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City Of OrgasmIt was just sunset when the lovely Susan Gander entered the resteraunt at the Pelican Key marina gliding through the dining room as if she were a model strutting down a catwalk. The low murmur of voices that was in the air had ceased as she appeared replaced by a thundering silence. Tall and lean with flaming bleach blond hair she was a vision of beauty the likes of which other women only dream of possessing. Her radiant smile as bright as the Sun her pink pouty lips glistened from the last ray of sunlight entering through the window. The world had slowed down as every eye watched the sexy tall blond walking towards her table appearing to move in super slow motion.The men sat motionless at their tables and those standing became statues dotting the room their hearts pounding like a jackhammer in their chests. The women were also mesmerized by Sue’s dazzling beauty too enamored by her themselves to see their husbands drooling as the tall lovely woman past by causing even gay men to get an erection! Suddenly the silence was broken when the busboy walked into a post dropping a tray of glasses to the floor because he was not watching where he was going but leering at Susan Gander.His name is Andy Savage and he has been working here for years and has many times seen this lovely goddess and each time he does he cannot help but grow weak at the knees and flounder about like a fish out of water. Tonight she was looking exceptionally lovely dressed in a sequin purple blouse and tight white miniskirt she looked stunning for a woman in her thirties. She was about to sit at a table with three other gorgeous women moving closer to the little man.On his knees picking up broken glasses he nearly fainted when she walked by because he looked up her skirt and was pleased to see she wasn’t wearing any panties. It was at that moment a loud groan was heard throughout the dining room for everyone saw the little man on the floor and they all knew what he must have seen. The women at the table seemed shocked that he had been so brazen looking up Susan’s skirt but she tossed him a smile as she joined her friends at the table.Andy departed to the kitchen with as many pieces of the glasses as he could get off the carpet and returned with some towels to dab up the water then returned to bussing tables. He could not help but sneak peeks at the table where the four attractive women were sitting. After Susan had ordered her meal one of the women barked, did you see that old man looking up your skirt? Of course he looked I’d be offended if he didn’t look she said loud enough for those at adjoining tables to hear.I want men to look that’s why I dress the way I do. You should be careful he could get ideas and maybe even try to **** you. Andy would never try to do that he’s bilecik escort a shy sweet little man and besides I hold three black belts in three of the martial arts so I’m not worried about Andy Savage or any other man trying to **** me. Do you know he writes sex stories about you Sue one of the other women chirped adding her words of caution to Susan. I did not know that he wrote stories about me how is it that you now this Beth? One of the waitresses told me he sits in the break room writing sex stories on his laptop and they are all the same.The two of you go off somewhere romantic together and it starts out sweet and romantic but always turns into the two of you having wild passionate unbridled sex! There’s not a man in this building that doesn’t fantasize about me that way so why shouldn’t Andy? This remark caused her companions to go silent until they moved on to talking about other things. Sue sat pretending to listen but she started thinking why not let Andy live out one of his stories with her. It’s true he’s in his fifties and she in her thirties but why not give him a shot it would probably be fun.Susan motions to her friends to lean in towards the center of the table and says in a low whisper! I’m going to do it! You’re going to do what Jennifer asks? I’m going to have sex with Andy! You’re going to do what Beth shrieked knocking over her water glass on the table? I’m going to ask Andy to go on a date with me and while we are on our date ask him to make love to me! That’s just crazy he’s a dirty old man who lusts after women he could never get into bed with him except if he paid them for it and I’ll tell you he doesn’t have enough money to get me into bed with him Beth growled! Well I’m not you Sue said sitting straight up again in her chair all four women becoming silent as Andy arrives at the table.I heard a glass fall over at this table so I came to see if I can get you a dry table cloth the little man inquired? Its fine Andy thank you Susan said lightly running her hand up and down his leg and inner thigh. Oh dear lord Beth gasps trying not to be heard as she watched her friend Susan Gander having a mental breakdown at the table. Well if you need anything let me know I’ll be glad to assist you as best I can.Thanks Andy you’re a dear Sue replied batting her eyes at the old man being just as subtle with her flirting as he was when he looked up her skirt. Andy left the table and headed into the kitchen. You’ve lost your mind! You really have gone bonkers the lovely flight attendant howled chastising Susan. OK I know he’s not very good looking and he works here as a busboy but he’s a nice man and he wants to be with me so what’s wrong with us going out having some fun and getting laid?I don’t know about you girls but I’ve been divorced escort bilecik six months now and in that time I’ve only got laid twice Sue announced in a whisper to her friends. Stunned into silence at hearing this shocking revelation coming from their drop dead gorgeous friend the quartet sit quietly eating their meals and speak not another word about Andy Savage.Andy now could not get Sue out of his head since his brief encounter with her in the dining room. He could still feel her hand lightly caressing his leg and inner thigh. It was a very touching moment not to mention very arousing awakening dormant thoughts he tries to keep buried because he knows they are only the foolish musings of an ugly little man. He knows that even if they were the last two people alive she would not be with him. She would kill herself dooming the human race to extinction rather than be intimate with him despite the flirting.So Andy remained in the kitchen for awhile helping the dishwasher do the dishes waiting for Susan and her companions to leave so he could get back to normal and stop thinking about her. That was not going to happen though because he was already beginning to write another erotic story about her in his head. The stories are the only way he can be with women in the ways other men can be with them. If he didn’t write the stories he would most likely go insane from looking on at others getting to live a life he cannot which includes making love to Susan Gander.It was just over an hour after she arrived that Susan and her friends departed the restaurant going their separate ways their night of face to face chatting having ended. Her three friends parted ways with her thinking that Susan is insane for wanting to go on a date with Andy Savage and perhaps end the night together in her bed. Susan was thinking about this as she drove her beamer back to her townhouse that night. She could not get it out of her mind even as she was preparing to go to bed. She poured a glass of wine stripped down naked and lay upon her bed still thinking about Andy who is still bussing tables at the club.I will have pleasant dreams tonight Sue exclaims to herself as she takes a moment to think of what she should do now. Let’s see what you can do Andy she moans reaching down to caress her lovely size C breasts. She runs her hands across both of her firm mounds causing her nipples to become erect and sensitive to the touch. She was wishing that Andy were here doing this so he could also lick and suck her firm nipples.What are these thoughts I am having about that man he is old and ugly as sin. So why am I laying here on my b
ed fantasizing about him as I prepare to masturbate? He has nothing to offer me or my life except being a casual friend so why am I so horny now thinking about bilecik escort bayan him? It’s the stories he writes that until tonight she knew nothing about she knows now why he is in her head. She is lying here imagining what he has written and is now fantasizing he is here doing those things to her.Suddenly she feels a rush of air blowing through her open window the cool breeze feels good flowing across her body which is beginning to get warm to the touch. She slowly moves one of hands down her silky smooth body to that special place between her legs! The time has come for her to act out one of Andy’s erotic stories! She is calling on him now to perform oral and manual stimulation of her vaginal area bringing her to orgasim and in her mind he has already begun making love to her!Reaching under her pillow with her other hand she removes a dildo placing it beside her on the bed! Remaining in this place for at least thirty minutes it is but a bystander at this moment as Sue moves her finger to her butterfly and gently begins stoking her wings. She sighs as she feels the tip of her finger lightly stroking her jewel and rubbing the magic spot above it as she slowly strokes her love crevice. Oh Andy that feels good! Yes stroke me baby! Stroke me the lovely woman moans as she rubs her clit with one finger and screws herself with the other!Sue feels herself getting warm and sultry especially down between her legs. Her slow finger action is beginning to get her wet but not as wet as Andy would get me she thought lying back taking her time to enjoy the magic she is performing with her fingers. The curtains are blowing and the moon shines through the skylight placed conveniently above her bed. She watches herself in three full length mirrors from three different angles enjoying each and every one as she plays with herself in bed!Andy Savage is still at work at the marina but the resteraunt has already closed and he is just doing some end of the night cleaning in the dining room. He is clearing the tables cleaning them and replacing the table cloths. Resetting the tables and running the vacuum cleaner around the room not thinking about anything except getting out of the resteraunt and going home to his one bedroom apartment. He has completely forgotten the incident with Susan but will remember it again once home.Susan is moaning and groaning like a dog in heat as she continues masturbating! Her legs spread wide and knees in the air rubbing her clit feverishly now screwing her tight love canal with a dildo! Oh Andy do it baby the lovely woman moans fantasying that the little man is with her stroking his magic wand in and out of the inner depths of her womanhood! Sue is so consumed by her own desire to become one of the characters in Andy’s stories that she is screaming his name aloud as she rams herself with the dildo! Bouncing up and down wildly on the bed she is rubbing her clit at lighting speed with one hand and pounding the dildo into her depths with the other she is completely out of control!

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