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Comic OperaComic OperaMy image in the mirror is mocking me at my feeble attempts at trying to do myBow tie up.I have 2 tickets for The theatre, a treat for Halina . We have plenty of time soa visit to a traditional London Pub nearby will shield us from the rain while wewait for the que to die down.I say plenty of time as Halina has spent the last hour locked in the bedroom.All I can hear are zipping and unzipping from behind the door. I gently tap.”How are we doing?””Nearly there” says Halina.The door opens and out she steps looking radiant! She is wearing a long blackelegant Ball dress slit down one leg and cut very very low. There is everypossible danger one of her boobs would fall out if she lent forward and theicing on the cake, long elbow length black Opera Gloves. Wonderful!”Just need to put my shoes on and we can go.”Halina is climbing into a pair of black leather high heel fetishshoes. How she is going to walk in them, I don’t know?”A woman always suffers for her art Darling”…,Disaster!”Halina , calm down its not my fault the tickets are fake!” i said.” I So wanted to go see something classy while i was in England” Halina pouts,close to tears.Lets go in the pub and out of the rain. We can have a drink and i’ll tryfigure out something.One of Halinas “must see” was an “traditional London Pub” so thats what wewill do for the moment . Trouble is, we are not really dressed for it. i look like an English toff andHalina still looks radiant in her stunning dress for the Opera , fit to meet theQueen if it weren’t for her big boobs nearly samsun escort spilling out of here dress!”I’ll have a pint of Carlsberg and what would you like , Halina?” I ask.”Slow comfortable screw by the beach, please!” replies “Great idea ,sweetie!”I’m not sure if she means that statement as the drink or a better situationthat wecould be in or an invitation ! Anyway the drinks come and come.The locals are coming in and I feel a bit uncomfortable. Halina is unfazedmaybe a bit squiffy .Lots of the men are passing us and disappearing behind a curtain offsection at the back . Halina notices.”Where are they going?”Me “They are going to the “Gentleman’s section.””What’s that?” Halina asks.Me: ” Wellll , its where the lap dancers and strippers sort of have theirarea and…”Halina interrupts me , her eyes wide as dinner plates.”What!”I explain that in the more difficult economic times , some pubs have aroom out back where they charge more for the drinks and strippers of variousskills and sizes dance.Here in England, a pint glass is passed around and pound coins or £5 or£10 notes are placed in the pint glass , the stripper takes the money anddances. The more money the better the dance, hopefully. On stage nights, thereare booths where the bridge groom to be, enjoys a private dance but with notouching.” I WANT TO SEE!” slurs HalinaI’m sitting in a cramped booth, not very well lit and a sloshed Halina onmy knee.Its very distracting , having one of her bountiful boots nearly poppingout of her great dress but i can feel the samsun escort bayan heat coming from her ample bum anddare i sat it , wetness from her pussy. I think she is turned on by what isgoing to happen? I am hoping this endsthe best possible way , we shall see.”Get the Private Dancer in !” Halina squeals with glee.Over the loud speaker, some corny music plays and in comes a scantilyclad older woman.She wearing a white corset and the customary white tights and high highheels. she is blonde. slightly over weight but that’s how I like ’em not verytall.She is wearing white long gloves that end over the elbowsShe has massive boobs barely held in by the corset! All a man could wishfor! she comes over to us.”My Lord and Lady, I am going to dance for you but you need to pay medouble if I dance for two.” she askes in an Eastern European accent.That sets off a huge aching erection in my trousers. Can Halina feel orsense this ? I struggle to get my wallet out of the tightening trousers.”let me do it, I want to do it!” pleads Halina. She puts her gloved hand into my pocket and rubs my cock through thematerial or so I image.she pulls out my wallet and takes out a £50 note and folds it in twoand pushes it into the dancer’s cleavage, slowly.All three of us are close together, Halina whispers something into herear .The dancer nods and it happens….The dancer sits on my other knee she puts her face close to my ear andwhispers ,” You are lucky Lord, to have such beautiful woman.”Halina , puts her face close to mine and takes a sniff escort samsun ,”You smelllovely!”From each side , two sets of hands undo my belt and unbutton my zip,andHalina manoeuvres my cock from my pants, it springs up pre cum showing how muchi’m enjoying this!Halina takes some pre cum and starts to lube up her tits that she has hosted outof her tight top, now bulging under her chin. The Gloves she is wearing are nowwet and stringy with pre cum and she puts a long finger on the dancer’s lips andtraces my wetness on her lips.The dancer does the same puts her gloved hand on my cock and rubs my juices onher boobs . With my wetness on them they slowly ease themselves out of thecorset top to also rest under her chin. the dancer traces a line with her fingerup my shaft and swirls it around my cock slit and offers it to Halina to suck!Halina is the first to speak, “let me know how the black and white glovesfeel , its not every day you get a monochrome hand job!” Halina and the Dancerpush me back into the chair so the both have an easier access and bothintertwine their hands on my cock , black glove on the left and black on theright . Both hands stroking up and down my shaft each over’s free hand reachingacross and pulling at the opposite’s ample bosoms.The speed of tugging my cock and the kneading each over’s boobs makeseveryone gasp with both my hands I reach each girls saturated loins and fingereach wet pulsing pussy.Their moans grow louder and louder and I feel the hot cum shoot out mycock and over the four bouncing boobs . Spurt after spurt covers as much as itis humanly possible!halina and the dancer both loudly cum as one , shudder and then rub mywhite spunk over the shiny sweaty boobs , long stings of cum drenching thegloves.Halina speaks , ” I think she deserves another £50!”

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