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Corporate HijabiTomI am a manager in the corporate world in New York. I was responsible for around 100 employees and well renumerated for my efforts. At the age of 45 I felt comfortable with my life.As part of my role I have to attend certain conferences and training sessions out of state. This was not a problem for me as I was single and had no c***dren. I usually went as the sole representative for the firm but on this occasion I was to be accompanied by another manager from the sales department. There were not many people I liked in the sales department. The men were all d-bags, always bragging about their figures. It was a constant cock measuring exercise with them.I was told by Leanne, my PA, that it would in fact be Sam (Samia Al Kassam) that would be joining me on my trip to Los Angeles. I didn’t mind Sam. She was always polite and focused on business. She was responsible for Sales to Asia and the Middle East. She was muslim and I understood her family roots to be from Iraq. She usually wore business attire but would accompany this with a hijab and niqab. It is a strange sight in my world but you have to understand she is mainly selling to other muslims in the Middle East and Asia so it helps to have a familiar face to smooth over the sale. Even if they never see her face due to her veil. I found her intelligent and funny but she never gaziemir escort really opened up about her personal life so the conversation may dry up after a week.I found it strange she was going because from what I remember she was married and she had a c***d around 12 months ago but she has never really opened up about her family life with me or anyone I know in the office.My PA, Leanne, made the arrangements for my flights and hotel. I briefly spoke to Sam about it and she seemed to be looking forward to the conference and seeing California.We would be arriving on Sunday and the conference would start on Monday. This would give us a day to settle in. I met Sam at the airport. She was not dressed in her usual business attire. She was wearing a long ocean blue summer dress. She had a belt across the middle of her dress that eccentuated her tits. The dress was long and covered her from head to toe but the material looked thin. We were seated together as Leanne had booked the tickets for flights and made our reservations at the hotel. We checked in our bags. As we were waiting to go through security I was stood a few spaces behind Sam and I heard a man mumble something to Sam as he walked past her. She seemed visibly upset. I closed the space between us and asked her what happened. She was upset but I managed to gather that gaziemir escort bayan he had called her a “fucking terrorist.” I immediately walked off after him in a rage. But Sam grabbed my arm and assured me she was fine. I said I would not leave her side and I would protect her from these crazies. I had my arm around her and my hand was on her back. She did not object and seemed to welcome my possessive touch. She saw me as her protector. This was a dangerous temptation for me though as her tempting ass was inches away.I realised how thin the dress actually was once my hand was on her back. My hand went lower and lower the longer it was on her back. I did not want to come across as lecherous so I did not allow myself to go lower than her back. I wanted to desparately squeeze her ass but would not allow myself to do so. My hand rested just at the top of her panties. I ran my fingers across the lacey material. I was able to clearly feel it through the material of her dress. She did not object or notice as we engaged in general chat.As we got on the plane and approached our seats. I saw Sam bend forward. I don’t know what came over me as I moved my hand to her ass and gently squeezed, her ass was so big and soft. To cover this I pretended to accidentally bump into her. I apologised immediately, “I am so sorry. I didn’t realise escort gaziemir these were our seats. Are you ok?” She did not seem to mind, “It is ok. The plane is cramped.” I allowed her to sit down and sat next to her. The seats did not afford much room and we were close to each other. I knew it would be difficult to resist touching her in such close proximity. Sitting together with Sam caused our thighs to touch and it felt electric. I knew she was married and a strict muslim so there was no chance of anything happening. But I could not help but admire how attractive she was. She had amazing tits and her dress eccentuated them even more. She had a big ass and after my squeeze I wanted much more.She was an incredibly sensual woman. A woman that all men secretly lust for. As we got seated she put her hand on mine and she said, “Tom, thank you for protecting me. I felt safe when you were with me. You are a real gentleman.”The touch was unexpected and I was a bit flustered, “It was nothing. It made me angry seeing him treat you like that. I didn’t see your husband or son at the airport. Did they leave early?”I knew she was married and she was due to have her son almost 12 months ago. She had returned to work 6 months ago. She deflected, “I got a taxi to the airport. Traffic was crazy on the way in.” I found it odd that her husband did not drop her off.We were really close in our seats and I adjusted so that the outside of my hand was resting against her right breast. It felt heavenly.I engaged her to distract her from my hand on her breast, “You look beautiful and refreshed in the dress.”She blu

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