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Cheating on my wifeIt all started about six years into my marriage. My wife started getting intolerable and one of my friends, Akira started looking sexier and sexier. I’m about 6′ and was really fat, so I started getting into shape so Akira would notice me. She was married to an ass of a husband, so it was easy for us to talk and share our battle stories with our spouses. The thing was we hardly talked in person, it was always texting. Before you know it we started texting every second we could, then we started calling bartın escort each other cute names. One day, I asked for her a picture and she sends me one of her naked. I knew what it was going to lead to. After a few months of sexting. We both had a conference to attend for a week long. The best part was that our spouses weren’t going to attend. We had great plans of what we would do together. So the first night were there, she ended up sneaking into my bedroom…the first night!!! We were watching a movie escort bartın but within minutes our clothes were off. We were making out and we were so passionate about it all, like we had never done it in our lives. I thought she had the perfect body, her tits were so big and her nipples so hard. She’s only about 5’3″ and her ass was amazing. As we are making out we start taking each others clothes off. We were not wasting any time. We were both so excited. My dick was so hard and I knew she was starting to bartın escort bayan leak in her panties. As soon as our clothes was off, she opened her legs right away waiting for me to fuck her. I didn’t think twice about it and as I put in my long, hard dick, I felt how warm her pussy was. We got into it right away and fucked her so hard and fast. I loved the expression on her face as she came three times. I wanted to cum inside her, but I knew better. Specially because we were both cheating on our spouses. I pulled out my dick out of her pussy and came all over her stomach. It was the best feeling in the world. We cleaned ourselves and laid there naked and held each other. The best part is that it happened every day for that week, getting better and better.

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