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Cockold By Sisters Ex Boyfriend PT 1I was told to separate the original story into two parts so here they areIt’s been a while since I wrote a story for you, but things have been a bit hectic for us in out life. Hopefully I will get to write more of our exploits in the future. The story that’s place a few years ago. As always these stories are 100% true. *Warning* this a long story broken up into two parts. Hope you guys enjoy and comments are always welcome!!Part 1 Just a little refresher my wife Kelsey is 5’6″ 112lbs, long reddish brown hair that reaches just above her ass, and her breast size is a 32C. She keeps her body very fit, going to the gym five to six times a week. She’s got a great tight ass from all the squats she does. She also keeps herself completely smooth for her lovers by getting waxed often. I definitely married out of my league. I am 6’2″ 175lbs, short back hair, also very fit I hit the gym 4-5 times a week and train for tough mudder events constantly. However, I am lacking in my manhood area, measuring 5.5″ long and 1.75″ thick on a good day. She can wrap her thumb and pink around it quite easily. She has been dating a guy named Jerry for the past 6 months. Now onto the story.Kelsey and I went on a skiing trip to Vermont and shared a lodge with my sister Lynn and her boyfriend Jake. Lynn ironically met Jake through us, as he was a guy we knew at the sports bar we go to watch football games on Sundays. He was a fun guy, not really Kelsey’s type so I never felt threatened by him when he talked to her. Jake and I got along really well also, and would go see different games on our own frequently. So when I introduced him to Lynn, I had no issue when he asked my if he could take my sister out on a date. That date apparently went very well and they became a couple shortly afterwards. Which brings us to our skiing trip. We rented a cabin for the weekend. It was quaint, a kitchen, livingroom, small eating area, one bathroom and a small hot sauna downstairs, and two bedroom upstairs that were back to back The first day we got there we were pretty tired from driving so we took it easy and laid low. We did some snowmobiling in the afternoon, and went out for dinner. Nothing to crazy. We all turned in early and after Kelsey and I closed our bedroom door, she pulled out a special case that she packed with some of her favorite toys. A vibrator, her big black dildo, a strap-on sheath which I wore to make myself feel bigger when I fucked her, and cock cage. I didn’t thing we’d do anything kinky since my sister was with us but I guess I was wrong.”I hope you don’t mind, but since I won’t be getting any action from Jerry, I figured we could use some of these to pleasure me”Smiling I replied “I don’t mind at all as long as you are quiet these walls seem paper thin””Oh I know, I promise to keep it down, it would be quite awkward if you sister actually heard me cuckolding you” She pointed to the vibrator and dildo, “I think I want to use these tonight.””Thank you baby! Those will be fun”We quickly removed our clothes and jumped into bed. She grabbed my balls and squeezed them very tightly and took the cock cage and unlocked it.”I want you to wear this tonight and tomorrow while we are skiing, If your a good boy tomorrow night I might free and a let you fuck me with your sheath on.””Are you sure you want to do that with the company we will be in?””Yes!! If you want to fuck me at all this weekend you will put this on right now!!”She handed me the cage. I unhappily put it on while watching intently she grabbed the lock and locked it. She put the key on a chain and put the chain around her neck. I then took the vibrator out a gently placed it on her clit. I turned it on low and tried to muffle the buzzing sound with a pillow. Kelsey was slowly getting into it, whispering to me”I loved the way your pee pee looks all caged up! This is so naughty I want to moan loudly but keeping quiet is so much fun. Take the dildo at put it in me the same time pleaseeee”I grabbed the big black dildo and spit on it to lube it up. I set down the vibrator for a second when putting the head of the dildo into Kelsey. That’s when I heard a very low muffled moan. I looked up at Kelsey and she looked down at me with her eyes wide open. “Looks like we aren’t the only ones trying to be quiet.”With a shocked look on my face “I guess so.” “Well don’t stop!! Fuck me with that big thing”I started slowly pushed in in her. I alternating between the vibrator and pushing in the dildo in deep. Roughly 20 mins later she reached down and grabbed a sheet and put it in her mouth so she didn’t make noise as she started to cum. I quickly pulled the dildo out of her and placed my güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri mouth over her pussy tasting her juices explode all over my face.”Oh My God that was good. Hope I didn’t make to much noise. But that made it so hot.””Baby when ever you cum its so sexy” I moved closer to her “I love you so much””I love you too baby” patting my cage “I love how you give me total sexual control””I do to Kelsey!”Kissing me one more time “Listen, I guess they are done too, Jake must not be a long laster either” She giggle”Guess not”She curled into me “Goodnight” and soon we both fell asleep.Then next morning we woke up early. Kelsey put on a long sleeve t-shirt and yoga pants. I put on shorts and a hoodie.”That cage you have on makes you look like you really are packing. Too bad I know the truth, that you have a tiny pee pee.””Nobody here needs to know the truth but us baby” We headed downstairs, Jake was making breakfast and Lynn was in the bathroom getting ready. We made some small talk about how excited we were to hit the slopes. About an hour later we headed out to the mountain. We skied for most of the day checking out the different trails. We stopped for a little while for lunch, and a quick drink. While we were having lunch one of the waiters told us that after 8pm the restaurant becomes a really fun pub with lots of karaoke and dancing. The four of us decided that we would check it out that night.We hit the mountain for a few more hours and around 6pm we decided that we should head back to the cabin to take showers and get ready for the night. When we walked in to the cabin we all striped off our we ski outfitsf down to just our thermals/Under Armor. Lynn was the first one to jump in the shower, Kelsey and I threw on some sweat pants, and Jake stayed in just his Under Armor and we relaxed by the fireplace. Jake suddenly got up.”Do you guys want some drinks?”I replied “Sure, I’ll have a beer””And I’ll have a Vodka, RedBull and Cranberry”Jake disappeared to the kitchen, which gave Kelsey a chance to whisper”Jake looks like he has a nice size package in those pants. Unless you think he’s padding his area like you.” She let out a little giggle.”I don’t know. Are you getting a kick out of comparing me to my sisters boyfriend?””You know I am. I love comparing you to everyone. There are not many men out there as small as you” She gave my cage a little pat and gave out an evil smile.Jake walked back in. Handing us our drinks “One beer for you and one very special VRC for you. I made one for Lynn also, maybe not as strong. She’s a bit of a lightweight” We all laughed.Not much happened at the cabin as we all just wanted to get ready for dinner and drinks at the lodge restaurant. When everyone was ready I called the trolley to take us upto the restaurant. However in that hour Jake and I ended up have 4 beers, and the girls had 2 of their drinks. The waiter wasn’t lying, the restaurant completely changed and was very lively and fun. We got a table, and had dinner while people were taking turns singing Karaoke. Eventually the singing slowed down and the dj came on. As time went on we were all really enjoying ourselves. The drinks were flowing pretty quickly, the girls spend a lot of time dancing by themselves. Every now and then Jake and I would go out and join them. Kelsey really took this t
ime as an advantage of grinding against me to tease me while I was in my cage. When were not dancing Jake and I were have fun laughing, and watching the entertainment. Before we knew it 1am rolled around, snd I suggested that we leave if we want to spend a few hours skiing the next day. Everyone agreed, and I called the trolley to come take us back to our cabin. While in the trolley we were all commenting on what a great day and night we had. When we got back to the cabin, we didn’t take long before we turned into our rooms. No sooner I closed the door, Kelsey pulled me close and started making out with me, She was running her finger tips up and down my back, seductively moving them over my crotch, teasing my cock still in my cage. She moved her kissing to my neck while unzipping my jeans, pulling out my contained cock. Her warm breathe tickled my ear.”You were a good boy today I am going to let you fuck me tonight. But first you have to undress me. When you do you’ll be pleasantly surprised.” With a huge smile I shook my head up and down “Yes Mam!””But first I want you to undress yourself. I want to have a good look at you with in cage”I did as she instructed. I pulled off my shirt, threw it on the floor, and quickly followed by sliding my pants and boxers. Stepping out if them I stood naked in front of my wife. She took güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri her finger a twirled it. I instinctively turned around for her. She gave my ass a hard smack as I turned around. My eyes opened wide hoping that no one else heard that. I returned my attention to Kelsey. I placed my fingers under her sweater and slowly pulled it up over her tight stomach, and as I pulled it over her breast, I quickly noticed she didn’t have a bra on. The more I revealed her perfect breast the more I could see fading bruises from her boyfriend Jerry. I bit my lip as I exposed them and pulled the rest sweater completely over her head and arms. Her neckless with my cage key on it hung perfectly in between her tits. My lips went to her bruises and I gently kissed them, as I started to unbutton her jeans. When I got them lose I knelt before her to pull jeans down. Again to my surprise she wasn’t wearing any panties. At my eye level I could she hadn’t waxed since her last date with Jerry, she had a little stubble going on. She never kept herself smooth for me, Kelsey reserved that right to whatever bf she was with. She stepped out of her jeans and I gave her pussy a little lick. She was already wet. Kelsey took her hands and put them over my ears and pulled me up. She kissed me passionately, stroking my cage. Finally she broke the kiss, took her hands and unclasped the necklace which held my key.”Its time to free the little guy. Lay back on the bed hands under you butt”As I laid back on the bed hands under my butt like instructed eagerly awaiting to be released. She put the key in, unlocked the cage and let it fall to the side of the bed. Almost as if it was time we heard a semi loud moan. Kelsey and I froze staring each other in the eye. Again we hear another moan, which started getting louder.”Your not the only one getting lucky tonight” Kelsey started to stroke my cock, and almost immediately got to my 5.5″ dick hard.”Guess not, but lets not talk about that””Ok lets not talk about it, lets make our own noises” She sat on the bed and slid her pussy over me cock. She let out a soft moan herself. She could feel my cock pulsate, and quickly pulled off preventing me from prematurely cumming. She slide herself over my chest until she was hovering over my mouth. As she lowered her wet pussy on my lips. We heard the wall thump hard. She looked down on me with a wicked smile. The thumping turned into a steady beat followed by heavy moaning from Lynn. Kelsey started grinding my face, as my tongue explored her amazing pussy. Her grinding started to match the thumping from the bed banging against the wall from as Jake fucked my sister. I could see Kelsey closing her eyes imaging it was her getting fucked like that. Kelsey was now not worried about being quiet and was moaning loudly herself, almost in rhythm with them. After 15 mins we could her Lynn having her first orgasm, and the bed stopped banging. This caused Kelsey to pull off my lips and slide back down to my cock. She took my cock and held up, she was so wet, from my lips, and from being turned on that I slipped right in her. She started to ride me moving her hips back and forth. When the banging of the bed next door turned into squeaking. Within a minute or two the squeaking turned into a loud extremely fast paced rhythm. Again Kelsey started to match that rhythm. The pace kept quickly escalated and Kelsey kept up with it. The moaning from next door was super loud now, which Kelsey responded by being loud herself. All of this stimulation was too much for me and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I exploded quickly in her. “NOOOOO! Why so soon?””I was just getting into it. You are so pathetic. UGH”Rolling off me “Go get you sheath and put it over your tiny pee pee”I hopped of the bed and grabbed sheath, I slipped it on and headed back to the bed. I start to aim my sheath to her pussy.”Not yet lick up that mess you made before you use that on me”I quickly dove between her legs and started to lick up my sperm that I deposited in her. Kelsey grabbed my head and was forcing it into her. She started moaning again. We heard Lynn scream having her second orgasm.”Why can’t you do that for me. The only thing you’re good at is eating cum out of me.”Again we heard the bed shift and it started banging against the wall, this time very quickly and very hard. “Enough, fuck me with your sheath””Yes My Love” I pulled off her pussy licking the last bit of cum off my lips. I aimed my fake cock at her pussy. I slowly pushed the head in. I had go slower, because it was so much bigger than my own. She let out a satisfaction moan “Oh Yeahhhh!!” her fingers dug into the bed “That’s güvenilir bahis şirketleri more like it! Fuck me with that big thing!! Fuck me like it was your real cock not that tiny thing you call a penis!”The sheath was nice for me because I could feel the pressure her vagina walls place on a cock that I never really felt on my own cock alone. I started pushing further in and I could feel her pussy adjusting to the size. I could see her head pushing back into the bed as I went deeper and deeper in her. I went in gently at first so she could adjust to the new girth. Finally after a few minutes I got the whole thing in, and had my pelvis pushed flush against hers. “Ohh myy that feels soooo good. Fuck me with that BIG thing” I started picking up pace until I finally was matching the banging from next door. The best part of the sheath was I didn’t have to worry about prematurely cumming. So I started acting like a porn start.”You like the way that feels? Do you like how deep I’m going? Take it all my goddess!””That’s it fuck me, You are so deep. You have never felt this good before”I fucked her in this postion for at least 20 mins, before she flipped over and asked me to fucker her doggy style. I started to get hard in my sheath again. I was in a different state of mind and was pounding her hard. Again I kept at it for at least 20 more minutes.”Oh Myy Godd I’m cummmminggg. Holy shit your are actually getting me to cummmm. Ughhh huhhh yesss yesss yesss OHHHHHHH!” Kelsey for the first time ever came from me fucking her. Even though it wasn’t my real cock, I finally did it. And I came again inside my sheath. Finally catching her breathe”I think we are going to have to use that every time we fuck. I don’t think I ever want to feel your real little pee pee again in me.””Yes My love that felt amazing to me as well”Kelsey put her head on my chest caressing my sheath. “It looks so natural on you, I can get use to you with this on” We slowly passed out.During the night I woke up twice to Lynn and Jake still fucking. It almost seemed like they didn’t stop all night. Finally at 9am I woke up to Kelsey masturbating with
her Big dildo to the sounds of them fucking next door. She looked over to me with her eyes half open.”Lay back I want you to lick my clit as I fuck myself with this monster.”I rolled over and she squatted over me and I watched her slide her dildo in and out of her. I extended my tongue up and reached her extremely wet pussy. She was really getting into moaning and grinding herself down on me. At on point she completely covered my mouth and nose, where I felt myself losing my breathe. Thankfully it was then she approached an orgasm and pull to dildo out of her cumming all over my face. “Wow that was great. You’re so talented with your tongue” “I take pride in my work…”She brought her finger to my mouth.”Listen to those two do you think they will ever stop?”Shrugging my shoulders “I hope so we only have a few hours left here””Come get up, lets get ready for the day, and you can go make breakfast”We got up and went downstairs, and I started making pancakes. Just as I finished and sat down with Kelsey to eat, Lynn and Jake came down looking extremely disheveled. Jake wouldn’t really look at me in the eyes as he ran off to the bathroom. Lynn sat down grabbed some pancakes, and said that they didn’t much sleep last night and wanted to know if we minded if they didn’t going skiing today.”Not at all we were actually thinking of leaving early today ourselves””That’s great. We might just nap the whole way home” Lynn giggledFinally Jake came out of the shower and I volunteered to go next. I jumped up and grabbed my stuff and spent the next fifteen mins cleaning myself off from last night. I came out to Jake watching TV and the two girls missing. After I got changed I joined Jake and asked where they were. He kind Just pointed at the sauna.”They are in there, They said they wanted to relax, Kelsey was sore from skiing and Lynn was sore from last night so they thought the heat would relax their muscles.”Eventually the girls came out, took turns taking showers and Jake and I packed the car and got ready to leave. At one point when Kelsey and I were alone she said she got to talk to Lynn about last night. “It was a little akward but I brought up how it seemed like they didn’t get any sleep last night” Your sister replyed “sorry did we keep you up. I’m so embrassed. but once Jake drinks like he did early that night he can last forever, it’s not often I get that but I couldn’t stop once he started.” “I told her not to feel uncomfortable that I totally understand her needs. She also told me he’s a little above average but really knows how to fuck. I told her she was very lucky to have that” She gave me an evil smile. “I don’t think she got that I was referring that I wasn’t getting that type of pleasure for you””Geez thanks” I hung my head low “Lets get going”We all jumped in the car and headed home, and just like Lynn predicted Jake and her slept the whole way home.

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