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For a change, I am awake early. You look so peaceful asleep that I don’t want to disturb you. I quickly dress in a strappy top and short skirt. As it is the start of what looks to be a lovely day I decide to nip out and pick up a few bits for the picnic we have planned later.

I return and let myself in quietly. The house is quiet so I presume you are still sleeping. I open the bedroom door slowly. I look at you and you are half under the bed covers. Your eyes are shut and your head is turned away from me towards the window, although I can see that you are looking a little hot. The duvet is pulled up to your middle and I can see your chest and stomach. I take in all this in seconds. My eyes travel further down your body and suddenly I see movement under the covers. I realise instantly that you are touching yourself…and I am incapable of moving.

You moan slightly and the noise reminds me to breathe. I watch as you raise your knees slightly and push the duvet down. My eyes rush to your face to see if you have noticed me standing there. Your eyes are still shut and your breathing has become harsher. I quickly look back down and my eyes go straight to your cock. It looks thick and shiny and you are gripping it just under the head with your right hand. Your left hand is by your hip, gripping the sheet under you. I can see pre cum dribbling down the head of your cock and my tongue automatically licks my lips. You expertly catch the pre cum with your thumb and smear it down over the head of your cock and just underneath. You continue to stroke yourself and your movements are becoming harder.

I still haven’t moved and my mouth feels very dry. My heart is canlı bahis thudding in my chest and I know my nipples are visible through my top…they feel so hard. You then start to lift your ass up slightly from the bed on each downward stroke on your cock. You bring your knees up higher and start to push upwards, your ass now clearing the bed. You are bucking up on each thrust and wanking your cock so hard. I am totally transfixed; I have never seen anything quite so erotic. I feel my pussy spasm and flood. Seeing you wank like this has made me so wet.

The head of your cock is dripping more and more. I want it…I want to taste it. In a low soft voice I whisper your name… Your head snaps round to see me standing in the doorway. You look so surprised to see me and I can tell you are not sure what my reaction will be. I walk to the bed and climb onto it. I move towards you and swing my leg over so that I am straddling you on my knees. I lower myself down so that I am lying on top of you. You start to say “I’m sorry…” I put a finger on your lips to stop you, and say that watching you without you knowing was so exciting. I say that you have made me very wet and I shift position slightly so that your still hard cock is pressing against my pussy. I can see from your reaction that you can tell how wet I am even through my g-string.

This is too much for either of us and as I lower my mouth over yours, you push up, thrusting your long tongue into my mouth. I suck on it and start to moan as you push your hands through my hair and bring me even closer to you. We kiss for several minutes, gently at first, then increasing in urgency, our tongues darting in each others bahis siteleri mouths, taking turns to suck on each other.

Your hands had moved from my hair and had been running up and down my back. You pull my top up and over my head, discarding it on the floor. My nipples ache and you can feel them through my bra grazing your chest. You undo my bra and push the straps off my shoulders, raising my chest slightly. As you remove the cups, my heavy breasts spill onto your chest. They feel so warm against your cool skin and you groan. Your hands reach round to the front and you cup each breast in turn, your thumbs slowly circling around the outside of my nipples, working their way inwards. Suddenly you pinch each nipple at the same time. This makes me shudder and I can’t help grinding myself against your cock. You lower one breast to your mouth and lick my nipple in a long drawn out stroke. You then suck it into your mouth and flick it with the hard tip of your tongue. Then you bite down hard and watch me as I shake and grab your upper arms for support.

Giving one last bite you push me so that I am sat up. You lift up my skirt and we can both see your hard cock with my pussy partially over it. I shift back slightly and you grab your cock, holding it so it is upright. I unzip my skirt and pull it off over my head, jostling my breasts. Your cock is slick with my juices and you start to wank it, squeezing under the head and stroking up and down. I am watching you and my hand goes to my pussy. I push my g-string to one side and run a finger along the inside of my lips. The wetness excites me more. I take my finger and run it over the head of your cock, mixing your pre bahis şirketleri cum with my juices, and then rub this over my clit. You are watching me as you stroke yourself.

I want to feel you inside me…. You grab my ass and pull me to you. I raise myself up and over your cock. Slowly I start to lower myself onto you, both of us gasping at the heat and moistness. We are both still for a few seconds, then you grab my hips and pull me down as you thrust up to meet me. I lean back slightly and my hands go to my breasts. I hold them in my hands, squeezing the full flesh, then my fingers moving to my nipples to squeeze really hard.

I lower my right hand down and start to rub my clit. I am pushing down onto your cock and you are fucking upwards to meet me. I get so close but I don’t want to come yet.

I lift myself off you and place your hand onto your wet cock, moving my hand over yours, controlling your speed. I want to watch you finish off what I saw you start… You continue to stroke your cock and with your other hand you thrust two fingers inside my cunt, curling them upwards and hitting my g spot. I can’t help myself and start to rub my clit again.

We are both moaning, our breathing becoming hoarser. I can feel you start to buck up under me and know that you are close to coming. My thighs start to shake and my moans are getting louder and rising in pitch. You know that this is a sign that I am going to cum and it sets you off. You groan louder and your legs stiffen. I look down and see your cock twitch and a thick rope of cum shoots out. It lands on my stomach and starts to dribble down to my pussy. I run my fingers through it and rub your cum into my clit. I scream that I am coming and you push your fingers further into me.

I collapse onto the bed beside you and you put your arms around me. You hold and kiss me, stroking my hair, until my shakes subside…

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