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Consoling Comforts…John was sitting on the couch moping over his latest break up when Grandpa walked into the house, “What’s the matter boy? Did you break your favorite video game or something?”“No, my girlfriend just broke up with me because I kept asking her to do something she thought was disgusting.”Grandpa got a slight smile on his face and instantly had an idea what that was as most girls don’t like sucking on a cock let alone swallowing a load or two in the process at least not the good girls. “That’s normal John most good girls don’t like to do that to begin with and asking just turns them off to the relationship let alone sex.”John flopped back deeper into the couch and his shorts were alanya escort no longer hiding his obviously decent sized cock from Grandpa’s eyes who were now staring at it like a piece of pie at a thanksgiving meal. John noticed the look and started to blush as he sat up, “sorry I forgot to wear my underwear today cause I thought she would do it.”“No worries John I’ve seen one before you know, as a matter of fact I know someone who likes to suck and swallow loads from cocks like yours.”John got a possibly interested look thinking Grandpa knew some older woman who loved cock and wouldn’t even question sucking on his cock, so he inquired as to whom that would be. “Who is that Grandpa?”“You escort alanya go up to the barn in the back and wait I will send them to you do you know where the hole is in the back stalls?”“Yes” he replied blushing again.“About an hour or so okay then you will get what you need I promise no questions asked.” And with that, he sent John on his way with no idea who the hot chick was that would be swallowing his cock and taking his big, juicy load down their throat.An hour went by and John was standing in the stall with the hole in it, standing there with his cock hanging out near the hole. He noticed the lights went off except one in the other stall and a mouth near the hole just big enough alanya escort bayan for him to get his cock through so he didn’t notice who was on the other side. In moments, a warm, moist mouth and a long tongue swirling on his entire length as he tried desperately to hold back his load were devouring his cock.As he pulsated in and out of the hole a bit he leaned forward and saw over the side of the stall, there on his knees was Grandpa with a mouthful of John, drool hanging from his chin he looked up and noticed John and began to moan loudly.“Please let me have your load John Grandpa is hungry.” With that, John unloaded in his mouth shooting down his throat so hard Grandpa gagged a bit as he moaned louder with each drop of John’s seed.For hours they played in the barn in and out of the hole it was the first time Grandpa had even taken a cock in his warm ass letting John fuck him with his stiffening cock unloading yet again in him.

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