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Construction Worker’s SlaveConstruction Workers’ SlaveStory about a straight college k** who has a secret fantasy of being sexually dominated by a couple of guys and turned into a pussyboy sex slave. His fantasy comes true.My name is Ryan. I’m a university student, 20 years old, blonde hair,reasonably athletic looking, 5’8″ tall, 160 lbs. I was just finishing up asummer job with a construction company where I was basically a foreman of aroad crew. Kyle and Brad are full time workers and on my crew, probably acouple of years older and they made it quite clear they did not like takingorders from me. They are both about my size and build but more street tough.I was a bit surprised when they invited me out to celebrate my last day onthe job before heading back to university.On the way to the bar we decided to drop off at Kyle’s place to have acouple of tokes first. I was really getting quite stoned when they suddenlyjumped me and pinned me to the floor. At first I thought they were justjoking around when they began pulling off my clothes, Brad holding me in ahammerlock while Ryan stripped me of my sneakers, sock and jeans. The two ofthem then literally ripped off my shirt and finally my underwear, renderingme completely bare ass naked with Brad holding my arms behind my back and face downon the floor.I should add that I am straight but for whatever reason have fantasized foras long as I can remember about being “forced” into a gay thing so I reallydid not put up much of a fight as I secretly had a fantasy to be “boy ****d“, besides they were much stronger than me.Before I knew it Ryan was tying separate ropes to my wrists then theystarted hauling on them pulling me up into a standing position and thenhigher so my toes were just touching the floor. Next they tied another set ofropes from my ankles to eyebolts in the floor, forcing my legs wide apart. Iwas still too stunned and stoned to even scream.Now I was completely at the mercy of these two muscular studs. I was hanging bucknaked and spread-eagled, my entire body glistening from sweat and my cockwas sticking straight out, much to their amusement.”Looks good,” I heard Kyle say. “By god, that’s one sweet-looking trussed-upbitch-boy.Then they started fondling me…. my ass, my now hardened cock, my balls,running their hands over my body, chuckling, panting, making lewd remarks.Brad stepped behind me and grabbed my ass cheeks in both hands.”Fuck man just look at this cute little ass, like two g****fruits” he commented.He then ran a finger down between, stopping at my anal opening and slowly beganto insert a couple of fingers into my asshole. “Nice and tight too…. I can’t wait to fuck your pretty boy ass” he whispered in my ear.Then they shaved me, completely from neck to toes leaving only the hair on myhead, saving my blonde pubes for last, so my cock, balls and asshole were shaved smooth. Next they used their hands to rubsome kind of oil over my entire naked, and now hairless body, concentratingon my ass and on my cock and balls. The continued use of their oil soakedhands on my most private parts soon had my cock leaking in its hardness.Then they stood back to admire their handiwork, taunting me because of myerection. Even more humiliating was the fact that I was unbelievably turnedon just thinking about what they might have planned for me.Out of the corner of my eye I saw Brad getting something from a drawer. Iturned my head to see him holding it. A thin leather switch. He walked up tome and began slowly tracing the tip of the switch up and down the sides ofbody, from my arm pits to my feet both sides. Then he did the same along theinsides of my wide spread legs from ankle to crotch. Next he moved to myleft and continued the exploration down my backside starting at my neck,over the curve of my ass and down both legs. He was chuckling the entiretime. The front of his jeans were bulging leaving no doubt as to hisexcitement as he moved to my right and traced the tip down my chest, over mystomach and along the upper length of my swollen and throbbing cock, pushingdown on it until it pointed straight at the floor, then moving the switchaway allowing my cock to immediately bounce back up until it was pointingstraight out.”You’re going to make one fine slave pretty boy. Submit now and you canavoid having me use this on you. It’s real obvious you want to be ****d and abused anyway” he taunted, touching the tip to my balls.”And he was right. I did want this. I did want to be dominated by these twoyoung studs. Just thinking about the humiliating things they could make me dohad me more turned on then ever before, but there was no way I was going toadmit it, and I wanted to be punished first anyway so I decided they would have to break me.”No way you fucking faggots, I’m not going to be anybody’s sex slave” I hissed,trying to be convincing. At least this way I could pretend they were forcingme into this.”Good, we were hoping you’d resist” said Kyle as he gagged me with my owntorn underwear. “We’ll talk again in a few minutes. Brad, he’s all yours.”I heard a whistling sound, and then there was a loud, sharp cracking noiseas that switch smashed across my ass.I started screaming into the gag. The whipping continued until he hadfollowed the same course as he did while tracing the tip of the switch overmy body. Then he started a cock whipping, with the last 10 strokes hitting me right in the balls. Incredibly my cock remained hard, throbbing and leaking precum during the whole time.Kyle ripped my underwear from my mouth.”Had enough, tough guy? he asked.”Yes” I answered, nearly sobbing.”Tell us what we want to hear””I want be your sex slave, I’ll do anything you want” I was so excited I couldhardly breathe.Then they listed off some of the rules I would be following…I’m to speak only when spoken to.When I do speak I’m to address them both as Master.I’m forbidden to stand in their presence unless required to carry out theirorders.I will be serving them naked at all times, except for the studded leather dog collar Kylejust placed around my neck.Anything else they dream up as the night progresses.”Do you think you can remember these rules, pretty boy?” Brad asked.”Yes, Master” I choked.”Ever sucked a cock before slave-boy” Kyle asked, chuckling”No, Master Kyle, I’m straight, I swear.””Well you’ll be an expert by the time we’re finished with you, slave-boy”taunted Brad.I was totally humiliated and totally turned on at the same time.”Do you understand your position here now””Yes, Master” I replied, head hanging in shame.”That’s very good,” Kyle said.They untied me, and when I fell I went down to my knees, and there I stayed.I would have fallen further, but Kyle held me up by my hair, and said, “Nowthat’s just perfect, boy. You stay right there, you hear?”And then he let me go, and all my will went into keeping myself kneelingthere, just as he wanted. Then Kyle attached a chain leash to my collar andpulled me to my feet, ordering me to cross my wrists behind my back. Bradtied my wrists together with a leather strip. I was ordered to kneel.”Now lick my boots, college-boy,” Kyle commanded. “Show me what a goodlittle boot-licker you are. Show me real good.”I bowed down and began licking his dust covered work boots, while he usedthe leash to keep me from falling over. And I did my best to make it good. Iwas theirs now. They had reduced me to a slave. I licked Kyle’s boots untilthey were clean. When he decided his boots were clean enough he made me turnaround, still holding the leash. Brad was now standing in front of me andtook hold of the leash from Kyle. I was forced to clean his boots as well.By the time I’d finished with Brad’s boots, Kyle was sitting in a chair inthe middle of the room. His feet were now bare. Kyle then commanded me tocrawl to him until I was about a foot in front of him. “Now piglet” hesmirked at me, “my feet need cleaning, get to it”I was now put thru an even more humiliating ordeal of foot worship for canlı kaçak iddaa mytaun
ting master, forced to tongue bathe his sweat and dirt covered feet,starting with the toes and in between. I slavishly licked and massaged hisfeet with my tongue until they were squeaky clean. They both taunted methroughout my ordeal which just served to turn me on even more as I found I was really loving all this humiliation. It took me fifteen minutes to satisfactorily clean Kyle’s feet but Brad immediatelytook his place in the chair and subjected me to same degrading ordeal.They were both obviously aroused. The bulges at the front of their jeansleft no doubt. Then they played with me, as though I were a toy. Theystroked and felt and pinched and slapped and probed, and made me turn andtwist and arch myself for their convenience and delight. They squeezed myballs until they made me scream, which they enjoyed enormously. And thenthey made me tell them what a slut bitch I was, a filthy fag, a cunt boy, a piece of shit, acocksucker, and any other names that came to mind. Of course I said it all, even inventing a few more degrading names for myself like sissy faggot fuck pig.My submissive side had completely taken over now. All I wanted now was toserve my two tormentors with my mouth and tongue in any way they wished.Now they were ready to really humiliate me some more. Kyle would be firststanding in front of me, naked, his cock pointing straight at my face as Iknelt before him. He truly had the body of a god, slim, muscular,tanned,flat stomach, small ass, thick hard cock. Brad was holding the leash.He too, was naked with a hard cock,a true Adonis sweating, taunting. I obedientlyfollowed Kyle’s command and began licking his sweat soaked balls, then up anddown the length of his rigid cock. He ordered me to open my mouth. Islavishly sucked his cock for about 5 minutes when he started to moanlouder. I could feel his cock pulsing in my mouth. I knew I was about to getmy first taste of another guy’s cum, but then he surprised me by suddenlypulling it out.”Not yet piggy” Kyle taunted. “We’re going to make this last for awhile.”Before I could take in what he meant, Brad immediately grabbed me by my hairand directed me to his rock hard cock, ramming it into my mouth, ordering meto suck it.This ritual went on for a good half hour as they alternately drove theircocks into my mouth, forcing me to service both of them until finally Kyleyelled that he couldn’t hold back any more He exploded in my mouth orderingme to swallow every drop of his cum. I obeyed.It only took seconds after that for Brad to explode in my mouth as well. Hetoo made me swallow it all. I had submitted to both of them, licking,sucking, swallowing. I was now the naked, kneeling, bound and leashedsex-slave to two gay male masters. After servicing them, they made me licktheir balls once again and thank them for allowing me the privilege ofworshipping their cocks. Then the each put their jeans back on, leaving meto wonder if it was over or if they still had more in store for me……They made me remain kneeling, still naked, and amused themselves with tauntsand lewd remarks and promises of what was still to come. I pleaded with themto let me go but only because I knew my begging would turn them on andexcite them to new torments. I had done everything they asked, I said.They’d broken me, they’d had their fun, now please, please let me go, Isaid. They only laughed and said I hadn’t seen anything yet. A new wave ofsexual aroual came over me.They untied my wrists and made me crawl on hands and knees, like a dog. Thisentertainment perked them up again. They made me do some tricks for them,like go fetch, lie down and roll over and shake my cock and balls around–it still gave them a kick to find new ways to show their power, and to force me to humiliate and degrade myself.That’s when they made me crawl around the room some more for them. They hadme get up on the table on my knees, and spread my legs wide, showing off my cock, balls and asshole. Brad was holding the end of the leash.”Start jerking yourself off, slave-boy” Brad commanded. I couldn’t believeit but with my cock still at full attention as it had been since the start Igrabbed hold of it and began pumping. I have never masturbated in front ofanyone so it was completely embarrassing o be doing it for the entertainmentof two other guys while they taunted me but I did it. I stroked my cock fortheir amusement trying not to erupt but in minutes my excitement finallycaught up with me. At last I shot my load onto the table top. Some went onthe floor amid howls of laughter. They made me get back on my hands andknees and lick up my own cum from the table and the floor.They made me stand, facing the edge of the table. They tied my ankles to thetable legs, which were wide apart forcing my legs spread to the limit. Bradtied my wrists together behind my back. Kyle attached the end of the leashto a ring at the end of the table and pulled down hard forcing my chest andface onto the tabletop. They then stepped in front of me to make sure Icould see them as they removed their jeans. Brad began stroking his alreadyhard cock just inches from my face and taunted me ” Since Kyle was the firstto use that hot mouth of yours I’m going to be the first one to fuck yourtight little ass college boy, but I think we need to warm your butt to getit ready”. Kyle then picked up a wide leather strap in his right hand,placed it to my face and commanded me to kiss the instrument of mypunishment. It was all I could do to keep from cumming as my cock groundagainst the edge of the table.After kissing the leather strap as commanded I tried to brace myself for theinevitable. The first blow feels like fire at first and I scream and startbegging Kyle to please stop but my pleas just turn him on even more. Ninemore times he uses it on me. Every stroke stings like hell but it’s obvioushe does not intend to cause any real damage. They just want to hear me begand scream, so I do. Brad orders me to look at his cock. It’s thick, hardand leaking as he slowly pumps it with his oil soaked right hand.”Get ready, pretty pussyboy,” he taunts, I’m going to fuck that hot little slut ass ofyours”.Immediately after the tenth stroke of the strap delivered by Kyle, Bradmoves behind me. I can feel the head of his cock pressing against my analopening. Then he simply rams it home into my boypussy. The **** is long, slow and hard. I can feel his balls smacking against my crotch as he rams his huge cock in andout of my previously virgin ass. Finally, with a howl of ecstacy, heexplodes inside me. There is a popping sound as he slowly pulls out.Even while Kyle is taking his place, Brad steps around in front of me, grabshold of my hair and presents his slime covered, still hard cock to my faceand orders me to open my mouth.”Clean it slaveboy” he commandsI submissively obey just as Kyle plunges into my ass. He is just as brutal.He is also just as dominating when he finishes and forces me to lick andsuck his glistening cock clean.They next release my ankles and the end of the leash from the table, leavingmy hands bound behind my back. They make me kneel before them, Kyle holdingthe leash leading to my collar. They are both grinning as the look down atme. Once again my own cock is betraying me, standing at full attention,bouncing, leaking in obvious anticipation of what they have in store for menext.With Kyle holding the leash he orders me to crawl around behind Brad.”Start licking his ass” he commands me.Knowing I have no choice but to obey I begin running my tongue all overBrads small perfectly round ass deliberately avoiding the divide between,but I don’t get away with that for long as Brad orders me to get in there.He makes me spend the next ten minutes slaveishly licking up and down thecrack of his ass paying particular attention to his tight opening. They areboth taunting me for my submissiveness calling me their little canlı kaçak bahis ass-licker,their slut, their cunt, their whore, their bitch. This verbal abusecontinues when they switch places. Kyle’s ass is even smaller than Brad’s.Thankfully all I taste and smell from both
is sweat but it is stillhumiliating. When my ordeal is finally over, they both stand in front of me,Brad holding the leash as they gleefully point out my hard bobbing cock.”See, what did I tell you” smirked Kyle “he’s getting off on this”All I could do was remain silent.They both put on their jeans.Suddenly I realized I had to pee real bad.I started to ask for permission todo so but the glare from both of them reminded me of the only proper way toapproach them. I immediately bowed down and began licking Kyle’s feet untilhe acknowledged me. I was granted permission to speak.”Please Master Kyle. I have to pee so bad.”They were smiling at each other as Brad knelt down and untied my hands. Kylethen ordered me onto my hands and knees.”You’ll pee like the doggy you are, bitch” he snapped pulling on my leashforcing me to crawl along behind him and out into the yard. He then lead meover to a tree where I had to perform the humiliating act in front of him by lifting my leg.Not an easy thing to do with an erection. He then lead me back into thehouse the same way. Once inside I was ordered to stand while he removed theleash from my collar.”Now, slaveboy, start getting this place cleaned up. We’re having a littleparty tonight and this place better be spotless when our guests arrive. Thenclean yourself up as well. We want our entertainment looking presentable aswell.”They were both smirking…..”Now, slaveboy, start getting this place cleaned up. We’re having a littleparty tonight and this place better be spotless when our guests arrive. Thenclean yourself up as well. We want our entertainment looking presentabletoo.”They were both smirking…..The place wasn’t that bad so it took me less than an hour to get it tootheir liking. Brad and Kyle had showered and dressed so it was more than alittle humiliating to be crawling around naked in front of them cleaningtheir place up. When I was finished to their satisfaction they made mecrawl, still on hands and knees outside and across to the barn. There was ahose attached to the side of the barn and the had me stop there.”Time to get you cleaned up, little piggy, inside and out” Brad chortled asKyle unwound the hose. Their was no metal nozzle on the end just the rubberpart of the hose. They made me remain on my hands and knees with my kneesspread wide apart as Kyle slowly started to insert the free end of the hoseinto my anal opening. He then turned on the hose. It was a littleuncomfortable to start but as the water filled my gut it really started tohurt, like a bad cramp. Eventully he removed the hose and commanded me tocrawl around behind the barn.”Don’t you let a drop out until you get back there” he ordered.I won’t go into the details of this humiliating ordeal but it was repeatedthree more times.”There, that takes care of the inside” said Brad, “now on your feet”They made me stand, feet wide apart and my hands on top of my head whilethey took turns hosing me down with the ice cold water. When they werefinished they marched back to the house, hands still on my head, but made meremain outside until I was dried off. Then from the doorway in, it was backonto my hands and knees.The phone rang and Kyle answered. I could only hear his end of theconversation but what I got out of it was that the person on the other endand his friends would not be able to make it tonight. Kyle’s solution tothat problem was that they had decided to keep me around for the weekendanyway so they could come over tomorrow. He confirmed as much after hangingup. And that’s when I began furiously licking his boots until he gave mepermission to speak.I begged him, both of them, to please let me go now and not let anyone elsesee me like this but, of course, my pleas were ignored.”Get this straight, college boy. Your ours now and we’ve decided you’regoing to be ours until Sunday. We have way too much fun stuff planned foryou to stop tonight. And don’t worry, we’re still going to party tonight. Wehave a friend coming over who can’t wait to get his hands on you”With that answer I resigned myself to the situation. These two Adonises hadme completely under their control and domination and if that meant servingtheir friends as well then I had no choice. I was ordered to to crawl backout to the barn and stand. They once again tied me by my wrists to the anoverhead and my ankles to eyebolts in the floor. For the second time thisevening I found myself suspended naked, spreadeagled, toes just touching thefloor and completely at the mercy of my captors. I figured they were goingto punish me for what I had dared ask but instead they just ran their handsover my exposed ass and now hard cock for a few minutes before leaving thebarn. I remained like that for about 15 minutes, unable to think of anythingother than who would be joining them in using me.That’s when I heard what had to be a large motorcycle drive up. Soon afterKyle and Brad re-enterd the barn, smiling. Behind them was a man. He wasdressed in leather pants, boots and leather vest opened at the front Helooked to be in his forties from the gray in his shaggy hair and he washuge. He had to be 6’6″, barrel chested, big muscular arms, thick heavylegs. He was one scary looking dude.”Stoner”, Brad said to the monster biker, “meet our little sex slave pussyboy. We puthim on display so you can inspect the merchandise, then if you still want tojoin us for the evening the three of us can have some fun with him.”The guy didn’t hesitate and immediately stepped forward until he wasdirectly in front of me. I felt like a piece of fuckmeat as he looked me up anddown grinning. He walked behind me and grabbed my ass with his huge hands,squeezing, cupping both cheeks completely. He stepped in front of me again,smirking as he gripped my rock hard cock in his right hand where itliterally disapeared.”Let’s party” he hollared.With that I was untied. I had to crawl on all fours behind Brad and Kylewhile Stoner, the monster biker followed behind making comments about my assand ordering me to wiggle it.Inside, Stoner immediately took over, forcing me to crawl around the roomwhile he stripped. He wasn’t going to waste any time. He looked even biggernaked. His cock was fully erect and had to be 10 inches and thick.”Over here” pretty boy” he commanded.I crawled up to him. He orderded me up into a kneeling position then heldout a pair of cuffs which he snapped onto my wrists after making me put thembehind my back.”Lick my balls” he commandedI obediently began licking his hairy, sweaty balls feeling positively punyin front of ths giant. He made me lick his huge cock including the tip as itleaked precum. He made me take his balls into my mouth. I could only do oneat a time, they were so big. Finally he ordered me to open my mouth. It wasall I could do to get the head into my small mouth.”Suck it boy, suck my cock. And you better do it good, real good and makesure you swallow every drop of my cum.The realization that for the third time I was on my knees in sexualservitude to another male, (this time to the huge biker) had my cockthrobbing despite my humilation. I slavishly sucked his cock, the ultimateact of submission. He was moaning and his cock was pulsing ready to explode.Suddenly he pulled out of my mouth just as his cock erupted spewing onto myface, getting in my eyes, stinging them. I wanted to rub my eyes but with myhands cuffed behind me, I couldn’t.”That’s going to cost you little boy” Stoner promised. “you were supposed toswallow all of it.I didn’t dare point out that he had pulled out. Instead I apologized for mypoor performance and begged for another chance.”After I punish you.” he was smiling, cruelly. “But first I think Kyle andBrad are in need of bahis siteleri canlı your services’.I looked over at the two of them. They were both now naked and strokingtheir rock hard cocks. They were obviously turned on by what Stoner had justput me thru and they both decided that they would rather watch him punish mefirst before they made use of my mouth.”I’ll need a couple of candles and a
riding crop” Stoner informed them. “Letslaveboy here know where to fetch them and I’ll take him in.”He then uncuffed me. Kyle told me where to find the stuff and Stoner made mecrawl ahead of him into the house. I found the candles and crop. Stoner thentossed the candles onto the floor and ordered me to pick them up and carry them back out to the barn by putting them in my asshole. I reached back and stuck the candles in my ass as instructed and began to crawl back to the barn. He then used the crop to prod me along back out to the barn. WhenKyle and Brad saw me they started laughing and hooting.I was made to get up on the big, rough, wooden table on my back. Kyle andBrad tied me to the four corners by my wrists and ankles as instructed byStoner pulling the restraints tight so I was stretched and completelyimmobile. Then Stoner took a length of rawhide cord, tied one end behind thehead of my cock which just would not go down,then looped the free end over abar directly up from my middle and pulled until my cock was stretchedstraight up and tied it off. He then picked up the crop and instructed Kyleand Brad to light the candles.”Start here” he suggested tracing the tip of the crop over my chest, thenstomach “and finish with this” sliding it over my aching balls and up myhelplessly bound cock. “When you have him good and coated, I’ll introducehim to my wax remover”He was laughing as he swished the crop in mid air, making a whistlingsound.”All three were still naked and sporting huge erections purposly letting meknow how much they were looking forward to this.I was made to get up on the big, rough, wooden table on my back. Kyle andBrad tied me to the four corners by my wrists and ankles as instructed byStoner, pulling the restraints tight so I was stretched and completelyimmobile. Then Stoner took a length of rawhide cord, tied one end behind thehead of my cock, which just would not go down, then looped the free end over abar directly up from my middle and pulled until my cock was stretchedstraight up and tied it off. He then picked up the crop and instructed Kyleand Brad to light the candles.”Start here” he suggested tracing the tip of the crop over my chest, thenstomach “and finish with this” sliding it over my aching balls and up myhelplessly bound cock. “When you have his cock and balls good and coated with hot wax, I’ll introduce him to my wax remover”He was laughing as he swished the crop in mid air, making a whistling sound.All three were still naked and sporting huge erections purposly letting meknow how much they were looking forward to this.Then, with Brad standing to my left and Kyle to my right looking down at metied helpless before them, they held out the now lit candles. They weresmiling as they slowly tipped them over allowing the hot wax to drip downonto my exposed chest. I couldn’t believe hot hot it was and I let out ascream, but they continued until my chest was completely covered with theslowly cooling wax, taunting me as I screamed and moaned. They continueddown over my stomach with the burning wax until it too was covered. I wasthrashing at the ropes holding me immobile but it was in vain as they nextmoved to my upper thighs dripping yet more of the searing hot wax from myknees to my crotch.”Now for the best part” sneered Kyle as they both held the candles over mystill hard and bound cock. I screamed again as the wax landed on the verytip and ran down it’s entire length, then again as the began coating myhairless balls.Finally the agonizing torture ended. I could only look down at my torso,cock and thighs to see they were now completely covered with the hardeningwax.”Too bad we shaved you, bitch boy. It would have been real fun using this torip your hair out, especially that blonde bush of yours” taunted Kyle.That’s when Stoner stepped forward to the head of the table. When I lookedback up at him all I could see was his hairy balls and rock hard cock justabove my face. He was still holding the riding crop in his right hand. Hestarted tapping the tip on various areas of my wax covered torso, checkingto make sure the wax had hardened.”By the way, little piggy” he said to me. “This is my wax remover” Kyle andBrad began laughing as I now realized what Stoner was about to do to me.Every blow came down hard and he did not let up until every scrap of the waxwas crumpled. He then used the crop to brush away the wax fragments. My cockwas still rock hard and I was forced to lift my ass off the table to keep the cordtied to it from being pulled and suspending me by my own cock.”Next time you suck my cock you’ll do it properly, won’t you pretty boy”asked Stoner.”Yes Sir” was my meek reply.He then had Brad and Kyle release me from the table. He immediately orderedme to get on the floor on my hands and knees. He still had the riding cropbut he was rubbing some sort of lube onto the handle end. He made me crawlto him. When I reached him he ordered me to face away from him, and that’swhen I felt something touching my anal opening. I realized was shoving thehandle end of the crop into my asshole. It wasn’t painful but it wasuncomfortable and humiliating.”Start crawling, puppy dog” Stoner commanded. I obeyed, crawing on all fourswith this crop sticking out of my ass in front of my three naked tormentorsas they laughed and hooted all the way back into the house. They made mewiggle my ass so that my protruding ‘tail’ wagged. I knew I was facing moresexual servitude and by the time we reached the living room my own cock wasbetraying me again. Once inside they made me crawl around the room over andover wiggling my ass to wag the crop like I was a dog.Stoner decided he wasn’t quite ready for me yet and invited Kyle and Brad tohave their fun with me while he watched and waited. Kyle used me first,ordering me to crawl to him. He made me lick his feet and beg for theprivilege of using my mouth on his cock. Permission was granted and he mademe get up into a kneeling position in front of him. The crop was stillsticking out from my ass as I obeyed his command to run my tongue all overhis balls and hard leaking cock before taking him into my mouth andslavishly sucking him to orgasm.”Still call yourself straight do you, doggy?” he smirked, “then how do youexplain that hard cock of yours?”I had no answer. How could I tell them that I was getting off on beingdominated and used by them?I had barely swallowed his cum when Brad grabbed my hair and forced my faceinto his crotch.”Start sucking, doggy” he commanded me. He must have been really turned onbecause he shot his load down my throat in less than a minute.Now it was Stoner’s turn again. He was sitting in a lounge chair, naked,erect. He made me crawl around the room, taunting me about what a cutelittle puppy I was, until I was directly in front of him.”I’m giving you a choice puppy dog” he taunted “up that tight little ass ofyours or in your mouth with my cock”I knew that there was no way I could take that monster thing up the ass, hewould split me in two so I begged him to please let me use my mouth,promising to do better this time. He made me run my tongue up and down it’slength before ordering me to open my mouth. Again, I could barely fit itinto my mouth, but I managed to please him enough to make him cum. This timehe did not pull out and I had to swallow every drop. He even made me thankhim after.I was forced to service each of them again with my tongue and mouth beforethey decided to call it a night.After Stoner left, Brad and Kyle made me crawl to the spare bedroom beforesuddenly yanking out the crop. They tied me to the four corners, face up,telling me they had to make sure I didn’t jerk myself off during thenight, leaving me high and dry and helpless, unable to do anything to relievemyself while thinking about what they had in store for me tomorrow.The end for now

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