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Copy room trio
I work for a small firm that has a copy room where I can usually go for long periods of time doing all the necessary work for our firm. A sign on the door means I’m busy and most everyone stays out until I remove the sign. I was in there one day when Charles came in and stated he had a priority job to be done. I moved aside while he did his work and looking him over, I was getting a bit hot. I had on a blouse, bra, short skirt and panties and nice six inch heels, As I sat off to the side I slowly raised my leg and brushed my shoe against his inner thigh. He looked over at me
“Having fun?” he asked. I thought about that for a moment and decided to try and be a bit bolder. I had always admired Charles with his great body and good looks and so I answered,
“Yes, but I’m sure I could have a little bit more” as I inched my shoe towards his crotch. He reached down, took hold of my shoe,
“Going somewhere with this?” he asked. Looking at his crotch,
“Maybe” I replied.
He slowly lowered my leg back to the floor and turned to me and I could see I had aroused him enough where the outline of his cock showed in his pants. I moved off the counter I had been sitting on and moved up in front of him, reached my hand down and felt his crotch,
“Looks like I may be going somewhere with this after all” I then said as I now caressed his hardened cock through his pants.
Without saying another word, I slowly got down on my knees as Charles unbuckled his belt and let his pants drop and I followed by reaching up and taking hold of his shorts, pulled them down revealing his beautiful hard cock. I am used to Joe’s 8 plus cock, but Charles had to be canlı kaçak bahis 9 inches or more as I stared at that massive cock. Reaching up I took it in one hand and slowly caressed it, then moved up a bit and started licking around the shaft and cock head.
Into my mouth it went and was I ever in heaven. I sucked him hard and fast, sucked him slow and sexy as he took off his shirt and I reached down and began to caress my cunt. I could hear him moan softly as I sucked away on his cock and soon felt his hand on my head as he now started to fuck my mouth hard and fast. A few more minutes passed as I savored his hard cock in my mouth, when finally he pulled back a bit, leaned down and lifted me up. We kissed for a few more minutes and I relished in his lips and tongue when he finally lifted up and laid me back on the table. Lifting my legs up, he reached in and took off my panties,
“Beautiful” I heard him say as he looked at my now wet cunt.
“Suck my cunt baby” I said to him and watched as he knelt down and moving in between my legs, attacked my cunt with his lips and tongue, gently biting my cunt lips and clit and tongue fucking me as best he could. The sensation was great and I started to moan out in pleasure, totally absorbed in the treatment my cunt was getting. I quickly unbuttoned my blouse and began to caress my tits through my bra until I finally pulled it up and really went to work on my tits and nipples.
I didn’t hear the door open and the next thing I knew, Charles had stopped sucking on my cunt and was looking up at our manager Dave.
“May I ask what the fuck is going on here?” Dave asked Charles. I almost burst out bahis siteleri canlı laughing when Charles replied,
“I’m just using the copier” he had said. Looking down at Charles, Dave then said,
“Perhaps you could use something else too” as he started to unzip his zipper and take his cock out.
Charles looked up at me, then at Dave and moved slightly over to Dave, took his cock in his hand and then into his mouth it went. I couldn’t believe what I was watching. Here was a fine specimen of a man on his knees sucking off another man’s cock in front of me. As I watched Charles suck off Dave, my hand went down to my cunt and I began to play with myself, getting myself even more turned on. This went on for a good while as Charles really took to sucking Dave’s hard cock and I turned my cunt into a quivering hole ready to be fucked. But first, down off the table I came and getting on my knees next to Charles, I reached up and when Charles backed off, I took Dave’s cock into my mouth and began to suck on it hard and fast. Charles and I traded Dave’s cock between us until Dave reached down and helped Charles back to his feet. As I continued to suck off Dave, I glanced up once in a while and saw Charles caress Dave’s nipples and suck on them and finally watched as the two men kissed passionately. I had never known these two were bi and what a fuckin’ turn on it proved to be.
Soon Dave helped me up to my feet and back on the table I went. Charles moved around to my side while Dave grabbed hold of my legs and pulling them apart, moved in taking hold of his cock, guided it into my wet cunt and started to fuck me good. Charles meanwhile canlı bahis grabbed hold of my hair and turned my head towards him,
“Suck on my cock bitch” he ordered as he drove his cock into my now open mouth. Time passed for how long I couldn’t tell, but the two men were able to lean into each other and resume kissing as one fucked me and I sucked the other off and I caught a glimpse of the two kissing. They switched and Charles fucked me while I sucked Dave’s cock. Soon the position changed and I was taken off the table and Dace bent me over started to fuck my ass ( after an abrupt and painful entry ) while Charles took again fucking my mouth. This lasted for a while until Charles moved over to the floor and laid down. Dave took his cock out of me and pulled me by my hair over to Charles,
“Get on that fuckin’ cock whore” he ordered me and I moved and positioned myself over Charles and slowly inched down until his cock was in me fully. I was able to bounce up and down on his cock for a few minutes until Dave turned my head towards him and back into my mouth went his cock. The tension finally came to a head as Charles cried out he was coming, followed a minute later as Dave unloaded his cum into my mouth and throat. Once he pulled out, I moved off Charles and watched as Dave moved up to Charles and had Charles suck his cock clean. Charles then rose up and the two men kissed some more as I gathered my panties and put myself back in order. The men finally stopped and gathered themselves together and Dave half heartedly asked Charles if he was done with the copier.
“For now” Charles replied.
“But I may need to use it again soon” he added and I knew I would be getting more cock another day.

I let the cum stay on my cunt and in my panties until I got home and told Joe of the day and watched as he licked my panties and then my cunt before he fucked the hell out of me. A nice day of work.

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