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cbtThe ‘Under Wraps’ project is described in the book ‘So I Like To Get Tied-up … So What!!?’In a letter prior to a Restraint and Physical Endurance workshop, I explain …”This is a Project I’ve been working towards for quite a while. Basic premise is that most ‘bondage’ photos or commercial video footage are of people only recently tied, wrapped or strapped. I’m interested in the subtle variations of body language and the progression of psychological/physical changes which happen when the human body has been restrained for different lengths of time. My plan is to establish a standardised static camera set-up and session format in which suitable volunteers would be roped, strapped or taped and just left to deal with the situation. Once the subject stops being aware of the camera and putting on any sort of performance it could be very interesting raw footage. Not most people’s idea of exciting videos but I’m also interested in developing some new video editing techniques.”ADVERTISEMENTCHALLENGE, ENDURANCE, SURVIVALSerious experiments into the effects of physical restraint for extended periods will take place in New York in May/June this year. Experienced military training personnel will supervise. All candidates must be willing to be tested for physical fitness, general intelligence and ability to deal with rigorous endurance tests which last anything from 2 to 24 hours. All sessions will be video taped and results may be published. No pay but an opportunity to explore your real potential.No sexual activity. Sexual orientation immaterial. If you are in good health, physically fit, between 21 and 40 years old and would be available to participate, for further information send self-addressed stamped envelope to … ?INITIAL REPLYThank applicantGive details of organisers qualificationsOutline objectives and structure of testsDetail examples of different types of restraint situations and testsStipulateLegally binding contract/agreement must be signedInduction interview to be videoedPermission essential to allow publication of still picture and videoed resultsFully explain surrender of right to opt out after mutually agreed limits have been set and acceptedQUESTIONNAIREPart OneDetailed questioning of:-Current health status and physical fitness.Education and previous work experience.Special skills.Hobbies / sportsSexual orientation.Explore subject’s general attitude to proposed güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri tests, SM, machismo.Part TwoIf seemingly appropriate as volunteer:-Make list which covers all possible psychological or physical no-go areas including allergies, inability to accept upside-down suspension (for example). Also list possible acceptable exclusions including no sexual, genital or anal interference. Include other possible questionable topics such as do they wear glasses, smoke, drink, use recreational d**gs.INDUCTION INTERVIEW – camera scriptVOLUNTEER WHO HAS PREVIOUSLY BEEN INTERVIEWED, BRIEFED ON PROPOSED ‘ENDURANCE’ EXPERIMENT AND HAS COMPLETED AND SIGNED AN EXTENSIVE QUESTIONNAIRE AGREEMENT TO PARTICIPATE; HAS ALSO AGREED TO REPEAT HIS AGREEMENT ON VIDEO.CAMERA ON TRIPOD IS PLACED BEFORE A METAL CHAIR WHICH IS AGAINST BLANK WALL.VOLUNTEER WALKS INTO SHOT BEHIND CHAIR. HE MAY BE WEARING KHAKI COVERALLS, ARMY FATIGUES OR HIS OWN CLOTHES? HE CARRIES IDENTIFICATION BOARD.VOICE FROM OUT OF SHOT BEHIND CAMERA SPEAKS.Face Front. Hold identification board across your chest.HE DOES SO.IT READS “Long-term Physical restraint experiment” AND A THREE-FIGURE NUMBER. A CAMERA FLASH IS SEEN.HE DOES SO.Face profileANOTHER CAMERA FLASH.Sit in the chair.VOLUNTEER HANDS BOARD TO SOMEONE OFF-CAMERA AND SITS.CAMERA SHOT NARROWS TO FRAME HIM CROTCH TO TOP OF HEAD AND REMAINS STATIC FOR THE WHOLE INTERVIEW.During this interview each question requires from you a definite response. This response must be verbal – not nods. You will answer each question with “Yes” or “Affirmative” if this is your wish. If you disagree or wish to qualify your reply you are free to do so. Do you confirm that this is so?*** INDICATES that a response is REQUIRED from the volunteer at this point.SEQUENCE OF QUESTIONS PROCEEDS AS WRITTEN UNLESS ANY RESPONSE IS NEGATIVE OR TOO HESITANT.***State your name***Age***You have signed a written agreement to willingly undergo a long-term physical restraint and endurance test?***You have been given assurances that your physical and mental health will be safeguarded – but the tests will be intense, uncomfortable and maybe painful?***You are at liberty to back out at any point up until the end of this video interview. Correct?***You agree that after a given point, having confirmed that you agree to the parameters of the proposed test, you will relinquish mobilbahis all rights to opt out.***Your participation will continue by force if necessary, once you have agreed to the general parameters of the physical restraint endurance test and confirmed your willingness to enter into this agreement. Confirm.***If the specifics of your written and videoed agreements are adhered to by me and my assistants you confirm that you are willing to accept and endure all and any physical restraint, immobilization, incarceration however uncomfortable, stressful, intense this may become?***You accept that these experiments may last anything from two to twenty-four hours?***You accept that you may physically be prevented from resisting, questioning, or at times even communicating with the coordinators of the experiment once it has commenced?***You confirm that you have stated and signed that you are in good health?***You have, as far as you are aware, no respiratory, heart or circulatory weaknesses?***You agree that, subject to specified exclusions you will accept and endure all and every physical restraint position and situation which we deem necessary to this experiment?***This is your final opportunity to specify and confirm any limitations or exclusions. Feel free at this point to stipulate any prohibition or exclusions. You are also at liberty to ask any questions at this point.***DURING THE NEXT SEQUENCE THE VOLUNTEER IS ENCOURAGED TO LIST VERBALLY ANY PREVIOUSLY STIPULATED EXCLUSIONS. HE IS ALSO PROMPTED TO ASK ANY QUESTIONS OR CLARIFY POINTS PREVIOUSLY AGREED.INTERVIEWER MUST AT THIS POINT INTRODUCE ANY PREVIOUSLY WRITTEN EXCLUSIONS NOT VERBALLY RESTATED BY THE SUBJECT.In your written agreement you have confirmed that beating, striking, physical and verbal abuse will not be included in the experiment: not because you stipulated it, but because the objective is survival of the effects of restraint, immobilization and isolation. Correct?***You also agreed that it shall be our objective to test your limits by bringing you to a point when you would, if permitted, terminate the experiment. Yes?***You have agreed that if such point is reached you wish NOT to be allowed to terminate the experiment. Yes?***This agreement to allow us to explore your limits and continue with the experiment by force if necessary is willingly accepted?***Final clarifications. (DEPENDING mobilbahis giriş ON SPECIFIED EXCLUSIONS) You agree to be restrained by any means, with any materials in any position we deem appropriate and not injurious to your health?***You agree that we and only we shall decide if any situation or position for whatever duration is too demanding for you to endure?***You agree specifically to being gagged if and when necessary?***You agree to be blindfolded, hooded or otherwise isolated as we see fit?***You accept that air supply may occasionally be limited but not beyond a safe and professionally controlled level?***You will cooperate in the initial stages in terms of entering the experiment clothed or unclothed?***There will be NO specifically sexual activity but genital restraint or encasement may be part of the total physical control situation?***(UNLESS OTHERWISE PREVIOUSLY SPECIFIED!!) You specifically accept that there may also be non-sexual anal or oral plugging as part of the total physical control. This has not been excluded?***(UNLESS OTHERWISE PREVIOUSLY SPECIFIED!!) There may be liquid i
nput orally or anally. You agree that this has not been excluded?***Finally you confirm here that your written agreement and this video were undertaken willingly and without duress?***Confirm again.***You are now ready to being a period of confinement, physical restraint for an undetermined period lasting from two to twenty-four hours as I and other investigators decide?***Once more you confirm that, from this point on, you agree to surrender your right to terminate the experiment, and you agree that we shall be free to continue as we deem fit, if necessary by force.***Repeat***Apply initial restraints.CAMERA STAYS STEADY ON WAIST-TO-TOP OF HEAD shot AS HIS HANDS ARE STRAPPED BEHIND BY AN UNIDENTIFIED FIGURE BEHIND THE CHAIR. This assistant WEARS ARMY FATIGUES OR SIMILAR; his face remains out of shot.CAMERA WATCHES THE VICTIM STEADILY AS HIS LEGS ARE STRAPPED TO THE CHAIR (OUT OF SHOT).***NEXT A SOLID LEATHER STRAP FIXES HIS CHEST AND ARMS TO THE CHAIR.***THE FIGURE BEHIND THE CHAIR PRODUCES A ROLL OF DUCT TAPE AND UNWINDS A STRIP NOISILY, READY FOR THE NEXT MOVE.Confirm that you willingly surrender your right to opt out from this point on or communicate further. Last chance?IF “YES”.Mouth open.TAPE IS PLACED ACROSS THE OPEN MOUTH AND THEN WOUND TO COVER WHOLE OF LOWER FACE.You are still free to change your mind if you wish. No worse will be thought of you as a man. If you wish to be released blink once. If you wish the experiment to continue blink twice.IF TWO BLINKS.Re-confirm.IF TWO BLINKS.We have affirmation. Proceed with experiment.END OF SCRIPT

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