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Confessions to a Nun

Well sister, I hang around the local convent until the senior girls (18+) turn out. They are all gagging for sexual experience; I approach the dirtiest looking one and entice her into a nearby drinking den of iniquity. Then we head into the garden and dive into the nearest bushes. She is desperate to keep her hymen intact, so I start to rub my cock head on her swollen clitoris and chew her erect nipples. She lays belly down on the ground and rubs her pubes against the earth. These convent tarts wear no knickers, so I simply lift her skirt and start to rub my swollen cock head against her labia from behind. She is now beside herself with lust and shows no resistance as I firmly press my penis into her anus. After some steady pressure I suddenly penetrate her anal sphincter and my stiff male member is buried to the hilt in her Catholic arse. After several dozen thrusts I want to come in her bowels, but mindful of the best porn movies I withdraw until my knob hole is just brushing her wrinkled arsehole. Then I explode as seemingly gallons of spunk drench her arse and cunt. This sight of the cream dripping out of both orifices is inspiring. Then I roughly turn her over and thrust my still semi erect manhood into her mouth. Oblivious to any fecal matter she had transferred from her anal passage to my cock, she starts to suck my dick vigorously. Soon I get hard again and this time come over her face, mouth and nostrils. Two spunk ups is my limit for a short session so I wave her goodbye as she heads for home to start on her Divinity kaçak bahis school work about prostitutes in the Bible.

to johnmdh: johnmdh, I can not believe what I have just read. My heart goes out to that poor poor young woman who you defiled so grievously. I can not begin to imagine what her parents would think of your behaviour. Their poor daughters orifices now ruined. First of all johnmdh, our convent girls are NOT permitted to drink alcohol or engage in sexual deeds with others, I assume you are unaware of this fact. Neither, are they allowed to wear underwear on account of them being unable to keep them dry. (Some girls make an awful mess of their knickers). Second, your language is abhorrent. My abdomen aches reading your sinful words. That innocent c***d of God left all alone, covered in sticky mess. I pray she had paper towels. You show no sign of remorse johnmdh, I think only when you experience a mighty load of semen on your own face, will you begin to understand. I strongly suggest you cover your own image in Gods seed and repent. God bless you.

to SisterMegan: Sorry sister, but please don’t worry about the paper towels and the mess. You see before I left two of her friends came along and started to tongue the thick globules of spunk off her defiled body and suck every trace of semen out of her sexual, oral and defecatory holes. This really turned them on and as I walked away they were enjoying a torrid lesbo threesome orgy, although I expect they were missing an erect male member or artificial horse penis to really quench their lusts!

to JuicyLucy001: perabet JuicyLucy001 I am quite sure these girls were just trying to help a young woman in need. With no paper towels and assuming they did not want sperm on their clothing, they done what any good samaritan would do. Much like sucking venom from a snake bite I would think. One thing does puzzles me though: why would anyone need use of an artificial horse penis?

to SisterMegan: Bless you sister and your unworldly ways. You see the clue comes from your own lips: “our convent girls are NOT permitted to … engage in sexual deeds with others”. I have to tell you that your Catholic whores have taken this prohibition rather literally. So not to put too fine a point on it, they masturbate like fucking buggery in their dormitory beds, this being classed as a solo sexual deed and therefore allowed. The worst offenders are the ones who have no interest in keeping their hymen intact. They started using small ladylike vibrators, and consequently widened their vaginal openings meaning that each successive wanking session was giving the poor sluts less and less pleasure. So they naturally progressed to artificial rubber dog penises, complete with knotting mechanism. Of course with subsequent simulation of dog intercourse and constant efforts to eject the b**sts knot from their slackening front sexual passage, they are now keen to progress to the horse penis as the next level of onanistic perversion and satisfaction. God knows where this will end?

to johnmdh: O Lord, Jesus Christ, Redeemer and Saviour, forgive my perabet giriş sins, just as You forgave Peter’s denial and those who crucified You. Count not my transgressions, but, rather, my tears of repentance. Remember not my iniquities, but, more especially, my sorrow for the offenses I have committed against You. I long to be true to Your Word, and pray that You will love me and come to make Your dwelling place within me. I promise to give You praise and glory in love and in service all the days of my life.

to SisterMegan: Thank you sister, that means so much to us. You see Lucy and I have formed a Holy Duality where we endeavour to seek absolvence from our somewhat excessive sexual dalliances, not to mention outrageous perversions. Which reminds me: as you are in the business, so to speak, do you know of any confessionals staffed by lady priests? You see if I put my erect penis through the hole, I need to be sure that they will be lady lips gobbling my helmet, a female tongue cleaning the smegma from under my foreskin and a bitches throat that will envelop my entire cock as I deliver gallons of nutritious spunk down her throat. I would be truly mortified to discover my holy sexual partner was a shirt lifter. As I am sure you agree sister, that would be truly sinful?

to SisterMegan: Oh Sister, I do hope we haven’t over excited you with our tales of your convent girls debauchery and sexual promiscuity, you see you haven’t been active for a while. Are you perhaps in the holy nuns lavatory right now, rubbing one out on your swollen clitoris as we speak? I do hope you will have time to answer our question on female Catholic glory holes, it is a real shame when you can’t have holy fellatio and be sure it is a whore of the female sex performing the ultimate oral relief act (or blowjob as some people call it)!

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