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Caught in pantiesIt was Saturday and I needed to go into the city to get some new clothes. As I opened my underwear drawer a flash of pink grabbed my attention from the back. Ah my stash….. You see after my last girlfriend dumped me, she had left some of her underwear behind. At first I was going to throw them away, but for some reason I kept them. She was a size 8 and I knew from trying these things on before when we were together for giggles they would fit me. I rummaged around and pulled out a pair of pink satin panties (you can see a pic in my underwear album). As I looked at them I remembered how good she looked in them, and how good they felt when I had used them to jerk off with a few times. That was it, I slid them on. My cock was semi erect by this point and I knew they were never going to contain me like this, so I pulled it to one side, rubbing the soft material against my shaft….. mmmm that felt good! I pulled on my jeans and T-shirt and decided to head out shopping, feeling very naughty, but what was the harm? Nobody knew!I walked into town, feeling the satin rub against me felt so kinky, I knew this was a bit weird… But I didn’t care, I wasn’t hurting anyone!As I arrived at my favourite clothes store I headed up the stairs to the men’s department, via the lingerie section. There were some really sexy things hanging up and a mannequin was dressed in stockings, suspenders and a gorgeous black bra and thong set… I wondered what I would look like if I were that mannequin… A girl who was browsing looked at me as I was grinning to myself and gave me a dirty look so I quickly walked on, feeling all of a sudden like I was doing something bad. It was too late batman escort though, I was in the store and I couldn’t change the fact I was wearing panties now!I browsed for a while, then a young sales assistant came over, she must have been around 22 with long blonde hair, green eyes, and I would say she was about 5’ 5, size 12 with nice C cup breasts. She wore black leggings with a tight t-shirt and Converse Hi Tops and looked mighty cute in them too! My cock twitched in my underwear as she said ‘can I help you with something?’ I resisted the urge to tell her I had something that needed attention and instead explained I was just looking for some new clothes as I was single and hoping to find a date soon. She smiled and picked a few things out, ‘I think you would look really cute in this shirt and trousers’ she said, smiling and confident. I liked them too and asked if I could try them on. ‘Sure thing, just over here’ she said and pointed to the changing room. She escorted me over and showed me into a fitting room, they were all empty so we went to the end. I thanked her for her help and she closed the curtain behind me. I stripped down to my panties and stood there looking at myself in all the mirrors… my cock was still semi erect and there was a small damp patch of precum now appearing. All of a sudden I heard the curtain open a bit and an arm came round with a shirt. ‘Hey I thought you’d look really nice in this too’ said the girl handing me a t-shirt. ‘Thanks’ I replied, taking the hanger from her, she started walking away then stopped and looked through the gap. Her eyes locked onto my body, then my eyes…. She looked annoyed. Damn, that’s the second dirty look escort batman I’ve had in this store I thought, this is the last time I wear panties….! I blushed and tried to cover myself up with the shirt but she continued staring, then walked towards me, into the changing room and closed the curtain behind her. ‘So what, you’re a little pervert are you?’ she said in a strict tone… ‘Err’ was all I could muster. ‘Fucking dirty little sissy boy’ she whispered into my ear. Then all of a sudden I felt her hand rubbing against my panty covered cock. ‘I love a guy in panties’ she moaned, ’it’s a kink of mine, but none of my boyfriends were into it, they thought it made them gay’. ‘Not you though huh?’ ‘You’re open-minded… I bet you’ve even eaten your own cum huh?’ I just nodded, still in shock.By now my cock was so hard I thought it was going to burst through the material! She spun me around so I was facing the mirror, stood behind me and pulled my cock out. ‘Mmmm fuck yeah, you’re a big boy too’ she said wanking me slowly, precum pouring out and hitting the floor. ‘Got to make this quick, my boss will be looking for me’ she said.Her hand caressed my shaft slowly, rubbing precum from my head and making my whole cock wet, oh it felt so good, her other hand crept round and squeezed my balls…. I was in heaven!She started picking up the pace; the squelching noises of a now very wet cock were all you could hear over the store music. She concentrated on the head and continued juggling my now tight ball sack; I knew I wasn’t going to last long.She whispered in my ear ‘cum for me, blow that hot load you kinky little bitch’ and licked my ear and kissed my neck. That was it, batman escort bayan I love my neck kissed and that sent me over the edge. I began spurting thick hot ropes of cum straight out and at some force, hitting the mirror with the first 4 shots before slowing down and letting the rest dribble onto her hand. She milked the last few drops and offered her fingers to my mouth which I duly licked clean. ‘Good boy’ she said kissing me on the lips gently. ‘Hmm you taste good, no wonder you ate in all up’. She gave my ass a squeeze and walked out.I looked at the mirror, covered in my cum, panties now around my ankles and wondered, what the hell just happened!? I pulled up the panties and put my clothes back on, not even trying the new stuff on I bundled it all up and headed back to the shop floor leaving behind a cum covered fitting room!I made my way to the cash desk and met the same girl; she didn’t say a word and acted like nothing had happened. I paid and she handed me my receipt. Oh I left something in the changing room I said, ‘no problem, I’ll sort that out for you’ she smiled. ‘Have a great day!’ With that she walked away, wiggling her cute ass as she went.Slightly confused I left the store and went to a coffee shop, I needed a drink after that! As I sat and drank my tea I looked though the bag at what I had bought and casually read the receipt. You were served my Emily, it said. Hmmm well at least know her name I thought! As I turned it over though I saw a hand written note….Meet me tomorrow after work, 5pm outside the store… wear the clothes you just bought and the ‘free gifts’ I put on the bottom of the bag! You’re my boy now! Love Emily xI grabbed the bag again and noticed a smaller bag at the bottom. I looked inside and found black stockings, a suspender belt and a lacy black thong. The same items that had been on the mannequin! I grinned, well that’s my first date sorted I laughed to myself!

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