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I’ve written a lot of stories about a variety of fantasies and things I wish had happened. Every now-and-then something actually does happen that seems to come out of nowhere. The incident in this tale is true, though embellished a little for better reading.

The story is short and quick, just like the actual event. Sometimes the memory of brief encounters can be even more erotic.


I needed this vacation in the worst way. Work was bringing me down, and stress seemed to build deeper every day. My wife and I have had a time-share in Mexico for several years, and enjoy our annual pilgrimage for sun and relaxation. It’s a two bedroom unit, so we invited another couple to share in the easy time at the resort. There was no real agenda, and none of us felt the need to entertain the others. If something sounded good, we may all go, or not.

As everyone else sat on the beach and enjoyed the surf and sand, I decided to use the gym and burn-off the added calories of vacation food. As usual, I struck a casual conversation with the guy on the treadmill next to me. We chatted about the weather, how long we’d been members, and other mundane topics. I finished my run, and left the other gentleman to do his thing. The resort had a spa facility in the same building, so I grabbed a quick rinse and decided to relax in the hot tub. The men’s and women’s areas were separate, so it was no big deal to use the sauna, steam room, or hot tub in the nude. Some guys are a bit more modest, so some wear swim-trunks. I was enjoying the warm water and piped-in soothing music, when my treadmill buddy came into the area.

“Hey man…seems like early October is the time to be here…hardly anybody around.” He said, noticing only myself and one other guy in the large hot tub. “Seems like the women’s area is always busy…but us guys never have to worry about crowds.”

I gave a friendly wave, and thought to myself that he was right. It seemed strange that more men didn’t take advantage of the spa area…it was truly first-class. “I certainly won’t complain. It’s nice to have this refuge from my wife and friends, at least for a little while.”

“I hear you. I’m with my wife and two daughters. I love them to death…but even an hour away can be relaxing.” He said with a chuckle.

The man dropped his towel onto a nearby chaise and walked toward the hot tub. About ten years older than me, likely in his early fifties, he still had a great physique and obviously took care of himself. The salt-and-pepper hair and grey patches on his neatly trimmed chest gave him a dignified look. I gave quick notice to his crotch as he entered the water and thought to myself “I hope I look that good at his age. He must be a shower and not a grower”, and grinned in response to my lurid thoughts.

“The name’s Neil, by the way.” He said, reaching out a hand as he sat across from in the bubbling water.

“I’m Mark…it’s nice to meet you.” I replied while shaking his hand and noticing his firm grip. As we talked about nothing in particular, it was clear he had a very strong personality. He’s the type of guy who borders on arrogant, but has the cool confidence to pull it off without being a jerk.

After about five minutes, I knew I needed to get back to my wife and friends, so I said my farewells and left the hot-tub. It could have been my imagination, but Neil seemed stare at me longer than the usual “quick glance, then turn away” that most men do in locker rooms and public showers. I really didn’t care, and thought nothing more of it while getting dressed and leaving.


I skipped a day of workout, so two days later I was back at the gym and spa facility. After finishing my usual routine, I decided to try the steam room in the spa. When I walked into the warm fog of the room, I saw Neil sitting there. He was nude, sitting on a towel, and leaning back against the wall behind him. Keeping my towel around my waist, I sat down on the tiled bench against the adjacent wall. Two other men were there when I arrived, but left after a few minutes. casino oyna Neil then stood up and began doing stretching exercises.

“I like to take advantage of the warm moist air…seems to ease the muscles a bit.” He said while bending down to touch his toes.

“Yeah…I’ve done that too…especially after long runs.” I said, standing up after he sat back down, and leaving my towel on the bench. “Sounds like a good suggestion after all that walking around town yesterday.”

We traded idle chit-chat in the dense steam, and I found myself admiring his well-toned body. Men sometimes catch my attention, and I’m not opposed to some fun with the right guy, but it’s mostly the stuff of fantasies. Generally, older guys aren’t my type, but Neil had a look and attitude that seemed appealing. His cock was about five inches flaccid, and hung down over his loose balls in the hot, humid air. Occasionally, I spied him tugging at his dick and scratching his balls, providing entertainment to my illicit voyeurism. I was starting to run-out of things to talk about, so I decided to leave before it seemed like I was hanging around too long.

“Maybe I’ll catch you later, man.” I said, reaching to shake his hand. “Only two more days left for me to take advantage of all this before heading home.”

“Same for me…can’t say I’m looking forward to the mountain of work that awaits me. But all good things have to end, I suppose.”

I left the steam room satisfied with being able to take another long look at an above-average mature man. While I’ve had a few encounters with men, separated by long dry-spells in-between, I still mainly enjoy just being able to appreciate the male form. Sometimes it can be just as attractive and sensual as the most beautiful woman.


On the last full day at the resort, my wife and friends decided to go shopping in Cancun, while I just wanted to sit on the beach and stare at the waves. After a few hours, one last visit to the spa seemed like a good idea. Since many of the guests were preparing to leave the next day, it was even less occupied than it had been during the past week. I had the place mainly to myself for over an hour before I returned to the lockers. I was placing my clothes on the bench when Neil arrived. He had just finished his usual workout and planned to take a shower. We talked briefly before I headed out to grab a drink at the pool bar.

Maybe a half-hour later, Neil walked by the outdoor bar and waved after recognizing me. The thought crossed my mind that this was the first time I had ever seen him fully clothed. “Hey man, it wasn’t the same not having someone there to talk to.” He said, slapping me on the back. “I’ve got a bottle of premium tequila at the suite that’s been opened, and I sure as hell don’t want to pack it. How about skipping the pricey drinks here, and helping me get rid of it?”

“That’s a tempting offer, but I don’t want to interfere with the chaos of your wife and girls trying to get things together.” I said with an easy laugh.

“Oh, hell…they won’t be back for another three hours, at least. They went on that long-ass trip to see the Mayan pyramids. I’d been a few years ago, so I sent them on their own. The “alone time” has been nice.” Neil said with a wide smile.

“Well…sure…I’d kind of like to see your building anyway. This place tried hard to sell me an upgrade, but I couldn’t imagine it being that much nicer than what I have already.”

Once we arrived, Neil gave me a quick tour of their suite. It was very much like my own, but a bit larger and with nicer furnishings. It shared one feature that I never really understood…we both had a small, shallow pool on the balcony. About the size of a large soaking tub, and maybe three feet deep…it seemed silly with a huge pool only steps away at the beach.

“Have you ever actually used that thing?” I asked, pointing to the small plunge-pool.

“Once…when my wife and I were here alone. We thought it would be romantic to drink wine and look out at the moonlit ocean. It was cool until the bats came out, and then my wife had enough canlı casino of that.” Neil said, laughing heartily.

I stood on the balcony and looked out into mostly jungle, with a small glimpse of the ocean to one side. Neil went inside to grab the tequila and some lime wedges. Returning a few minutes later, he placed the bottle and limes on a small table next to the useless pool. Handing me a shot-glass, we toasted a well-deserved vacation.

“This is probably the warmest day we’ve had all week. I say we make use of this dumbass pool while we have it.” Neil said, peeling-off his clothes and stepping into the water. “Almost like sitting in bath water…come on in.”

I turned around to see his nude frame resting in the water. It seemed like a good idea…it was definitely warm and humid…but having his daughters come home seemed like a disaster in the making. “It’s certainly a hot one…but I’m not anxious to traumatize your family.”

Neil just grinned and shrugged his shoulders. “Your choice man, but like I said…they won’t be back for another three hours, minimum. I just didn’t want to get anything wet that I have pack later tonight.”

Downing another shot of tequila, the idea seemed more appealing. I hesitated, but eventually joined Neil in the tepid water. We sat across from each other, chatting about how lousy we were at golf. Eventually, the water starting wrinkling my fingertips and I needed to get out for a while.

“I’m starting to prune-up…better dry-out for a minute.” I said, pulling myself out of the water and sitting on the edge of the pool. My legs still dangled in the water as I leaned-back on my elbows and allowed the sun to shine across my face and chest. My eyes were closed as I heard Neil move through the pool and pour another drink into his glass.

“We’ve almost managed to empty this bottle.” I heard Neil say as I opened my eyes and saw him standing in front of me with refilled shot-glasses in his hands.

I took the glass and quickly downed the liquor as I noticed that my friend had to be at least half-hard. I tried not to fixate on it, and looked over my shoulder at a bird that had just flown past.

“I think I’m pretty good at reading people.” Neil said calmly, still standing in front of me, with the water just above his knees. “I don’t think you’ll freak-out too much if I say that I want to jerk-you-off and watch you cum.”

I was stunned. While nowhere near drunk, I did have a comfortable buzz going, and perhaps that dulled my reaction, but I truly found myself with nothing to say. “Uh…um…what?!” I stammered while noticing that Neil’s cock had begun to swell.

“Nothing heavier than that, I swear.” Neil said, extending an arm and tracing a finger down my flaccid prick. “It’s probably been almost twenty years…would hate to lose a chance…” he mumbled, with his voice trailing-off as my dick twitched in response.

“I…uh…shit, man…I” my words hung in my throat as Neil grabbed my knees and spread them apart. Stepping between my open legs, I suddenly felt more vulnerable than I wanted to, and gasped for air when his cock slid against mine. My dick reacted almost immediately, and shot to full hardness within seconds.

Neil just kept staring at my growing tool as he grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to the edge of the pool. His balls pressed against my sack as he encircled both our cocks with a firm grip. It had probably been around eight years since I last had any man-to-man fun, and the heat from his turgid member felt terrific.

“Nice one…a really nice one.” Neil mumbled while taking a finger to his leaking piss-slit and spreading his pre-cum over the head of my cock. He sent a trail of spit to land on our mashed-together members and slowly stroked both of us.

Still leaning-back on my elbows, I took a deep breath and closed my eyes as Neil skillfully work my aching tool. He alternated between stroking our pricks separately, and then together, while gently massaging the space between my balls and ass with his free hand. Like most men would understand, he could sense my building arousal and kaçak casino then allow the tension to subside, keeping me on the edge many times. After several minutes of this torture, I sensed he enjoyed bringing me close to release…only to deny it again and again. By now, his own cock was leaking profusely and provided more than enough slick lubrication for this one-sided game.

“Oh shit man, come on…let me shoot already!” I nearly pleaded while bucking my hips to fuck his firm grip.

Neil just grinned and returned his own throbbing tool in place against mine. My balls started to tighten for what felt like the tenth time and I began thrusting my hips in rhythm to his slippery strokes.

“Come on…let me see it…let’s see that hot prick shoot a heavy load.” Neil grunted while tightening his grip.

“Ooohhh…fffuuuccckkkk!” I groaned loudly, shooting at least four heavy ropes of thick cum across my own chest. Neil briefly covered my mouth, realizing that anyone on nearby balconies may be able to hear me. His other hand continued to milk me dry and teased my oversensitive and deflating tool.

“Hot…so fucking hot” Neil said hoarsely as he tried to back away.

I was still trying to catch my breath, but there was no way I was going to be a passive recipient in this whole thing. Wrapping my legs around his thighs, I prevented Neil from retreating. “Huh-uh…this isn’t over yet. I get to see it too.” I said, collecting the cum from my chest with one hand and then reaching out to grip Neil’s intensely-hard cock.

The combination of cum and spit made a distinctive, sloppy sound as I rapidly stroked his thick tool. My knuckles brushed against my own softened prick as I worked to bring Neil to a much-needed release. His balls slid against my cum-soaked sack as they began to pull-up and hug tightly around the base of his cock.

“Fuck…that’s it…damn…” Neil mumbled between quick breaths.

Having spent the last several minutes leaning back against my elbows, my arm was tiring quickly…but I was determined to complete my mission. Neil’s dick throbbed and the spongy helmet flared even wider. I could feel the force of his ejaculation against my fingertips as it traveled up the shaft and spewed out his piss-slit. While grunting, groaning, and struggling to stifle his own moans, Neil covered my chest and neck with several rounds of hot, white cream. After the fifth heavy load, I was wondering if he’d ever stop. I can’t remember seeing anybody cum like that…not even in porn.

Beads of sweat had formed on Neil’s chest and forehead as his breathing returned to normal. I continued gently teasing and stroking his softening cock, bringing our two pricks back together and milking the last of his load.

“Shit man…I’d say you really needed that.” I said, looking down at my cum-covered chest.

“It has been a while. My wife is great, but hasn’t been in the mood lately…and she had this weird aversion to sex in hotel rooms.” Neil replied with a wide grin. “Thanks for the helping-hand. I’m glad I didn’t fuck-up in deciding to go for it.”

“No big deal, man. We both feel better…doesn’t mean any more than that.” I answered while stepping out of the small pool.

“Let’s get you cleaned-up and out of here before my girls get back.” Neil said before gathering our glasses and heading inside.

We both took a quick shower, behaving as though we were just two dudes rinsing-off at the gym. We shared some relaxed banter about the hell of getting through airports, but neither of us made any further advances. It truly felt like we were just good friends who understood the needs of men without going overboard.

After getting dressed and heading for the door, I almost wished we had done something sooner. “I come here about the same time every year. Maybe we’ll cross paths again.” I said, shaking Neil’s hand.

“It’s the same for us. You never know…if we keep the same workout schedule…it could happen.” Neil said with a smile as he slapped my shoulder and wished me a safe journey.

I hate to think it would take another year to even have the possibility to share that kind of experience again. I suppose it was the unexpected nature of the whole thing that made it fun, but I’m hopeful that next year’s vacation will be as satisfying.

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