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ComplimentOne morning my wife was standing in line at the Local Coffee shop and the nice looking black man behind her complimented her and bought her a coffee …. He talked and eventually they went to there work . He had gotten her business card and called and invited her to lunch the next day; she accepted. The next day she dressed in one of her great outfits, a wraparound dress with great heels. She was outstandingly dressed and so so sexy. I complimented her on her outfit and she told me she was going to lunch on a business lunch. She met Brent, her new black friend at the Resturant and she had lunch. He was really a handsome mature man, he and she lingered and walked out together. Brent opened the door to her car and she turned to thank him and he grabbed her and kissed her deeply. Her knees buckled, and she deliriously kissed him back…. He suggested a drink after work and she accepted. She called me and told me she would be late. Brent had an apartment close and they met there….They quickly and passionately kissed and undressed each other. She helped canlı bahis siteleri him and started it kiss all over his body and then she took his beautiful black cock in her mouth and sucked him. He got more and more erect as she sucked him and rubbed his ass, his cock head became more and more engorged as she sucked him to a gagging spurting cumming. He got her up and proceeded to eat her and then drove his now erect cock deep into her sopping pussy. She orgasmed over and over. She came home about an hour later totally relaxed and smiling. She told me all about the experience and I became so excited we made love right there …. It was great!!! Liz did not know that in college I had a male to male relationship for three years. We simply made love to each other a black man and a white man, as we were roommates. It was super, we both were bisexual as we dated and then he found his wife at school and yet we continued to see each other…. Super good sucking we did and he and I were. Versatile with each other…. Well she felt guilty but she really liked tipobet it… So we talked and decided that she would see Brent and we would meet so he could think that I was not aware of his loving my wife…. This went that way for about 6 months and Brent brought his wife over and we had dinner and on occasions we went out together as couples. He and Liz kept there rendezvous up to now about once a week. One night Brent and Liz were out for drink and I walked in the bar, I enter over and proceeded to order a drink and we made small talk. Liz and I then looked at each other and I told Brent that Liz has told me about their affair from the start and I was okay with that and I told him that I would love to join them. Brent immediately got up and asked if we could leave. We all went out and got into his car and went to their apartment. Brent and Liz quickly embraced and Brent asked me to join them in the embraced. I watched as Liz embraced Brent and she fondled his cock. It was a lovely 8+ that was thick and erect; Liz laid him on the bed and started sucking tipobet giriş his cock gently. I was turned on and started to lick her….I pulled her and kissed her and could taste his great cock on her mouth, it was so good. I watched as she went back to his cock and then she kissed up his chest. I took her place as I could suck his wonderful cock now. Brent was surprised as was Liz, but they did not stop kissing each other’s mouth. She mounted and lowered wet pussy over his mouth and he brought her to climax and he began to cum — I swallowed it down, it was so hot and tasty…. I mounted Liz and proceeded to slowly fuck her deeply as Brent got erect agin and then I let him assume a doggie position as Liz climaxed again. I positioned myself under her pussy as Brent trust in and out of her and I got to gently kiss her clit and then he came again and I got to clean up both of them. That was super! Liz and I returned home and she was so excited we fucked all night. She told me that watching me suck Brent was a turn on for her and she asked me why I would do that, I told her of my college fling. She was excited and she and Brent and I have at least a together session once a month. Wow it is great …. I am always now looking for wonderful black men to play with and to have sex with mmmmmm great !!!

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