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My mind goes blank. I’m consumed with my desires for you. I lie in wanting for you to touch me, to hold me, to press yourself so fully inside me that my only escape is to satisfy you, to make your body so deeply satisfied with what it receives from me that you have no choice but to cum.

I lie here reaching for something to do. Social media, no. Games, no. Light reading, pass. My mind returns to you. My eyes flutter closed as I begin to build you in my mind and my hand traces down, under the blanket, to the hemline of my loose shorts. I can easily push the fabric aside and begin my work but no, I want you. I grab at my thigh, teasing my pussy as it throbs for attention. She might even be crying for it. I feel wet down there. I move my hand from my thigh around to my pelvis and place pressure over the soft spot just above my pelvic bone. My body surges. I want you.

You are the perfect specimen, average height, strong build, tanned skin, tattoos that seem to perfectly accentuate your muscles. Damn you look good. I smile as I picture your face. That smile gets me every time, not güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the forced one but the genuine one. The one that shows me your appreciation for me and what I am for you. The one that parts your lips and your teeth because you just can’t help but smile so big when we are together. When you smile your face lights up and I want only to be your everything.

Your body is so well proportioned, it’s obvious you workout and those abs are impressive. I can’t stop, staring, can’t stop touching your muscled body. Your skin is soft but your muscles, hard. Your hands, rough from the work you do to maintain your body. Your arms and ass are my favorite features. Perfectly right and tight. So beefy and mine. I let out a soft moan as I finish bringing you to life in my imagination.

My thumb slides past the seam of my loose shorts and strokes my clit over my thin panties. I think of you. Only you can satisfy me the way I need but I feel the urge to try while I’m away. As my thumb continues to circle my clit my other hand rubs my leg. Oh how I wish it were güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri your hand firmly gripping my thigh.

I allow a finger to split my labia as it slides over them. Teasing myself with the lure of penetration I pet a little further but don’t allow my finger to slip inside just yet. My body is aching and I arch my back as I picture your hand between my legs. As I allow my finger to slip further into my pussy it becomes wet with my sweet nectar.

I can’t believe I’m doing this, it isn’t like me but I need you. I sit up on my knees and straddle my finger. My body facing the wall I lean my head onto it. With my other hand I grab at my breasts and tease a nipple. Pinching it and rolling it between my fingers my body begins to buck and I immerse another finger deep into my vagina. They aren’t your thick, strong fingers so I need more to bring satisfaction. Ohhh it feels so good. Moaning and rolling my fingers inside myself and pleasuring my clit. Ohhh, babes it feels so good. I pump hard with my fingers in and out of my swollen pussy. The feeling güvenilir bahis şirketleri of my fingers rubbing hard along my clit feels so good. I can feel my muscles tighten around my fingers. My body begs for you. My body begs for a sweet release.

I need you. I need your throbbing cock inside me. Forcing me to bounce on your dick as you ram yourself into me. My mind and fingers working together as one. Ohhh baby you feel so good. My moans grow in intensity and pitch. With every bounce I give a small squeal as you fill me up.

You’re close now. I can feel how hard you’ve become inside me. I’m begging for you to cum now. I need it, I need to satisfy you. Ohhh please baby, I need you to cum. With a few more thrusts your cum has filled me and I cry out in pleasure. This is what I needed for an orgasm. My fingers milk my pussy as I allow my body to settle. You felt so good. That, felt so good. My imagination and body worked together for our mutual satisfaction.

Thank you baby. I lay back as I take my hand from my body and bring it to my lips. You would be tasting me now if you could but since you can’t, I’ll do it for you. Sweet with the salty taste from my fingers. Mmm, so yummy. As I allow myself to fully relax I allow my eyes to close as I finish tasting myself. My body relaxes for sweet sleep. Fingers hanging from my mouth I feel myself fading. My mind goes blank.

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