep right where she was, lying naked on the massage table. The girls picked up her almost lifeless form and carried her to the next room and laid her on top of a large double bed and left her to sleep off her exertions.It was nearly 5pm when Tina stirred from her sleep and Roza heard her movements and came in to the bedroom where Tina’s naked body made Roza feel quite horny. “How are you feeling sweetheart?” she asked as Tina sat up. “I guess you’ll want a shower after all you’ve been through?” she took hold of Tina’s hand and guided her to the en-suite shower, which was in a large wet-room and the four Thai girls were awaiting her arrival. “They’ll look after you and give you their traditional communal washing before sprucing you up.”Tina walked into the shower and all four Thai girls stripped naked and joined her. The multi-head shower poured warm water all over them and Tina was overwhelmed as hands started soaping her all over, washing off the remains of her massage oil and one girls pulled Tina’s legs wide apart and started sponging around and inside Tina’s pussy. Despite all that had already happened to her, Tina suddenly felt that familiar feeling in her vagina again as she was starting to get turned on again.Tina was washed all over and led out into the back of the wet-room where she was dried off and her hair blow dried. Still naked they all went back to another bedroom where Roza was waiting for them sitting on this huge king-size bed.As Tina sat on the edge of the bed the four Thai girls stripped Roza naked, and for the first time Tina could see what a beautiful figure this Polish girl had. The girls lifted Roza onto the bed and started caressing her naked body and spread her out with her legs wide apart. One of the Thai girls took hold on Tina and pushed her towards the bottom of the bed and gestured to Tina that she licks Roza’s gaping pussy. Tina had never touched a woman sexually before but she tried to emulate what Roza had done to her earlier and, from Roza’s immediate reaction, Tina was good at it.As she worked on Roza’s clitoris, Roza was obviously thoroughly enjoying having her favourite TV star licking her pussy and she came with a shuddering orgasm and a loud scream. One of the Thai girls gave Tina an enormous vibrator even bigger than the penis shaped one which was used on her and she pushed it easily inside Roza’s pussy turning it on to full power. Still licking Roza’s clitoris and fucking her with the vibrator Tina was in control of her host as she came over and over again until she was spent. Tina genuinely felt proud that she’d fucked another woman to orgasm.As a satisfied Roza lifted herself off the bed one of the Thai girls placed a large object covered in a sheet on the bed and Roza uncovered the Sybian Fucking Machine with a giant 7” dido attached. Roza switched it on showing Tina both actions that this supreme fucking machine could deliver. There was the powerful adjustable vibration setting and the G Spot massage which wiggles around inside the willing rider’s pussy. Most women agree that the Sybian gives the strongest and best orgasm they have ever experienced.Without having time to react Tina was lifted onto the bed and told, in no uncertain terms, to get astride the Sybian and squat down onto the giant dildo. Tina had seen the Sybian on many of the porn videos that Nikki had showed her on the Internet so she was visibly shaking again as she obeyed their commands and sat on the Sybian.Roza did not mess around as Tina climbed on and when the dildo was deep inside her and her full weight on the Sybian, she brought the Sybian up to full power with both features and Tina screamed as she came in an instant again for the umpteenth time that day. What an orgasm. After all that she had enjoyed earlier she squirted immediately all over the bed and it bubbled out of her as the Sybian went to work on her. The four Thai girls held onto Tina so she could not get off as her orgasm just ripped her apart again. One orgasm merged into another for Tina and she could only manage to withstand the intense feelings from the Sybian for a few minutes before she started to feint with the sheer pleasure of it. Recognising that Tina was spent the girls let her go and allowed her to get off her great fucking machine. For the second time in a few hours Tina had enjoyed multiple orgasms and was totally fucked and exhausted again. While Tina lay at the side, all the Thai girls rode the Sybian as their reward for providing their customer with so much pleasure. Roza lay at the side of Tina and they kissed and cuddled whilst watching the young Asian girls cum in turn on the fucking machine.The car arrived at the cottage door soon after 8pm, and Tina’s day being fucked senseless was coming to an end. After showering again and getting dressed she kissed each of the five girls on the lips and paid Roza for all the pleasure they had provided. It had been very expensive but worth every pound.Off she went back home knowing life would never be quite the same again for her.Tina and Nikki’s lives were both irreversibly altered by their experiences and both girls were really just porn stars but no cameras have ever caught them until recently and now their porn pictures are all over the internet.

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